Underground (2014) is the sequel to Fissure (2014), the second installment of the Prodigy saga. This continues the story, with Unten and Zerita refocusing to fight Doomulus Grime. The game takes place a year later after the first, with Unten's role in the prophecy being questioned with the appearance of two new individuals, and Doomulus Grime himself taking more drastic measures to stop Unten and continue his utter conquest of Zeon. The game is a platformer, starring both Unten and Zerita as playable characters, although Unten continues to be the primary character.

The game received an update in 2015 adding the character of Yazoka who gets her own campaign that takes place around the same time.





Taking place a year later after Fissure (2014), Unten and Zerita refocus their efforts to take down Doomulus Grime to free the planet from his tyranny. With the appearance of Boare and Sia, who are competing in the same spot in the prophecy, Unten has to prove his worth even in the darkest of hours.


The game begins a year after Fissure (2014). Unten and Zerita are no longer mad at each other, but there is tension between the two. As they focus on attempting to defeat Doomulus Grime, they get word from a rebel leader that Doomulus is heading underground.

As they head Underground, they meet with a small rat creature named Ratsky. He informs them that the Underground isn't suited for above planet dwellers, and that they'll need gas masks in order to get in. Unten and Zerita manage to nab some from some Doomulus Troops and head into the Underground.

In the Underground, there are several criminal-friendly spots such as the Sondheim, a small underground village with a prominent tavern apparently known for it's rumors. This will become the hub.

In Sondheim, they meet two characters named Hanson and Zori. They learn where Doomulus is planning to construct a underground base. As they make their way to where Hanson and Zori told them where the base was, they are grabbed by slave capturers. As they wake up, they are in a gladiatorial tournament. Unten must fight two opponents by the name of Aguafate and R8-DSH before taking on the champion of the arena.

Unten is faced off against the champion of the arena, Kaio. Though Kaio's strength and endurance are nearly Unten's equal, Unten still beats him. The people are thrilled with the show, and the leader of the arena, Casear, gives the thumbs down, ordering Unten to finish off Kaio. Unten refuses. Kaio asks Unten for an honorable death on the battlefield but Unten still refuses. Angered, Casear orders the robotic guards to kill Unten and Zerita, but they escape.

Kaio is dumped into the "Boneyard", where all the bodies of the dead gladiators are. Kaio becomes obsessed with avenging his defeat and declares himself to be "Netnu", the complete opposite of Unten.

As Zerita and Unten escape the arena, they find a small mine operated by Doomulus Corp. The two go into it and destroy the power and the mine collapses. As Zerita and Unten walk back from the collapse of the mine, wondering what could have caused it, a large Beorn steps out of the smoke, revealing himself to be Boare. Boare claims that he is the one the prophecy is talking about. Unten recalls the prophecy that was first seen in Fissure, a prophecy that claimed a bear-like hero would take out a great evil.

Boare reveals that after Chief Dongorio died, Mondo decided to make a big deal out of the prophecy that Chief Dongorio had told Unten before, gaining the attention of two heroes named Boare and Sia. Boare then shoves Unten aside, saying to stay out of the way of his destiny. Unten growls back at him as Boare walks away laughing.

Unten and Zerita return to Sondheim, where they come across Sia. When Zerita asks why she is attempting to pursue the prophecy, she simply shrugs and says that things aren't what they seem before jumping off a cliff down to a Grime Corp vehicle. Unten and Zerita are suddenly swarmed with Grimebots, which capture the two.

Unten and Zerita land in a prison and Unten contemplates whether he is really the prophetic hero. As he snaps back to reality, he realizes that Zeritan and Fanti have left him behind. He breaks out of the cell and finds himself in a desert. He wanders for a bit before coming across a floating screen with Queen Pixella's face on it, asking him to assist her in getting her new body from her father PIXL. Unten complies, asking where PIXL is.

As they find PIXL, Unten finds that PIXL is actually a duck and is responsible for creating the Narobi-Tron race. As Pixella gets into her new body, she asks Unten what he was up to, in which he replies that he was abandoned by his friends because he's a failure. Pixella tells him that he's not, as he managed to take on Doomulus Grime directly and managed to damage some of his resources. Unten then talks about Boare and Sia, who Pixella tells him are nothing but a bunch of phonies.

As Unten leaves to go find Zerita and Fanti, PIXL tells him that if he needs something like a giant mecha or anything, he can just contact him. Unten heads off and finds Zerita with Boare, with Fanti at his side. A battle ensues between the two, with Unten just barely able to win as Zerita and Fanti join his side as they realize that Unten is their friend.

After his defeat, Boare is suddenly attacked further by Netnu, who is decked out with implants by Grime Corp. Claiming to work for Doomulus, they battle as it becomes apparent that Netnu is upset because Unten has doomed his family to execution. When Netnu lost, his family was no longer safe from Doomulus Grime, who plans on executing them as well as several other families of the arena fighters to intimidate the population of Zeon. After a brief battle and a discussion, Boare and Netnu team with Unten as they realize that if they work together, they can stop Doomulus Grime.

Unten, Boare, Netnu, Zerita, and Fanti go to look for Sia, who could also be a major help in defeating Doomulus Grime. After finding Sia, the six hatch a plan to break into Grime Corp. As the six break into Grime Corp to find the hostages before the day of execution, they come across a bunch of UN10 clones. After taking them out, they find the families and free them, with Netnu reunited with his wife Eliza. Suddenly, Doomulus Grime walks into the room decked out in underground gear, claiming he just got back from gassing the underground. Unten runs over to punch him but is shoved aside as Doomulus Grime comes to kill the four (as Fanti is attached to Unten). Boare manages to knock Doomulus Grime off his feet and the six take the battle in a underground chasm. Netnu tells his wife to get to safety along with his kids, which she complies.

The battle goes down underground, where a epic 6 on 1 battle happens, with Doomulus Grime managing to somehow take them on enough to be a challenge. As Unten's posse finishes him off, Doomulus Grime prepares to gas the chasm to take them down with him, but it's revealed that Eliza broke Doomulus' gassing machine. Unten proceeds to kick Doomulus Grime into the deep recesses of the underground chasm and the six go to free all the hostages.

Boare and Sia realize that they aren't the hero of the prophecy, and they always kind of realized that but they felt that their lives were devoid of purpose. Unten tells them that perhaps there's a prophecy waiting for them to claim. Boare and Sia leave Zeon to find their purpose, with Sia leaving Unten behind a scarf. Netnu goes to destroy more factories, deciding to become Unten's friendly rival. It is also revealed that Sondheim and most of the Underground population survived thanks to the efforts of Zori, who attempts to use that as leverage to get a date with Zerita, but she refuses.

We cut to Doomulus Grime, who has found a gigantic, ancient drill machine that claims it can drill to the core. However, Doomulus Grime finds that it doesn't work anymore, but he commands his Grime Bots to take it up to Grime Corp headquarters for research.

To be continued... in Tragedy (2015).



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The hero of this tale. Now a little more experienced but still young, Unten has to often straddle the line between good and evil. He can get electrical powers from Blumps, a blue and black fruit that awakens secret powers in people, although his buddy Fanti who appeared in Fissure 2014 fufills the same purpose.

Unten also can turn into "Midas Unten", which turns his body into Midas Gold, toxic to the touch. It also turns plant life into gold.



The other hero of this tale. Zerita is Unten's friend, although after the death of Chief Dongorio things have been rough. Zerita is more willing to do a questionable action than her friend Unten, although she tends to make sure her decisions are the right ones. She attacks using her claws. She can trigger claw switches and dice up fruit and enemies. When she eats a Blump, she gains fire powers.

She can also turn into "Radioactive Zerita" which gives her a bright green glow. This acts similar to Midas Gold, being toxic to the touch. It wilts plants or enlarges them.



Making her appearance in the remastered version of Underground (2014), Yazoka is a mysterious character who has her own story that is unlocked after completing Unten's story. She also appears in the remaster version of Fissure (2014) in a new story.


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A helpful rat thing that appears just outside of the Underground. He's a rather helpful fellow that appears several times during the adventure. He has a family that look exactly like him for the most part, with only differences in color.


Zori is a male Catonea and lives in the Underground world of Zeon. He has a one-sided infatuation with Zerita, which drives him to help her during the quest. He teaches gas safety tips to some of the citizens in order to prevent gas-related deaths caused by mining. The reason he does this is later revealed in the game; his former girlfriend died in a gas accident that he believes was mostly his fault.
Hanson Underground


Hanson is a shy bat that lives in the underground town of Sondheim. He is the shopkeeper and sells a variety of upgrades for both characters. He was friends with Kaios and worries about his "death" after it occurs in the story.

Queen Pixella

Queen Pixella returns in this game. She initially appears as a AI, who finds Unten in the Great Zeon Desert. She asks Unten to help her find her father PIXL, who has her new body in which she can transplant her AI in. When she gets her new body, Unten realizes he's not such a failure after all. She appears at the end of the game, celebrating along with the rest of the Narobi-Trons.


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A tall and lanky woman who towers over everyone she meets. She believes she is the chosen one of this story along with Boare, and the two often get in Unten's way. She has wicked fast reflexes and is overall a better hero than Unten, but that's not going to discourage him.


The other rival to Unten in Underground, and one that actually poses a threat to his respect. He believes he is the chosen one of this story along with Sia, and the two often get in Unten's way. He has unbelievable willpower; all of his bones can break but he'll still be standing. He's revealed to be somewhat of a coward though. He is more strength based.


Aguafate is the first opponent Unten will face in the Zeon Arena. He's not too hard, but his massive build gives him a lot of health and his abilities to bounce across the stadium can give the less nimble Unten some trouble. Aguafate knows he will probably lose, so he tries to encourage Unten to win as a form of reverse psychology to make him lose. It doesn't go well for him...


R8-DSH is the second opponent Unten will face in the Zeon Arena. He is a bit more difficult, being a more grounded opponent that rushes towards Unten and attempts to attack him with his acidic claws. R8-DSH can also plant his fists into the ground to create land-mines that explode in a display of acid. R8-DSH is a robotic psychopath who claims he wants to melt off Unten's skin and add his skeleton to his collection.




Kaio was the reigning champion of the Zeon Arena, but was defeated by Unten. This defeat drove him out of his title and his livelihood, rechristening himself as Netnu and taking himself apart to defeat his new rival. Using Doomuli parts lent by Doomulus Grime himself, Netnu acts as a bounty hunter hunting after Unten. He goes to these absolutely desperate measures for his family, which he no longer had the means to support after his defeat from Unten.

Doomulus Grime

Doomulus Grime is the last boss of Underground (2014). He has outfited himself with Underground Gear in preparation to fight with Unten. This new form gives a tail that is equipped with toxic gas inside, which Doomulus can emit anytime. He is also a lot sturdier than before, with new armor that is equipped with LED lights.


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One of the many religious deities mentioned and seen in the game. Vokkaskar is anti-matter being that resides in a unknown part of space and is believed to be harbinger of comets.


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