Afther the Dark Render was defeated by the light the dark Render where banished to a dark univurse 

universe of the eternal void
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Ruler Main leaders: Arabor(former)

secondary leaders: Despair

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Characters Gained Despair

Soul matter


The place has no light, it has darkness pure. Once it was the brightest universe of all with beauty and nature. The Most powerfull Dark Render god Arabor made it his capital plane. After the light slayed the dark en destroyed Arabor azurathor become the last known leader of the dark plane. It was the only universe that couln´t have light so the dark Render where imprisoned there.


The dark render gods where banished forever in the dark plane, they cried for release but they never succeed in free themeself. The area's are dark and there is no sign of light in there atlast a dimensial gateway could maybe destroy there dark and bring light in that place for a little while. How more light how weaker the dark creatures become.

It was  once a place where more than thousend mortla lives. Arabor destroyed the mortals who lives there and created his own dark realm. A dark place of eternal void itself. Darker as dark new evil races came out like nightmare fiends and dark matter born. 

Azurathor made his throne in the most west place of all where e could see everything. The planets where corrupted with shadow and darkness and everywhere where dark tentacles of evil creatures. Despair lives at the most south side.

The fury void

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