aka Aidan

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is Odd Jobber
  • I am Male
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About me

Yo, I'm Aidan, I love nintendo, but my fave games are the Earthbound series. I love watermelon and lots of other fruits, not that you should care or anything. I also love making new power ups for Mario and his buddies, that is just pure win. I think that the 7 koopalings are full of win, my fave is and always will be Larry Koopa :D he is just pwnage. I am a daily user and work on games, with my friend McQueen Mario, I only sometimes work with him. Anyways give me a holler on my talk page if you want to tell me something. I am the founder of Atm Games Inc.

Skulloomba~Atmmachine11~Death Koopa

Death Koopa

Off the page

Picture Name Description
Shards Shards Is a evil guy who was put in jail for freezing the vice president and then brutally cutting his arm off with a sword made of Ice once the president melted.
Scribble T
Scribble T Scribble T is a happy dude who is laid back and relaxed all the time. If someone died, So what. But if his boss, Steven tells him to, he will jump to it.
Frowny Frowny is a lonely little guy that has no life at all. Noone likes him and he has a dumb hairstyle. The only good thing about him is that he gives out free cookies if you listen to him.
Robo Scribble
Robo Scribble Robo Scribble is a evil robot who plans on destroying everything with his gigantic giga lasers and all that jazz. He has a sad smirk with one dark infested hand and half is body is also dark infested.
Scribble Girl
Scribble Girl Friends of Scribble T and one of Steven's pupils. She likes watching people get infected with the shadow virus even know she knows its as cruel as can be. Other then that she likes catching butterflies and then noticing that she accidentaly killed them by touching there wings. On the bright side of things, shes a great dancer.
Steven Steven is the boss of Scribble Girl and Scribble T, he tells them what missions to go on. These missions involve stopping the evil that is coming over Scribble City, and delevering pizza to snakes.
Snaker Snaker is a snake. Above that snaker is a loyal customer of Scribb's Pizza. He loves pizza. He is also Scribble T's pet. But Scribble T does not care if Snaker's hungry. Lucky enough Snaker is very smart.

My contributions



My favorite pages

My Games/Fanfictions

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My Goals

  • 10 Edits-Done
  • 50 Edits-Done
  • 100 Edits-Done
  • 200 Edits-Done
  • 300 Edits-Done
  • 400 Edits-Done
  • 550 Edits-Done
  • 700 Edits-Done
  • 1000 Edits-Done
  • 1200 Edits-Done
  • 1500 Edits-
  • 2000 Edits-
  • 2500 Edits-
  • Become a Sysop-
  • Know a Sysop in real life-Done
  • Make 1 Fan game-Done
  • Make 2 Fan games-Done
  • Make 5 Fan Games-Done
  • Make 20 Fan Games-
  • Make a Fan Game Series-(In progress)
  • Make a friend-Done
  • Make lots of friends-
  • Get 5 Badges-Done
  • Get 10 Badges-Done
  • Get 20 Badges-Done
  • Get 30 Badges-Done
  • Get 35 Badges-Done
  • Get 40 Badges-Done
  • Get 45 Badges-Done
  • Get 55 Badges-
  • Get all the Badges-

Skull Army

Death Koopa Skulloomba Keno Skullpa Skulla Skull-Omb Skullrio Keno

I don't even know

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