Unnamed Umbrella is an umbrella game developed by RTA Games. It released on the in 2017.


Unnamed Umbrella works like the Super Smash Bros. series. The player has a bunch of attacks they can use - weak attacks, strong attacks, and special moves.

Playable Characters

Character Description Moveset
Robbie and Bobby A living NES being the first character should give it away that this game's gonna be some weird stuff. But yeah. Robbie is a living NES and Bobby is a living NES controller. Both of them have minds of their own. Robbie is a lazy guy and Bobby is energetic and is usually weighed down (literally and figuratively) by Robbie's laziness. When Robbie's up to it, the two can do some good damage together. Controller Shot (Neutral)
Console Launch (Side)
Controller Grapple (Up)
Tripwire (Down)
Pushing All The Right Buttons (Finisher)
SSB F-Zero Series
A robot from the future, QQQ was found by Phoenix, a space-police detective. QQQ has the AI to traverse time, but it is out of whack right now. QQQ has been stuck in 2671 as a result. TBA


Stage Home stage to Description
Bedroom Robbie and Bobby A room in a small house in suburban New Jersey, this level plays like the Nintendogs level from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Players will have to watch for objects falling from above as they will do some damage and potentially KO if the player hit has taken a certain amount of damage already.
Outer Space Meteor Storm
SSB F-Zero Series
QQQ A race track set up in an abandoned space station, this level will test players' skill to stay on the platform, as falling off can cause serious damage and possibly even KO you if you are unfortunate enough. F-Zero machines may pass through the areas the players fight on and may launch players off.