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Fighting Style

Leah appears as a fighter in Toroko vs. Capcom. She is a part of Team Toroko.


Leah is a quick, in-your-face rushdown character, with many options that can overwhelm and even debilitate your opponent. Leah's movement speed is quite good, her jumps are solid and she even has a slight air dash. Leah's Viral Shot is a projectile that can inflict various status effects onto opponents, and such effects are decided by her Prescription ability. Not only does Viral Shot have good range, but it is also quick, and can be used in the air. Viral Shot's Ground-to-Air movement also provides an interesting getaway and mobility option. Mad Cutter is a good pressure option, due to it moving Leah forward, its decent coverage, and its three inputs. Weak Clear!'s stun is also a good way to take advantage of Special-Cancel Tag-Outs, and the Strong version's wallbounce can offer a good combo to skilled players.

However, a big flaw of Leah's is low health and defense. When Leah is comboed, if she can't get out of the combo in time, she may die. Without a practical overhead, Leah becomes susceptible to jump-ins from the opposing side, and a weak guard means she cannot block pressure for too long. Leah also suffers from the recover on some of her moves. Clinomania, Mad Cutter and Lethal Injection are all good moves, but result in noticeable recovery times. Furthermore, Clear! is very disadvantageous when blocked. Finally, Leah often relies on using meter. Clear! is good for comboing, but the recovery time means that it is best to combo into it using a Special-Cancel Tag-Out, which requires meter. Also, (unless the Shiver Virus is chosen), Lethal Injection is practically impossible to combo from without a Hyper-Cancel Tag-Out, which adds more meter onto an already Level 2 Hyper. Leah is also prone to Tag Counter due to her weak defenses, which adds even more meter use to an already meter-heavy fighter.

Overall, Leah is very good in the right hands, but requires strategy, skill, and practice in order to fully understand her and reach her potential.



Name Command
Stetho Whip →SP
Leah swings out a stethoscope, then swings it up while bringing it back. Two hits.
Name Command
Clinomania ↓SP in air
Leah pulls out a hospital bed and folds it with both arms, slamming the opponent. Has knockdown properties.
Name Command
Prescription S
Leah switches which virus is in her syringes. ↓/nS grants a purple syringe that inflicts Poison, →S grants a blue syringe that inflicts Freeze, and ←S grants a green syringe that inflicts Mute.


Name Command
Viral Shot ↓ ↘→P
Leah flings a syringe at the opponent, which deals slight damage and inflicts an effect. When used in the air, Leah will fling a syringe downward, with the button strength determining the angle.
Name Command
Viral Shot: Ground-to-Air ←↓↙P
Leah jumps back, then flings a syringe downward at the opponent, which deals slight damage and inflicts an effect. Button strength determines the angle.
Name Command
Mad Cutter ↓ ↙←P
Leah swings a knife down across her body, and moves forward slightly. The move has two additional hits by inputting the command again during the attack. The second input has Leah swing the opposite knife down across her body, and the third input has Leah swing both knives back up with them crossing. Button strength determines distance moved and startup.
Name Command
Clear! ↓ ↘→K
Leah pulls out two defibrillators and thrusts them forward releasing an electric pulse. Weak version stuns the opponent, while Strong blows them back with wallbounce. Opponent recovers first on block.


Name Command
Bonesaw is Ready →↘↓↙←DP
Leah dashes forward. If she grabs an opponent, she'll pull out a bonesaw and begin sawing at increasing speeds. Deals many hits.
Name Command
Lethal Injection ↓ ↘→DP
Level 2 Hyper. Leah pulls out a giant syringe and throws it forward. If it strikes an opponent, Leah will rush forward and push on the syringe, injecting them. Deals good damage, as well as an additional effect depending on the Prescription.


Name Command
Viral Shot A
Leah tosses a syringe that inflicts poison on opponents.
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