aka a funky bastard boy

  • I live in falsettoland
  • I was born on May 31
  • My occupation is sitting in fetal position
  • I am shaped like a friend

eyy, i’m fuz, professional dipshit. i’m a User of Fantendo with a knack for not finishing any of my crap. i’m 17 years old, and i’m a fan of most nintendo properties. pronouns are he/him. i’m also a striving musician and writer. i’ve been around since july 2014, which is... maybe a little too long.

i’m currently in the process of applying to colleges! if i vanish from the internet at any point in the next few months, it’s because i’m likely working my ass off with applications, auditions, interviews... the works.

shoot me a message for any inquiries, or if you just wanna talk! if i’m unavailable here i have a discord (fuz#0227), so message me there if necessary.

people who i like

i mean i like a lot of people, these are just the people who top the list:

AM4 (tbc)

Athena (tbc)

Doodle (tbc)

Mom (tbc)

Plazz (tbc)

Pyra (tbc)

Taylor (tbc)

Vivi (tbc)

Zog (tbc)

what's on my plate rn?


Grinch Bro
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