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Unten Male
130 lbs
25 years old Beorn

Unten, the fearless leader.

Unten, the Beorn that lives forever.

Unten, harasser of aura and thunder.

Unten, the descender of gods.

Unten, the earthborne leader.

Unten, the destroyer of Zeon.

Unten, the savior of Zeon.

POWERS Electrokinesis


ALIGNMENT The Fan and The Enemy (formerly)

For the good of Earth

OCCUPATION(S) Savior of Zeon

Hero of Earth


Chief Dongorio (adoptive father)
Zerita (adoptive sister)
Mioda (adoptive sister)


Strafe (friend)
Rachel Harel (friend, former crush)
Sakeena Kamel (friend)
Leah Needlenam (friend)
X-Ray (friend)
PalmMan (friend)
Netnu (friend, rival, former enemy)
Boare (friend, rival, former enemy)
Sia (friend, rival, former enemy)
Kiva Glaive (ex-lover, friend)
Nycho Invalidez (friend)
Obena (acquaintance)

BIRTH LOCATION Peaceful Plains, Zeon
CURRENT LOCATION Seattle, Washington

Rachel Harel, his friends, scarves, Imperium, being in Hyper Form, peaceful resolutions


The Threat, being thrust with responsibilities suddenly, the stress of being a leader, his mistakes, anxiety attacks


Unten (Japanese: ウン天 Unten) Bluzen is considered one of the biggest characters in New Fantendoverse, debuting in Fissure (2014) and one of the main characters of Fantendo - Genesis. He was a Beorn hailing from the destroyed planet of Zeon. Unten was considered the "Savior of Zeon" as well as a hero of Earth, and his background with Zeon made him want to protect his new home at all costs. This version of Unten was primarily written by Helena Harper (tbc), and Helena wanted to develop Unten into more of a actual character with flaws and failings. This version of the character is directly influenced by the depiction seen in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, which was also written by Helena. This is merely one of the many Untens that came from that split off from the original Fantendoverse.

Unten is a leader character, who had to earn and grow into this role after some fierce competition on Zeon. While prophesied by a ancient Seer procephy to take down Doomulus Grime, Unten had always felt forced into it- only around Underground (2014) did he and the others around him begin to accept his role, but not without fighting about it. Unten over the years had grown to be more respectable than the young scared boy on Zeon so many years ago. He then found himself in situations where he needed assert both his role as a leader and to grow from his mistakes after feeling like he has made so many- with the losses forever engraved in his mind as a reminder of what he failed to do.

Unten was not strong in combat, having only weak electrical powers that he had to recharge with food or have it channeled through a creature like Fanti. Lately, he had gained the power of a incredible sword known as Imperium and gained access to a Hyper Mode Form. He was also formerly able to use a Golden Blump to turn into Midas Unten, but due to the lack of Golden Blumps on Earth, was not able to access this form for a very long time. Unten was notably always trying to become stronger but remained more on the lower end of power on his team. He did however, have a incredibly strong ability that all Beorns share known as Descension, the ability to descend and depower gods. Unten hated using this power after descending Six/Quartz during Fantendo - Genesis, and refused to use it to descend The Threat. When The Fan and The Enemy created a new Beorn to descend her, Unten descended them both out as a sudden lashing out against them.

Overall, Unten is a character who really tried hard to be what people expected him to be, and when he failed at that, he wanted to improve greatly to earn their respect back. Unten was nothing without the friends he's gained over the years, and they had only made him stronger. Unten needed the entire Fantendoverse, and the entire Fantendoverse needed him.


Unten was a blue Beorn, with white star pupils and black sclera. He had small blue ears with black insides, with three ridges inside each ear. Post-Victory, he gained a small scruff of hair. He has black fur fades across his hands, feet, and stomach. He also has small claws underneath his fur that could sometimes pop out when intensely angry. He has white teeth, which did have incisors and canines to help chew down meat.

Unten had been seen wearing multiple outfits over the years. He often badly hurt himself and wrapped the wounds in bandages, but as he got smarter at fighting and didn't need to heal as much, these bandages stopped appearing across his body. He also used to wear a bandanna over his neck but after getting a scarf from Sia, Unten hadn't worn a bandanna since, opting for new scarves instead.

One of his biggest outfits changes came during the events of Beorn Hallow, where he got Imperium and The Silent One's cloak. This cloak allowed him to conceal Imperium as well as carry items like the Hyper Mode orb. He had continued to wear this cloak past Beorn Hallow and continued to wear it. He had been seen outside of the cloak when wanting to fight just with his natural abilities, however.

This cloak would later morph into a jacket and be worn as part of Unten's new normal wear going forward from Fantendo - Zenith. This featured very short sleeves and was generally an open look. Additionally, Unten wore metal shin-guards which weigh him down significantly as well as protect his knees.


Unten is a character that was often thrust upon with responsibilities greater than his current capabilities, and had to grow to overcome them and learn from his multiple failures, perceived or actual. While he could be occasionally petty, it usually wasn't unwarranted. He was rather empathetic and after realizing the effects of what his Descension did to Quartz, he never wanted to use it again. He kept true to his word until Days of Victory, where is a fit of panic and rage, he descended both The Fan and The Enemy, who have been continuously lying to him and keeping things behind his back. Even this, though, had him constantly reflecting over whether he made the right choice.

Generally Unten looked for less violent options when dealing with situations- although not to the extent 3.14 does. He wan't afraid of fighting, even if he knew he would lose. He knew it's his duty as a leader to never give in, even when on the throes of death. His trauma had been a powerful teacher and tended to try and not do things that make him feel uncomfortable, which had led to situations like teaming up with Doomulus Grime on Two's Planet, and not using his more powerful weapons to deal with Fenrir to make Kiva feel equal after suddenly losing a lot of her confidence.

Unten had dealt with a lot of trauma concerning Zeon and the deaths of Forrester and The Silent One which he had felt personally responsible for. He was not one to let things go very easily and could be hung up about the same issues for years, even if it's not incredibly evident to every one else. He had made it a personal mission to recover the Beorn race, even if nobody else (including other Beorns) seemingly cared.

Unten was a genuinely nice person even out of everything he's been through, with a person really having to wear him down to make him act towards them otherwise. When it came down to it, he'd rather reason with his enemies than fight them, however he had had to do the latter many times with a lot of regret afterwards. He respected his friend's decisions, even if he didn't entirely agree with them.

Unten was prone to falling into dreams fairly often, receiving visions of information he didn't know. He tended to follow or believe in them even if they seemed fairly silly. He seemed to have some kind of link to Tennu due to recurrence of him in these dreams, as well as a link to The Silent One who could show up if he closed his eyes long enough to give him her knowledge. Unten could seemingly fall asleep at random times (as seen in Beorn Hallow although it's possible he was just exhausted.

He was terribly shy, especially with romantic manners. He had had only a single relationship so far with Kiva Glaive, which started and ended between Underground (2014) and Tragedy (2015), although it had not kept him from forming a crush on Rachel Harel, which came to a head during Crash where she turned him down but the two remained and continue to be close friends. Unten had also been the center of romantic attention from Quartz, a former The Threat's Top 10 member that he Descended, although she did not confront him about this until Days of Victory, where her Second Form was forced to fight him.

Canon Appearances

Fissure (2014)

Underground (2014)

Tragedy (2015)

Fantendo - Genesis

Fantendo Now Season 1

Fantendo Sports Resort

Fantendo Now Season 2

Beorn Hallow

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Just Like Old Friends

Rendered NULL

Truth and Train

Fallen Crusade

Summer Dayz

Fantendo - Zenith

Non-Canon Appearances

Fantendoverse X: Space & Time

Marvel vs. Fantendo: Battleworlds

Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil

Unten appears as a starter character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil, with his moveset being similar to his Victory's moveset. He has multiple alternate costumes, featuring some of the alternate timeline Untens seen in Fantendoverse X: Time and Space.

Powers and Abilities

Unten had the power to generate electricity. He was implied to be on the weaker spectrum in terms of this ability, and he needed to generate it through his own body and it's energy, which meant that he could run out of energy to generate it if he didn't have food to give him energy. He was formerly able to channel it through the ex Narobi-Tron Fanti, which he could swing like a whip and swing across objects. After Fanti merged into UNT3N, Unten had not been able to use his electrical powers into a conduit since.

He was also host to the powerful Descension ability, which allowed him to judge and Descend gods and demi-gods, stripping them of most of their powers and their godhood. Unten hated this ability due to the mental and physical effects it seemed to have on those he Descended, and had only used it a total of three times through the entire New Fantendoverse run so far, starting with Quartz in Fantendo - Genesis and The Fan and The Enemy in Days of Victory.

In addition to these innate abilities, Unten had gained a powerful sword ally in the form of Imperium. Imperium not only had some automatic actions when Unten swings it, but was able to extend in size, act as a pocket dimension to store and pull objects from, and light up dark areas with it's cyan mist. It also able to fit in his new cloak rather securely without fear of it getting lost.

In addition to this, Unten was able to talk to The Silent One after her passing for more information about Imperium and the Beorn Hallows. He hasn't used this ability since Beorn Hallow but he can likely still talk to her. He was also able to communicate with Boare in a dream- it is unknown if he can do this with other people.

Specific Powers

Innate Combat Abilities

  • Electrokinesis - Unten was capable of limited-use eletricity, which he could recharge by eating food or using a conduit like Fanti. Unten could charge his kicks or punches with this ability as well.
    • Zap Jab - Unten does a very quick jab with his fists slightly charged with electricity, shocking the opponent and knocking them back.
    • Electron Circle - Unten curls up and releases an electric blast around himself, with limited damaging range.
    • Electro Blast Orb - Unten can release a orb of electricity which has varying effects of power depending how much he charges. Fully charged orbs blast forward quickly while smaller orbs just bounce around on the walls and floors and disperse when they hit the opponent.
    • Lightning Propel - Unten can propel himself up into the air using lightning, allowing him to take down aerial opponents.
    • Shock Wave - Unten slams both of his fists on the ground, making a mini shock wave that will paralyze opponents nearby.
    • Beorn Bolt - A new move Unten showed off during Just Like Old Friends, which is a directed shockwave that seems to travel pretty well across the ground, effecting the electricity in the room.
    • Thunder Punch - Unten slams into his foe with a highly electrical attack, doing some moderate damage. In Victory, one of his hands used Lightning Propel to send him into the air while his fist was charged. This cut down on his propelling into the air but let him do more damage.
    • Zip Line - Unten punches up in the air as he focuses energy into his feet, propelling him lightning fast into the direction of where he punched. It is extremely weak but works extremely well as a movement option for Unten.
  • Descension - One of Unten's most prized abilities, with gods seeking this power. Unten actually hated using it, and had only used it on three occasions. Using this ability, Unten was able Descend gods through his judgement, and could descend them to mortality and strip many of their more powerful abilities. This was shown to work on demi-gods like Quartz.
  • Physical Abilities - Unten is not particularly strong or trained, but he has come up with a few techniques that don't rely on his abilities.
    • Beorn Flip - Unten flips into the air and then slams down on the ground. This gives him quite a bit of distance and knocks opponents pretty far away from him when the attack is done correctly.
    • Spin Lunge - Unten spins into the air with his fists into the air, with him being on average able to spin about three times to deal damage. With his fists electrically charged, he can do additional damage.
    • Scarf Storm - Unten attacks by spinning around with his scarf, which is actually weighted a bit and thus deals damage. This technique is used to surprise people when he is grabbed.
  • Aura Abilities - Unten learned to tap into his Aura powers thanks to training by Laverne Echo, however it is pretty weak for the most part.
    • Aura Bolt - Unten casts a lightning bolt that uses very little electricity and some aura. While weaker, it preserves the energy he needs for his electrical powers.
    • Aura Aero - Unten spins rapidly with aura before being propelled high into the air, with aura slowing down his descent. He can use his lightning powers to follow up into a new fighting style known as Pouring Rain.

Fighting Styles

  • Pouring Rain - Mixing aerial combat, aura, and his electrical powers, Unten's Pouring Rain fighting style is about staying in the air and firing electricity to below ground. He uses aura to push him into the air and keep him up there while slowly descending, while using electricity and aura to attack. This fighting style is incredibly unique and the first Unten has consciously created himself.

Non-Combat Abilities

  • Silent One Communication - After The Silent One's passing, Unten was able to talk to a figment of her mentally to get more information on the Beorn Hallow and Imperium.
  • Dream Talking - Unten was able to communicate with Boare in a dream during the events of Beorn Hallow.
  • Weighted Clothes - Unten is cabable of wearing weighted clothing, which was limited to just his scarf initially.


  • Imperium - Unten was capable of wielding Imperium, a magical sword.
    • Auto-Pilot Maneuvers - Imperium could shift it's weight during Unten's swings to make them seem more correct and actually damage bad guys without proper sword training.
    • Blade Stretching and Bending - Imperium is able to stretch and bend itself to take out opponents from far away.
    • Pocket Dimension - Imperium holds a pocket dimension that can hold objects or even people inside the blade and can be pulled out at any time.
    • Inner Imperium - The blade is controlled by a figure inside known as Inner Imperium. This figure organizes everything inside the blade, as well as control it's maneuvers through dances.
    • Imperium Piercer - Imperium can break shields with a calculated strike.
    • Imperium Skewer - Imperium transforms into a thin-needle like blade with precision striking, dealing a lot of damage. Unten is able to stand on the spike during the attack.
    • Cyan Mist - Imperium is able to produce a cyan mist that lights up dark areas.
  • Fanti (formerly) - Unten was able to channel his electricity through Fanti, allowing him to use this power more without exhausting himself.
    • Electric Whip - Fanti could act as a electric whip that could shock enemies, as well as use it to swing across gaps and pull objects towards him.


Hyper Form Unten Bluzen

Hyper Form Unten Bluzen was the full name of Unten's Hyper Mode form. Unten was the first known user of the Hyper Mode Orbs. He utilized them to increase his power, which came in handy considering he's one of the more underpowered characters in Victory. Using Hyper Mode, Unten was able to increase his power and was one of the strongest under it's influence. However, this power was addicting and while Unten was able to control his Hyper Form much better than some of the other characters, he did succumb to more primal tendencies such as violence or extreme emotional breakdowns under this form.

Imperium became Bleeding Imperium in this form. It oozed neon blue "blood" that harmed those not in Hyper Form. Despite this bleeding appearance, Imperium was fine so long as Unten didn't stay in this form forever as it could heal itself. The sheer amount of energy contained within Unten seemed to be the reason why Imperium "bled". Unten was also capable of creating Hyper Energy-enhanced lightning attacks with this form, instantly knocking out a army of Krexxon.

Unten's appearance drastically changed in this form, becoming taller and his upper limbs becoming thinner with visible claws. His ears gained spikes, his torso became shaggier, and his lower limbs became taller and shaggier. He also took on a dark color palette. His Imperium coat was also effected in this form, replacing the empty Unten head mark with the Hyper Mode orb.

Nega Form Unten Bluzen

Nega Form Unten Bluzen was the full name of Unten's Nega Mode form. Unten had yet to take on this form in canon, although he was the most likely to come across it due to his overuse of the Hyper Mode orb so far and his Hyper Form personality expressing interest in staying in the form as long as possible. In this form, all he had was his claws to use, as Imperium was gone and his electricity was no longer usable. He was depicted as rather scared and frightened in this form.

His physical appearance in this form was similar to his Hyper Mode one, although he lacked much of the length of the scarf, with the pupils being the only thing visible on his face, and gaining a darker color overall. Imperium's coat disappeared along with the blade itself.

Despite the obvious setbacks this form had, Unten was actually able to handle his own fairly well in it as well as being able to outrun the timer on it without damaging himself too bad.

Midas Unten

Midas Unten is the name of the form that Unten takes when he eats a Glistening/Golden Blump. When he eats it, he transforms into a golden colored form that vastly increases his speed, allows him to output as much electricity as he wishes, and allowing him to defeat enemies through touching them (only in the Prodigy games, this ability does not seem to be actual canon). It is a temporary power-up that only lasts for a certain amount of time, which decreases if Unten puts more strain onto the time he has with it.

Unten's appearance in this form primarily changes his color to blue to solid gold and making his scarf appear like liquid gold. It should be noted that only his outward appearance turns gold and not his organs or other inner parts of his body. His bandages on his body also vanish.

Unten last used this form in Fantendo Sports Resort, which was only possible through the magic seeds at the Sports Resort. Since the magic seeds did not work on the soil outside of the artifical island, Unten was not able to grow more Glistening Blumps to use to obtain this form. As such, the Hyper Mode orb has more or less "replaced" this form for Unten. It is unknown if this form stacks with Hyper Mode.



Unten's closest friend as of Tragedy (2015). Even though they've been through some ups and downs, the two were incredibly powerful together. During the events of Fissure (2014), she appears sporadically, often doubting Unten's role in his prophecy and at the end of the game refuses to speak to him concerning Chief Dongorio's death.

In Underground (2015), their relationship is back on speaking terms but it's shown that Zerita still does not have much faith in Unten when she leaves him to join Boare. Towards the end of the game, she finally respects his role in the prophecy. In Tragedy (2015), Zerita is depicted as Unten's closest friend. Towards the end, Zerita is unable to find Unten at the launch-off site, nearly forfeiting her chance to get off planet by waiting for Unten. When she finally sees Unten at the launch-off site, she is attacked by a couple of Grimebots and is thought to be dead by Unten, but she was able to defeat them in time but assumes Unten is dead, sadly getting into her escape ship alone.


Fanti was one of Unten's closest friends, often slinked around his shoulders. He used his powers to assist Unten, who had similar abilities but nowhere near as powerful. He briefly leaves Unten to team up with Boare in Underground (2014), but he returns later. In Tragedy (2015), Unten has a holster for him to rest in on his back.

During Tragedy (2015), it was revealed that Fanti was a AI that was given form through force. The Narobi-Trons, his former people outcast him for abandoning his metal form and it was there that he met Unten. During the battle with UNT3N, as Unten and Fanti are cornered and about to be killed, Fanti possesses UNT3N's body and forces him off a cliff, aware that he would be bringing himself down as well. He now lives in the broken parts of UNT3N's body, scattered through space for possibly all time.

Doomulus Grime

One of Unten's biggest enemies and one of the few he hadn't made amends with. During Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, Unten had to begrudgingly team up with Doomulus to exit Earth. In all the Prodigy games, there was a final battle with Doomulus Grime. Doomulus Grime didn't consider Unten worthy of being his foe until Tragedy (2015) and after being defeated one last time he begins to reconsider a lot.

During Fantendo - Genesis, it's seen that Unten is haunted by visions of a skeletal Doomulus Grime, implying he may be afraid of Doomulus Grime and a possible return of him. It's implied that Unten believes Doomulus Grime is dead, when Doomulus Grime was seen escaping after his defeat.


Mondo, for the longest time, did not like Unten. Capturing the attention of his father and his adopted sister as well as being seen as a hero made Mondo bitter and envious of Unten's role. During Underground (2014), Mondo left Zeon in a rocket pod and seeked for his purpose in life, although not before making the prophecy his father had told Unten and the others public. During this time, Mondo found a new identity as a woman named Mioda and came back to Zeon as a hunter. By then she had matured enough to accept Unten as the hero Zeon needed.

Chief Dongorio

Before his murder by Doomulus Grime, Chief Dongorio was something of a father to Unten. He learned of the prophecy from him and while he tried to prevent his murder, he couldn't.


Thorn and Unten first met in Playing War, where Unten went back to the remains of Zeon and found Thorn there, who was looking for her father who turned out to be dead. The two fell in love and at the end of Playing War sacrificed themselves in the Void. During their time in the Void, Thorn revealed herself to be a Siren, using spells to make Unten fall in love with her to eventually kill him later in secluded area. Unten manages to escape.

In Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, they are still on rocky ground but can still work together within a team.


Denos was a traveler that was seeking knowledge about Zeon and learned of the procephy. Although the two never officially met in any kind of real matter, Denos was still aware of Unten's role in the prophecy and after Zeon exploded he spent time gathering information on what he could on Unten, knowing he was a Catalyst shortly after the Zeon explosion. His memory was unchanged every single time Unten inadvertently changed the past, but locating Unten was difficult without the use of the Fracture. Sometime after the Recolor War he found it and began to reside there, careful not to awaken Clockwarx and searched for hints of Unten's true past.

In Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, he finally meets Unten and explains his vast knowledge about who Unten and what his purpose is. In the New Universe that follows, Denos was still following Unten, his mind still unchanged from the events that unfolded in Shattered.

Leah Needlenam

Leah saw him as a rival of sorts and didn't support his leadership although the two often are forced to team up against bigger evils like Abaddon and Gagmier. Despite how many times Unten had been betrayed by Leah, he still considered her a friend.


Just let me talk. Whenever I see your face or just even remember it, it destroys me, like utterly. The way you are with me... I just couldn't ask for anyone else to take your spot like that. You're fun and you tell me honestly how you feel and you're real. I don't have enough time to think about you and that's a lot of my day already. It's going to take a million years after my skull is dust to stop thinking about you and that dust is gonna still be thinking about you even as it carries out into the wind. That's how long I feel like I'm going to live because that one thought I'm always trying to complete is just... I'm really into you. I am. I don't want to be with anyone else and I don't think about anyone else like I do with you.
Unten to Rachel, Fantendo Now: "Crash" (2015)

After being found by Rachel near Noah in Fantendo - Genesis, the two slowly became friends over the course of the rest of the adventure. Exhausted and depressed from the destruction of Zeon, Unten didn't take too kindly to having to save another planet again, but as the two became closer Unten's attitude towards the situation changed as well. They were close friends afterwards, although Unten had been implied to have feelings for her, feelings that she had not picked up on.

Trophy Information

Image Info

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory (2015 - 2017)

The last Beorn... or close to it, anyway. Unten is the leader of the Fan and the Enemy's plan to attack the Threat and doing the job right is quite a hard task. Unten is not one to let go of his past, even when it would benefit him more. How that interferes with the task at hand is yet to be seen. He has a sword known as Imperium that he recently obtained from the Silent One from the events of Beorn Hallow.
Unten SR Trophy

Fantendo Sports Resort (2015 - 2016)

One of the greatest heroes known on his planet called Zeon, at least until it blew up. Although he escaped, he lived with the regret of not being able to save it for a long, long time. When he landed on Earth, he found out Beorns had the skills to judge those who had ascended by fighting Six, a foe sent by the Threat. He came to the resort along with the rest of his friends by an invitation, only to discover that it was not quite what it seemed!


  • According to a online quiz, Unten Bluzen is the Dragon Ball character Piccolo (as revealed in Just Like Old Friends).
  • Unten's new last name was concepted by both Exotoro (tbc) and PabloDePablo (tbc). It was suggested multiple times in the past to branch the Untens apart from the old page, and adding a last name seemed like the better thing to do than add "(NF)" or "(New Fantendoverse)" to the end of a new page.
    • This new last name in universe comes about when Unten wants to complete a Dragon Ball Z quiz and needs to enter his last name. After the adventure, and from a comment from Kiva, Unten comes up with the last name "Bluzen".
    • Despite this, if he did marry someone with a last name, he would adopt that last name out of respect.
  • Unten's blood has been used to bring the following characters to life or back to health:


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