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Untencake Deluxe
A Untencake Deluxe as it appears in Happy Birthday, Unten!.
Item Type Cake
Kind of Item Healing
First Appearance Happy Birthday, Unten!
Latest Appearance Happy Birthday, Unten!
Food; Heals user

Untencake Deluxe is a giant cake with three layers of different cake flavors and frosting. It is topped off with edible ears similar to Unten Bluzen's. The cake features sprinkles and is chocolate flavored. This cake debuted in the short story Happy Birthday, Unten! and has popped in a couple games as some kind of ultra rare healing item.


The Untencake Deluxe is a huge cake with three layers, each getting smaller as they ascend upwards. The first layer is a blueberry-chocolate mix of cake with chocolate frosting with purple and blue sprinkles. The second layer is a chocolate and caramel mix of cake with blue frosting that has purple and black sprinkles. The third layer, on the top, is a chocolate cake with purple frosting, with black and blue sprinkles. The cake is topped off with edible ears shaped like Unten's. This giant cake must be baked in three parts and takes about three hours to make, according to Skitti.


The Untencake Deluxe is similar to a Untencake but differs in that is able to heal 45% health. It takes the longest to eat out of any food item in any game it appears in.




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