The following page contains details for the scrapped project of Invaders. Its plot will be reworked into a future project. 

Invaders is a story being written in 2016 by Drackula and is meant to be the introduction to several new characters in the Fantendoverse. 


The Tarkaetans, an alien race of shapeshifters, plan to invade earth and are on a mission to hunt down a runaway member of their species. In the wake of their coming invasion, an unlikely team is formed to stop them including a robot, a mechanic, and a sparkling. 

Chapter 01 - Prologue

The story starts with Chelsea Rench working on a machine. It is shown that he is working on a security system for her home, a small barn, which is already surrounded by a forcefield and dozens of drones. Suddenly, two robots crash near the barn. One is a more deadly model, with one of its hands being a machine gun and the other a wrecking ball, while the other is Cura.

Chelsea: What the-

Cura: I’m so sorry m’am!

As the enemy robot gets back up, Cura prepares to fight it. Chelsea gets her wrench, and decides to join the fight as well. 'After the fight, the enemy robot breaks down and begins to self-desctruct. Cura grabs the robot and flies away from Chelsea and the barn so that the explosion doesn’t hit them. When the robot explodes, Cura is sent flying back, being damaged from the explosion. Chelsea runs over to the injured robot.

Chelsea: Oh my god! Are you alright?

Cura: *bzzt* Y-yeah… *bzzt bzzt* are you?

Chelsea: I’m fine! Why did you hurt yourself like that?

Cura: *bzzt bzzt* I didn’t want you to get hurt…

Chelsea: What’s your name?

Cura: Cura… *bzzt* what’s yours?

Chelsea: I’m Chelsea.

Cura: Chelsea… that’s a nice name…

Before Chelsea can ask any more questions, Cura shuts down from the damage. Chelsea takes her in for repairs.

Cura wakes up the next morning to find herself completely repaired, her right arm being fixed as well. Chelsea is standing in front of her.

Chelsea: Oh god, you’re okay!

Cura: Yeah, I guess I am… Why did you save me?

Chelsea: You seemed like you needed help, and you saved me and my home after all. I also fixed your dud arm. Hey, how did you end up here anyway?

Cura: Oh, so this robot was attacking the city, and since Unten and the others were off on another mission, I decided to fight the robot and drive it away from everyone else, so that nobody would have to get hurt! Sorry, I didn’t notice you were here in this area…

Chelsea: No, it’s fine. I needed to strengthen this places security systems anyways…

Cura: Well… thanks for repairing me! Do you want me to leave now, or…

Chelsea: You should probably go, you probably have other friends you need to get back to, but it would be nice of you to stay. I’d like some company.

Cura: I can stay if you want me to! Really, I don’t have a lot of friends….

Chelsea: ...oh.

Cura: I mean, people like Unten don’t have a problem with me, but there’s not a lot of people who actually care about me or anything.

Chelsea: Well… I’ll be your friend. You seem really nice, and I want you to stick around.

Cura: Really?

Chelsea nods her head.

Cura: Thank you so much!

Cura smiles brightly. Chelsea’s face has a shy smile too.


Teresa is seen walking through a dark, almost lifeless city. She is seen looking behind her often, as if she knows something is following her.

Teresa: Ugh… What am I so worried about anyway? They won’t find me. They all think I’m dead...

Teresa sighs.

Teresa: But… I still feel that paranoia. Like they’re hunting me down.

Teresa sits down on a bench, thinking.

Teresa: I don’t understand. All the others would think I’m dead by now. I just… I always feel like I’m being watched. I don’t understand what I’m so worried about. Especially since it’s so easy to disguise myself…

Teresa winces.

Teresa: Whatever. Who I am now is who I am now. I’ll probably just lay low for a while, though…

Teresa nods, getting up from the bench.

The scene changes to a sparkling in a mech suit, named Ray, walking into a barn. He looks surprised when he sees Chelsea, looking concerned, next to an unconscious Cura.

Ray: Woah, what happened? Another fight?

Chelsea: Yeah, but this one was a lot rougher than usual... She got really hurt...

Ray: Yeah... She's OK though, right?

Chelsea: I think so, but... she needs some time to rest.

Chelsea sighs, and Ray walks up to her.

Ray: What's wrong?

Chelsea: I just... I care about her a lot, and these battles have been getting tougher and tougher. I'm worried that at one point she's gonna get irreversible damage, and I'll... I'll lose her forever...

Ray is speechless.

Chelsea: I'm just afraid one day she might be gone for good... And I'm not sure if I can handle that...

Chelsea sits at Cura's side. Ray comes over to her and hugs her.

Chapter 02 - The Past Always Catches Up

A strange alien city is seen. Purple and blue humanoid aliens are conversing, while a purple alien with blue eyes is seen standing in a corner. A blue alien with yellow eyes approaches him.

Blue Alien: Well hello there, “Prince Atlas.”

Atlas: Cynthia. I told you I never wanted to see you again.

Cynthia: Oh I know, I know. But, I have some information that you might want to know about…

Atlas: Nothing in the world could convince me to speak to you again.

Cynthia: Oh… even if it involved your brother?

Atlas is stunned, not knowing what to say.

Atlas: My brother… is dead.

Cynthia: Oh, you and I both know that you haven’t accepted that fact yet. Luckily, you won’t have to!

Atlas: What are you talking about?

Cynthia: Well, we’ve been scanning Earth for a while using advanced Tarkaetan technology, and we were able to find your brother Varian.

Atlas: Show me proof.

Cynthia: Alright, this is him.

Cynthia pulls out a device with a screen that shows a picture of Teresa, along with some stats.

Cynthia: We tracked him down, and we’re certain this is him, and he’s hiding under some… false identity. It’s disgusting.

Atlas: But isn’t that what Tarkaetans do? Pretend to be someone you’re not?

Cynthia: The thing is, when we shapeshift, it’s only a disguise, not some sort of new identity. Your brother Varian, or as he calls himself now, “Teresa,” is just taking advantage of his powers to hide under a false identity and try to run from who he really is, going so far as to parade around as a different gender.

Atlas: Yeah so… what do we do?

Cynthia: Well, we have to capture him, of course. Bring him back on our side. You could probably convince him, though. The guy is so anti-social. He probably knows you better than anyone.

Atlas: I… guess so, yeah. I’ll see what I can do.

Cynthia: You’ve been waiting to do this so long, Atlas. Now’s your chance. Go get your brother back.

Atlas: That’s exactly what I plan to do, and I don’t need your help doing it.

We go back to the city Teresa is wandering through. She bumps into a man in a trenchcoat and a hood. The man in the trenchcoat goes and sits on a bench.

Trenchcoat Man: What a beautiful day…

The Trenchcoat man sees a UFO coming and landing near the city. A group of people in some sort of alien armor come out of the UFO, armed with laser blasters.

Trenchcoat Man: ...A beautiful day.

Teresa sees the UFO and the armored men and immediately runs away, with the armored men following her. The men end up chasing Teresa into an alleyway.

Armored Alien: Stop trying to run, Prince Varian.

Teresa: What do you people want with me!?!?

Armored Alien: I’m sorry, but we can’t have you running free like this. Luckily, we’ve been able to track you down.

The aliens aim their blasters at Teresa, however, a tentacle wraps around one of their necks and strangles him.

Armored Alien: What the fuck?!?!

The tentacle is revealed to have come from the sleeve of the man of the trenchcoat. He takes off his coat and he is revealed to be a man with pink hair and a light grey tank top. Pink tentacles come from his back, and his lower right arm is also a tentacle.

Armored Alien: Stay out of this, you freak!

Tentacle Man: Hmm… Nah.

The tentacled man fights and defeats the aliens causing them to retreat.

Teresa: ...Why did you help me?

Tentacle Man: Well, I didn’t have anything else better to do. Plus, I’m used to fighting alien fucks.

Teresa: Oh… well thanks I guess.

Tentacle Man: No problem. The name’s Taylor, by the way.

Teresa: Alright. My name is Teresa.

Taylor: Nice to meet you. Say, what did those aliens want with you anyway.

Teresa doesn’t answer.

Taylor: …Alright then.

Teresa: Yeah I think I’m just gonna… leave… now…

Taylor: Fine, you do that.

Chapter 03 - Hunters & Hunted

The scene starts with Taylor sitting down on a bench next to a woman with short, indigo hair wearing black clothes.

Taylor: Hey, Eliza.

Eliza: Hi there, Tay.

Taylor: ...I told you to stop calling me that.

Eliza: I know you did, babe.

Taylor: Yeah, yeah. So how’s your day been at F.A.N.T.?

Eliza: We caught some crooks and the like. The usual.

Taylor: Any aliens?

Eliza: What?

Taylor: Aliens.

Eliza: Well, no. No aliens.

Taylor: Yeah there were these alien guys I had to deal with. They were after some green haired chick, I think.

Eliza: ...How do you know you’re not joking?

Taylor: Have I ever lied to you, babe?

Eliza: Well, at least you’re doing SOMETHING with the vigilante thing. That is, if you’re not lying.

Taylor: Come on, what do you guys even get done at F.A.N.T.?

Eliza: Like I said, we’ve taken out lots of crooks and-

Taylor: Don’t give me that shit. Anyone can do that. All F.A.N.T. does is try to take out one spider in their room, while outside their house there are fifty giant mutant spiders going on a rampage.

Eliza: That’s an… odd metaphor.

Taylor: But it’s accurate.

Eliza: Sure. Well, I gotta go. See ya later, babe.

Eliza gets up from the bench and walks off. Taylor sits on the bench for a few more minutes before walking away as well.

The scene changes to Chelsea, sitting alone on her couch. Cura, now awake, walks up to her. When Chelsea sees Cura, she hugs her tightly.

Chelsea: Oh my god! You’re OK!

Cura: Yeah, I am! I’m sorry if I worried you…

Chelsea: Of course I was worried! You weren’t ever beaten up that bad since the day I met you!

Cura: I know, but, at least it was me and not you…

Chelsea: What do you-

Cura: I don’t know if i could live with myself if i saw you get hurt like that.


Cura: I mean… when I first left the Sports Resort, I had no idea what to do, where to go, what my purpose was. But now, I know what my purpose is…

Chelsea: ...Really?

Cura: Yeah! I want to protect you, and be there for you! As long as you’re happy, I’m happy!

Chelsea: Oh… Well, that means a lot to me. But just… try not to get hurt too bad, OK? I’m starting to worry that at one point, you’ll be gone for good…

Chelsea hugs Cura even tighter.

Cura: Well, if I end up dying… At least I’ll die protecting you.


  • Data was originally planned to be one of the main characters, however the creator decided against it as the character didn't seem to have much of a purpose in the storyline. 
  • This was originally planned to be a game, but Drack thought it would be better suited as a story ala Fantendo Genesis
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