aka Alice~

  • I live in England
  • I was born on September 24
  • My occupation is University student
  • I am female

About me

Hi, i'm LuckyEmile. I have my own wiki, so if you wanna find out more about me, go there. (it is called LuckyEmile Wiki). There is a Q&A there too that i would love to answer questions on! 

Anyway, I've been a fan of Fantendo for quite a few years now, and I'm still glad that I can be part of it. My frist project here was a Smash bros. game, which was relatively okay.

Something many note about me is my love for Touhou Project, a danmaku series. I especially love the fanon project Koishi Komeiji's Heart Throbbing Adventure (or KKHTA for short). 

My contributions

Fun things

Because why not, right?


 Who doesn't these days?


 but isn't as keen on the sequel


 Great franchise, possibly the best video game series


 They have AWESOME animations. Not too sure of my favourite folm of theirs though...


 Well, I wouldn't say obsession, but she is probably my favourite character in Mario.


 Marx Soul is awesome, my favourite Kirby villian


 Waluigi number one!

Reznor Sprite3

 (however, who is there left to come back?)

Geno Brawl

 If only Square Enix took his copyright with them...



 I have fury!

NSMBW Rouletteblock


 Nintendo rules!

Fun facts

How about nine because Cirno? *shrugs*

  1. I was born on Thursday 24th September 1998 at quatre past midnight, with this, you can work out how old i am! yay!
  2. I prefer EX bosses to actual bosses most of the time (e.g. Marx Soul, Flandre and Suwako)
  3. I've changed a lot since I first got here.
  4. I have visited the world's only Touhou store!
  5. I have gameophilia (attractions to video game characters) and am not ashamed. These characters include Flandre, Rosalina and a few others.
  6. My favourite number is 495, due to its relations to Flandre Flandre was locked in the basement. I once wrote it on my hand and said it was for good luck.
  7. I calculated Flandre's age and found she was 496 during EoSD. This year (2016) she should be 510.
  8. I make battles on Death Battle Fanon Wiki,
  9. I have an IQ of 156, which is genius IQ.

Top 9 lists

Nine because Cirno, basically.

My Top 9 Touhou Characters during 2013:

  1. Flandre Scarlet
  2. Cirno
  3. Marisa Kirisame
  4. Suwako
  5. Remiu
  6. Sakuya
  7. Remilia Scarlet
  8. Alice Margatroid
  9. Rumia

Top 9 things I would like when I was weird in 2013

  1. To be a pegasus pony
  2. To meet Rainbow Dash and fall in love
  3. To have Super Nova's powers
  4. For there to be a picture of Dashie in a tanooki suit on the internet
  5. Super Mario Galaxy 3 (Galaxy was a great game, it needs a GOOD sequel)
  6. To travel to Gensokyo and befriend my favourite characters
  7. To have cyrokinesis
  8. To OWN the old nintendo consoles (NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube)
  9. To have everyone be nice to each other (because I can't think if a last one)

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