Uniten (originally Unten but not that one) is a nervous wreck of a Beorn that will debut in Umbrella Waffle. He is the Mainverse's counterpart to the Fantendoverse's Unten.


In contrast to the Fantendoverse Unten, Uniten was once a great and popular hero, scoring victory after victory against nefarious foes. However, the destruction of Zeon left him emotionally shattered. He later became a member of the Splicers when told that they could restore Zeon, which they actually have no intent of doing. He is fought in a large metal room with a hole in the middle, and must be knocked into the void to ring him out and win.

Some time after losing the battle, he has seen past the Splicers' manipulative pretenses and ostensibly decided to join the player's side, but is no longer in any shape to actually join their party. However, Uniten does periodically appear to cheer the player on.


Uniten is a Beorn with overgrown bluish-purple (█ #76a) fur. His trauma and psychosis have gradually eliminated the star-like gleam from his eyes. He wears a tattered, faded gray scarf. Unlike Fantendoverse Beorns, he appears to have a small tail, similar in shape to that of a Yoshi.


Uniten is demented, unglued, and paranoid. He has become rather gullible as a result of his mental state, and takes a very long time, sometimes weeks, to interpret obvious figurative language and implications. He can often be seen shivering and wearing grievously pained expressions.

Powers and abilities

Uniten is generally a ruthless, unrelenting fighter who excels in physical combat. He has limited electrokinesis, which he only uses when necessary as it exhausts him physically and mentally. He never uses a Final Smash for the same reason, even if he does break a Smash Ball.


  • It is implied that his mental scarring led Uniten to forget the proper spelling of his own name, among other things.
  • His presence was alluded to by the message "TENDONS TURN TUT; DON TUTS NET RUT. DUNNEST TOT TURN; STUNT DEN TOT URN. NUTTED TURN SNOT; STUDENT RUNT NOT." on the official thread. This rhyming nonsense anagrams to "DON’T TRUST UNTEN" six times, alluding to the fact that he switches sides in the game.

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