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Rules for my characters

  • Lemmykoopa24 - You MUST ask
  • Dupmal - Micool can use him without asking, but the rest of you have to ask
  • Harley B. Koopa - Dk64 can use him without asking, but the rest of you have to ask. Note that if I let you use him, you can use all of his minions
  • Cyber Koopa - No one may use him AT ALL. Note that I let him into TRIAL before making these rules
  • McBones - You have to ask
  • Harp - You have to ask
  • Haiku - Haiku is free for use
  • Tommy the Penguin - You must ask
  • Commander Nova - Commander Nova is free for use
  • Shadow Ninja - You need to ask.
  • Scar - You need to ask.
  • Crawler - You need to ask.

Note that all of these characters belong to me.

Also note that if you use Commander Nova and Haiku in a game, I have permission to edit the game they are in. However, if you ask to use them, then I can't edit the game.

Also note that I have the rights to take my characters out of the game if I don't like what they're doing in the game.

About me

I'm Lemmykoopa24 and this is my user page. I like RPG's and War Games, I also became a huge fan of Starfy recently. But my fav series is the Mario series. My fav series are Mario, Kirby and Starfy, I also like Battalion Wars and Final Fantasy! I'm also a big fan of the Koopalings, but I like Ludwig the best. I'm good at making 2-D images, but I can make 3-D ones too. I am a ninja penguin, just so you know. So long!




My contributions

My Friends

  • McQueenMario
  • Dk64rules
  • Bdaman8
  • Ryushusupercat (I hope I spelt that right ^_^)
  • YoshiEgg
  • Spark01
  • NessandLuigi469
  • Micool26
  • HalerN
  • SonicWiki
  • Stelios7
  • Cobweb
  • Henrydamoose

People I want to be friends with

  • Shroobario
  • JesseRoo
  • Indi555
  • Mcoolister
  • Uil Team

My Artworks


My Sigs

Fawful.png Lemmy Fawful.png Wiki Trolls are the frosting of irritation on the cupcake of stupid - My funny sig

My Top 5 Fav Users

  • MarioKartWiiFan McQueenMario - He is PURE AWESOMENESS!!
  • SallyGirl Cobweb - He can be harsh, but he's still awesome.
  • NermalTheBunny YoshiEgg - He's super nice and understanding.
  • Benclank Indi555 - We share a lot of interests, he's really nice. And he's Awesome.
  • Orange Yoda Plumber - HE CREATED THE WIKI!!!!!

My Games

Koopa Troop Wars

King Dedede: The Day of Judgement

Super Smash Bros. Koopa Troop Edition

New Super Koopaling Adventure

Super Mario Dino Riders

Super Mario Beta

Super Mario RPG Deluxe

Super Mario Unlimited

Mario Kingdom Wars

DS Online

Kirby Superstar Magnum

Super Mario Minor Villains

Super Koopa Gang

Final Mushroom

Lemmykoopa24: A Hero's Journey

My Top 5 Brawlers

  1. Meta Knight - He's the best flyer and his attacks are sweet!
  2. Lucario - I like his aura abilities.
  3. King Dedede - He's super-powerful!
  4. Ness - I dunno why I like him. He has cool powers.
  5. Bowser - He's the heaviest fighter, 'nuff said.

Fun Facts

  • I'm probably the only kid in my school with sideburns.
  • i suuport publik edukayshun
  • Toronto Maple Leafs 4ever!
  • Hooray for donuts!
  • I have a craving for waffles and bacon 24/7.
  • Carolina Panthers ftw.
  • Kofi Kingston = Teh Ownage.
  • Territory War is awesome.

My Will

Upon the day that I leave Fantendo forever, here is my will:

I leave all my games to McQueenMario, my characters and artworks I leave to Dk64rules. My company I leave to YoshiEgg, and everything else goes to Ryushusupercat. I probably won't leave for a long time, so none of this will happen any time soon.

Teh Guestbook

  1. Stelios7Fix Dead-End Pages!Talk To Me....
  2. Dashed Koopa 2.png~~My user's my talk...Shroobster.jpg. 12:54, March 5, 2010 (UTC)
  3. GamerX Inc.
  4. Penguiny.jpgLemmy the PenguinPenguiny.jpg
  5. GenoSMWWii.pngI Am Tha Legend GenoSMWWii.png
  6. Mcboo-idle-ML.gifMcBooMcboo-idle-ML.gif
  7. Mick Cool3D.pngMicool26The sword isn't for showingTransparencyMicool.png
  8. Dksig1.pngDksig2.png
  9. NSMBWii Luigi.png~Luigi992~215px-LuigipartyDS.png
  10. KKoopa.gifWaddeling around a lil' Cos Im...Waddel Dii! Otmose is out to get ya75px
  11. --User:Juely 06:19, June 13, 2011 (UTC)

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Yummy, a hamburger!

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My Favorite Quotes

Me, Every Time I Play Soccer.

If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do you keep score?

Nothing is impossible
Somone Who Has Obviously Not Tried Dribbling A Football.

My Best Friend.
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