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If you came here for ideas, you've came to the right place! If you came here for me to draw your ideas, you've gotta go somewhere else.

Currently redoing! My characters are at Numberlemon wiki if you want, so go there if you want find all my OCs. Currently working on Levelhead DLC; might not release until I beat Levelhead.

Also, I really need to stop the bad habit of posting my comment and editing it last second. I just... gotta stop really badly.

About Me

Hi, I'm Mr. Yokai. I'm a creative dude who basically made the Levelhead wiki and has a pretty big imagination. I'm currently working on a Levelhead DLC which adds tons of new features. My later projects would be: an original RPG game called Starshot Levelworld, a platformer called Bubbly Gum Medley, a totally educational game called Fun With Frags! Learn the Basics of Survival (when not joking it's a pretty big night survival game which adds a new ability feature and tries to keep the pace normal, aka not extremely hard), a simple game called CadetCrash, etc. In short I'm gonna try and tackle the small projects first and then tackle the bigger projects last. So yeah, also I'm making a Super Smash Bros. game which crossovers with Fantendo Smash Bros. (it's not the first time Fantendo and Nintendo crossover, but it's probably the first time in years where SSB and FSB crossover) which will come last, but a neat feature is that... well, because you probably won't get info until Fantendo's next anniversary, it's free-add. However I would like to say that I must slap limits onto it so you guys won't make it a badge grindfest. Something I won't give you is private info... if you know what I mean. I've got some problems like I'm a bit hotheaded or I can take humor a bit too far, so uh, I'm working to solve those problems. I'm also a big Kotomo enthusiast.

Random Things That Happend During My Stay

  • One blog consisted of a guy named Kevin4567 introducing himself. Now I don't wanna go into full detail as to get a warning for drama, but in the end, we achieved 209 comments in one hour. That was locked and it's a record I know. A record I'm happy about.


  • 6/17/20 - First direct and it involves Kotomo. Yeah.
  • 7/19/20 - Wikiversary!!! I'm planning to focus on a few projects but I barely even touched certain projects. Most of the direct will focus on two new Kotomo lines, two new Local Variants, and two new Kutekina lines. The rest, I uhh, will not really touch that hard. I'll just showcase a few characters. The list of stuff are:
    • CadetCrash (new character created)
    • PvZ (new mints I made)
    • Skylanders (3 Skylanders)

Projects List

If it's underlined it's the final title.

The Major Thing

Ragtag Refusal. Yep, my own fanon company. It was originally named "Refusal" (title basically meaning "refusal to give up"), but I added "Ragtag" as I'm planning for some of my old buddies to team up with me to make games. So yeah, I'm not gonna release it YET, though. I'm gonna release it when I release the first game, I'm gonna make a gallery page for these characters.


  • Starshot Levelworld: Since you guys don't know about its past I won't delve into it, but it's a pretty big RPG I'd say? Yeah, it's got tons of neat features but I don't wanna overcomplicate stuff.
    • Fun fact, it was originally a title for an object show, that failed, and failed, and failed. Then it got re-released, and hoo-reat!
  • Fiercewire: I may just make it a simple Sparkplug game which doesn't connect to the Sparkplug games. I might have to ask Poisonshot again if I can make Fiercewire in case he forgot. The roster will include 45 new characters, but 15 don't contribute to the story.
    • Fiercewire was named after Fierce from Several Nights at Fierce's, because guess what? All the characters from original Sparkplug are based off of the SNAF series. Doormat is Michael, Cooler is Bodhi... yeah guesses are up.
    • Like father like son it went through TONS of revision.
  • CadetCrash: First part of the "HQirQoy" (don't ask, I might have to find a better name) where 20 girls go out on an adventure to stop the world from collapsing. It's got a roster, in a platformer. Not interesting though.
    • The sequel will be ScoutSmash. This time, it's 20 boys, though some cameos of characters.
  • Bubbly Gum Medley: A game where Bubbly Guma stars in. Bubbly G. has to use her bubblegum powers to save her friends from the Varkins; Varkins are ravenous beings which will bite planets down severely; they will spare humans, but Homo Cakians are... food humans so Varkins are also snacking on them. Also, they're gonna snack on Bonappeti, since it's literally a big planet of food, but this time not a huge chunk, the entire planet rather.
    • Bubbly G. has seven friends you can play as. They all have different playstyles. Currently we have Anna Snowpops.
  • Skylanders: 9 Skylanders per category and I don't have a good idea on what the special gimmick should be; we got Giants, we got Swap Force, we got Trap Masters, we got Superchargers, we got Senseis... yeah, it's hard.
  • Puyo Puyo!! Swap: New character planned, her name's Arika and she's pretty depressed ever since her family mistakenly abandoned her. This will return a bunch of characters from Quest and Madou Monagatri (such as Undine and BEST BOY Spector), will be 3D, and is kinda like a platformer except it'll try and stay faithful to source game.
  • Fun With Frags! Learn the Basics of Survival: An educational game- well, to be serious, a horror game. It has 70 Animatronics since the Frags company sometimes makes bad moves. How is 70 Animatronics a bad move? Well, hack, hack, hack. They're hacked. Okay, 70 Animatronics weren't hacked... some are just working for [REDACTED].
    • I've already planned out the map but I haven't planned the routing. I might return good boy Slover.
  • Reanimated Ron: Explosive Results Included!: Stars Ron as he tries to stop Chuckshare in an epic adventure... which he never even did. All he really did is fight Chuckshare at the Multi-Ehrectoinal-Houses (might rename due to sounding inappropriate) and nowhere else, unless you count Random Adventures where he pretty much got knocked on in Sector 2B. It's also gonna explore Ron's past life, because it's... interesting.
  • Full Gauge: Waluigi feels underrated; he can't join Wario in making games in his gaming company or something. Waluigi decides to try and find a new purpose in life... this changes when he sees posters saying that the young Berry (she's 15 years old, Miyamoto said Waluigi is 25 years old. hopefully nothing inappropriate) is cursed to slowly become a spirit in Necro's collection (power-hungry for souls). Waluigi kicks it into full gauge and decides to rename himself to "Gauge" and make Waluigi his nickname. Oh, and he's bringing his tennis outfit with him. (This is outdated, I change the entire story)
    • The reason why I decided to make Waluigi his nickname: uncreative. It's just Warui and Luigi mashed together. Waluigi's upside-down L is actually a gamma sign, hence "Gauge". Also, the name "Gauge" really feels cool.
    • Come to think of it, Waluigi might have some of Wario's moves...
  • Amazing!: Kinda like Cuphead mixed with Mega Man, with some element mechanics stuffed into it.
  • Levelhead YASSY Pack: Basically adds in a bunch of stuff to the game that would be really hard to implement in Levelhead, including satisfactory bosses with enemies!
  • Mario Kart Game: I'm still thinking of the special gimmick. I've thought of it being Land-Sea-Sky gameplay (similar to Diddy Kong Racing) with cups being extended to 6 tracks (or just to 3 tracks) in a different naming style.
    • I'll confirm that there's a new badge customization option. It actually just gives you a special effect, but not just "this plus".
      • Power-Up Plus instead ramps up the likability of the powers instead of giving you more points for using them.
      • Speaking of the "not just this plus", here's some of those badges!
        • Crash Mushroom: Knocks players over when bumped into with Mushroom
        • Blockade: After getting hit, you'll be invincible for 2 seconds
        • Starter Shell: Starts the race with a shell
    • I can confirm Team Mode can now have different way to score points aside from getting first.
    • Thunder Cloud returns, but it's pretty much enhanced. Instead, you get to throw it at your opponent. They'll suddenly have it over their head and if they press the power-up button they throw it to the closest opponent in the front/back. After ten seconds that opponent gets SHOCKA'D and loses all their coins. Well, I don't know the real criticism behind it, so... that's a problem.
    • There'll be some double-function items! Boomerang Flower becomes one; tap once, you throw it, hold down, it instead spirals around you for as long as you hold the boomerang. Also it collects coins.
    • Barely touched tracks and arcade tracks will be included!
    • I will accept every one of Lynkon's wishes, not because I'm being generous, but because I want him to quit asking for Mario Kart content and only stopping when something's continued.
  • PvZ Game: Not a free-to-play one but one that goes back to the original PvZ style while mixing in some elements from normal PvZ. Not because PvZ3 is disappointing but it's for... well, the creator of PvZ.
    • Mint families will still be there. There's a few new Mints such as Encourage-Mint (for plants that focus on assisting), Sea-Weed (for plants that are on water, yet it's a special mint), and Move-Mint (for plants that move forward). There's also a mint for flying plants. Now speaking of moving plants...
    • ...that's a new feature. Plants in the Move-Mint category can move, the basic one being the Weed which basically walks forward. You can't Plant Food most of them. Oh and one Zoybean Pod's now Move-Mint.
    • Tacobilities are different. Instead of the basic "feed plant a taco for permanent boost" it's more or less of three upgrade for plants; only one per plant. I might actually just make it so Plants... well, one upgrade essentially is two upgrades. Potato Mine examples below.
      • Upgrade #1 is that it can't be damaged while arming.
      • Upgrade #2 is that after exploding once it goes to another tile and arms itself again.
      • Upgrade #3 is that its explosion radius is now 3x3. Basically Primal Potato Mine.
    • 2D style again. Because.
    • Generally the power-up system is improved on. This time you actually get to choose what power-ups you'll bring; three each game. Instead there's a timer to use them and paying coins for them speeds it up. Power Lightning/Flick/Snow return.
      • The hammer returns as Power Hammer and it's still got the same premise; smash zombies with a HAMMER.
      • One new Power I'd like to confirm is Power Regen; tap a plant to heal it! Because otherwise, just holding down to heal plants feel too OP. Look, I want to be balanced and not make power creeps.
      • Regarding the mini-game power-ups:
        • Beghouled-exclusive power-ups (Shuffle and Crater Fill) are gonna go back to the seed packets rather than being a power-up.
        • Vasebreaker power-ups are probably a good question to ask: how do they work? Well, probably the same as usual. Probably will kept at "pay me" or maybe I can add a turn counter to get really strategic. Not sure at this point, stay tuned.
    • Almanac is probably gonna get improvements. I can confirm that the "(plant action). (adjective)!" (well not all are adjectives, Squash's is "Slammin'!", Shuffle Truffle's is "Adoratruffle!", and Kalestorm's is "Downpouring!") form of description ain't returning. I'll miss you, "Chonky!". It was a nice stay.
  • Kotomo Beyond: "But DUDE! You gave ideas to Samtendo09 on Kotomo! WHY THIS?!" Because I love Kotomo A LOT. I might scrap if people get... questioning about why I'm doing this when I could just team up with Samtendo09. Just for a quick side note, this will be an anniversary gift for Kotomo! Click to see sandbox.
    • I'd also like to give credit to Samtendo09 and TheWikiOddish for some ideas.
    • "Kutekina? That's flawed!" Well, no other Pokémon-like game used such gimmick of having two types of species (I'd like to go in depth on explanation but I can't really describe it perfectly.) at once, so I did just that! And to not make them generic I gave them different mechanics. While yes it is flawed in one way or another, I... try and work around flaws.
    • The artist is gonna be SarancthaTFFM. I barely touched up with him and I'm not sure how his art would go, he's probably on Discord chatting with his buddies. There's problems involving that however. This includes:
      • I rarely get to see him. As I said, he's chatting with his Discord buddies... you might say "Just get a Discord" but I prefer chat. Another thing to know is that he says: "no but im very busy with school and trying to improve my art and stuff". Also, he may have changed now.
      • I can't draw art as well as he does. So for the most part, I usually sit back and have to feed details to him like candy on how to draw the Kotomo. Yeah, it's a painful process, but what makes this process worse is that sometimes, I under-explain stuff. Note that sometimes, I just don't care what he draws.
      • The art style. I want it to be as faithful to original Kotomo's artstyle, but not restrict SarancthaTFFM too heavily. Problem is, I might just tick him off big time.
      • Update: I lied. But wait! Another week from now! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!
      • If you wonder HOW I'm supposed to make art, I got a chatroom for me and Saranctha. No, not Discord everyone.
    • I've just made a direct so I'm pretty confident I can do this after positivity.
    • Two directs planned; one is on August 1st, the Birthday Bash Direct. The other is on January 25th, the Anniversary Direct.
    • Only ValkyriePyra gets to know WHAT'S COMING. Anyone who asks will get nothing.
    • The release date? When it's got like six Kotomo subpages done. Sadly Kutekina progress is moving reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal slowly.
    • If you're saying you want your game here, you just gotta wait for a contest to get your game in. I'll judge it by Kotomo designs, keep that in mind.
    • I MIGHT set up redesigns for a few Kotomo I see as too basic. I don't want Kotomo that are basically smaller versions of a certain Kotomo, or bigger versions. It's a few, I'd say.
    • V-Kotomo/Y-Kutekina for every type/trait.
    • Kutekina is lacking right now, planning to get a boost in that after I finish Kotomo as to reduce idea clutter... but that doesn't mean I won't work on it once in a while.
    • Working on the page right now, again only gonna release when I get six Kotomo subpages done. Actually gonna be long since I'm not focusing my energy on Kutekina. I think the types I picked are too restrictive.
    • I have plans to port it to Spanish Fantendo. The things I need to get over though:
      • The biggest hurdle is ValkyriePyra. I am not sure if she is content with getting Kotomo into Spanish Fantendo.
      • I use Google Translate to translate my sentences, which would make incredibly random sentences. Like, a Kotomo name may be translated into something else which would cause problems.
      • Rule A8, aka you can't put stuff not related to Nintendo. Hmm, how do we do this, or am I not understanding it?

Possibly Will Scrap

  • Super Fantendo Smash Bros.: It's just a simple Smash game unlike usual since I don't think I can handle a huge chunk. I went through a DOZEN of revisions, such as physicals. I may even just make this the "big fantendo anniversary project" with added "free-to-add" aspects to it.
    • That's what the plus represented, by the way; free-add. I may take an entire year to get things going.
    • I don't want it to be titled as "Fantendo Smash Bros. (X)" because it's just... too generic.
    • This won't be the first Nintendo X Fantendo game ever in years but it's gonna be the first SSB X FSB in years, if I don't get beaten to it.


  1. Kotomo Beyond: When I finalize the Kotomo Listing (which is absolutely GINORMOUS that I'll have to, sorry Exotoro, split it into multiple subpages), this becomes the least priortized. I'll still priortize on it because of, y'know, art.
  2. CadetCrash: I've already did five and a half of the characters, being Magic Trixie, Powerglass, Lolacid, Misticuff, Fizzy Miss, and Sweltergirl (though only her head).


  • Pokémon Forever: I'm planning to add TONS of new Pokémon to the game.
    • Another thing to note is that there's a Pseudex. That's basically a Pokédex for Pseudo-Legendaries and was made because there wasn't much variety in the Pseudo-Legendaries. Sure we got Tyranitar and Metagross, but Tyranitar is a kaiju which... I'd say is a dragon two. To sum it up: too much dragon Pseudo-Legendaries. Which is why I made the Pseudex.

To-Do List

  • Make at least one popular game franchise that becomes a hit.
  • Get a grip on the Levelhead DLC. Simple stuff. Once I'm done I will post it onto my Levelhead page.
  • I need a go more in-depth with Millyrain's abilities. I'm probably gonna have to cut stuff down since, well... yeah. I also REALLY need to update her page.
    • I also needa get her main series to be Count-Down!, since I had bad history with Numberlemon.
  • Decide if I should add a Mario Kart page.
  • Stop these bad habits:
    • Comment multi-edits
    • Speedrun edits (basically doing stuff before someone else does it, rather rushed however, i'm a bit hotheaded while trying to beat somebody)
    • Making too much trashed userpages
  • Ask TSRITW if I can make a Random Adventures game. But I gotta tell him I'm not including copyrighted stuff like DanganRonpa or Binjpipe.
    • I cannot do this right now since he has been blocked.
  • Show my serious side to people, because I'm not 100% ridiculous. Sure yeah I might include humor, but yeah.
  • Become a master coder, because I actually just copy-paste code from here to there.
  • Get rid of the dang white stuff on my images! I can't transport Scratch drawings onto wiki without having white stuff on them.
    • With that out of the way there's a new problem. svg files seem to hate me!
  • Find some way, SOME way to get Fantendo to have better chemistry with Object Shows and all that other stuff.
  • I'm usually the dude who pays atttention to enemies and bosses more than level gimmicks, so I'm gonna try and focus LESS on that and MORE on level gimmicks and stuff.
    • For Kotomo Beyond... well. Standalones. Spoiler alert, you're likely to see a bunch of two-stage Kotomo.
  • Finish up the Levelhead wiki. Currently not in a state of "check me out" since it's really unfinished and unfurbished... speaking of which it's been months and no updates on Wednesdays. How forgetful!
  • I'm usually the type who's not confident about stuff. I need a confidence boost.
  • Finish up Kotomo Beyond. It will take years to ever finish the artwork, so don't get your confidence up for that.
    • As a side note: Art direction is going nowhere. SarancthaTFFM literally is no use. Every time I try and call him, he never comes to chat. And I can't make complex art or use MSPaint, all I can really use is Scratch... yeah.

Wannado/Wannabe List

This is a list of stuff I want to do or want to be. Most of these are insane goals.

  • Get Discord. "Dude, it's simple to get Discord!" Well not for me. The reason on why I cannot get Discord is a secret. So do NOT ask why I can't get Discord!
  • Revive Fantendo's popularity. Ever since that one event, the Fantendo population's been dwindling and Fantendo activity has started becoming rare. Again, I don't have Discord.
  • Get the art direction back and going. Saranctha has not been contacting me ever since SHD-Beebox's new artwork and I have been waiting for him.
    • Keep in mind that Kotomo Beyond is going to be one of my most ambitious projects ever, and it's gonna be absolutely massive. I am NOT backing down on this one.

Suggestion Guidelines


  • I come and go, so if a "you want suggestions?" post comes from me you should say "yes" or "no".
  • You don't have to accept all suggestions, just some. (This is obvious though)
  • I won't be ticked off but I will be sorta disappointed if you accept my suggestions only to just not use them without reminding me. So please, if you changed your mind on the suggestions you accepted, remind me so I don't think you forgot about them.
    • Depending on the circumstances I may just remind you that I suggested stuff to you once in a while, just in case you forgot. I will not try to pester you.
  • If you want a gigantic suggestion I may as well help you craft an entire page for you or maybe even completely change it up. You're free to copy-paste the code; to do so you have to go to classic editor and click source (or click view source) and then you're done.
  • Please note that your suggestion's not gonna be tacked onto your message wall.
  • If I take a while (like one month) remind me that I'm doing a suggestion.
    • I'm gonna post the suggestions I handcrafted for you on Wiki Advertisement Plaza, sometimes something else.
  • If you want me to stop pestering you please tell me on your message wall. It'd be good if I know if you feel annoyed about me.
  • Sometimes I might do something I'd like to call typo suggestions; a suggestion to try and find as much typos I can. Now I DEFINITELY won't correct all, keep that in mind, just a few I see as unintentional typos.
    • I'll cancel the typo suggestion if exiting source breaks the page.
  • Go your own way on making the suggestions you accepted, not my way please. If I say "go my way!", I sincerely apologize.
  • Because people might go like "why don't you make your own game?" I'm not gonna do any canon-game requests often. DEFINITELY not Super Smash Bros. though.
  • I am not an expert coder. Please, keep that in mind.
  • If it's for an RPG I am totally terrible at balancing.
  • If you come up to me, do not ask me to interview. (i'm bad at doing that)


Check on this in case you forgot any suggestions I gave to you and accepted! Write notes on the suggestions you accepted!

Disclaimer: This was designed in mind of hoping customers don't forget the suggestions they accepted before, not to pester you. I wanna deliver goods and not make people forget about it once they accept it.


  • Kotomo-S
    • Evolution Lines:
      • Vesin (Wind/Magic) -> Wiskin (Wind/Magic)
      • Runech (Earth/Digital) -> Golbor (Earth/Digital)
      • Harery (Electric) -> Teslbun (Electric) -> See below
        • Storangora (Electric/Melee)
        • Paraniolt (Electric/Shadow)
      • Squashrub (Mythic/Plant)
      • Fiahbahg (Flame/Bug) -> Pyrawark (Flame/Bug)
      • Serpear (Water/Earth) -> Melamia (Water/Earth)
      • Tablone (Digital/Electric) -> Picipiu (Digital/Electric)
      • Fracryst (Earth) -> Prismelody (Earth/Light)
      • Mutarter (Digital) (new evo)
    • New (Pre-)Advancements
      • Poxic (Poison) -> See below
        • Toxide (Poison)
        • Fevox (Poison/Ice) (new)
    • Local Versions
      • Squibble (Shadow/Psychic) -> Artapus (Shadow/Psychic) -> Illuken (Shadow/Psychic)
      • Ferossil (Ice/Water) -> Lodeoli (Ice/Water) (not sure on Lodeoli part...)
    • V-Titans (They are now DEAD after Pyra said they were too similar to Gigantamax. Maybe they can come back as Viral Kotomo?)
      • Bastek (Digital)

Gallery of... Stuff

Spirepond Beebox

Credit to ValkyriePyra.

  • It's based off of Mozart Amadeus Wolfgeistgang.
  • If I was only waiting, it may have been a Vacadian Beebox. But it's really up to Samtendo09.
  • It's Shadow. Its Local Advancement is Madeuvory, which is Shadow/Metal.
  • LORE TIME! When Beebox were found, they were effecitvely used for most type of dubstep music along with Punkroll and Serpear. BUT! Overtime, they wore out, and soon they cracked with their brain unable to even perfectly relay a song. Falling into a gigantic depression, they retreated to abandoned mansions and took up script writing... for potential eternity.
  • Headphone-like ears instead tries to resemble Mozart's hair, but I basically failed drawing them?
  • The hole in its head is used for piano scripts which are the only thing they can perfectly relay. Their ears relay this music, and the scripts can be seen going through their ears. When the song is done, it is shot out of its head. Don't ask.
  • Music note replaces... umm... membrane speaker. It's nothing special.
  • The dots on its hands actually are basically how much "ink" it has left. I say "ink" because it's not ink, but V-Energy that allows it to compose the scripts.
  • Extra fingers to allow it to WRITE! Uhh, is three fingers enough? Doesn't matter though since their fingers can be used to write their scripts. It's limited though, see above.
  • Feet styled after concert shoes. But they look like elf shoes. Note that the feet absorbs all noise to refuel its "ink".
  • Evolution makes it look more like Amadeus Wolfgang meaning that it'll look fancier.
  • Has overly dramatic reactions if a single piano script gets stolen from it to the point of it falling into (near) eternal depression. At best they get out of their depression in one year.
  • Abilities:
    • Solemn Song reduces the effect of Negative Effects, making them less stressful, but it unfortunately makes it really afraid of Negative Kotomo. 
    • Writer causes its hand-related attacks (not punching moves!) to put a mark on a Kotomo that makes it take 1.2x more damage for one turn.


Kotomo Artwork (Kotomo Beyond)

None of the artwork is mine. All artwork belongs to Saranctha! No saying "Whoa, did you make that?" to me! Jeez, I still feel paranoid even after Rammy/RampageRoyale explained the "Do not steal content!" rule to me.



Credit to Incarnate for the upgraded Kotomo table!

Kotomo Listing
Spirepond Beebox

My Favorites Songs!

  • P!ATD
    • Nails for Breakfast Tacks for Snacks
    • High Hopes
    • One of the Drunks
    • King of the Clouds
    • Nine in the Afternoon
    • Turn off the Lights
  • Taylor Swift
    • ME!
  • DAGames
    • As the Lights Go Out
    • Time of Your Life
  • JubyPhobic's dubs
    • Drop Pop Candy
  • Rachie's dubs
    • My R
    • Villainous Self-Raiser
    • Ai Kotaba II
    • Rooter's Song
    • Suki! Yuki! Maji Magica (Sadly, I can't place it on here, since it's not Christmas.)
    • Daydream Sky Train
    • Rumor by Police Piccadilly
    • I'm Glad That You're Evil Too
    • Seperate
    • No Logic
    • Orange Genome
    • 1/6 Out of Gravity
  • Other
    • Zero by Imagine Dragons

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