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Hello, I'm Mr. Yokai, founder of Ragtag Refusal and creator of the massive Kotomo Beyond (which by the way I'm planning DLC on and the DLC will be equally massive). I make massive games with tons of ideas and like to make fan-games of creations I'm interested in, such as Plants VS Zombies or Gummi Squadron. I have a Master Ideas Sandbox for my games, though there's virtually no difference between the two. When I feel crowded I make subpages, which is... unnecessary and trying to cut down. I used to have a Chatzy, buuut it turns out if the Chatzy is inactive for two weeks it gets deleted. Pain and shame. Oh, and there's also the planners, in where you get to see pages get updated.

Started out my wiki life in like, August; don't remember when since Fandom deprecated when you joined a wiki, and that's just sad. Oh, check out the art I made or whatever here; I only update if it doesn't look like image spam considering that, well, image spam is now a crime.

I started the wiki somewhere on August 12th, I think... it was simply a brief visit but then I joined the Fantendo squad.

I have a diary, two. Check it out if you want to do so. My old one's here, though do be warned about the lag.

Stuff About Me

  • I'm a very creative person but I think that's just me thinking. If that's the case then I think I'm forever alone.
  • I am highly ambitious and make whoppin' big projects that I do (mostly) single. Yeah. Too ambitious, in fact...
  • I like the more creative concepts I haven't heard before.
  • If it's overused, I'll consider it a not-missed opportunity.
  • In short I like to pave my own path rather than following the normal path.
  • I like being unorthodox in my games. It's a stylistic choice I picked. It's prominent in Fantendo Smash Bros. Remix.
  • I'm... definitely working behind the scenes. I really want to post my first page, but I'm not good with coding sadly enough.
  • I really want to make good art one day; tried with shading and all, but still believe my art's just subpar. Believe it or not: my art program is Scratch 2.0 Offline.
  • I want to make a FNF fan-game, but I'm really doubtful of my leadership since I can't really compose a song. Any suggestions...?
  • No, my birthday is private information. If you want a substitute, then you got February 20th (when I created this account) and July 19th (when I created my first account, which was named ElementalPlants804).

Digimon All-Star Rumble

  • Favorite Fighter to Play As: Agumon, Shoutmon, and Impmon. Agumon for just being plain OP, Shoutmon for his ridiculous attacks and for Shoutmon DX (Brave Beat Rock Double Cross is a pain to execute though), and Impmon for... Dark Song! An insanely OP move that was meant to stun but just happen to be fuel to Digivolve. Dorulumon two since his Air Battles are ridiculously powerful.
  • Favorite Fighter to Fight Against: Guilmon is a training dummy! Yeah, that's basically it. He's really... really... slow.
  • Least Favorite Fighter to Play As: Gabumon is tediously slow in Digivolving and Guilmon is tediously slow in finishing a combo. In the end Guilmon is a pain. Wormmon two but I just realized that I need to get CLOSE, not away.
  • Least Favorite Fighter to Fight Against: Shoutmon, Wormmon, and Impmon, ESPECIALLY when you give them Alternate Digivolution! Oh, also, Agumon and Gabumon if you do the same. Omnimon is a literal pain in the butt, as his Transcending Sword does WAY too much damage. He also does way too much damage overall. Biyomon is also stupidly fast...
  • Least Favorite Stage to Fight On: Coela Beach.
  • Favorite Attack: Moon Shooter, while it's too high to hit normally, it doesn't really matter; you just have to find a height difference or have the foe the same height as you and then just start firing it out like a machine gun. It starts at 1850 damage then it does 1400 damage but it still doesn't clear the fact it's OP.
  • Least Favorite Attack: Any of those Ultimate Attacks where the Digivolution just jumps into the air to hurt. This is basically a coin flip overall...
  • Favorite Line: "AGUMON WARP DIGIVOLVE!" is just ridiculous to listen to. It's a so bad it's good type of line. Trust me.
  • Most Hated Boss: Shoutmon X5B, but hey, it's worth it. This thing was a PAIN to do with Shoutmon X4.
  • Random Fun Facts
    • Guilmon is the only one to not say "Unknown virus?!" at all in the story mode, though he does try and say it, apologizing for his poor grammar. Dorulumon is the only one to know about it early, two, so he isn't surprised later.
    • I am pretty sure Tentomon got flanderized from an intelligent and curious Digimon to a greedy dude (though he is still somewhat intelligent; after realizing he went through the DMET all for nothing but fame, he decides to use that to... create anti-viruses to sell to Digimon, but what's going to be useful there?!)
    • Veemon is the only Digimon to get infected that isn't related to Shoutmon, though everyone who gets Shoutmon DX or X5B at the end infects at least one person (Shoutmon is related to Shoutmon DX, Dorulumon & Impmon are related to Shoutmon X5B)

Favorite Songs

I have a bit too much, but I can list some of my most favorite for each one:

  • DAGames: Time of Your Life & Slave to the Factory Line
  • JubyPhonic (note: the song is dubbed by her): Hello Worker
  • SplendifeRachie (same here): The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku (yes. it's annoying at some parts. but i like it.)
  • Amalee: Hard. Netsujou no Spectrum (OP 1)?
  • Panic! At the Disco: High Hopes



  • October 13th: Set up a diary.
  • October 21th: Actually snipped my Followings list so I don't forget where I've been.
  • October 26th: The nightmare gets real.
  • October 29th: Updating profile.
  • November 5th: Chatzy link replaces original message.
  • November 15th: Small updates to this.
  • November 23th: Added Work Schedule.
  • November 30th: Adding what I want for Secret Santa. Also, tomorrow is the 50th day of my diary.
  • December 20th: Ridding of work schedule + Merry Christmas, and happy new year!


  • January 5th: Removing Chatzy link because it's now dead meat and I didn't know about that. Oh, and it's no longer Christmas.
  • January 19th: Removing Chatzy message due to being unnecessary now and adding facts about me, most of them being Digimon All-Star Rumble.
  • January 26th: Removed the January 25th message, and fixing up things. Happy 1st anniversary, Kotomo!
  • February 1st: Changing About a bit.
  • February 17th: Revisions!
  • February 19th: Since DLC changed, I'm changing this two. Also putting out my main projects.
  • April 29th: Doing Fantendo Smash Bros. movesets, so if you ever needed help you get it from me. Editor's not working correctly so you only got the names.
  • May 30th: FSBR is now defunct, I haven't updates this in a long time so I thought I'd so now.
  • June 25th: Updating in accordance to Kotomo Beyond's third revamp.
  • June 28th: Updating in accordance to the blog rename.
  • July 21st: I should really start a new diary, eh? I actually had such an idea a few days-to-months ago.
  • August 13th: Neo Dairy's now up and running so I updated in accordance to it!
  • August 26th: Team Update planned for 9/4/21! Plus some minor changes because I've neglected this for way too long (still no removal of D:ASR, though!)
  • September 13th: Once again I update the big text at the top too late.
  • October 31st: Just putting out the New Year's Ragtag Refusal Direct as a reminder.


  • May 8th: Finally got rid of that outdated message!!!
  • May 9th: Screw it so close yet so far.
  • May 29th: Updating my profile and all that a BIT.
  • June 10th: Being less lazy and putting this up. I don't think July 19th was actually when I created my first account but hey.