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Underball is a spin-off of the Undertale series developed by Toby Fox in conjunction with Candy Dynamics. Unlike its predecessors Undertale and Deltarune, Underball is a sports game centered around baseball rather than a turn-based bullet hell role-playing game. The game is scheduled to be released in 2020 on Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.


As a baseball game, Underball plays differently than other games in the series, though some mechanics are carried over and reworked to fit this style of game.

In baseball, two teams compete with each other over nine innings to score the most points. Four bases are placed in a diamond at the front of the field, with a batter holding a bat standing at the "home plate" at the bottom of the diamond. The opposing team's pitcher stands in front of the batter, throwing the ball towards the batter. The batter will aim to hit the ball with the bat, gaining a "strike" if they fail to do so. Accumulating three strikes will result in the team gaining an "out." An out can also be gained if a member of the opposing team catches the ball hit by the bat before it touches the ground or if a member of the opposing team holds the ball while standing on the plate that the other team is trying to reach. If a team has three outs, the teams will switch sides on the field. If the batter successfully hits the ball, however, they will run to first base to the right of the home plate. The batter can continue running around the diamond unless they get an out, in which case they will be forced to leave the diamond and wait to bat again. If the batter chooses to not run after reaching any of the bases, a new batter will stand at the home plate and the process will be repeated. If a team member stands on the base behind another team member and runs, both team members will be forced to run to the next base. A point is gained every time a team member completely runs around the diamond, hitting all four bases. There are nine players on each team with each team taking turns batting and standing on the field to prevent the other team from gaining points.


Underball's story mode takes place in a universe where the worlds of Undertale and Deltarune are combined due to timeline shenanigans.


Unlike Undertale and Deltarune, every character in the game is playable, though all except one must be unlocked through the story.

Fritz Fritz is the protagonist of Underball and the game's only character unlocked by default. Fritz is a completely new character not present in either Undertale or Deltarune, though he appears similar to the previous protagonists Frisk and Kris. Statistics


  • Underball is the first sports game in the Undertale series.
  • Underball is also the first game in the series to have a title that is not an acronym of "Undertale."
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