Levelhead YASSY! (Yokai's InterstellAr Slim Supply Packyge)​​ Pack is a fan-made DLC/mod pack made by Mr. Yokai. It focuses on adding more features into the game as to not make it bland once one uses all the items and runs out of ideas.

Developer's View

Long ago in 2018, a wiki dedicated to Levelhead was born. This wiki barely got any traction; that is, until a guy named Ludophil came in May 2019... approximately. Even with the added content, it still barely got any traction... that is, until 2020, somewhere on Fantendo's anniversary, it became marked as the official wiki. This was the first successful wiki Mr. Yokai ever made. (except the population of the wiki's small)

Elated, Mr. Yokai decided to join Levelhead under the usual name "MrYokaiAndWatch902", and the first LEVEL he sent to the Marketing Department was "Uh Great Dungeon!?", a simple and short dungeon level with some surprise-attack Flapjacks, testing out some of the features. Upon being finished, he immediately started to work on this project, and is planning to tell this to BscotchSeth one he's done. Or, at least, post it on his profile.

Campaign Mode: VoiDeliver

This all-new campaign mode plays out like the previous campaign, continuing from our GR-18's last adventures. It starts off with the Head of BS introducing the Void Energy to everyone, and introduces the Jibberjabbers to the player. The player plays two levels each before a new enemy is added in. Midway through, however, he is heard being attacked, and the screaming is cut out with a "Your Goods, Delivered Real Good" jingle. However, the jingle is botched, being incredibly distorted.

Note: If you entered the game with this DLC pre-installed, the icons that were added in later updates will be unlocked. Italicized levels are for cutscenes, while underlined levels are for VEND-Rs.

Start of Game

Level Name Synopsis Enemies / Icons
Conversation Starter This is a basic introduction to the Jibberjabbers; Jabber, Mad Jabber, and Jibber. N/A
Jibber Jabber A basic level that gets you calibrated on knowing what the Jibberjabbers can do to you. Jabber, Jibber, Aggreast
Mean Mad Jabber You must dodge the Mad Jabbers in this stage if you want to survive! Vacrat, Popjaw, Mad Jabber, Aggreast
Input Switch Bog Unlocked by beating Mean Mad Jabber with All Jems. The player must use the Input Switches in clever ways to pass this stage! Lizumi, Blopfush
Puncher Punch It Up Unlocked by beating Input Switch Bog. The player must make weird manuevers with the Punchers to pass this stage. Blopfush
Talk and No Listen The first VEND-R of the campaign. Unlocked by beating Mean Mad Jabber with All Jems, GR-17 Found, and Bugs Found. Harder to get than you think. Jabber Action, Jabber Dive, Jibber Jaw, Jibber Crunch, Jabber Aggro, Jabber Swarm
Mean Stuff Galley Unlocked by beating Puncher Punch it Up. Focuses on the other Puncher icons. Punching Puncher, Diagonal Puncher
Peanut Butter Thornberry Time Will talk about the Peanut in here. N/A
Peanut Problems You must fight Peanuts to proceed! Enough said! Peanut, Thornberry Peanut, Explosive Peanut
9 in the Abyss A stage that involves going down a pit that's not really large and locating nine Jems. Once those nine Jems are collected, you can head out. N/A
No Allergies Included Unlocked by beating 9 in the Abyss. Focuses on Peanut-related icons. Peanut Allergy, Peanut Glare, The Peanuts Move, s u h n o r t
Non-Talk Precaution Talks about the Canoodle... but only slightly. N/A
Canoodle Business? A stage where you must navigate through the Canoodles. You're also gonna have to use Canoodle Cores. Vacrat, Flapjack, Canoodle, Blopfush
Hello? A destroyed version of Deliver The Package, GR-18!. As such, it is truly similar, but with slight changes. Vacrat, Flapjack
Hewgo's Dad and Mom, Unexplained The first cutscene where GR-18 realizes that the Head of BS has been kidnapped by Hewgo' Dad and Mom, along with the new "GR-RL" model. N/A

Moogma Mounds - Hottahead

Level Name Synopsis Enemies / Icons
2 Much Moogma A cutscene which just involves GR-18 eating the Moogma Mounds and encountering Geyzas. GR-18 throws the package on it and the package is propelled into the air. N/A
Flame War The first stage of Moogma Mounds. GR-18 must use the Geyzas appropriately to survive! Vacrat, Duncheon, Bazy, GR-BR
Waylay Express Already a train stage. Get ready to use a bunch of weird Waylay tactics go get past THIS stage! Canoodle, Aggreast, Homedrone, Bazy
Bomb the Ruins, GR-18! To survive this stage, you must... bomb the ruins, as the level name states. Flipwip, Peanut, Explosive Peanut, Woomado
Swamp Of Fire Filled with Red Fluid Stuff, GR-18 must ensure he does not die while in the swamp. He also has to face a mini-boss. Vacrat, Blopfush, Keplklep, Bazy, Woomado, GR-BR
Flash Fire Walk A cutscene which involves GR-18 walking through the Moogma Mounds's terrain. He soon realizes fire is raining and soon sees Hottahead in the distance. He realizes he should probably do something. N/A
Cover With Caution Unlocked by watching Flash Fire Walk. GR-18 must take cover from the dangerous flames. At one point of the stage, he must use Stompedes to survive! Vacrat, Flapjack, Blopfush, Woomado, Paffon
GR-BR Oil Field Unlocked by watching Flash Fire Walk. A highly flammable field... with equally flammable enemies. At the end, GR-18 must get the key from a Keplklep! Lizumi, Bazy, Woomado, GR-BR, Tarby

New Features

The YASSY! Pack adds a bunch of new features that originally weren't in Levelhead, for... reasons.


Name Function Description
Fluid Stuff Fluid stuff that comes in different colors, all just being liquids; Blue Fluid Stuff is water and slows down GR-18's fall, Red Fluid Stuff is lava and kills stuff that jumps into it, Green Fluid Stuff is acid and outright destroys anything (even the Package) that were to take a dip into it. Or are they?! WHAT IS THIS? THEY LOOK LIKE WATER/LAVA/ACID BUT THEY AREN'T!
Gluass Gluass will slow GR-18 down and make him unable to jump (unless you're using Millionmeter). Tiptow won't fall down when on Gluass. Stuff will stick onto it if it doesn't disappear immediately. It's like glass, but glue.
Void Wall Void Wall is literally just invisible terrain. It can only be seen with Shootem. What's stopping me? LET ME IN!
Square-Able Terrain Terrain, but you can make it square. Square-able square-able square-able square-able!
Bad Ice Bad Ice is similar to Slippy Goo except it instead affects literally everything in movement. It's also more slippery. Has a variant called Bad Permafrost that can't be broken. Can't be wall jumped or ceiling climbed on. Ice is a natural hazard. Even ICE CREAM is dangerous!
Environment Column Literally just a column of environment. Basically the same but there's variations and you can modify how far it drops down; default is 16 blocks. Just... get the environment... just... RIGHT ON UP IN THERE.
Regen Leavez It can be broken with a headbutt and stuff but it regenerates after a while, like the Dense Fog. Nature is primarily the reason we can't have good technology. Maybe.


Name Function Description
Flippult Will fling anything which is on it. Can be wired to a switch to fling only if it receives the signal. You'll go WEEEE when you jump onto it! Soar through the air!
Failing Platform The platform fails to support any weight, and straight up just falls down when you step on it. As an easter egg, it might have something on it. It actually supports a lot of weight but can't bear it.
Magno Magna Magno Magnas attract GR-18 towards it, pulling him in slowly but steadily. Real metal gets attracted by real magnets, chumps.
High Steak This unassuming steak can be jumped on to move it forward some distance. The speed adjusts how far it goes with each jump!


Name Function Description
Quickwire GR-18's Tow Cable range is extended and can hurt enemies. GR-18 can also use the Tow Cable to pull stuff towards him with the action button (or pull himself towards stuff). The bureau is not responsible for any crazy tangle-ups with your GR-18's tow cable.
Badbrew GR-18 can create and throw potions which damage enemies and dissolves stuff. Using the power of CHEMISTRY, GR-18 is capable of creating potions!
Wrencher GR-18 can use a wrench to attack with (a melee combo attack). He can also throw it at enemies to stun them (NOT harm them!) for one second, by holding the down button and pressing the power-up button. The Space Wrench is so potent, we had to make a power-up dedicated to do this.
Kickerknock GR-18's kicked projectiles always do damage regardless of what it is. Some kicked projectiles are more potent; Wingarangs for example home back to GR-18 and will pierce up to five small enemies, three medium enemies, and one big enemy. By lining GR-18's feet with overcomplicated energy generators, GR18 harnesses the power of the Physical Phenerator*! *That's just the long name for it.
Millionmeter GR-18 automatically sprints when walking and after sprinting for a while he really heats things up, becomes an energy ball, and can damage enemies via contact! Only up to five though, that's when he stops being an energy ball. It's so tempting to GIVE HIM A SPEED BOOST, you know?
Shootem GR-18 gains cool visors that not just allow him to see stuff but also shoot out energy pulses towards enemies. You can charge it up to shoot three at a time! For when you like shoot'em ups and hate invisible walls!
Plower GR-18 will float on fluid stuff surfaces. He can use the power-up button to do a swift ram to knock out any enemies on the water and speed him up. Building this takes way more time than expected.
Blamethrow GR-18 can pull out a flamethrower that spews fire directly in front of him as he smirks. He has to stand in place, and he can aim with it. With the Blamethrow, you can make enemies glue and shoot the blame back to them.
PBot A friendly bot that buffs your power-ups once you grab it. These buffs include:

  • Tiptow: Better grip and longer stealth times. Pressing the action button near (or on) an enemy causes GR-18 to do a surprise attack that instantly kills the enemy, but only when they're sleeping (meaning that you can't kill Scrubbs, Oculas, Lizumis, Canoodles, and Peanuts with this ability. you can neither kill sleeping Jibberjabbers).
  • Zipper: Zipping past enemies hurts them. In mid-air, press the jump button to briefly air-stall, keeping momentum.
  • Waylay: Gains a new attack that consists of pulling an enemy towards it and punching them in the face. Hold the Tow Cable button to use this.
  • Ripcord: Propeller can be deployed on ground and protect GR-18 from overhead attacks. More fuel for jetting.
  • Rebound: Can charge up Rebound balls; as they get bigger, they get heavier... and recoils heavier.
  • Shade: Increases the rune's time by two. In addition, holding the rune slightly slows down time.
  • Quickwire: Hold the Tow Cable button for GR-18 to use it like a lasso. Release to have GR-18 do a long Tow Cable attack that pierces dead enemies.
  • Badbrew: Holding down with a potion makes GR-18 add a red solution to it, making it leave fire behind when it blows. Holding up makes GR-18 add a blue soolution to it, making it stop enemies. Adding both solutions causes a large explosion.
  • Wrencher: Stuns for one extra second. In addition, holding the power-up button allows GR-18 to do a spin attack which can be used to gain height.
  • Kickerknock: Holding the Kick button allows GR-18 to kick it like a comet. Effect varies on thrown item.
  • Millionmeter: Power-up button allows Millionmeter to stand still, charge up, and dash forward at sonic speed, killing certain enemies and breaking stuff until it hits a wall. Just be careful, you can't control GR-18 while he's charging.
  • Shootem: Laser beams now bounce and pierce enemies. Holding the power-up button allows GR-18 to fire a faster version of the laster.
  • Plower: Can swim underwater and perform underwater dash attacks that beat up enemies.
  • Blamethrow: Flames reach farther and you can slightly move.
Power Storage Use the Tow Cable on this to store your power-up for later. Can be wired to transport it somewhere else. If it touches your cable, it'll suck your power-up.
Package Disguise Disguises GR-18 as a package. He'll be able to use Package Switches and have similar properties to a package. A package disguise of GR-18? WHAT'S NEXT?!
Death Bomb Once GR-18 picks this up, he's gotta get it off of him somehow or else he's dead. This bomb ensures that GR-18's gonna hurry up!
Safety Clock If GR-18 picks this up, he can add more time to the Death Bomb counter, thus making it take longer. Use this clock if you've got a Death Bomb attached to your back. Seriously, just do it.
VBot A TBot that overloaded on so much Void Energy it comes off as useless. Aside from the horrible face it makes from the Void Energy that resembles something from a horror movie, holding this makes you experience hallucinations. However, while holding this, you can also enable stuff. Also you can purify it so you can enable stuff by just holding it. HEY! Can you hear us alright? HELLO?!

Package Powers

Now the package can gain power-ups!

Name Function Description
Badcoat The package becomes red and will hurt enemies when thrown at them. Throwing it downwards causes a short shockwave that hurts anything in its radius. Placing this coating will make the package dangerous. Who cares though?
Dipcube The package becomes light blue and can float on Fluid Stuff, except Green Fluid Stuff. It's also a bit more slippery sliding a distance before actually stopping. Also makes GR-18 float if he's holding it. For when you need to float your package over there!
Ralypaly The package becomes lime and can bounce back enemies much farther, but it's also much more bouncier. Also you can use it like a Sproing. Ya bax maht nead mare baunciness, and raundness. BAING!
Megaton The package becomes gold-yellow and gets pretty heavy. So heavy, it can really push enemies far back (even the bigger ones) and destroy Hard Clay. GR-18 can push it two! And if it lands on enemies, it will stun them. GR-18, sadly, can be crushed by it. Added weight! No more waiting! Too much weighing! WILL OVERWHELM!
Twirlygig The package becomes pink. It'll slow GR-18's descent if he holds onto it and will travel straightforward when GR-18 throws it (until it hits a wall). If you pair this with the Ripcord, OH BOY OH BOY! Which you can't, actually.


Name Function Description
Yankswitch When the Tow Cable is used on it, it activates, sending signals to something else. What is it waiting for?! YANK IT to find out!
Power-Up Eyeswitch Will only activate when it sees a specific power-up(s). It's responsive if you're using the power-up it wants to see!
Detection Eyeswitch Will emit a beam of light that when you get in, activates something. Can be set to swing or spin. Watch out! You'll never know what might happen when you get spotted!


Name Function Description
Boundary Barrier Blocks an entire column. GR-18 wouldn't be able to pass unless he destroys the barrier What is it waiting for?! YANK IT to find out!


Name Function Description
Aggreast A simple enemy that walks back and forth slowly that doesn't shrink or drop items. You hate it with every fiber of your being. You can jump on its head!
Scroin When you get near them, they will freak out, jump up, and slam the ground, creating a shockwave GR-18 must jump over.  It's easy to scare it out of its mind! If it gets scared, it'll slam!
Homedrone Homedrone will fly around and when they see you, they will attempt to shoot you down. When it sees something, it gets curious, and SHOOTS it due to a programming error, rather than record it.
Keplklep Keplklep will hold stuff and try and run away with it; if it's not holding anything it'll try and steal the nearest thing. If there is none, Kelpklep will just run towards you and if it catches you, it puts you into a short unique death animation where it chows down on you. It's got a big appetite and high greed that it might eat anything it sees! INCLUDES YOU!
Duncheon A weird enemy that does short hops towards you (they aren't jumping). Jumping on it doesn't damage them; what you're supposed to do is hit them with the Tow Cable. The chassis ensures nothing from above will kill it, but can't ensure magnets can kill it.
Bazy Bazies reside on the wall, ceiling, or floor and wait rather calmly for GR-18 to get in their line of sight. Once he does, they'll immediately jump forward trying to burn it; they briefly leave their underside vulnerable when they get to their end point. Programmed to transport oil canisters from A to B, Bazy has the job done for everyone, granted that it doesn't pierce the canister.
Woomado Walks around. When spotting GR-18, it will rush up towards him. If it gets hit in any way, it will explode. The bigger ones have a bigger detonation. It's a walking boombot looking to self-destruct in your face!
GR-BR A scrapped model of what GR-16 was gonna be, now refined to have heat intolerance! At first it just sits around, but when burnt it will run like crazy. Before we did a complete redesign, GR-16 was gonna be more aggressive but less prone to accidents.
Tarby Tarbies will chase GR-18 via hopping. When destroyed, it'll drop a ball of tar which immediately explodes into a flame wave. Does not explode if it hits fire, for ironic reasons (and gameplay reasons). Stuffing tar into a robot has never been so wonderful! Increases chances of fire by 100%. COMBO! When near bombs, create a ridiculous amount of tar that deals 300% property damage.
Paffon Will fly around and fire a burst of fire at GR-18. Amount of fire can be decided, and can even shoot out wildfire! Originally just a head, now a head with arms and legs! DRACONIC!
Bunsen Patrols an area calmly. When it sees you though, Bunsen flares itself up and darts straight forward at high speed in an attempt to burn you. When it hits a wall, it becomes stunned.
Cinnaceil Patrols the ceiling and pours lava when on a Cinnaceil Block. On ground, it's vulnerable.
Mumbac Enemies that can be stacked up; they simply just roll around for GR-18 to jump over them. These fellows stack for no reason other than being jolly!
Pengo Pengo walks back and forth, keeping a close eye on GR-18. Once they got it in range, they'll start throwing ice balls at him in an arc. If GR-18 is hit by the ice balls, it'll be frozen as Pengo walks towards him. Anyone up for a snowball fight with this guy?
Slippy Slop Slippy Slops skate around, chasing GR-18 at every turn. It has a unique reaction with Bad Ice where it slips and starts sliding towards GR-18.
Poon Poon Poon Poons are weird glacier enemies that shoot a beam of ice at GR-18 when they see him. This beam of ice freezes the first thing it touches solid, making it a stepping stone for a while. If GR-18 gets hit by it, it'll be frozen, left vulnerable to attacks. 
Opposer A tough enemy designed to oppose the scornful blizzards, Opposers are 3x3 enemies that are not affected by Sky Wigglers. They trundle towards GR-18; once they get near him they'll do a punch attack that basically launches it a long distance until he hits a wall. Designed to resist the most dangerous of weathers, it definitely endures through all; even the sun can't harm it!
Nanuket A flying enemy carrying a bucket full of liquid nitrogen. Once you get under it, it pours the liquid nitrogen on you and then swoops towards you if it succeeds in freezing you. If you kill it while its liquid nitrogen bucket is full, the bucket will drop and you'll be able to use it.
Cyuki A literal snow angel that while it has wings, can't fly. Cyukis can throw a snowflake that makes terrain it touches slippery.
Didlel Absorbs a single attack from GR-18 before their shell breaks; their shell regenerates in three seconds so be fast. Its shell can be used to absorb germs!
Wapikles Hovers around, floats towards GR-18 upon seeing him before trying to punch it... with an electricity trail included.  WELP IT'S GONNA WOP YOU IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!
Bouy Bouy is stationary on land, floats on water. Every once in a while on water, Bouy will deplay a sea mine that falls straight downwards. They've got a really slippery underside. The blue ones can't be killed with stomps. It floats.
Mreowel A cat enemy that hisses and screeches and once GR-18 gets near it, trying to slash GR-18 into pieces. If GR-18 uses the Tow Cable on it, it becomes something that resembles a towel and can be thrown back. Picking it up is the only way employEes can save themselves from its MREOW PREOW HISS RRRRRR state!
Leotah This enemy will not stop harassing GR-18 once it wakes up, going high-speed on GR-18. They go GR-18 sprint fast, with a slight addition of speed, with bigger ones just... getting ridiculous. The main difference from Lizumi is that it can jump and try and pounce on GR-18, and even break through blocks. The concept of making a cat robot with leopard and cheetah speed combined together? Our profits will be LOWERED!
Booshy An enemy that hides in a bush and is a bush. Once GR-18 gets near it, it activates and sneaks towards him.
Squirleaf A squirrel that glides off of platforms using oversized leaves. It can also use these leaves as boomerangs by merging them both together.
Life Scrubbr A voided Scrubb that stalks GR-18. If stomped on, they'll be stunned and can be kicked away from you. Difference from Vocula is that it can leap over platforms. The Void Energy has eaten away its majestic hair and replaced it with an awful hairstyle. AH NAAAW!
Vocula A voided Ocula that stalks GR-18. If stomped on, they'll be stunned and can be kicked away from you. Difference from Life Scrubbr is that they can shoot at you. When it sees you, IT'LL SHOOT YA! AGAIN! AND AGAIN! And... again...
Voidcrat A voided Vacrat that charges towards GR-18's locations rather aggressively, breaking stuff in the process. The biggest ones can fire out Void Energy from their "horns". Void Energy took over its systems and broke its horns replacing it with longer ones. It now cleans up humanity, which is bad.
Blazumi A voided Lizumi. This one just gets harder, having Void Energy in the form of flames; they'll leave a trail of fire behind. The bigger ones can jump up to fire eight thorns in eight directions! "Bla" as in "black"! What makes you think it means blaze?! IS IT ON FIRE?!
Novwov A voided Flipwip that first sucks stuff into it and fires out Void Energy. The biggest ones has its tongue whip attack, except instead of jumping forward, it jumps into the air and just zooms at you, trying to kill you. Think of the jumping attack like Sonic's Homing Attack, only this time it's like a meteor. It's vision has gone blind. At least it can now SHOOT.
Vacjack A voided Flapjack that likes to jump real high up into the air and slam back down. The biggest ones cause an earthquake when they land, stunning GR-18. WEE!
Vacadac A voided Doop. When it sees you, it'll dig into the ground and stealthily try and poke you with its drill. The biggest ones can cause rubble. Kills welding, keeps drill. Void Energy is too heavy, it cannot fly.
Nonex A voided Popjaw that happens to have gotten a Lectroshield. Great. Now it damages you while teleporting. Biggest ones create an energy field upon biting. And enemies CAN use power-ups! This one in particular stole a Lectroshield!
Quanfush A voided Blopfush.
Canulldle A voided Canoodle that can shoot frosty Void Energy that once it hits you, you get frozen as it tries to lunge toward you. The biggest ones are just straight up deadly, raining down icicles. Not the front lines! Or the back lines, or the side lines. AND NOT OUR RAMEN NOODLES!
Corrupted Recycler A Recycler that overloaded on Void Energy, so much, in fact, it became a living being. The Corrupted Recycler by matter of fact, is extremely fast and has very, very good handling meaning that it'll pursue you near constantly. If it touches you, you'll slow down and you have to shake it off. If too much get onto you, they'll proceed to eat you into nothingness. can! you Now again? ability powerup that use to Want
Visi A ghost that can only be seen while holding the VBot. This is the only enemy that can appear while holding the VBot (completely invisible without it). And for just one enemy... it can fly (red), crawl (green), shoot (blue), and copy your jump (yellow). You can mix these abilities together. For some notes: Red-Green ones instead jump and Red-Yellow ones just like to try and get in your way while you're near them. You see this? This thing can't be seen without enough Void Energy!


Name Function Description
Fillah Fillahs are literally robots that are used to fill things with the void. Any Voided enemy that touches it gets filled (purified), and loses void properties. It also kills Peanuts since by canon, they're literally clouds composed of Void Energy. When The Void takes over stuff, you gotta just clean 'em up.
GR-1 Literally just GR-1. You can throw it (stomp for the bigger ones) to cause it to start walking; it dies from enemy contact but basically does stuff GR-18 can do, except use the Tow Cable. Instead it just kinda pushes blocks. It cannot SEE, and it can go GRR at you. It's so PLEASENT!
Stompede When stepped on, Stompede will start walking forward, affected by gravity. The blue ones jump over pits and obstacles. If it walks onto an enemy, that enemy will be dead. It's just waiting for the perfect rodeo dude.
Stampede When stepped on, Stampede will move along a path or something. Whatever, just you decide. It is flying... do you like flying rodeo? You might like this.
Spark Buddy Spark Buddies kill enemies that make contact with it. It can be set to do a certain amount of damage before it dies. Spurkly and sparky does the job, y'know?


Name Function Description
Invisispike Spiketrons that only become visible if GR-18 gets near them. Can't be scalepopped however. Hey GR-18, come over here- GRARBLE DARBLE WHERE DID THESE COME FROM?!
Inflammable Oil Oil that once lit, will burn stuff to the ground. Oil. It's simple.
Voided Input "Switch" Overloading on Void Energy is dangerous so now this switch just shoots out lasers corresponding to the direction of the arrow (which is in fact Void Energy). However, there is a variant which makes these lasers harmful and instead just enable stuff that touch its beam. When you think of it, does it really enable stuff anymore?
Geyza A geyser that erupts with lava every once in a while. Stuff lava-proof will be able to surive this. A lava geyser that pushes stuff up, but KILLS YOU!
Cinnaceil Block A block that must be used in tandem with Cinnaceils. Otherwise, it does nothing. The name could use some improvements...
Not a Booshy Use it in tandem with Booshies to fool players. This is a Booshy. Don't be fooled.


Name Function Description
Scrooth A Scroin Tooth that can be thrown forward and put into a wall or ceiling. It acts as a platform so you can have it be used for... well. Scroins have one tooth that is big, and MEAN.
Dronegun GR-18 can use the Dronegun to shoot projectiles that hut enemies. GR-18 has to be careful as the Dronegun can also hurth im. When laid down and filled with the correct amount of TNT, Droneguns become spectacular firework launchers.


Name Function Description
Tempo Remote This allows you to modify the song's pitch and speed at a certain point. It can also gradually do so. You can use this to shut down the music industry if you're reckless enough!


Name Function Description
Drone GR-18 GR-18 is a drone which can fly in all directions. It can use its Tow Cable but can't collect power-ups. GR-18: Now a flying package robot! Control it like it isn't yours!


A new feature included with the YASSY! Pack is Bosses! Unlike normal enemies, Bosses are specifically designed with different moves with wholly different themes. All (except Buddy Booms) of them take six hits to defeat. Now a bit of lore, all these bosses are some of the best delivery robots made by other robot companies... if it weren't for the fact that a bunch of bugs reprogrammed them into being fighters who just fight all day.

Name Function Description
Hottahead "You're hot on your toes, and it'll get hotter!"

Hottahead will throw fireballs at GR-18 in straight lines or bouncing patterns, occassionally dashing towards GR-18 (jumping over 3-block wide gaps and 1-block wide columns). Sometimes he might throw a burning piece of metal that wildly ricochets that GR-18 must use to beat Hottahead with. After taking three hits he speeds up and uses Wildfire instead, with much more erratic patterns. 1x2 in editor. Can't be jumped on.

He's topping the charts, he's on fire, HE'S HOTTAHEAD! FIGHT HIM WITH FIRE!

Frigear will slowly walk towards you, sometimes stopping to either A. charge towards you, or B. throw ice balls at you which leaves ice spikes, or C. create an ice wall which he'll shove towards you to try and crush you with. As he walks he freezes the terrain making it slippery. He's resistant to all attacks, but when the ice wall comes back at him, it'll shatter his ice plating so you can stomp on him. After taking three hits he will try and jump on the ice wall which somehow causes an icicle shockwave; stomp him and he'll flinch. He's also much more erratic. 5x5 in editor.

With the power of cryogenics, Frigear can FREEEEEZE stuff. He also has gears but they're just aesethics.

Amazen will run until he reaches the nearest wall (or gap where he just stops); he has protective headwear so stomping on him will just have the protective headwear drop on him and make him speed up briefly (and interrupt his attacks). He will throw coconuts at you, one of them actually being a Lizumi which happens to drop a a Lizumi Thorn. Otherwise he's not special, unless you place ledges above him. If there's ledges he will perform two new attacks; trying to shoot you with thorns from his thorn tail and throwing flattened Scrubbs/Oculas towards you. When he drops he will try and extend his arms towards you to grab you with; if you're grabbed he'll kick you and make you vulnerable (he follows up with throwing a Vacsteak at you). About damaging him, you're required to grab the items he throws at you and throw it at him to make him vulnerable for 1 second. After taking three hits he'll just get more erratic. 1x1 in editor.

This AMAZEN monkey isn't monkeying around this time! He's got AMAZEN SWINGIN'! With ledges only, though.
Electre "The results are shocking!"

Electre starts out by jumping and releasing an electric discharge that homes in on GR-18 (they linger until you beat Electre mind you, they're thankfully easy to dodge). Electre jumps in random patterns, leaving electrical tracks. In theory he's pretty easy to beat if it wasn't for the fact that he can only be stomped after he jumps ten times (note he does two jumps in one so technically five jumps). Every second hit will release another electric discharge which pursues you, and at half health he will do three jumps in one and the electrical tracks he leaves linger for 2 seconds. 2x2 in editor.

You can't jump on Electre when he's electrified, otherwise you'll get zapped!
Buddy Booms "Buddies..." "...GO BOOM!"

Buddy Booms is actually meant to be placed in twos; a single Buddy Boom will just do attacks faster and harder without synchronization. Regarding the Buddy Booms, they're three hits each instead of six hits. The Buddy Booms will run around and throw bombs at each other to try and blow GR-18 up with. If GR-18 gets hit with a bomb, GR-18 will be dazed and won't get back up until he stops bouncing, leaving him vulnerable. Aside from that, they will also try and dash into GR-18, and whenever damaged, they will briefly become a cannon and fire three bombs, and if there's only one, it's a replica of "The Big One" that explodes into six bombs. 1x2 in editor.

These two (or one) fellas will synchronize and try and blow up GR-18!
Prop Cop "Package in no time!"

Prop Cop mainly just floats right above GR-18 like an idiot, but will sometimes decide to go down, orbit it, and then try to dash into it. Due to the propeller, jumping on Prop Cop won't do squat and will just shred GR-18. However, Prop Cop will sometimes take off the propeller to use as a boomerang that will create a tornado that goes up and down (mind you, it tries to suck you up) and leave him vulnerable; his other attacks involve whipping up dangerous tornadoes, shooting a bunch of homing missiles at GR-18, dropping a ton of rockets onto the battlefield, and firing away at GR-18. At half health he'll add a new attack where he will swoop up and down at GR-18 while trying to shoot him, three times in a row. 2x1 in editor.

Prop Cop's a less boring take on plane boss battles. Now, FEEL ACTUAL WIND!
Mysti "Scrubbs and Blopfushes! The power of love!"

Mysti not only teleports to random places but also shoots three "magic" balls in a spreadshot fashion that travels across terrain. She has a "magical" barrier around her so your only chance on hitting her is to hit her enough times the barrier drops. However, she doesn't just simply teleport and shoot "magic" balls; she can also create "magic" explosions at your place (which kill you), rain down lightning on you, and cast a "mystical" mist which reverse your controls. After suffering three hits she'll add three new spells to her roster, including: creating a tome made of "magic" that shoots at you for five seconds, hiding under her hat and summoning enemies, and shooting "magic stars" that home in on you for five seconds. Also she can release a field of "magic" that purges your items and power-ups. 1x2 in editor.

Mysti is mystical and totally magical. In fact she's got a magical barrier!
Scubule "I've you've got a sinking feeling, don't blame me!"

Her fight does not heavily rely on Liquid Stuff but gets enhanced when in Liquid Stuff. She'll fire five bubbles at GR-18; some of them have spike balls and will pop when they hit terrain. She can dash off screen, come back, and try and stab GR-18 with her trident (dash attacks). One last attack she's got is shifting her baton into a hammer to try and whop GR-18 with; if that doesn't work, why not just slam it into the ground and create a dangerous water tidal wave? You can stomp on her but she's most of the time flying. At half health she gains 2 new attacks; one which consists of making her baton into a chain & ball to try and whop you with (it's really hectic to keep in mind) or cause a "whirlpool" with it that tries to suck you in.

The baton's got power.
Damsel "Daddy! DADDY!"
Damsel is fresh out of the factory, so she's not developed with her defense capabilities. Instead, she uses a 3x3 Canoodle named "King CRI (Cryogenic Rebootion Invention)" to try and kill you. Said Canoodle attempts to lunge at you and shoots three Canoodle cores at a time at you, and you can't grab those. When it jumps real high into the air, it'll cause a shockwave that'll stun you. What you really have to do is while he's lunging, he'll expose his vulnerable underside you can headbutt to damage and soon destroy him (and stomp on Damsel who'll go bouncing around once stomped on). Careful: Damsel, while bouncing around, will shoot dangerous tears! This boss has half the points and each hit adds an orbitar to it that hurts, making it harder to headbutt.
It's a young princess robot. I don't think I have to say anymore. IT'S A YOUNG PRINCESS ROBOT.
Night Vera "I'll handle this. Stand back."
Night Vera will disappear and move silently towards you; if you don't have Shootem, you won't be able to see her. While invisible she tends to attempt to get a stealth strike on you before jumping back to her original position; other attacks include slashing up five projectiles at once or slashing up a projectile that splits upon hitting the ground. The cloak she wears makes her invulnerable to all of GR-18's attacks, so when she's preparing to dash into you (indicated by her grunting), you should hit her, which will damage her. At half HP she just attacks faster and most attacks got hectic. She can also kill Void-related enemies.
Ninja of the night, she exterminates The Void. We needed something to... help.
Tipsytonk "Try and find me if you can or I'll find you first, and kill you!"
Dongles "ARF ARF ARF!"
Mayday "It's gonna be mayday out there! MAYDAY!"
Heli "While I'm sky high, your sky's falling! See you never!"
Aceblaster "Didja call me idiotic? You're gonna... REGRET SAYING THAT!!!"
Nightcore "Time flies while you're at it. Prepare yourself, GR-18."
Nightcore, despite the name, is calm and precise. She utilizes Void Energy to hit GR-18, firing three homing projectiles before teleporting. Careful when she rips open a hole; she's summoning Jabbers and Peanut to kill you with. She might fly to you rather slowly, placing runes. These runes slow down time, and the glowing ones are Nightcore's teleport spots. To damage her you gotta stomp her after she teleports; at half HP she changes up her pattern, becoming an embodiment of Void Energy while summoning infinite amounts of Jabbers and Peanuts.


Simply, this is your favorite objects; to favorite an object, on the toolbar, click the heart button (Favorite) and click items you'd like to favorite.


The Recents tab can store up to 15 of the most recent items you used. Go crazy.


A tab which contains everything and you can search stuff up. Go through it and find what ya need.



  • New variations of terrain!
    • Konkrete now also has its alpha version, Conkrete.
    • Brittle Rock: Glass, Hardened Leaves, Alien Mush
    • Hard Clay: Crystal, Weakened Wood, Faangah
  • You can now make Prize Block contents vary in what they give you. For example, they might give you a Vacrat, or they might instead give you a Tiptow.


  • You can now choose if you want the pick-ups to be grabbed by GR-18 or by the Tow Cable.
  • There is a small easter egg with the Shade; sometimes, it comes WITHOUT its mask. During the time, unnerving music plays.


  • Toe Sliders have inactive speeds, and you can decide the things that are pushed by the Toe Slider! Enemies, items, players... you name it. Toe Sliders can also be set to slide when you're walking on it.
  • You can now decide if you can go down Sky Wigglers by holding down.
  • You can now set the Flyblock's return speed and delay between returning and reaching the end.
  • Flingo gets a new variation called Swingo, where GR-18 will stay latched onto it as long as he's holding the Tow Cable button. This should allow for some great swinging puzzles.
  • Blasters and Trigblasters can be set to rotate in steps.


  • Most switches now have "Explode" behavior. This includes the following switches:
    • Clock Switch (on/off seconds cause it to explode)
    • Jem Switch
    • Battle Switch
    • Charge Switch
    • Eye Switch
    • Baddie Eyeswitch
    • Package Cam
    • Waitswitch
    • Key Switch
  • Speaking of which, "Explode" behavior items can be changed to not send a signal.
  • You can now pick specific enemies for the Battle Switch to count.


  • Regret Gate versions of gates have been added; these are at first solid from all sides, but you can only enter and exit them from specific directions.
  • Purge Gate now can purge players and enemies.


  • Robo Factories now can have a cooldown of zero.
  • You can now change if an enemy drops an item or not. Big variants, at default, are always.
  • All enemies have their own Waylay punch death noises.


  • Whizblades can now be changed to "Fizzaw", which uses Woanope juice to make it... chase you.
  • Cannons and Lookannons have new projectiles!
    • Disc: Shoots out Squished Scrubbs/Oculas at you.
    • Ricochet: Shoots out projectiles which bounce off of walls at you.
    • Cannonballs: Shoots out cannonballs affected by gravity.
    • Permafrost: Shoots out permafrost that freezes GR-18. GR-18 must button mash out of it!
  • Cannons can also shoot in up to four directions at once!
  • When a Cannon projectile is punched by Waylay (and is destroyed), it plays the Waylay punch death noise. This should no longer happen.
  • Wildfire Cannons/Lookannons have a new look which are basically the same as Fire Cannons but green instead of red.


  • The Goal and BUDD-E can now receive channels to activate or deactivate. Want to stop the player from jumping into the goal without having to fill the spot with Bumpers? 


  • New biomes are added: Moogma Mounts, The Gastrojungle, Trode Factory, Explodepolis, Cloods, Totally Magical Fields, Wreckgrounds (the sea biome), GR8-Land, M00NShine Meadow, and Savanna Singalong!
  • With that being said, tons of new songs are added!
    • Frantic Flush (Moogma Mounds)
    • Burnt Rhythm (Moogma Mounds)
    • Still Hyper (Moogma Mounds)
    • Dummy Drum (Moogma Mounds)
    • Wompit Womp (The Gastrojungle)
    • Picking Baconweeds (The Gastrojungle)
    • Blending Tracks (The Gastrojungle)
    • C'mon BEAT (The Gastrojungle)
    • Wrap Factory (Trode Factory)
    • Parodied Punchers (Trode Factory)
    • Rebound Creation (Trode Factory)
    • Calm Walkway (Trode Factory)
    • WHAT?! WHAT?! (Explodepolis)
    • Bombardier GR-18 (Explodepolis)
    • The GR8 The D8 The GR88 (GR8-Land)
    • No Fight No Flight (Cloods)
    • Smash 'n Slam (Misc, Boss Fights)
    • Grind It Clean (Misc, Boss Fights)
    • GO! FIGHT! (Misc, Boss Fights)
    • Bat'd Far (Misc, Boss Fights; intended for final bosses)
    • Turbo Bass (Misc, GR-ScootTeen)
    • Flip Overdose (Misc, GR-ScootTeen)
    • Pacebreaker (Misc, GR-ScootTeen)
    • C'man'beet (Misc, GR-ScootTeen)
    • Far 'n Wide (Misc)
  • The player can now set the speed to 80% to 200%. By default it is 100%. The reasson why the player can set the speed up to 200% is to make the "sit and do nothing" stages a bit more tolerable as they usually take up to one hour to even five days to even beat; an insane amount of time waiting.
    • It also serves as a much more rewarding way of speedrunning by having players take the risk of going fast.
  • If the player dies 10 times in a row, whether it be resets or being killed by something multiple times in a row, GR-18 instead flies offscreen as the level restarts from the start.
  • Music no longer had limits. Now, WEATHER HAS NONE EITHER! Ever wanted to make a sandstorm in Tree of Maarla? Want a snowstorm in the Kistoon Ruins? You can now do such thing!
    • Also, the Asteroid Tunnels has actual weather now, being a meteor storm.
  • Because nobody likes naming levels "Here Come Peanut!" or "Scrubb Are Dumb", you can now add & pluralize certain words or somethin'.
  • Graduation is now locked behind Employee of the Month, because... it just makes sense.


  • Agonized GR-18: Actual size of things GR-18 got killed by is not shown.
  • DID YOU KNOW?!: The GR-18 also believes that 1 + 1 = 11 and 13 + 100 = 13100!
  • Catch Boy: It's gonna get a taste of Vacsteak!
  • Squished Disks: The real question is, where will they end up?
  • Snake Stare: Definitely gonna run you over without spikes. DEFINITELY.
  • Death Doop: LOOK, IT WANTS TO KILL YOU. 
  • Supa Metal: Its black chassis and red horns promote strength!
  • Raining Flapjacks: Who's making it rain?!
  • Burning Blopfush: Get the water bucket!
  • Goofy Canoodle: Ha! LOOK AT ITS FACE! COWARD!
  • Energy Wave: Don't you wish it can do that?
  • The Peanuts Move: It takes one letter to change an entire thing. One letter, and an extra definition.
  • s u h n o r t: s u h n o r t
  • Regretful Eating: I can't tell if I ate a flash grenade. - Jabber
  • Hawtdawg: This is what happens when you leave your dog in the lava!
  • Environment:
  • Uncooked Vacsteak: Not as tasty as the normal Vacsteak.
  • Fanged Gift: Includes a bunch of Jems! OR DOES IT?
  • Pushing GR-18: He's at hard work pushing that block. Disclaimer: can't, you're too late.
  • Wee Cord: Oh no, little guy! Where's your propeller?
  • Tiptow Flip: I bet you can't jump like that!
  • Who's Stronger Now?: Crombler is VERY resilient, so we got a broken knuckle!
  • Defying Zipper: Or the Throw Down The Gauntlet Doing Quantum Electrodongle Robot of the GR Series That's The Eighteenth Model And The First Robot To Be Dumb. It be pushin' you outta here.
  • Despaired Aggreast: GR-18, THIS IS A DON'T KILL THE ENEMIES STAGE!
  • Neutral Shade: It is just staring at you.
  • uhoh.png: uhohdescription.exe (TO UNLOCK: Find Shade GR-18 without the mask)
  • Solar Plexus: Punch- no, PAUNCH them in the stomach.
  • Slurby Boy: It's related to Levelhead, since Levelhead's related to Crashlands.
  • The Features: On second thought, maybe we need more BURRITOS.
  • Weird Bug Thingy on Rock: Is that a... prototype enemy just sitting there, or is it a living bug?
  • Rad Scrubbs: Radical! Scores 1st place! ALL OF THEM!
  • and we need you to find all of them: Error 9001: To fix the description, please break it.
  • VEND-R Swarm: I mean... what are the pearls useful for? Are they useful for the sea? (TO UNLOCK: Open all the VEND-Rs in the Normal Campaign)
  • Hottahead: BURN! BURN TO THE GROUND!
  • Frigear: Can you believe it? He's got a softer side like any bulky guy!
  • Amazen: The best part of him is the banana.
  • Electre: For science and all that similar stuff!
  • Buddy Booms: Hey, fella! CATCH THIS!
  • Prop Cop: Too close to the screen.
  • Mysti: Seriously, how can you defy the fact that she actually uses magic?!
  • Scubule: Don't go UNDER THE SEA WITHOUT HER!
  • Damsel: Dade This Isn,t Too Complicated As U Said!!! - Damsel
  • Night Vera: Silent AND deadly.
  • Seismerre: He's coming if you don't come here.
  • Picky Prickles: She won't ticky tickles, she'll stab.
  • Tipsytonk: Get the Canoodles! REINFORCE THE EYE SWITCHES!
  • Dongles: Arf arf arf!
  • Mayday: It's payday.
  • Heli: GR-18! Come back here or I'll slice you!
  • Aceblaster: Which face do you like the best?
  • Nightcore: EmployEEEEEEEEEEEEEe!
  • Relayipowade: Nobody can say it correctly.
  • Dynamic... Fourio?: Rebound is crying in the corner!

Boss Lore


Hottahead has a REALLY big temper. Hottahead not only generates fire but also leaves fire trails, but somehow still manages to top the charts. This was an accidental discovery when one employEe accidentally realized DR-HT overheated in a strange way and caused the oil inside him to burn... so he repurposed DR-HT, gave him a ton of oil to make sure he was still burning, and gave him fire abilities. Oh, and he gets angry when he doesn't get challenged, so they always beam Hottahead at the worst locations possible, like a jungle for instance.

  • Company: Development & Researches Inc.
  • Delivery Method: Beaming him at the worst locations possible and delivering the package at high speeds
  • Model Series: DR
  • Model Name: DR-HT
  • Fact Files
    • Very infernal head that makes him look cooler
    • Hands which can shoot out fireballs and metal which happens to get inside him
    • Criminal-looking eyes
    • Feet which lay fiah in their tracks


In all respects Frigear is bigger than GR-17, but he's capable of breaking out of tight places. At least, that's what Inaflash Corporations says; Frigear can generate near-limitless amounts of ice! Well, actually, limited amounts of ice out of his ice storage. Shame they haven't solvedi t. Regardless, Frigear is still pretty powerful, and can freeze anything it steps on! EVEN GRASS!

  • Company: Inaflash Corporations
  • Delivery Method: In the arctic, delivering packages to people in the arctic. Sadly, there's barely any.
  • Model Series: CH
  • Model Name: CH-3
  • Fact Files
    • Ice plating to keep him comfy 
    • Gears, which are only for aesethics to give him his name
    • Why give him gigantic fists again when he doesn't punch?
    • In retrospect it could've been nicer to make him look less like a serial killer


A monkey with a safari hat? CLEVER. Well, not really actually. Someone at Nabbers's and Nip's just thought of a crazy idea of a monkey which can shoot thorns from its tail and is wearing a safari hat that serves as protection. Then somebody suggested to give him some extendable limbs to make him more of a technological monkey. And then they stuck a banana for horns right in his head. OOH, BANANA!

  • Company: Nabbers's and Nip's
  • Delivery Method: Sent to jungles and monkeys around with anyone trying to stop him
  • Model Series: MONKEY
  • Model Name: MONKEY-OOAHH
  • Fact Files
    • Tail capable of shooting thorns
    • Extendable limbs just in case
    • Grip so hard it can possibly mash a rock into pieces
    • OOH BANANA! (extremely long arrow pointing at it which does at least 25 turns)


Using the latest technology, Electre can produce 10,000 joules, and discharge a ton of electricity. It's CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY which doesn't need anymore explanation. Eh, we guess it does need more explanation, because it actually just requires one to have five electric generators inside of a robot to make it work and a charger in case it runs out of battery. Cold to the touch because of air conditioning.

  • Company: LHD
  • Delivery Method: Launching him just next to the owner's house... then dropping the package
  • Model Series: ZIG
  • Model Name: ZIG-1
  • Fact Files
    • Surprisingly electrical face
    • Claws, only to show off electricity
    • Socket that leaves electricity behind when not charging up (uses little electricity actually!)
    • Oh, uh, this, you ask? That's not actual eyes on his hands


Buddy Booms were designed with teamwork in mind. So they do that in mind! These identical twins always works in twos and if they're lonely they'll just get stronger, so try not to seperate them! Did we also forget? They can produce bombs out of thin air and throw it and even use a cannon to attack! And somehow, Zing Package Entertainment knows of The Big One, so yeah!

  • Company: Zing Package Entertainment
  • Delivery Method: Same as normal deliveries except it's synchronized
  • Model Series: BU
  • Model Name: BU-MO, or BU-BU
  • Fact Files
    • Bomb (points at hands)
    • Bombz (points at head)
    • Bombzz (points at back cannon)
    • Bombzzz (points at both of them in no specific area)


Prop Cop is good at everything, except land deliveries! Despite having feet, Prop Cop is terrible at being on the ground, often times making the package the last delivery for the customer (if you get what we mean). Even when slightly hovering above the ground, it JUST doesn't work. But let's not worry about that; let's think of more positive things! He's got perfect air movement, a bunch of rockets, and can mess with anyone tryin' to rob him. Yes.

  • Company: Shapat!
  • Delivery Method: Anything works. The only exception is land deliveries which tend to end in disaster
  • Model Series: AR
  • Model Name: AR-0
  • Fact Files
    • Very sharp propeller; not good for cooling yourself down with
    • This time it's an air robot which doesn't just have 90% boom!
    • Fan-cannon thingies?
    • Blopfush were involved. Trust us. (points at Prop Cop's feet)


If you can believe it, Mysti was actually a birthday gift for the founder of Bureau of Shippings's daughter. She wasn't given to a company, she just happens to be birthday gift. Nonetheless she is surprisingly good at delivering packages and using arcane magic- we mean, "arcane magic", to fend off anyone who attacks her. Mysti's disillusioned into thinking she can use magic, which she can't. It's just energy which happens to look like magic, because it's purple. Her favorite color is fuchsia.

  • Company: Gift from Inaflash Corporations (no true company)
  • Delivery Method: None, unless she's called over. In that case she'll just quickly deliver it
  • Model Series: MAJ
  • Model Name: MAJ-IK
  • Fact Files
    • Wizard hat which produces a "magical" barrier around her, for three hits only though
    • Manipulation of Hardlights were required to make her float, and allow her to reshape it (points at tail)
    • Soft looking eyes which may or may not convince robbers to stop, inspiration is cats
    • Magical girl braids?!


Designed to do underwater package deliveries if that's even a thing, Scubule came with a baton that surprisingly utilizes hydrokinesis! How they did this is unknown though they probably didn't, AND OH BOY OH BOY it proves useful. Scubule, in the meantime, likes to play music with Treble Cleave, which accidentally leads crew members into partying hard. Luckily, nothing really happens. WHOOPS!

  • Company: Cargo's and Delivery's Extra Transports
  • Delivery Method: She's thrown into the ocean, painfully searching for where she has to deliveer
  • Model Series: SC
  • Model Name: SC-8
  • Fact Files
    • Baton can be shapeshifted into maces, hammers, probably even used as a baseball bat
    • Gills from under the Woanope sea where Quadropuses reside
    • A brilliant blue shade for y'all
    • Whatever it is, it's gonna probably kill you. It's gonna avenge the other SCs. Then it'll go back to where the scrapped SCs were and sing the scraps out of the junkyard. TL;DR


  • The dazed state is the exact same pose GR-18 makes in the alpha when he dies.
  • The Package Powers were inspired from SleepyDoof's Package Powerup art.
  • This is the full list of powered-up kick items for the Kickerknock.
    • Bomb: Bigger explosion
    • Flapsack: Can bounce off of enemies without dissipating
    • Flipegg: Explodes into shrapnel and turns flying enemies into projectiles
    • Lizumi Thorn: Ricochets off of walls 5 times and can pierce 3 small enemies and 1 medium enemy
    • Pop Medallion: An explosion is caused when GR-18 warps towards to Pop Medallion, damaging enemies
    • Wingarang: Homes back to GR-18 and can pierce 5 small enemies, 3 medium enemies, and 1 big enemy
    • Vacsteak: Deep-fried Vacsteak makes it a tasty yet dangerous decoy
    • Squished Ocula/Scrubb: 2x faster and doesn't hurt GR-18; also homes if it is spinning, but not actually moving
  • Environment was intentional blank, because they have no use other than scenery.
  • Environment Column/Drop was added to this mod because apparently, Mr. Yokai needed it as it makes life much easier when forming walls or something like that.


  • Kickerknock's long name being Physical Phenerator references the original names for the power-ups; for example, Zipper was originally known as Quantum Electrodongle (or just Electrodongle), and Tiptow was originally known as Eye of Gorble.
  • Aggreast is a reference to "Enemy" from Levelhead Alpha which was basically a simple enemy.
  • Woomado references Ceave calling Bob-Ombs "Walking Boombots".
  • Wapikles references the Jellyfish in Quadropus Rampage while Didlel references the Turtle in Towelfight: Monocle of Destiny.
  • Mysti's quote is a reference to one of Glitter (Cure) Peace's infamous catchphrase, "Puppies and kitties. The power of love." The "Scrubbs and Blopfushes" part refers to what Mr. Yokai would probably say would be Bureau of Shipping's favorite enemies (Scrubb for the mustaches, Blopfush for their broken brain)
  • "OOH BANANA!" pretty much references Donkey Kong's "OOH BANANA" quote.
  • "Inspiration is cats" references the "ordinary girl meets talking cat that gives them magical powers, fights off monsters, and must get seven of something" trope.
  • "TL;DR" references Hunt for the Red Megalari, specifically Part 3; Wiboom explains to Bwiki: "Whatever it is, we are going to kill it. We’re going to avenge our pod. Then we’ll go back to where our pod died and sing their souls out with the tide."
  • Agonized GR-18 kinda references Playmobil the Movie.
  • Tiptow Flip's description references Bounce Man from Mega Man 11 and one of his quotes; "I bet you can't bounce like this!" (which he says immediately when the battle says) Due to the fact Bounce Man sounds like a kid, it comes off as somewhat creepy.
    • Granted, it would've worked better for Rebound, but... it got occupied.
  • Defying Zipper references Increasing Verbosity and the original name for the Zipper.
  • Dynamic Fourio's description references the fact that Rebound is the rarest launch power-up to exist; it does not appear in the box arts for Levelhead, it appears late in the Campaign and is the only launch power-up not showcased in Ballyhoo 2's "GR-18 gets POWERED UP!".
  • Mreowel actually references a tweet BScotchShenani made about their favorite cat trait, being the floppiness of a cat.

Unused Features

  • There was originally an explosive state for enemies but it got scrapped due to it technically existing by stuffing a bomb inside an enemy.
  • Originally there were boss powers which gave GR-18 the power of the bosses he were to kill. This was simply unused due to how complex it would've been.
  • GR-ScootTeen, while not in game, got scrapped regardless since it was coming anyways.
  • There was originally a concept of a goal with a package but that was scrapped since one could just put a package near the goal.
  • Crazyrang. It was originally a boomerang power-up that could collect stuff but was scrapped due to being basically like Wrencher.
  • Regretful Eating was originally a "two-part" icon which consists of the Jabber with its mouth closed and when it's closing its mouth. Unfortunately, Jabber Action and Jibber Crunch basically dominated it.

The Still Gotta Add List

All of these are bosses.

  • Seismerre: Not sure how his boss would go.
  • Picky Prickles: Well, Picky Prickles will have spikes involved.

I might just 1.5x or 2x the boss roster if I want to, so here's bosses I MIGHT add:

  • Cursive (Model Name CR-33P): "He scraps expired packages, and delivers them to the junkyard! He might even deliver expired robots!"
    • Cursive will slowly hover to GR-18 and once he gets near GR-18 he will try and slash him with his scythe which takes a lot of time to get ready so get out of his way before he does a wide-range slash. After this attack, it leaves him vulnerable for two seconds so hit him. Trying to hit him otherwise just has him teleport and follow up with a counterattack.
    • Cursive can revive any dead enemies. Any dead enemies during his fight is indicated by them being grey, kinda trashed, and sometimes having a sad expression on them.
    • Cursive has the abilities to bring out Wildfire that will home on you once. Dodge that.
    • At half health he'll clone himself. The Wildfire now homes on you once, then gets absorbed by the clone for a Wildfire beam. He can also swap positions with the clone. HINT: The clone has a slightly different scythe...
    • BONUS: There's a special death animation for GR-18 that only happens once in a blue moon (1/1000). If GR-18 dies from Cursive's scythe, he will just lay there, motionless, then explode.
  • Treble Cleave (Model Name SN-W0): "No Snorbles were totally involved in the creation of Treble Cleave, let alone killed. OR WERE THEY?"
  • Sid Acid (Model Name SID-4C1D): "How much poison was involved with Sid Acid? Approximately 1,000 gallons. DON'T TOUCH HIM THIS EARLY."
  • Brain Gamer (Model Name: CERE-BR): "With the Spacetime Folder, they placed it inside a ROBOT! Now it has teleporting capabilities and lots of cerebral power!"
  • Elsol (Model Name: LI-2): "Angelic in design, Elsol just comes down with a ray of light, accompanied by a turbo bass tune. It's surprisingly pleasing and angelic!"
  • Damsel (Model Name BA-3Y): "It's a young princess robot. I don't think I have to say anymore. IT'S A YOUNG PRINCESS ROBOT."
  • Narcissus (Model Name 3C-H0): "She's a copycat unintentionally who copies everything... even her reflection she copies. She's a copycat unintentionally who copies everything..."
  • Queen of the Gluch (Model Name D00P-SW00P): "Heavily modified to BE THE QUEEN OF SWOOPADOOPS. And Blopfushes but to a lower extent."
  • E.M.G (Model Name ???): "We managed to somehow perfectly recreate E.M.G! EXCEPT WHERE'S THE OTHER EYE?! AND WHY GRAY!"
  • Saber (Model Name DI-G1): "He shoots down illegal packages. THAT IS ALL YOU GOT!"


  • Picky Prickles
    • Spikes can be detached and thrown like Lizumi Thorns
    • Claws can be retracted, same goes with feet
    • Belly actually a carriage for package
    • Red thing ensures she can roll up perfectly
  • Brain Gamer
    • Try asking him a story about Tendraam, why don't you? (points at head)
    • Actually the cause of levitation, it's not brain power despite what he says (points at feet)
    • A part of your body that allows you to grab stuff can also move stuff without grabbing (points at hand)
    • Glasses to indicate how he's very smart
  • Damsel
    • Basically an advertisement for using cute eyes and crying to convince others
    • Pacifer used to call King 


  • Brain Gamer has two references.
    • The first fact file secretly references "Braama the Seedsoul".
    • The third fact file references increasing verbosity.
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