Unten Fighters (日本の戦闘機 Nihon no sentōki) is a fighting game starring characters from the Unten universe.

It was first announced by the creator and set for a 2016 release on The V² exclusivly.


The game takes place to an alternate universe called Lost, where RAMiranda won and Unten lost during the events of Fissure. With Doomulus Grime , Zerita, and all other characters brutally killed by her newly created minions, she finally created her own castle and destroys villages and buildings to build new ones for the new queen. Just three years later, Unten survived and sneaks to a village called Gastnovia far far away from RAMiranda's castle, where he met General Zooka for the first time and chases him, claiming that Unten was responsible for the destruction and want him to put into a special jail. After running away from the General, Unten finds a odd-looking mysterious ruins that contains an old machine that wasn't used for a very long time. After he pressed the button, pink portals appeared, which takes to other universes. Zerita from the Prodigy timeline comes in and tells Unten that RAMiranda is planning to use this machine for the universe domination, and so Unten, Prodigy Zerita, and all other characters must defeat RAMiranda and restore the Lost universe from her plans.


Unten Fighters is a tradditional 1-on-1 fighting game where the player has to deplete the opponent's health before time runs out. A new mechanic feature is that whenever opponent gets hit, it will drop small sun-colored orbs called Pinxies. With these, you can fill your Super Combo Gauce to peform it until it was maxed. If the player pressed all 3 buttons (Pressing the thumbstick down, then red and blue at the same time)  while having a maxed Super Combo Gauce, the character will start flashing. By peforming a certain button requirement, it will peform a one-hit Combo, which can only use it when the opponent is dizzied in defeat (Like in Mortal Kombat).

Playable Characters

The creator confirmed that the roster will be 20 characters, with 6 of them being DLC.



Unlockable Conditions

  • Doomulus Rise - Clear Arcade Mode with Doomulus Grime without using a continue.
  • Doomulus Thai - Clear Arcade Mode with Doomulus Rise with 2 Perfects.
  • Duo-Ten - Have Unten and Boare/Netnu fighting in the Rumbling Factory 5 times.
  • Netnu - Complete the Headbutt Chop minigame with all starter characters.
  • General Zooka - Clear Arcade Mode for the first time.
  • RAMiranda - Beat the entire Story Mode.



The creator confirmed that there will be 10 stages, with 3 of them being DLC.


  • Galasasia Desert
  • Rumbling Factory
  • Top of Pixella's Castle
  • The Control Room




  • Headbutt Chop (Like the Test Your Might! Minigame from Mortal Kombat, except destroying it with a headbutt only)
  • Ball Catchin' (Catch every balls as possible)
  • Motorbike Crash (Like Break the Car from Street Fighter, except with a Motorbike. Gets tougher and heavier in each difficulty)

Amiibo Support

Name Info
Amiibo Mario
Increases Jumping stats for 24 hours.
Amiibo Link
Increases Range stats for 24 hours.
Amiibo Bowser
Increases Defense stats for 24 hours.
Amiibo Ryu
Increases Power stats for 24 hours.
FSBAMiibo Unten
Shattered Unten
Increases Unten's stats for 24 Hours.
Increases Zerita's stats for 24 Hours
Mww nathan amiibo
Increases Doomulus Rise's stats for 24 Hours
FSBAMiibo LeahNeedlenam
Shattered Leah Needlenam
Increases Leah's stats for 24 Hours

Alternate Costumes


Unten Fighters Badges
Badge Unlock Conditions
Unten (Unten Fighters) Badge Clear Arcade Mode with Unten
Zerita (Unten Fighters) Badge Clear Arcade Mode with Zerita
General Zooka (Unten Fighters) Badge Clear Arcade Mode with General Zooka
RAMiranda (Unten Fighters) Badge Clear Arcade Mode with RAMiranda


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