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projects atm:

  • Fortresses of Light - umbrella fighting game. please check it out, i put a lot of effort into every character and mechanic.
  • Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball! - a crossover game that's a damn sports game, and not even a real sport! its fun. check it out.
  • Super Mario Maker Chi - a new take on super mario maker brah. check it brah.
  • Super Mario Bros. Mirages - go back and forth this with one. not super worth checking out but it is a mario bros and fire emblem crossover.
  • Lucky Wars - hoping to finish this one soon. it's a chance based strategy game and designed as if it came from the gamecube era.
  • Bunea + Pubble Puzzle League - kotomo and super bunea crossover! low priority but i already have done a lot for this game and it can be finished soon if i focus on it
  • Super Bunea 64 - game is currently seeing an overhaul but is likely to get more finished
  • Fantendo - Doomed - a damn fantendoverse movie!


  • art assistant on Kotomo- i help design kotomo with pyra and deliver creature design feedback
  • story assistant on Pyroverse: Breach- helping with a rewrite of the plot
  • art director on Final Heroes- recently wrapped up but will be doing some art for characters in the future. have designed all three protagonists and some other characters as well as all icons and logo.
  • main art director, character designer, and story proofreader on COLD❄BLOOD - this game is mostly done aside from a story pack and dlc but i have done the most amount of art, character designs, and did story proofreading for everything so far