In a mirrored world, are you beside me?

All my life...


Welcome to the userpage of the greatest user on the entire Fantendo website, Drackula! I specialize in mostly original content, working on characters and stories and such,  but sometimes I make fangames too. 


Some of my closest friends, If you're not here it doesn't mean I hate you, just means that we don't talk as much and aren't super close.

  • SkyboundScratchKat - A pretty talented guy and very supportive friend. Also a gay furry lol
  • Sr.Wario - Sroo hates twenty pilots therefor he is my least favorite person block him pls
  • PabloDePablo - A really cool guy, great at writing and also a very good friend.
  • AndrewTheKing - We don't talk that much and that's a shame because this guy is really cool and a nice pal to hang around with.
  • Athena Hawkins - Something something metallica. Real talk tho, Athena is a super amazing person, life's been tough for her but I'm glad she's pulling through. :>
  • Randomfrog - A good memer who unfortunately and tragically passed away, but he will forever stay in our hearts. #RipFroggo 2012 - 2016
  • .etherealknight - Cry is the best human being on the planet :)
  • MikayyLMAO - A good pal who's nice and fun to talk to.

Where else you can find me

  • My Youtube channel, where i specialize in making mashups and posting shit memes.
  • My twitter, where I talk about music and meme a lot.
  • My soundcloud, where you can find even MORE mashups.

Well that's it bye

Isle of Flightless Quotes

I think about if a friend were choking on ice, "just be patient" would be the best advice.
Rhett James McLaughlin
I don't want to live in a world where the only good video game movie is the fucking angry birds movie
Helena Harper
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