aka Helena Harper

  • I live in Waxhaw, North Carolina
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is Robotic Operating Bitch
  • I am Female
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Athena & Helena

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please don't message me on discord unless you are asking something, it's an emergency, or you're athena

i find it intensely stressful to talk to you in private messages if you're trying to treat it like a casual conversation and i can't do it. stop.

please do not use my profile picture on anything without my permission.

hi college is very busy so its why my activity here has slowed the fuck down! im doing my best to stay active but dont expect me to work on stuff when i just want to take a break from the busy college life


  • im in college but i still check in with this site a lot
  • i do not use discord, rarely use skype. best way to get into contact off this site with me is through chatzy or a tumblr message sent at sheyna-sterling
  • that said, my primary thing will be here, just shoot me a pm on a wikia somewhere and ill answer

things im not doing at the moment

  • doing art requests; im going to loosen up on this soon but don't ask for them now
  • i am writing but only for myself atm
  • i love you all but i really cant handle talking to people for really extended periods of time anymore, whether it be from anxiety or general lack of time.

if you voted for trump, you're allowed to regret it. that said, if you still support trump, we're gonna have a fucking problem. trump is, at best, at fucking best, a nazi apologist. the dude has harsher words for people kneeling at the flag ceremony than actual white supremacists marching with their dwinky little tiki torches. wake the fuck up, and if you can't, don't talk to me expecting me to change my stance about this. this man isn't someone you should have your support for if you have a ounce of human decency inside of you. nazi scum can die. trump apologists need to either stop doing that or admit what they really stand for. Fascism is a fucking cancer on this society, and if you're part of the problem then I won't have a issue taking you down for size.
If you're not any of those things, then don't sweat it.

I kept this message up for as long as I did because it still continues to happen. It keeps taking on new names, new types of hatred and spreads itself in vicious ways. I have to keep explaining that spreading racist jokes and memes "ironically" is still spreading those ideologies. they tell those people you are comfortable with what they do. cut it out. after the terror attack in new zealand, i have to double down on this because nobody else will take up the responsibility.

Marcy and the sun
I'm dating a woman named Athena and she's the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

What is there between being a comedian and being a dancer? What is there between being a painter and being a filmmaker? What is there between being a singer and between a post-producer? What is there between a music producer and being a poet? And I think that’s where I want to be. I think it’s a very nice place to be. It’s uncomfortable because you’re never going to be an expert in every field. I’m not the best director and I’m not the best musician – and I don’t think I will ever be – but at least there is a little country in between where I can be the king. It’s probably going to be a small country, but at least I can live there happily.

Call it what you want
I said just call it what you want
Yeah we're locked up in ideas
We like to label everything
Well I'm just gonna do here what I gotta do here
cause I gotta keep myself free
You're ducking and moving just to hide your bruises from all your enemies
And I'm in the crossfire dodging bullets from your expectancies
We've got nothing to lose
You better run and hide
Yeah you've crossed the line
I've got a knife behind my back [just sayin']
We've got nothing to prove
Your social guides give you swollen eyes
But what I've got can't be bought so you can just
Call it what you want
You've taken your words and you take your judgements
And stick them onto everything
If it don't conform to what you were born into,
Then you run the other way
You say,"Now what's your style and who do you listen to?" Who cares?
Well that rat race ladder-climbing fake-face smile's got nothing on me
We've got nothing to lose
You better run and hide
Yeah you've crossed the line
I've got a knife behind my back [just sayin']
We've got nothing to prove
Your social guides give you swollen eyes
But what I've got can't be bought so you can just
Call it what you want


I'm EXOTORO. I am a WOMAN. Check out my stuff here. I would describe myself as laid back as ala carte, and hard-working, probably working on thirty projects at a time. Typically I'm the easiest gal to work with in terms of projects but I like to be very hands-on. Most of my characters are free to use but I probably will go in and correct their characterization.


Currently working on a lot of projects at once. Some will succeed while others will fail. There is no update schedule to any of them and they might go weeks without updates.

  • Breath of Yesterday (Lapis story)
  • A Flash Beorn Our Eyes (Fantendo Now episode)
  • Days of Victory (the culmination of all my New Fantendoverse content)
  • Early stages of The Corset, The Ring, The Bones (Shapeshifter Part 2, on lapis, in my google drive)
  • First Day (Fighters Club Extraordinaire episode 2, on lapis, in progress occasionally)
  • New Fantendoverse characters (A22 Woman, "Save the Day")
  • Crow vs the World (Slowly and lowly)
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory (Let's just finish up the roster)
  • Super Mario: Elemental Journey (yeah, possibly)
  • Pokemon Cobalt and Crimson (expect a lot more over the month long break from college)


Sign your name below!

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Wilfre I just need a little bit of love...Wilfre idle

JrTroopaJr. Troopa

Ludwig Von Koopa 3DLudwigLudwigvonKoopaSKL22SigvonLudwigNSMBUKoopaLudwigSSB4rocks!Ludwigq

True popularity comes from acts of kindness rather than acts of stupidity.
Bo Bennett

The big cop-out would be to accept popularity rather than opting to try to create potent work. It's so easy to do the popular thing, the expected thing, and that's where you start to cheat yourself - and your fans, in the end - because there's an inherent dishonesty in pandering and dishing up what everyone's expecting.
The Edge


if you're not on this it doesn't mean i dont like you, it just means that we dont hang out 24/7 or something like that



INFORMATION ON THESE AVATARS: These avatars have multiple sources behind them. The first is a overlaying of the Minecraft Exoverse Mod pack logo and an album art of the Arcade Fire album "Reflektor". This pretty remains the same, with the crown in the second one being added onto it (which comes from Kingdom Hearts and is based off the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 cover). The rest of the avatars have a background of something else and that changes a lot.

  • Third one is Kingdom Hearts 1.5.
  • Fourth one is King of Fighters XIV.
  • Fifth one is Adventure Time.
  • Sixth is Neo Geo Battle Colosseum.
  • Seventh is a picture of Argon, a gas.
  • Eighth is Glitch Mob's Love Death Immortality cover.


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