Full Name Upgrade
Current Age  ??
Gender Male
Species Computer Program
Family and Relations
Dr. Luna (creator)
Unten (DNA donor)
Ability/ies Data Manipulation

Upgrade, also known as Data-Unten is a sentient computer program created by Dr. Luna at A22 Enterprises, using the DNA of Unten to do so.


Dr. Luna was working on a project to create a computer program that could counter Pixel. For this she needed the DNA of someone that was viewed as a hero, and decided to use that of Unten. With this she created the computer program, Upgrade, which quickly was called Data-Unten by many. He was confused about his existence, but quickly was made clear what his role was in this world. His personality reflects that of Unten, although he doesn't know about a lot of things from the outside world and is always curious to learning new things.


When Dr. Luna found Glitch all alone while she was recovering the devices from the destroyed A22 branch company, she took him. She promised him that she would find a way to make the glitches in his body less. Upgrade, upgraded Glitch to give him a new outfit of sorts that would contain his glitches.

He is tasked with trying to get into the database of Pixel, to limit her powers, when he manages to get in Pixel takes notice of this and heads there. Once there Upgrade was deceived by Pixel to upgrade her as well, giving her the appearance she currently has. With this she also used his powers to upgrade her database (indirectly upgrading Error) and causing it to be even more protected than it was.


Dr. Luna





Upgrade is able to manipulate the data of any computer program. With this he can perform upgrades or downgrades. He then also is able to change their physical form to a certain degree. All of his upgrades however strangely include a black and blue color scheme, similar to his own appearance. He usually performs these upgrades with the use of a cursor.



  • The cursor that Upgrade use looks similar to the Imperium.