Hey, You're here, I don't know how you are, but uh, I'll tell you some stuff you need to know to get the gist of me on the Wiki

Game Prefrences

So, What is Fantendo without the Fangames, these are the series I really like/have good knowledge on, There are 3 categories here.

Games I like Most

Destiny: MY Favorite franchise, Destiny I did start playing close to two years ago, and I've really liked the game. It's been very fun consistently and you know, having insane story helps. There are periods where I do wax and wane with my opinion on the game. The thing is it's pretty expensive to keep supporting it and the free content is scant. Anyway the stuff tat is there is great, and most of the character cast isn't annoying. (Except the Cryptarch, All my homies hate Cryptarch)

Mortal Kombat: Ever since Two technicolor Ninja's showed up on a screen back in the 90s, things have never been the same. Mortal Kombat has been really great for over the top fun and them guest characters make the fun all the sweeter. Of course, this wouldn't be possible without fighting game god Ed Boon. It's just fun Video Game

Paradox Grand Strategy: Big Map. A shit ton of Steam Mods. Crusader Kings. Hearts of Iron. Europe Universalis. These games are my jam, they're so, so STUPID I LOVE IT. The wildest f****** s*** can happen its insane. Also the fact that you can simulate entirely AI only games. The games are also so deep with gameplay options, it's unlike most other strategy games out there

Games I Like Moreer Then Others

Halo: BRAH BRAH, Gun goes shoot shoot. Funny Spartan man jump on warthog and go "DADADADDADA". All jokes aside, these sometimes infinitley broken shooters are some of the best fun I've had in Video Game.

Red Dead Redemption 2: I Haven't played the story because I don't have a spare lifetime on me, but the online is fun enough. Once i was playing RDR2 with a LFG Group, god that some of the best fun I've had in a Video Game for a long while

Batman Arkham: You feel like Batman 10/10. Fun games with engaging stories and also Batman

Doom: THe Doom Man goes "CHAHAHAHAHAHAH" and Demon die in violent way. Fun games. And all the weapons are fun in some capcity

The Legend of Zelda: I Liked Breath of the Wild. Besides that, the series always had interesting gameplay in dungeons and unique lore and it always felt like Nintendo at it's best

Metroid: If Zelda is Nintendo at best, Other M is Team Ninja at worst. The Prime games are fun, and I'm waiting for Prime 4 to come out

Games I Like More Then Others

Pokemon: I only like Gnerations 3-6 and the mystery dungeon games but those games are some good ol fun

Plants vs Zombies: Great Tower Defense game and pretty ok sequel. 1 and 2 are the only games worth checking out. Garden Warfare is a fun FPS tho for those hat actively seek to support EA

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