Upgrade Knight is an upcoming 2D Platformer on The V2, Frostover ,  and the Pacifico that involves a lot of upgrading, hence the title. The game has 3 paths that the character can take, but there are 4 endings in all.  The game is generally happy, but almost every ending has a very dark tone at the end. The game features many enemies, and bosses, that are exclusive to each path, so each path is very different from another.


In a large world called Ciscian, a thriving kingdom called Teriul lives smack dab in a beautiful landscape. But where there is riches, there are peasants. You, a teenage peasant, is being chased by a thief when you run across sacred ruins. You walk through a rocky terrain, and the bricks below begin to crumble. You descend onto a forgotten land, and you find an orb. Once touching this orb, it seemingly is absorbed by you, and a voice in your head, who wants to be called 'The Narrator', tells you there is more then just being a peasant to you. You set upon a voyage across your land, and your journey begins...

Though, an evil brews across the land, a group of evil ready to spring from the ground and destroy the good once and for all. They call themselves the Darkness, and they plan to destroy whoever detests about them in their path. Though, the choice whether to join them or destroy them, is your choice.

Maybe you have no pick on this side, and follow a group that just wants to destroy all.

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