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yo my name is Brainz Anony Luna Omori Bonez Omore Omo Cathy Calaxacus Bug Vivae Theone Ommy Yinky Yoinky Z Zed Ztarzhine Zebetomy Inmus Harkness Omori Verse Snax Zadano Sploinky Splinky Kozos Mory Brainz, loyal founder of Z-Lunar, Ztarzhine Energy National, the OMOCULT, the Imstrelcult, the Dreamer Foundation, the Plant Girl Association and a loyal servant of Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, but you can call me MR Z BRAINZ for short

I am a Fantendo User and, unfortunately, I make stuff


Lunaverse Canon (not final title)

  • Starshards - On a planet struck by the remains of an ancient comet being, the Starsearch Alliance fights to save the Elemental Cores from evil forces. Please don't read this, it needs a rewrite/deletion.
  • Gummi Squadron!!! - Real-time-strategy where a team of cute Gummi fight against toxic Gloop in a sugary paradise.
  • Ban-zooka Androoka - An angry robotic bounty hunter with a bazooka goes off on a wacky adventure to get his treasure back.
  • PalmMan: Cyber Dawn - PalmMan, a miner robot on the Cyber Moon, goes on a journey to rescue his coworker/crush DragonMan from the clutches of their former friend MineMan and his violent rebellion.


  • Destiny Sports: Castaway Court (Collab with KirbiMiroir) - An ultimate basketball tournament across the multiverse has started, hosted by a mysterious sea god.
  • Time Junction (Collab with KirbiMiroir) - A hotel between spacetime where characters from different media meet.
  • Pokémon Clash - Hoopa's tomfoolery starts a Pokemon fighting tournament.
  • Kirby and the Tides of Time (Collab with a group) Kirby becomes a cool pirate or something idk i haven't read it
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul (Collab with a group) a crossover with mostly based characters




Pokemon Concepts


Gummi Memories

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