Kotomo Beyond: Elven Origins news coming soon and what I'm going to be doing.


Hello, I'm Mr. Yokai, founder of Ragtag Refusal and creator of the massive Kotomo Beyond (which by the way I'm planning DLC on and the DLC will be equally massive). I make massive games with tons of ideas and like to make fan-games of creations I'm interested in, such as Plants VS Zombies or Gummi Squadron. If you wanna ask me anything about Kotomo Beyond, I got a Chatzy! Just drop by, leave me a message if you want, it doesn't matter if I'm here or not; just drop a message. I have an Ideas Sandbox for my smaller games and a Master Ideas Sandbox for my bigger games, though there's virtually no difference between the two. When I feel crowded I make subpages, which is... unnecessary and trying to cut down.

Started out my wiki life in like, August; don't remember when since Fandom deprecated when you joined a wiki, and that's just sad. Oh, check out the art I made here; I only update if it doesn't look like image spam considering that, well, image spam is now a crime.

I started the wiki somewhere on August 12th, I think... it was simply a brief visit but then I joined the Fantendo squad.

I have a diary, two. Check it out if you want to do so.

Favorite Songs

I have a bit too much, but I can list some of my most favorite for each one:

  • DAGames: Time of Your Life
  • JubyPhonic (note she makes dubs): Hello Worker
  • SplendifeRachie (same here): The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku (yes. it's annoying at some parts. but i like it.)
  • Amalee: Hard. Netsujou no Spectrum (OP 1)?
  • Panic! At the Disco: High Hopes


  • October 13: Set up a diary.
  • October 21: Actually snipped my Followings list so I don't forget where I've been.
  • October 26: The nightmare gets real.
  • October 29: Updating profile.
  • November 5: Chatzy link replaces original message.
  • November 15: Small updates to this.
  • November 23: Added Work Schedule.
  • November 30: Adding what I want for Secret Santa. Also, tomorrow is the 50th day of my diary.
  • December 20: Ridding of work schedule + Merry Christmas, and happy new year!
  • January 5th: Removing Chatzy link because it's now dead meat and I didn't know about that. Oh, and it's no longer Christmas.
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