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Status and/or Brain Dump (Nov 2)


the uh um the when the uh
things are chill i guess, my other hobbies kinda replaced fantendo
should be making a comeback tho
Cristyl King is dead, turning it into a writing thing but that's going slow
i'll really just be making random shit on here now, i dove into the big projects too fast i think
i'll come back to the Rhythm Heaven smash dlc whenever, don't feel like working on it. instead you get Nintendo Grand Prix
thanks for putting up with me <3


Hello, I'm MetaNite64. I prefer to be called Meta, no need to use my real name. He/him pronouns. I'm usually a lurker, but I occasionally crawl out of my cave and make semi-normal conversation. Currently lurking in the Discord server, that's now the best way to reach me (@MetaNite64).


I'm quite interested in computer science. Most of my projects aren't significantly useful; my best work (ironically made while extremely sleep-deprived) was a website about Kirby copy abilities. It was fun making it, and I even got to make some of the custom ability stars. I also make music/remixes/whatever, I guess, I'm OK at it but it's fun. Outside of that, I... uh... watch YouTube? Defeatedly stare at the Amazon page for a game I wish I could buy? My remaining time is spent being overwhelmed with schoolwork to the point where I question why taking 3 AP courses in one year was ever a good idea.

What I'm Listening To

Venetian Snares is fucked up
Sonic CD JP OST is fantastic
really good remixer in general


  • At Fantendo:
    • Mario & The Purple Wind, a genre-crossing game taking you back to each and every style of gameplay Mario has ever been a part of (plus some other Nintendo games, too!) (practically dead lol, might revisit it eventually)
    • the uh um... things coming soon maybe
  • Elsewhere:
    • Music production: You wanna listen to my music? Go here! You don't have to, but it'd be cool if you did! (also if you're on the Discord server I occasionally flood the art channel with my music)
    • Smash Bros Brawl modding: I will not link because both of the only sites where you can upload Brawl mods are kinda crap lol, you can find me on GameBanana nowadays but I have a few old mods on Brawl Vault

Personality Bullets

Just some more stuff about me

  • I regularly bounce between being disgusted by Google's unethical cash-grabbing schemes and unquestioningly using Google-promoted operating systems (better than the buggy mess that Windows is and Apple's prison-like ecosystem, at least)
  • I know a lot of words until it comes time to write an essay and I struggle not to use the same word 5 sentences in a row
  • I'm more interested in building/destroying computer environments than actually using them
  • I am a procrastinating perfectionist, the worst combination of personality traits in the history of personality
  • I need more sleep in general, and yet continue to watch videos like a theoretical (spliced) speedrun of Super Mario 3D World until midnight
  • I used to read a lot but I've lost the motivation
  • I play trombone and piano (and casually "play" drums)
  • I am incredibly stressed all the time (maybe exaggeration. sometimes.)