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| style="background-color:#ffffff; border-bottom-right-radius: 10px;"|Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Regen-trait Kutekina.
| style="background-color:#ffffff; border-bottom-right-radius: 10px;"|Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Regen-trait Kutekina.
! style="background-color:#ffffff;"|???
! style="background-color:#ffffff;"|Ancient Chocolate
| style="background-color:#ffffff; border-bottom-right-radius: 10px;"|Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Time-trait Kutekina.
| style="background-color:#ffffff; border-bottom-right-radius: 10px;"|A bar of chocolate that, accordingly, has existed since the start of time. It's still a classic. Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Time-trait Kutekina.
! style="background-color:#ffffff;"|???
! style="background-color:#ffffff;"|???

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Kotomo Beyond is currently a non-canon sequel to Kotomo and Kotomo: Abandoned Tales. Developed by Ragtag Refusal, the game introduces hundred of new Kotomo to the franchise and brings back all Kotomo in the previous games. Set in the region of Laniakon, the player has unintentionally escaped to here in an effort to get away from a wild Vulrip that tried to destroy them and Dicer. The region of Laniakon is a magical place, unlike any other civilization in the Kotomo world.




Mainly the same as Kotomo, most of the gameplay is unchanged and plays the same as Kotomo; there's not a lot of features removed aside from taking on a new region.


The overworld can now accomodate vehicles for the player to drive around such as bikes and rafts the player can ride around. Laniakon is split into 18 sections for the player to discover; it's a magical world, just for a reminder. The player can now set down bait to lure Kotomo towards theme; this allows you to lure in Kotomo.


Kotomo mainly stays the same, with a few changes.


There are new natures in the game, and thus new shakes.

A Kotomo with a jolly and helpful personality. Kotomo with a Lovely Nature tend to specialize in supportive moves.
A Kotomo with an acute and smart personality. Kotomo with an Acute nature tend to have increased evasion.
A Kotomo with an cool and prideful personality. Kotomo with a Rad Nature tend to specialize in status effects.
Kotomo with this nature tend to have increased accuracy.

Local Variants

Unlike Vacadia, Local Variants are instead found in a specific part of the overworld. Say, if you're trying to find Wikin Zasp (or PLA-Zasp), you must head to Wikin Meadows, otherwise you find normal Zasps everywhere else. Another example is that if you want to get a FLA-Gigapagos, you must head to Dashash Mountain and evolve Turtot there.


Special Kotomo in each zone can be acquired by completing all the quests of said zone. They start at Level 1 and are very strong, all with a signature attack move, supportive move, and ability. They all have one type each.


Kutekinas are basically the opposite of Kotomo; they were trying to help humans originally, but humans saw them as general nuisances, and trashed them on. This has lead to them to growing aggressive traits, wanting to absolutely stop mankind at all given opportunities. While at first just the same as a Kotomo (with some of them just chasing you immediately on first sight), they instead have traits for types. Trait moves only have 1.5x when it's super effective and do nothing if it's not very effective.


Instead of thriving on V-Energy, Kutekinas thrive on Vyb; while similar to the V-Energy mechanic, they actually work differently. Instead of having to enter a stance to use a certain Vyb attack, Kutekina can either choose Anger and Despair Vyb; the former being similar to V-Forms and the latter being similar to V-Moves. V-Call and V-Cheer are replaced with Rage Vyb, which dramatically enhances all their stats for three turns, also powering up their Anger/Despair Vyb. Vyb moves depend on user.


Similar to V-Kotomo, you can achieve special Kutekina, though it's with a different method; instead, you must do five complicated feats to achieve the Y-Kutekina. While they only have a signature ability, they do have their own unique Vyb moves user, like any other Kutekina.

Status Effects

Status Information
Bleed Certain attacks, most notably Feral-trait and Blood-trait ones, can cause the Kotomo/Kutekina to get a cut. Bleeding Kotomo lose 1/30 of their max HP and healing items only heal 1/2 of what it would heal.
Silence Certain attacks, most notably Noise-trait and sound-based ones, can silence the Kotomo/Kutekina. Silenced Kotomo/Kutekina are incapable of using magical moves and are forced to use physical moves. This may severely hinder Kotomo/Kutekina which rely on magical moves to fight. Noise-trait Kutekina and certain sound-based Kotomo (like Beebox) have a natural immunity to this.
Charm Certain attacks, most notably Sparkle-type ones, can charm the Kotomo/Kutekina. Charmed Kotomo/Kutekina can't resist the charm and put down their stances. This means they'll lose the effects their stances give them, but can still utilize V-Energy. Sparkle-type Kotomo have a natural immunity to Charm.
Drain Certain attacks can cause the Kotomo/Kutekina to lose V-Energy/Vyb slowly. In that case, every turn, they'd lose 1/8th of the V-Energy/Vyb they have each turn unless they do something about this. If they don't have any, they'll instead lose 1/4th of their HP every turn, because V-Energy/Vyb is vital to a Kotomo/Kutekina's life.
Null Certain attacks (and a few abilities) nullify the Kotomo/Kutekina. Nullified Kotomo/Kutekina are incapable of utilizing their abilities at all, thus rendering them with the ability "Simplistic". Needless to say, Kotomo/Kutekina with Simplistic aren't affected.


This only describes overworld effects.

Weather Information
Meteor Shower A meteor shower is going on. Light Kotomo can be found more often, along with Cosmic and Time Kutekina.
Firestorm A firestorm is going on... don't worry, the overworld weather is restricted to Dashash Mountains, and it only happens outside. Doesn't harm you whatsoever. Fire Kotomo can be found more often, along with Earth Kotomo and Crystal Kutekina.


Terrain Information
Blaze During Blaze Terrain, Flame-type moves' power increases by 30%. Increases the likeliness of being inflicted with Burn by 25%.
Liquid During Liquid Terrain, Water-type moves' power increases by 30%. Makes all moves have a 5% chance to inflict Soak; increases moves that soak by 5%. Treated like rain, two.
Rocky During Rocky Terrain, Earth-type moves' power increases by 30%. The intense rockiness ensures that if you miss, you'll fall flat on your face and take 75% of the damage you would've taken.
Strange During Strange Terrain, Magic-type moves' power increases by 30%. This also reverses the type chart, so that means Flame beats Water.



Character Information
Player Avatar
That's You!
Five years after the events of Kotomo, you're back to the world of Kotomo, this time in Laniakon. The world you have entered is yours to explore! Except, you're more focused on saving your father, and to an extent Verdacorp. You're basically Verdacorp's last hope, and you've got a really hard task to do; save the entire world from the Kutekina deity.


Locals don't use Kutekina, mainly due to their aggresive demeanor towards them for trying to hunt down some sacred Laniakon items. Johom wants to stop 'em.

Character Information
Master Geologist Student of Pyre Higher
John's the best geology student in his class; he was raised by a geologist, which should make sense. Unfortunately, he's also also ridiculed since he tends to bring some of his weaker Kotomo to show-and-tell. Recently, the entire classroom is ridiculing him about the Ever-Burn Ashes, which was only heard in Heiwana folklore and no where else. John wants you to help him out; even if that means getting a burn or two!
The Girl With the Softest Waves
A shy but kind girl, Syra has a passion for swimming and takes a swim nearly every day with her Kotomo. Her main pet is a Serpear which likes to wrap around her arms much to her dismay. Her favorite wear is a monofin she got from her grandma; her grandma poured all her heart and soul into it. She's interested in the Fizzure Rocks; rare rocks that when squeezed, spurts out watery V-Energy. The city is counting on her on getting it, with Jomoh's group trying to destroy the world!
The Stuff of News... and Electricity
Marshal. 17-year teenager. Height: About 6.5 feet. Last seen: Drinking some soda. Marshal ended up in Laniakon for reasons unknown, and he's practically just sitting down taking a break at stuff. Marshal has the Ourowire; a rare wire that gives out infinite electricity. Due to this, he's being tracked down by Kutekina. He at first promises to give it to you if you beat him, but once he gets kidnapped, you're basically gonna have to hunt him down.
Not A Mad Scientist, Just Modifying
Digouter lives in 73CHN0L0G1C4L F13LD, far away from society due to his insane modifications to Kotomo. He's always looking to change a Kotomo in some way possible, which has lead people to think he is mad (when he isn't). Digouter has been trying to find a way to convert a Kotomo fully into a human; he's still trying to find a way to make them talk, two.. Everybody fears him because of this. Also because he has the Solidified Signal, capable of hacking anything.

Type Descriptions (including returning ones)

Kotomo Type Information
Flame Generally used to describe fiery and hot stuff, Flame Kotomo are sure to heat up the battle.
Water As wet and fishy as they are, Water Kotomo can provide water, and splash back their foes.
Electric Zinging and zapping around, Electric Kotomo are sure to paralyze their foes and attack fast.
Plant Natural or plant-related, they can provide a good amount of health, defense, and beauty to your garden.
Ice Frosty, and polar. Ice Kotomo reside in cold places or somewhere else, ready to freeze any opponents.
Melee Their main strength is their bulk. Watch out for their close-range attacks that might knock you around!
Poison Although a bit dangerous, Poison Kotomo is still willing to be trained. Just don't get intoxicated by them.
Earth Hard extrior for battle, soft interior for training. Speaking of which, they are resilient.
Wind You might find one of these flying in the sky. They're graceful and might blow you away with their talent!
Psychic Smart, bold, and possessing strong brainpower, Psychic Kotomo can be for those who want to think.
Magic Enchanted and magical, Magic Kotomo have strong magic, but that magic will never outmatch your heart.
Bug As insects, you're still able to "catch" them. By catch, it means tame, and not all bugs bite!
Shadow Darkness all over them. Even if they're like that, they're still be able to be tamed for the best!
Mythic Based off of rare creatures, they're worth taming. They can be very faithful if trained correctly.
Metal Metal Kotomo can tough it out with strong attacks and defense; good for those who want to play it safe!
Light At all angles, they're bright. Light Kotomo can dazzle you with their bright lights; good for makeshift lights!
Digital For technology! These Kotomo can benefit you in your designs, enhancing them by just using them.
Sparkle Cute and cuddly is there theme. Good for convincing Kotomo to join you, and also better suited for kids!
Kutekina Trait Information
Cosmic Out of this world! Kutekina with Cosmic can only be described as weird and unknown, or stellar.
Cosmic Kutekina's Daze chance rate decreases by 10% instead and gain a 2-stage SPD boost after Daze.
Noise Noise Kutekina naturally try and blast music at people in hopes to hurt them. Never be intimidated.
Noise Kutekina have a 5% chance to silence a foe and wake up faster.
Undead Ghost or not a ghost, Kutekina of the undead reside in cemeteries. Might strike a human or two down.
Undead Kutekina heal by 10% and raise their evasion by one every time they knock out a foe.
Field Like fortune favoring the bold, weather and terrain favors the Field Kutekinas. Be careful of their twists.
Feral They get a kick out of the wild, and can really kick you around if you're not playing safe.
Impact Careful of Impact Kutekina; they might hurt you real hard, and REALLY hard. Physical, and really hurtful!
Impact Kutekina ignore 30% of the target's DEF/RES and super effective hits do 25% more damage.
Food They're either gluttonous or food. Either way, Food Kutekina might bite their opponents... into nothing.
Crystal Crystalline Kutekina. Their reflective sheen reflects how dangerous they might be as a side note.
Regen These types of Kutekina may sound helpfully, but the truth is farther than that; they're dangerous.
Time Kutekina with Time are usually related to things in the past, or affect time in one way or another.
Pocket This type of Kutekina are either objects or just seem to have an affinity to objects. Still, weaponry.
Purge Kutekina who have Purge are usually pushovers, being purely blockades. But befriended ones...
Speed As their name goes, Speed Kutekina have large amounts of speed. Don't let them rush you down!
State Solid, liquid, gas. Generally Kutekina related to those, such as paint, helium, or other stuff.
Balance The concepts of good and evil. Sadly, no matter what side, they'll still try and bring you down.
Ink When it comes to Ink Kutekina, they're based off of creative concepts... slapstick mainly used on you.
Blood They don't have actual blood, but... most of them are either blood-related or violent. Like say, organs.
Industry The economical version of Digital. Rumored to have came when Kittek came, for reasons unknown.

Typing System


Changes from Past Entries

  • Some moves and abilities were renamed to sound either less dumb, or have more flexibility with other Kotomo. Examples include:
    • Drain Spore -> Energy Drain
    • Host Energy -> Endless
    • Bright Hypnosis -> Hypno Flash
    • Heavy Armory -> Unfazed
  • Similarly enough, since Adaption's now used by other Kotomo aside from the starters (mainly for Neutral-type Kotomo), "(x)'s Adaption" has been renamed to the following:
    • Axoltox's Adapation -> Ex-Venom
    • Taikoni's Adaption -> Muscle Up
    • Kirthril's Adaption -> Pure Cleanse
  • Joke statements in Kotomo descriptions are 100% eliminated and replaced with much more formal statements.
  • With the new Sparkle type, some Kotomo are retyped to fit in the theme of it (though not all, some standouts include Findesent and Rokone). This includes:
    • Usagice (Ice/Sparkle)
    • Squibble (Water/Sparkle)
    • Artapus (Water/Sparkle)
    • Usablizz (Ice/Sparkle)
    • Vacadian Cowlard (Bug/Sparkle)
    • Vacadian Cowltessa (Bug/Sparkle)
  • Valia's species name is now "The Radiating Energy" to fit the new Legendary naming scheme.
  • You do not actually get to pick your starter; instead, you are immediately given Customo at the start of the game, right before the battle with the Squigorms. There is no three starters, unlike previous games.
  • Usablizz's ability is now Glacial Fur that just serves as a more effective version of Soft Fur, due to the fact its fur is supposed to be hard as an iceberg.

Kotomo Listing

Due to the sheer amount of new Kotomo in the game, they are seperated into subpages for easier navigation.


Kotomo Information Abilities
The Custom Kotomo
Made by Verdacorp themselves, Customo serves are one's very own changeable Kotomo; its simplistic design is intentional. On its back is a computer that allows you to change up Customo's stats and such, and has a disc slot to insert any discs you managed to find. Verdacorp members are currently making enhancements to Customo.
You can customize this Kotomo's moves, stats, and abilities. By default, the ability is Adaption.
The Worm Kotomo
A relatively simple worm Kotomo, Squigorms dig into the ground to try and find nutrients for itself; its mouth acts like a vacuum for nutrients, and its eyes seem to be a radar for the nutrients. Verdacorp technology has confirmed that it spends its entire day looking for nutrients 24/7.
Can be advanced at Level 15.
The first turn the user is in battle, their action will have maximum priority.
The user creates a pitfall for the first 2 turns, preventing the user from escaping and lowering their accuracy.
The Earthworm Kotomo
If 80% of its nutrients are minerals, Squigorms advance into Erthorms; their skin is much more rockier than usual and thus crunchier when eaten although that isn't adviced. The Erthorm shifts its focus onto eating as much minerals as it can as to get much more stronger and thus make their skin stronger. The Erthorm's mouth becomes lined with rocky teeth that allows it to chew through iron, and leave dents in diamonds.
Can be advanced at Level 30.
The first turn the user is in battle, their action will have maximum priority.
The user creates a pitfall for the first 2 turns, preventing the user from escaping and lowering their accuracy.
The Hole Kotomo
Having made their teeth much, much more stronger than usual, Quakorms can create holes in the ground in about a week; it bites through soil as if it is air and bites through diamonds as if it is a cake. These holes are meant to trap Earth Kotomo so the Quakorm can feast on them; they also don't mind feasting on your shoe or your hard-earned rocks if you had some! And even if it's underwater, they'll be unfazed. A quick way to escape one is to drop some valuable minerals; this will cause the Quakorm to instead feast on that.
The first turn the user is in battle, their action will have maximum priority.
The user creates a pitfall for the first 2 turns, preventing the user from escaping and lowering their accuracy.
The Buttery Kotomo
As slippery flowers, Guttycaps produce an unnatural amount of butter to the point one can consider it unreal; the butter they have causes them to slip away from any attacks that may hit it. This causes them to be really hard to even get one's hands on. If it was not for the butter, then their hits would probably been harder than usual; as of now, the strongest punch they can throw is strong enough to leave you laughing.
Can be advanced at Level 24.
Slip Out
The user somewhat slips out of a critical hit, treating it like a normal hit.
The Slippery Kotomo
Gheesoms produce a ton of butter, even more than Guttycap. This however made it condense some of its butter into a much more harder substance, causing Gheesom to actually do more damage. With said butter, if they happen to fight against a relatively strong opponent, Gheesoms might happen to play very rough, spilling butter all around them in hopes to stun the opponent; if that opponent's Flame, Gheesoms just hope for the best.
Slip Out
The user somewhat slips out of a critical hit, treating it like a normal hit.
The Sweetie Kotomo
Noted to be very similar in structure to Rookid, Bonborls are very much addicted to sweets of any type. A Bonborl will always sneak in one or two sweets into their appetite for them to eat. However, they don't seem to gain weight from the sweets they eat; even if it eats a gigantic cake, it will remain the same weight it was earlier. It's possible that they their body is incapable of registering weight gain, but it hasn't been proven yet.
Can be advanced after eating 10 Chocolates.
The user gains a 2-stage boost to Attack, Magic, and Speed upon using a Chocolate.
Choco Addict
The user takes one of the trainer's chocolate after using a chocolate.
The Flavor Kotomo
Having a much more hyperactive personality than Bonborl, Candydys favor erratic attacks in battle to show it off. The faster they go, the stronger they get; this is indicated by their eyes getting brighter and brighter. If one closely observes its "bowtie", the bowtie actually starts spinning the harder they hit, using the sweets it ate to amplify it; the more tpes of chocolate its eat, the faster it spins.
The user gains a 2-stage boost to Attack, Magic, and Speed upon using a Chocolate.
Choco Addict
The user takes one of the trainer's chocolate after using a chocolate.
The Squirrel Kotomo
The first recorded Neutral Kotomo, Mehrrels reside in trees chewing on nuts and on the occassion plants. They don't hibernate in the winter unlike normal squirrels, only hibernating if the temperature happens to be too hot or cold. Other than that, there's not much to be said about it.
Can be advanced at Level 30. Advancement is random.
The user's same-type bonus moves gain a 1.5x power increase at low health.
The Flying Squirrel Kotomo
A Turburrel's patagium can glide for longer distances than a normal flying squirrel would; one managed to cover 10 miles in one flight. It uses this tactic to steal people's food silently; if it is threatened, it will spin its tail and generate high gusts, kicking up dust to hinder the enemy. Said tail also gets generated when spinning.
This Kotomo is immune to ground-shaking moves and entry hazards.
The Rocky Squirrel Kotomo
Terrel is much more slower than its aerial counterpart, but that doesn't stop it from trying; its rock-hard tail has the strength of a rhino ramming into something. It'll use this to knock off nuts from a tree for them to chow down on. It doesn't take intruders kindly, whopping them with their tail, giving them a concussion. They possess a special organ that allows to convert the food they ate into pebbles for later use; particularly for spitting them out at enemies.
The user is immune to recoil damage.

World Map

The world of Laniakon is vast and big, and magical! Some say this is the sandbox of the deities. It's said they were named after Lonia and Kania, two... but who are they?

New Moves

Normal Moves

Move Type Move Data
Thunder Roll Electric 50 Strength - 90 Acc. - Physical
Rolling up into a ball, the user rolls into the enemy, with a chance of Paralysis. Strange how some Kotomo/Kutekina don't get hurt by using this rollout...
Nyxiel Knives Light 150 Strength - 100 Acc. - Magical
What does it do? Use it to find out, darling! (does damage of all types towards the opponent)


Anger Vyb

Move Kotomo (Line) Move Data
Smash Hit! Bizblaz Status
The user makes their internal organ really crank it up, doing quadruple the Noise-trait damage they'd usually do, inflicting Silence to the Kotomo with each hit. Lasts for three turns.
Wild Unleashed! Vulrip Status
Using as much Vyb as it can, the Kotomo's claws sharpen and causes it to stand upright. It doesn't make much sense, but Vulrip is more often to do critical hits, and each critical hit might bleed the opponent. Lasts for three turns.

Despair Vyb

Move Kotomo (Line) Move Data
Sonic Ka-Boom! Bizblaz 150 Strength - 100 Acc. - Magical
Shoots out a large amount of sonic waves that'll Silence the Kotomo for the rest of the round and also wish they wore hearing aid!
Incline Rip! Vulrip 160 Strength - 100 Acc. - Physical
The user fires their mohawk buzzsaw which while soft, ignores the opponent's armor and inflicts Bleed to them for 4 turns. Choppin'!

New Abilities

Item Description
Customization Youu can customize this Kotomo's moves, stats, and abilities. By default, the ability is Adaption.
Pitfall The user creates a pitfall for the first 2 turns, preventing the user from escaping and lowering their accuracy.
Slip Out The user somewhat slips out of a critical hit, treating it like a normal hit.
Hyperactive The user gains a 2-stage boost to Attack, Magic, and Speed upon using a Chocolate.
Choco Addict The user takes one of the trainer's chocolate after using a chocolate.
Charger Amplifies the power of the party's Electric moves.
Reinforcement The user's defensive stat boosts instead have a 0.6x effectiveness.
Pecker The user's beak-related moves gain maximum priorty.
Sharp Thinking The user starts with a five-stage boost in evasion that goes down by one stage every time it dodges.
Heart Burn The user's attacks nullify self-heal moves. Health healed from self-heal moves are listed as blue HP and become red the next turn.
Ignorant The user ignores abilities that draw in attacks.
Tireless The user instead uses the move with 1/4 effectiveness if it used up all its MP, though it takes recoil damage. Does not work with certain moves.
Dual Arts The user's Stances instead gives out a 1.66x boost and alter Stance Stab.
Rain Affinity The user's offensive stats increases by 1.5x in Rain.

New Items


Item Description
Power Berry A tiny fruit that circulates with V-Energy and Vyb. Fills 25% of a Kotomo/Kutekina's Gauge.
Power Tomato A bigger version of the Power Berry,  taking on a blue coloration/ Fills 50% of a Kotomo/Kutekina's Gauge.
Power Melon A really big version of the Power Berry that takes on a golden coloration. Fills 75% of a Kotomo/Kutekina's Gauge.
Full Band-Aid A rather simple bandage for your Kotomo to wear, it will immediately close up blood wounds. Cures Bleed.
Mouthwash Unlike the mouthwash on Earth, the mouthwash in the world of Kotomo can be drank in large quantities and heals your throat. It's not recommended to over does, though. Cures Silenced.


Item Description
Bite-Size Chocolate A ball of chocolate designed for little kids in mind. It's very sweet in taste. Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Sparkle-type Kotomo.
Planetary Chocolate A bar of chocolate that's intentionally mysterious- the taste changes with each bite. Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Cosmic-trait Kutekina.
Soaked Chocolate A bar of chocolate, filled with water, but doesn't melt. Weird, but helps your mouth; taste is bad, though. Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Sound-trait Kutekina.
Spoopy Chocolate A bar of chocolate, made specifically for halloween, having an orange coloring. Its flavor is similar to a pumpkin. Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Undead-trait Kutekina.
??? Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Field-trait Kutekina.
Juicy Chocolate A bar of chocolate that's juicy, similar to that of a steak. Hard as a steak, two! Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Feral-trait Kutekina.
??? Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Impact-trait Kutekina.
Chocolate Bars Three bars of chocolate, crammed in one wrapper. Surprisingly enough, it costs the same as other chocolate! Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Food-trait Kutekina.
Rock Chocolate A bar of chocolate that has the properties of a rock candy and a jawbreaker. Not even a Mawlar can break this! Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Crystal-trait Kutekina.
??? Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Regen-trait Kutekina.
Ancient Chocolate A bar of chocolate that, accordingly, has existed since the start of time. It's still a classic. Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Time-trait Kutekina.
??? Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Pocket-trait Kutekina.
??? Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Purge-trait Kutekina.
Sugary Chocolate A bar of chocolate that's made of 95% sugar; just one bite causes you to be hyperactive. Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Speed-trait Kutekina.
??? Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on State-trait Kutekina.
??? Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Balance-trait Kutekina.
??? Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Ink-trait Kutekina.
??? Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Blood-trait Kutekina.
??? Increases friendliness of whoever eats it- most effective on Industry-trait Kutekina.


Charm Description
Kutekina Cry Charm A charm that makes your Call charming to Kutekina.
Happy Scream Charm A charm that once put on, not only makes your Call sound like that of a happy person yelling at someone in trouble, but also makes your Call more effective on Negative Kotomo.


Item Description
[Type] Charger A charger filled with [Type] (V-Energy/Vyb). Used to change Customo's typing; up to two can be applied at once!
[Move] Install A disc that installs [Move] into Customo, allowing Customo to use said move.
[Ability] Core Once placed into Customo, Customo will have [Ability]. Customo can't have multiple cores at once, though.


The K0D3T0M0 is a way to get new Kotomo for free, lest they use a password (either found on the website or or have save data for a game. Sometimes, the Kotomo you get are exclusive to it!



  • The main concept of Anger/Despair Vyb is based off of Mega Man 11's Double Gear System. It's also partially based off of Plant Food and Tacobilities from Plants vs. Zombies 3.
  • Kutekina were made by Yokai to have accomodate another species in a game. No Pokémon-like game had two types of main species (ignoring things like humans); Pokémon only has Pokémon, Digimon only has Digimon, etc.
  • Customo was the result of multiple things, being: 
    • Yokai's inability to think of starters 
    • Seperating Kotomo from Pokémon
    • Having a fully customizable Kotomo
    • Being a unique starter as it doesn't evolve, and doesn't come with three other starters


  • Cosmic was actually a scrapped Kotomo type that got replaced with Light. Given that Electric/Cosmic was considered, being paired with Psychic/Poison (Axoltox) and Metal/Mythic (Kirithil), it can safely be assumed that Raidrum was gonna end with something similar to a space-related entity.
    • Similarly enough, it can be assumed that Valia was gonna be Cosmic/Mythic, rather than Light/Mythic.
  • Some Kotomo/Kutekinas were inspired by one thing and another. For example, the Guttycap line was inspired from PvZ3's Buttercup.
  • Dono was brought back due to being one of Mr. Yokai's favorite characters in Heroforce. Protodrake was brought back due to looking like a nice candidate for Kotomo.
  • The reason why Laniakon things are referred to as "Laniakonic" as opposed to "Laniakonian" was to be unique; Alolan, Galarian, Heiwanian, Vacadian... you name it,
  • Neutral Kotomo are based off of Mighty Monster's Neutral type. Only difference is that they only evolve once.
  • This is the biggest project Mr. Yokai has worked on. Other projects tend to be ended fast for some reason or another.
  • Digouter is actually based off of Dr. Moreau. Likewise, Xanys-Man is based off of the Beastfolk. They are not based off of animal abuse.
  • Angfour was slightly based off of the 'Merican Yokai, specifically the Starry Spangles Yo-Kai.
  • Purge and Speed actually use the old color palettes for Poison and Bug. The former was originally darker while the latter was more green-ish.
  • Due to Customo's custom nature, it has many properties a Kotomo can't have.
    • It is the only Kotomo that can have a trait, also being the only one that can have a trait and a type at the same time.
    • It is the only Kotomo that has two possible abilities. You however have to install them.
    • It is the only Kotomo that can swap moves without having to forget them and swap abilities.
    • It has the most possible type combinations that it simply cannot be calculated.
    • It is the only starter that cannot advance.
  • A few Kutekina traits were brainstormed with the help of some sources, such as ForMonsters for Field. It was a also probably the hardest part of Kutekina brainstorming.


  • If you are confused about all the Kutekina traits, here they are.
    • Cosmic: These are based off of space-related things such as aliens and meteors.
    • Noise: Kutekina with this trait tend to either be loud or related to music.
    • Undead: Can be based off of spookiness, ghosts, the undead, monsters, and sometimes death.
    • Field: This can be related to weather and terrain, such as sea or sky.
    • Feral: Tends to refer to animals, occassionally bugs.
    • Impact: It tends to aim towards things that can really damage stuff.
    • Food: Food, and gluttonous beings.
    • Crystal: Similar to Temtem's Crystal.
    • Regen: Those with Regen tend to be focused on stuff that can heal you, or something.
    • Time: Either related to time or related to different eras, such as the Age of Elightenment.
    • Pocket: Things related to objects, such as thieves (stealing them) and swords (are them).
    • Purge: Related to slowing and stalling, some cues from Contain-Mint (PvZ2) is here.
    • Speed: Generally speedy things, sometimes even motion.
    • State: Three states of matter, fits for all miscellaneous types of those. Like, say, paint.
    • Balance: It's related to good and evil.
    • Ink: Related to aspects of creativity and cartoons, originally just the latter.
    • Blood: This tends to be related to body parts or
    • Industry: Similar to Digital, though it focuses more on the less digital side.


  • Special finds was originally gonna act like the Mighty Monster's "Catch these Monsters!" level requirement, except it's a small reward for finding them all and are usually hard. This was just... scrapped since it seems as if it was going to be biased to Laniakon.
  • The starters originally were Pokémon Uranium-esque. They were Flame/Melee, Water/Magic, and Plant/Digital.
  • Originally, all zones were going to have 25 Kotomo lines each (Oomon with 20), but when put in a calculator, that would result in 900+ lines to make, and thus could be too much work. It was reduced to 20 (Oomon was 15), which while still really big (700+), it should reduce the workload a tiny bit.
  • Some Kotomo were scrapped in the development, including:
    • Pooces (along with an unnamed advancement), an Earth/Poison Kotomo based off of not just poo, but poop deck cleaners
    • Illax and Jawrickery (Plant/Psychic), was supposed to be a Healfruit mimic. Scrapped for... reasons.
  • Few hip advancements were planned, but they were soon limited to Angfour and the starter alter-evos.
  • Y-Titans were scrapped since V-Titans were scrapped.


  • ValkyriePyra (tbc): The creator of Kotomo. Obviously. Credit to her for the main page template of Kotomo. For characters other than the ones in Kotomo: Protodrake (K070), and Dono.
  • Samtendo09 (tbc): For Kotomo: Abandoned Tales and the traits inspiration.


  • Depending on how everything goes I may or MAY not redesign a few Kotomo, either because they basically just sum up to "small version of this Kotomo" or something that looks similar to a Mega Evolution.
  • If Crawnaught turns out to be a Legendary GOOD bye Crawnawl!
  • Sabi MIGHT come. Just... MIGHT.
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