Completed Projects

Projects that have already been completed. As a side note, these are generally older games with less effort put into them, and may not be equivalent to the current quality of my work, provided that you think said quality has actually changed or something...

  • Super Smash Bros. Scuffle
    • My first completed game, as well as my first attempt at a Smash Bros. game. It's definitely not the best quality (trust me, I've had people talking behind my back about how bad it is) but it's still enjoyed by some people. Scuffle would later go on to be the groundwork for another Smash Bros. game of mine.
  • Kaleido Conscripts
    • My first umbrella project, and the work that got me chosen for M7P and M9P. It's not really the best in terms of quality, but tries to offer some unique character choices as well as interesting modes. It inspired a new series of umbrella games known as World Wide Warriors, which can be found on Lapis.
  • Mario Kart Asteroid
    • An older Mario Kart game created for Comet Gaming Inc. and the Nintendo Asteroid. Meant to be a pair alongside Mario Kart Comet, it features a few new items, a ton of courses, and many character choices. There is also an Asteroid Drill gimmick that uses gyro controls on race courses.
  • Block Breakdown
    • A game made for the Fantendo Weekly Challenge. The goal was to make a game about blocks in less than 1 week. Block Breakdown is a puzzle game about rotating blocks on a battlefield, and the game is well known for its secret story behind the scenes of the block world.
  • Kirby: Dimension Ring
    • The first Kirby game I've made. It stars Kirby as he travels around Dream Land to take on a mysterious ring crafter that aims to absorb Pop Star into his own ring creations and have control over the dimensions. It introduces the Dimension ability, which gives Kirby the ability to exhale powerfully. Needs art.
  • Block Breakdown 2
    • The sequel to Block Breakdown. In terms of gameplay, Block Breakdown 2 adds a ton of new modes, as well as the introduction of different items. Story-wise, this sequel covers the journey of a false Teran as he tries to save Teisha from the shadows that have kidnapped her. Needs art.
  • Captain Toad: Fortune Bringer
    • A sequel to Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, where the Toad Brigade travels off to save the Power Stars from being captured by a powerful djinn, fighting other enemies along the way. The game introduces multiplayer missions and a customizable battle mode. Needs art.
  • Super Mario Bros.: One Last Life
    • A 2D Mario platformer that aims to seperate itself from the NSMB series. Four playable characters are available at any time, but players only get one shot at the levels. Princess Peach uses her Toadstool's Blessing in every level to activate different effects, such as switching obstacles or changing gravity.

To Be Deleted

Games that will be marked for deletion in the near future.


Games that currently have an unknown fate. These are due to either being collaborations with other people, or being ideas that are rather developed, but lack pages.

  • Paper Mario: Book of Awakening
    • A collaboration with Monstermanchego to create a Paper Mario game similar to the first two. The plot revolves around the return of Wart and Subcon, and Mario can travel between the two worlds, where his partners will recieve different overworld abilities in each world.

Just Ideas

Games that aren't really games. They're simply a collection of ideas that I might or might not work on. Probably the latter.

  • A spiritual successor to One Last Life
    • I don't have too many ideas about this one and whether I would do it, but it would probably be a bit more traditional than One Last Life if that was the case.
  • A Danny's Adventure RPG
    • This is something I don't plan on starting until after Concord is finished, but I really want to do this to help build up the story of the series a little more before I start the true third game in the series. I do have a few ideas floating around on what gameplay is like and what the story would be about.


  • Wood-Grilled Reviews
    • My former review system, which looks over both completed and incomplete games.
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