aka griffin

  • I live in the mountains
  • My occupation is chic fil a cashier bb
  • I am gonneeeeeeeee

Welcome to my userpage. I put a lot of things here, so if you wanna know what's up with me, this is where to check.

Hello, my name is .arcticbreath, more commonly known as ice, griffin, or whatever nickname you come up for me. I'm a nintendo enthusiast, writer, and graphic designer who has been on this site for far too long, 5 years. I'm a Mennonite from Colorado, who really loves making fake video games. I really enjoy this website, and if you need any sort of logo done for your game, or if you need help on the wiki, for sure talk to me about it. 

...or at least that would be the case if I was still on the website, which I'm not.

see ya later guys.

it's been a trip everybody, right below is all the different outlets you can contact me on if you want to :)

Contact Me

Discord: Ice#8755

Skype: griffin.wray

Steam: nerdude360

Nintendo Switch: SW-0247-0988-6004

Twitter: @PinkPlasticEgg

Instagram: @wagey.griff



My Group's Soundcloud:

My Group's Bandcamp:

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