Potential Zones

Note this is NOT a confirmed list!

Rarcian Fontaine

  1. Pubble (Water)
  2. Gnarana (Water)
  3. Reflin (Water)
  4. Corbonn (Earth/Light)
  5. Sordit (Metal)
  6. Spordyceps (Plant)
  7. Squibble (Water/Poison)
  8. Urku (Metal)
  9. Kilikilo (Electric/Water)
  10. Jinching (Magic/Earth)
  11. Merquid (Metal/Water)
  12. Aerogami (Wind/Metal)
  13. Occoltus (Shadow/Water)
  14. Fuguli (Water/Flame)
  15. Marino (Water/Plant)
  16. Nettrop (Plant/Melee)
  17. Turtot (Earth)
  18. Geklo (Electric)
  19. Rokone (Ice/Earth)
  20. Crawnawl (Water/Melee)
  21. Jelepath (Water/Psychic)
  22. Boplash (Water)
  23. Peppokeet (Flame/Plant)
  24. Nettlefish (Digital/Water)
  25. Cociron (Plant/Metal)
  26. Dizzium (Metal/Psychic)
  27. Vacadian Ferossil (Earth/Water)

Sipplesap Crags

  1. Raidrum (Electric)
  2. Bonpeito (Light)
  3. Glurm (Bug/Light)
  4. Reflin (Water)
  5. Seismet (Earth)
  6. Corbonn (Earth/Light)
  7. Gnawty (Shadow)
  8. Sordit (Metal)
  9. Psyral (Psychic)
  10. Zasp (Electric/Light)
  11. Kilikilo (Electric/Water)
  12. Autoy (Digital)
  13. Geklo (Electric)
  14. Hurrest (Wind/Electric)
  15. Ferossil (Earth/Metal)
  16. Furnoid (Flame/Metal)
  17. Koperwatt (Magic/Electric)
  18. Punkroll (Metal/Electric)
  19. Icube (Digital/Ice)
  20. Sikhow (Psychic/Shadow)
  21. Elfetric (Electric)
  22. Cloudel (Wind)
  23. Wormetric (Electric/Earth)
  24. Harery (Electric)
  25. Tablone (Digital/Electric)
  26. Unmyot (Wind)
  27. Orbed (Psychic)
  28. Avief (Wind/Mythic)


  1. Rookid (Melee)
  2. Gnarana (Water): Would be found in oasis
  3. Reflin (Water): Would be found in oasis
  4. Seismet (Earth)
  5. Corbonn (Earth/Light)
  6. Psyral (Psychic)
  7. Jinching (Magic/Earth): Would be found in oasis
  8. Merquid (Metal/Water): Would be found in pyramid
  9. Fuguli (Water/Flame): Would be found in oasis
  10. Camole (Earth/Digital)
  11. Turtot (Earth)
  12. Geklo (Electric)
  13. Deseptin (Earth/Shadow)
  14. Raskul (Shadow): Would be found in pyramid
  15. Rhomid (Light)
  16. Locurst (Bug/Shadow)
  17. Punkila (Poison/Shadow)
  18. Ferossil (Earth/Metal)
  19. Smolcano (Flame/Earth): Sewiously, I have no idea
  20. Koperwatt (Magic/Electric)
  21. Rokone (Ice/Earth): Would be found in oasis
  22. Sandinx (Earth/Mythic)
  23. Mudoxic (Poison/Earth): Would be found in oasis
  24. Dynason (Poison/Flame): Would be found in oasis
  25. Wormetric (Electric/Earth)
  26. Vesin (Wind/Magic)
  27. Runech (Earth/Digital)
  28. Fiebahg (Flame/Bug)
  29. Serpear (Water/Earth): Would be found in oasis
  30. Fracayst (Earth)
  31. Dizzium (Metal/Psychic)
  32. Blaris (Flame/Psychic)
  33. Cobrost (Ice/Poison)
  34. Rineye (Shadow/Psychic): Would be found in pyramid
  35. Cactelt (Plant)
  36. Pathelpha (Mythic)

DLC Plans (up-to-date)

"This is too early to make plans." Yeah... I get it...

  • DLCs DEFINITELY worth it with a bunch of new Kotomo and Kutekina. And Local Variants.
  • MORE LOCAL VARIANTS! Because... obviously. They'll pander to Vacadia in the first DLC after pandering too much to Heiwana.
  • Below is the potential new types/traits. One type/trait for each DLC, otherwise we'll get too clogged.
    • Force: Kotomo related to physics and science. It's not Digital if anything.
    • Unity: Kotomo relatedt to the STRONGEST bonds of friendship, such as friendship.
    • Veil: Kutekina related to playing defensive. This trait allows Kutekina to dish out LOTS of hits.
  • I don't know what the big main feature of this game should be. Maybe... Fusion? Okay, list of big features!
    • FUSION
    • VYB-IN-KOTOMO Ruins Kutekina concept IMO
  • Okay, so the starters in the first DLC will be an elemental square while the starters in the second DLC is... probably not gonna be starters.

New Kotomo Planned?!

Eh, none right now. Let me just confirm a few though.

  • Nimbestie and Tremole advancements that turn them up to the max (Nimbodi and Panzole respectively)
  • Mythic/Wind avian brontosaur Kotomo
  • A Force Kotomo based off of possums and boomerangs (maybe)
  • A Force/Flame Kotomo based off of heat and literal microwaves
  • Unity Kotomo based off of teamwork
  • A Unity/Electric Kotomo with literal love sparks

And the below is if I get permission from KirbiMiroir to do... Elements of Life.

  • Let's do OGP with Theoscien this time! But with what types...?
  • Local Advancements added on if Pyra actually didn't really care. I don't know.

DLC Plans

  • Two mini-regions planned.
    • First one is Kinosi, panders towards Abandoned Tales.
    • Second one is Yinikal, panders towards the Kotomo game that manages to get in.
  • Probably a rival in Kinosi?! Who knows!
  • Probably gonna follow the same format except instead of 20 for each zone, there's like 5 Kotomo and Kutekina for each zone. There's eighteen zones, so... 5*18=90... 90*2=180... yeah that's probably gonna be better than having to do like 740 lines.
    • As a side note, the rule will no longer apply, if you get what I mean.
  • New type(s) and trait(s). I'm not really sure, man. I don't wanna be redundant.
    • Force: Related to physics, is physics. Maybe even science. Type.
    • Unity: Related to extreme friendship and stuff. Type. It's not JUST friendship, otherwise a heck ton of Kotomo are gonna clog up this type.
    • Veil: Related to defense. Trait. Would prevent DEF and RES from being lowered and status effects are way less punishing.
  • The retypes you ask... whoa that's tough. Maybe none.
  • New Local Variants, all have a new advancement. As said they pander to Abandoned Tales a bit more after I pandered to Kotomo. However, there's literally 38 lines I wanna do (does not include starters or standalones). Thankfully... about 8 lines are added, so I suppose 46 to try and tinker with.
    • DLC 1
      • ERT-Mudoxic (Earth) -> Klaylay (Earth/Melee)
        • Based off of clay.
      • MAG-Swormit (Magic/Force) -> Monolift (Magic/Force)
        • Based off of monoliths.
        • If that type combination ain't coming in, I guess we can make MAG-Swormit be somethin' else. Hmm, IDK what though.
      • SHD-Kniton (Shadow/Metal) -> SHD-Sirelot (Shadow/Metal) -> Noirplar (Shadow/Metal)
        • Based off of shadow knights and haunted armor suits.
        • Bravery is replaced with a new ability called Malicious that basically makes it do 2x damage but also causes it to harm its teammates sometimes.
    • DLC 2
  • New advancements with the Trendy Magazine! I guess.
    • Radikuma (Shadow/Digital): Based off of Onikumas, but with a twist. It's hip and radical like Yo Yogi!.
  • Probably four-line Kotomo, inspiration is Dracimon Go. I, however, have no idea which ones would be four-line. Uhh...
  • A few revisions to adaptions. Nightizzly's Adaption is basically Bowsant's Adaption but for ATK, so it's tweaked a bit to negate stat-down effects and Bowsant's is to reflect 1/3rd of the damage back to the opponent.
  • New Kutekina, I'm not posting it early though. This is because I've barely finished Kutekina and I really need to speed up the progress.
  • Probably add something new like flying through the sky with your Kotomo.
  • Each DLC adds a new "Ultra Form". Let me see...
    • V-Fuse: A powerful fusion between two Kotomo or Kutekina to make a much more powerful Kotomo. Probably in Kinosi. My plans?
      • Axoltox (Psychic/Poison) + Nightizzly (Shadow/Melee)
      • Taikoni (Electric/Melee) + Bowsant (Light/Earth)
      • Kirithril (Metal/Mythic) + Centotaur (Mythic/Magic)
      • Kabamaru (Bug/Melee) + Cannorn (Bug/Melee) = Commoral (Insect/Strength)
      • Nekerno (Flame/Mythic) + Rasteo (Shadow/Melee) = Sphineki (Flame/Mythic/Shadow/Melee)
      • Fungopter (Poison/Wind) + Sectyceps (Plant/Bug) = Infectyceps (Poison/Wind/Plant/Bug)
      • Calderela (Flame/Magic) + Blizerek (Magic/Ice) = Eledraco (Flame/Arcane/Ice)
      • Gangstile (Poison/Shadow) + Illuken (Shadow/Psychic) = Illegtant (Poison/Umbra/Psychic)
      • Execobra (Poison/Mythic) + Melamia (Water/Earth) = Meduscute (Poison/Mythic/Water/Earth)
      • Gigerupt (Flame/Earth) + Typhacano (Digital/Flame) = Fujivest (Inferno/Earth/Digital)
      • Sirelot (Metal) + Cavalibur (Metal/Melee) = Gladiex (Steel/Melee)
      • Campuzz (Water/Metal) + Marmossus (Water/Plant) = Seadross (Stream/Metal/Plant)
      • WUTWUZAT?! (Psychic/Metal) + Becorz (Electric) = Naoikno! (Psychic/Metal/Electric)
      • Bombarderry (Plant/Flame) + Clustrop (Plant/Melee) = Bomdrop (Wood/Flame/Melee)
    • Viral Kotomo, but improved: I have some sort of feeling that Viral Kotomo is actually based off of Samtendo09's version of Shadow Pokemon.
      • Probably have their types fused together, basically the return of Synthtypes after I threw them away like dust. These include:
        • Steam (Flame/Water)
        • Citrus (Electric/Plant)
    • Give it a Shot! Form: A form that some Kotomo and Kutekina can take. Give it a Shot! changes stuff up for the user and is based off of Onechanside (Local Variant Kotomo won't receive them). Here's some probable ideas:
      • Temphyr (Water/Melee): Based off of whirlpools.
      • Gigerupt (Shadow/Earth): Based off of graves, releasing souls.
      • Tiriad (Melee/Flame): Based off of rage.
      • Furnolem (Ice/Metal): Based off of refrigerators.
      • Atrociel (Shadow/Magic): Based off of dark magic.
      • Bouconut (Flame/Metal): Based off of cannonballs.
      • Cacterror (Plant/Metal): Based off of bamboo and mortars.
      • Gheesom (Sparkle/Melee): Based off of caramel fudge.
      • Blazjor (Ice/Melee): Based off of polar bears.
      • Keralyze (Flame): Based off of fire-bellied toads.
      • Sollusion (Wind/Shadow): Based off of the moon.
      • Wattacrab (Shadow/Water): Based off of purple crabs.
      • Hctilgub (Magic/Shadow): Really just based off of magic gone wrong.
    • Something that relates to Kutekina since they seem to be really underrated
  • Probably "addon starters", here's the list.
    • KINOSI: Phibiplan (Plant), Babagma (Flame), Soakion (Water), Defox (Light)
    • YINIKAL: Effens
  • Some new Kotomo and Kutekina I can confirm adding because some I'll just go like "Yeah, let's just add this to base game..."
    • Nershand (Force) -> Stubbano (Force)
    • Actadio (Poison/Force) -> Lithibox (Poison/Force)
    • Kuukinup (Force/Flame) -> Servroway (Force/Flame)
    • Magnerator (Electric/Force) -> Galvatrak (Electric/Force)
    • Petasity (Force/Plant) -> Sucshetal (Force/Plant)
    • Ellohella (Unity)
    • Terv (Unity) -> Xarte (Unity/Light)/Nirto (Unity/Shadow)
    • Mushage (Unity/Water) -> Motibub (Unity/Water)
    • Gabba (Unity) -> Chatta (Unity) -> Chitchatta (Unity)
    • Bondains (Unity/Metal)
    • Brokayd (Veil) -> Riflekt (Veil)
    • Bashiel (Impact/Veil) -> Bashicade (Impact/Veil)
    • Shedwig (Veil/Feral) -> Peertector (Veil/Feral)
  • Picipiu. You probably know that I wanna redesign it due to potential squandering. (Apparently Samtendo09 WAS gonna make it a PC, but scrapped it.)
  • Probably "Digouter's Combinator" which allows you to combine Kotomo to get new Kotomo. Basically imagine it like Fusion from Yo-Kai Watch, but probably on the go as to avoid ridiculously large similarities. The combinations include (note you can only do Kotomo with Kotomo and Kutekina with Kutekina, never Kotomo with Kutekina):
    • "New Advancement" Fusion (These are treated like standalones)
      • Clustrop (Plant/Melee) + Vacadian Aerillion (Plant/Light) = Treetrop (Plant/Melee)
      • Mawlar (Shadow) + Wrekter (Earth) = Hogrinda (Shadow/Melee)
      • Poxic (Poison) + Pokypunk (Flame) = Thrototox (Poison/Flame)
      • Rineye (Shadow/Psychic) + Koperwatt (Magic/Electric) = Antiqear (Shadow/Magic)
      • Rokone (Ice/Earth) + Urku (Metal) = Bashty (Ice/Metal)
    • "New Way To Get" Fusion (These are treated as seperate lines)
      • Gnarana (Water) + Bomberry (Plant/Flame) = Fuguli (Water/Flame)
      • Corbonn (Earth/Light) x6 = Dainamech (Earth/Light)
      • Cowlard (Bug) + Clovial (Plant) = Vacadian Cowlard (Bug/Magic)
      • Cryad (Ice) + Candliss (Shadow/Flame) = Vacadian Cryad (Water)
      • Squibble (Water/Poison) + Punkadom (Poison/Shadow) = Vacadian Squibble (Shadow/Psychic)
      • Minitch (Poison/Magic) x2 = Marsage (Poison/Magic)
      • Marsage x2 (Poison/Magic) = Quagerer (Poison/Magic)
    • Now I know what at least one of you are thinking: "Why must we EVOLVE Kotomo to even get this and that?!" The answer, my friend, is simple. To get Naandhi you must fuse Why Naant with Mister Sandmeh. To get Mister Sandmeh you gotta fuse Sandmeh with Sand Suit. Basically there's two steps that involve befriending Sandmeh and Why Naant, then there's one step for the Sand Suit, then you gotta fuse, and fuse again. Basically if my calculations go correct you got 5 steps.
    • Corbonn has to be fused with five other Corbonn. Each fusion says "Something happens!" each time a Corbonn fuses with another Corbonn as opposed to "The fusion has failed." If it says "Corbonn is glowing immensely!", it immediately evolves.
    • Despite your pleas for Psychopite and Pathelpha to fuse to become Wolveraze, that is not happening. While Psychopite looks very similar to Wolveraze, that doesn't immediately mean they should fuse.
    • I need to make more Kutekina fusions...
    • If there are still standalones, they will pretty much fuse. The only exception is Legendary Kotomo.
  • No. Brawline's still not coming. Pathelpha, everyone...
  • KINOSI LOCATIONS (all named after food)
    • Pepperidge Plains: Pretty hot savanna. It's just... real hot and toasty.
    • Sodatastic Scarp: This cliff has a lot of fizzy water.
    • Sourfill Shores: A shore zone with a bunch of electricity. And Kotomo.
    • Rustjable Ruins: ???
    • Creamae Crags: ???
    • Meaxer Meadows: ???
    • A subtarranean location
    • A location which focuses on two elements perhaps?
  • Since I'm starting to see myself as a standalone killjoy personally, I'm actually gonna impose the rest of the new advancements here once I finalize the base.


I was gonna speak to KirbiMiroir, but I didn't wanna sound condescending.

  • Cross-generational evolutions!
    • Enotine Rundrake (Light/Mythic) -> Sundrake (Light/Mythic)
    • Trikrawl (Bug/Poison) -> Enotine Dispyser (Bug/Shadow) -> Arasguise (Bug/Shadow)
    • Enotine Reflin (Water/Electric) -> Enotine Findesent (Water/Electric) -> Syrhock (Water/Electric)
    • Enotine Rookid (Melee/Metal) -> Arminight (Melee/Metal)
    • Enotine Sordit (Metal/Shadow) -> Camiumbra (Metal/Shadow)
    • Enotine Shamini (Magic/Psychic) -> See below
      • Enotine Shamamori (Magic/Psychic) -> Shamamansa (Magic/Psychic)
      • Enotine Dekayuga (Shadow/Psychic) -> Ominad (Shadow/Psychic)
    • Theoscien evos, would be Plant, Melee, and Shadow respectively.
  • If Elemental Force happens to get brought in then if I have any better idea I'm gonna rename it to something cooler and have to add more chemistry with V-Energy.


Potential Types
Kotomo types that have potential. Key difference from Traits: has weakness chart.
Force Unity
Potential Traits
Kutekina traits that have potential. Key difference from Types: gives passive boosts depending on traits.

Ideas (the old part)

  • Generally a gift for Pyra on the 1st anniversary of Kotomo. I'm free to take ideas.
  • It can potentially use a new type of KotomoType template; like, just, maybe? Is the bubbles a go-go??? Whatever, so much questions.
  • Game's region is Laniakon, where Kotomo and Kutekina lurk; the term is not "Laniakonian" but rather "Laniakonic". See below for more info about Kutekina.
    • There is no main theme for Laniakon; the possibliities are ENDLESS.
  • Special Finds, finds which are rare. Finding them is generally hard to do as they require knowledge, luck, or (unfinished, prolly declined)
  • New element: Sparkle! Sparkle is generally for cuteness, beauty, friendship, and candy. Some Kotomo get retyped for this element if possible; some exceptions include Rokone. Weakness chart unknown for it, but I can give some samples.
    • Sparkle beats Melee, Psychic, and Shadow.
    • Sparkle is weak to Psychic and Shadow.
  • Neutral now finds a spot in the game; it's reserved for Kotomo with barely any special traits. Most of them have branching path evolutions which removes Neutral from them, and there's really just barely any Neutral Kotomo.
    • Also the only type that Kutekina (see below, two points below) and Kotomo share.
  • Subtle Pyroverse references here and there. Possibly even Dono as an extremely difficult Kotomo trainer that's hidden away. Chances are slim however.
  • New Main Gimmick: Kutekina (pun on Shinryaku-tekina teki, translation "Invasive Enemy"), which are the opposite of Kotomo. Unlike the Kotomo, they lean heavily to the negative side and are treated like nothing but nuisances, despite trying to help humankind. As a result, they live to take down humans in any way possible.
    • They instead utilize an energy called Vyb, which works similarly to V-Energy. However, it's dark purple in color as opposed to golden.
    • Kutekina have a different typing chart as to not make them "Kotomo, but twisted". I'm not going in-depth to the types just yet. (EDIT: They're traits.)
    • They might be the starters but that's only a 25% chance. My main plan is to make them secretly the opposite of the good qualities of good-hearted people that TheWikiOddish guessed: one represents Damage, one represents is Darkness, and the last represents Chaos. (ACCEPTED EXCEPT THEY'RE NOT STARTERS)
    • Probably the new system is that for their V-Move/V-Form, they're instead called "Anger Vyb" (Shield Stance) which either makes them power-up into a bigger state and/or enhance their attacks, and "Despair Vyb" (Strength Stance) which makes them do a signature attack, similar to Mega Man 11. Might change. (ACCEPTED)
  • POSSIBLE TITLE - Kotomo: Beyond
  • Here's a list of Kotomo/Kutekina I can confirm.
    • A Kotomo that can drain V-Energy/Vyb from the opponent
    • A Kotomo that advances if you catch a Glistening Kotomo/Kutekina
    • A Kutekina who's Anger Vyb consists of calling other Kutekinas of its species to grow to max size; during its animation arrows surround it like Impact Man, albeit the arrows orbit around it (Kallin'Awl)
    • A Kutekina who's basically just Shamini but as a voodoo doll
    • A Kutekina that evolves with minimum friendship
  • Need to make it so it's a fan-sequel and not a real sequel.
  • Incorporates Abandoned Tales DLC into it (if I can that is), so I'll give credit to Samtendo09 (a thank-you gift). Here's the link to his awesome Kotomo DLC. That being said, if he gives me permission, here's some Local Variant (actually more of location variants, see below) ideas if he gives me permission for those:
    • Dandilite (Plant/Flame) -> Aerillion (Plant/Flame) -> Taraxerno (Plant/Flame)) (DECLINED)
    • Corbonn (Earth) -> Dainamech (Earth/Shadow)
    • Zasp (Electric/Plant) -> Zecosy (Electric/Plant)) (ACCEPTED)
    • Kittek (Magic) -> Bastek (Magic)
    • Rokone (Wind/Earth) -> Granton (Wind/Earth) (ACCEPTED. RENAMED)
  • Some new evos here and there. Examples:
    • Pokypunk (Flame) -> Flaredequil (Flame) -> Bayzbrayk (Flame/Digital) (ACCEPTED)
      • Flaredequil advances into Bayzbrayk when it's in a certain spot of Laniakon.
      • Flame Needle will be replaced by Overdrive, which greatly enhances Flaredequil at 20% HP and allows all its attacks to burn you to the grouuuuuuuuuuund.
    • Gnarana (Water) -> Gnashark (Water) -> Gnamallet (Water) (DECLINED)
      • Gnashark advances into Gnamallet by learning a hammer-based move.
    • Wolveraze (Mythic/Melee) -> Weranciear (Mythic/Melee) (DECLINED)
      • Wolveraze advances into Werancier at Level 50. That's right, Level 50.
      • Inspiration is primordial werewolves.
  • SarancthaTFFM might work on this with me, specifically art. Nice dood; I might draw concepts for him so he can get a better insight on stuff.
    • Speaking of that you can work with me if you want.
  • Locations will have a different main type (meaning they'll spawn more commonly and there's more Kotomo/Kutekina of that time), all locations would have cities. Some Kotomo had to adapt to that spot.
    • Dashash Mountain: It's actually a stabilized volcano, there's nothing dangerous except the lava. Watch your step in this dangerous place!
    • Rarcian Fontaine: Nearing the coast of Laniakon is the Rarcian Fontaine. Erupting with lively waters due to Water Kotomo, you could sit back and relax and enjoy a nice swim.
    • Sipplesap Crags: Located north, Sipplesap Crags is crackling with electricity. This makes it a go-to spot for Electric Kotomo who want to charge up.
    • Wikin Meadows: A rather sleepy meadow but nonetheless it's still a pretty good place to go, especially if you're a farmer, because plants bloom near-instantly.
    • Nixicer Island: It's in a perpetually frosty spot for such an island, but thankfully there's at least multiple zones which is good for snow-related activities.
    • Giant's Dojo: Named after the absolutely big spot with a big patch of dirt. While at first an unassuming plain, once you get to the big spot, you'lll realize why it's called the Giant's Dojo.
    • Kamion Swamp: Basically a big swamp; all forests with a poison lake is called an "Acid Bucket", mainly since the forests contain the poisonous lakes.
    • Dingus Sands: What lies in the barren sands is actually many wonders. Dingus Sands can give you a sight of rare Kotomo, if you can ignore the heat for a second.
    • Brizy Air Plateau: Brizy Air Plateau is a very large plateau; it reaches up to the clouds! Thankfully, navigation isn't very hard here, due to peculiar animals (not Kotomo) called mypabugs.
    • Pyzzli Jungle: May be normal at first, but sometimes things just happen to be only seen with Psychic Kotomo. Overall Pyzzli Jungle's a rather strange place. Navigate with care, trainer.
    • Myntrik Valley: Strange formations dot Myntrik Valley. Some say Myntrik Valley is a land infused with magic; further evidence is very common, such as trees having different colored leaves.
    • Hivy Hayve Hive: Although the naming is weird, Hivy Hayve Hive is a perfect place for catching Bug Kotomo, mainly because the amount of flowers.
    • Spirepond Way: Named Spirepond Way due to the unusually dark water which while it tastes like normal lake water, seems to absorb light. Thus, it's a go-to place for Shadow Kotomo.
    • Unon Zon: An incredibly weird name, Unon Zon is the home for Mythic Kotomo. Unon Zon is even more mythical than Mythic Kotomo for a good reason... the dirt.
    • Zalliodic Ocean: Nearing the coast, you might encounter Zalliodic Ocean, filled with giant magnetic rocks. These rocks seem to have attracted more Metal Kotomo.
    • Ximmer Taiga: It's always sunny here regardless of the snow; in fact, it's actually rare to see it snow for over one hour, since the sun is always melting the snow. And the Light Kotomo.
    • 73CHN0L0G1C4L F13LD: Or referred to as "Digital Land" due to its overly complicated name. Matter of fact, it receives the strange signals Kitteks recieve to keep it running, somewhat like a computer.
    • Bitsy Bit Plains: Sparkle Kotomo make their place here due to how beautiful and pleasant to experience is at Bitsy Bit Plains. Just don't get misled by the Sparkle Kotomo's cute stares.
  • Special Kotomo/Kutekina. That's basically a "thank-you gift" for completing all quests in a zone. The only way to get your hands on one that's not breeding or trading is to basically do all the subquests in the zone. "How did they get their hands on Kutekina though?" Training. (ACCEPTED, CALLED V-KOTOMO)
  • Starters will not be Psychic/Electric/Metal. Like said, I may make the starters Kutekina.
    • If it happens to get insane I might just make the starter both Kotomo and Kutekina, except I'm gonna take the Uranium route. The Uranium route, in question: have two types rather than one, and evolve only once.
    • Possible Kotomo Starter Combination: Flame/Melee, Water/Magic, Plant/Digital. (ACCEPTED, THEN DECLINED TO GET A BETTER STARTER)
  • New and old faces along the way. I can confirm you're back to playing as Chris/Ciela (default name) with Levi/Grace cameoing. Oh, and Blade's back.
    • Dicer will appear. However, I'm very unconfident since I actually plan for Dicer to talk, which doesn't sound tasteful at all.
  • Getting V-Titans back. Instead of the basic premise being "Gigantamax Kotomo", they're basically gigantic titanic Kotomo that destroy stuff. Probably 9.
    • If 9 the confirmed combinations are: Flame/Ice (temperature), Earth/Wind (the sky), Magic/Digital (magic and technology)
  • Evil team is lead by a Culterror named Johom. Has a real dark backstory, his possible right-hand is a spirit of a girl... yes.
  • Laniakon will be an absolutely magical place. Legendaries once Valia is revealed but doesn't fit will be Lania and Konio; Lania representing friendship and Konio representing courage.
  • V-Fusion? That's basically Mega Evolutions but with Kotomo fusing themselves together. (basically pokefusion but COOLER) Currently the planned ones are:
    • Warmushi (Kabumaru + Cannorn)
    • Mazterma (Plazmalok + Plazormind)
    • Kaijragon (Ferrex + Wyverno)
    • Masqesque (Tiriad + Culterror)
    • Mixiluxe (Sandae + Bouconut)
    • Bombalk (Stalkueen + Bomberry)
    • Demowreka (Wrekter + Illuken)
    • Overgarnian (Marmossus + Clustrop)
    • Surgimeleon (Boltazar + Cameopact)
  • Each world has a minigame. Time to discuss other minigames:
    • Wikin Meadows has a minigame that involves catapulting... Bomberries through some weird contraption you made I guess?
    • Nixicer Island is a sledding minigame with your Kotomo. It's actually mandatory to do since you need it to get to Nixicer Island's closed-up cave that's... well, FAR down there.
    • Giant's Dojo is basically a battle, but with QTE or you get damaged. Again, mandatory for some reason.
  • New online battle feature! If that's not taken already. You especially get to CUSTOMIZE, if that's not already taken.
  • Two-player feature anyone? I'm not sure how that works though.
    • Charmed: Basically you use 2 MP rather than 1 MP.
    • Pressured: Prevents priorty effects from occuring.
    • Nullified: Prevents abilities from occurring. This doesn't work for Burst abilities.
    • Drain: Your V-Energy/Vyb slowly go down.
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