My one duty is too protect, not kill. I've served enough between these two cities to know that when one goes down, the other follows it. I can't let that tragedy happen...
So you have to punch the villains in the face?
Auvrey, you have little processing power.
Unten and Auvery, 2045
Unten (Citiverse)
AGE 18
BIRTHDAY December 21st,1996
ZODIAC ♏ Scorpio
Auvrey, Milli, Alice Virsank III, Fanti, Netnu, Dragmire

Last Surviving Beorn Member Friend

Ryan Potter
Unten Alexander Rosslington, or just Unten, is one of the main characters from the TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR reboot, 20XX. Like his original counterpart, Unten is the last surviving member of the Beorns and becomes one of main heroes of his land/city. He has saved his city from villains, along with AuveryFantiMilli, and Alice Virsank. The group has many enemies, the main ones being a demigod named Dragmire, and "Unten's brother", Netnu. In all of the recent games he is in, Unten is voiced by Ryan Potter.


Unten was actually given birth to on Zeon by an unknown parent. He was given up at the last moment to the Rosslington family because Zeon was experiencing it's version of the apocalypse, The Reverse. They had to rush Unten off the planet as quickly as possible, and as they did, Zeon was shruken down to a single star. They soon landed back on their home planet, North Stationary.

Unlike other superheroes who lost their parents back when they were younger, Unten did not have superpowers of his own. Instead, he relied on his specialized gym class, which helped with his agility and strengh. He also learned how to use throwing stars when visiting North Stationary's version of Japan.

Unten just started college when he met Auvery, a funny yet not-smart friend, Fanti, a shy student who became loyal to Unten after he saved him from bullies, Milli, a rebel girl who isn't afraid to let out her dark side, and Alice Virsank III, the daughter of the mayor, named after her past two descendants.


Unten, like his other dimension counterpart, has blue fur, except more appearant. His eyes are green, with dark green pupils. His hands and feet are both purple. He wears a red vest with pockets on each end and black shoes with white laces. On occasion, he also holds a stone throwing star or wears a tan backpack.


Unten is a caring compassionate friend. He's respectful to his friends and parents, but has his moments where he seems to get angry or get miffed. Unten lets nothing get in his way when he sets a goal, making him determined. However, Unten, like most other people, can't be without his faults. Unten, as said before, gets mad sometimes, but half the time his anger gets the best of him, causing him to lose control.

Unten is also afraid of losing of the trust of his friends and family, which is a fear Dragmire sometimes uses against him.

Games He Has Appeared In

  • 2045: The first game he appears in, along with the others.
  • 2046: The sequel to 2045. Unten is back and ready to kick robotic-crocodile butt!
  • Super Metal Smash Babies: Unten is one of the hundreds of characters. 



  • His birthday is exactly 12 years before Earth's "End Of The World" was supposed to happen, according to the Miyan calendar.
  • He isn't the first reboot of Unten, the first being Unten from "Fissure."
  • Despite Netnu believing Unten is his opposite, the real opposite of Unten is Dragmire. Both lost their planets to their versions of the apocalypse, but unlike Unten, Dragmire was never willing to accept that, becoming his own downfall. While Unten is kind and caring, Dragmire is mean and egotistical. Finally, Unten will always become the hero in any timeline, while Dragmire will become the villain in any timeline.
  • Unten's original name for the reboot was going to be Byron, but the designers went against it.
  • Unten may be related to Beorn royalty, as shown on the banner hung on his wall.
  • Unten wants to become an artist, as revealed in 2046.

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