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Heya! My name's FuchsiaPanacea, but you can just call me Athena if you want. I'm 21/Female/American. I just hang out with the community and try to do whatever I can as a bureaucrat. I like to write crappy fictions and listen to heavy metal. You're always free to hit me up on my talk page if you need anything!

I'd like to say I'm an empathetic and passionate person, and that's as much as you really need to know about me. My favorite game series are Metroid, EarthBound, and Punch-Out!!, and My Hero Academia and Danny Phantom won't ever get topped for me animation-wise. My favorite band's Alice in Chains, go listen to them right now. Check out COLD❄BLOOD, it's my main project.

Here's a list of avatars I've had over the years, if that intrigues you.


Fighting game [IN PROGRESS]

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Beat 'em up game [COMPLETE]

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Role-playing game [ON HIATUS]

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Action-adventure game [COMPLETE]

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Platforming game [COMPLETE]

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Fighting game [COMPLETE]

Disclaimer: I have a rather large list of friends, but with a lineup that changes rapidly and suddenly over the years within short notice, I decided it was just best to list nine people I feel I'm closest to overall. I'm tired of changing this area of my userpage up, so this is going to stay the way it is until future notice.
Helena (gf)
Mooch Brandon Dreb Petra
Gustavo Poker Varent Agent


Here are all of the contacts that matter! You can go ahead and message me on any of these platforms, but I may block your contacts depending on our relationship.

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  • Discord: FuchsiaPanacea#0415
    This is your most reliable way to contact me if I'm online. Every single day I'm using the Internet, I check on the service and respond to any unread messages. If I don't respond for a while, I'm probably just busy with IRL stuff.
    ** I don't accept incoming friend requests from people I don't know. **
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  • Twitter: FuchsiaPanacea
    I'm not always online on Twitter, but sometimes I look through my notifications there (usually every two days or so). If you wanna contact me there, feel free to, if you dislike Discord.
    ** You're free to follow but I may block you if I have issues with you. **
  • Email:
    Use this address if I haven't been online in a loooong while. I'm only going to open shit from my inbox if I recognize your address, though. This means that this would mostly be useful for my close friends.
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