Uncle Amiibo's Minigame Gallery is a free app on the Nintendo Switch starring Uncle Amiibo, alongside other characters like Rusty, Baito, and obscure character Hoppy.


"Hey there kid. Name's Uncle Amiibo. You know, that guy from Mario Odyssey who ya used, like, 3 times tops? Well, since the game hasn't been update'n for a bit, I decided to get some quick cash. So I gathered up some pals o' mine that had nothin' to do, we got some guy to program some stuff, an' finally made this: A Minigame Gallery! So, how 'bout you come in and play some stuff, will ya'? We got free drinks!"


In order to play the Minigames themselves, you'll need to scan a Amiibo on the Switch Gamepad. Depending on what Amiibo you scanned, you'll unlock a minigame based on the Amiibo. However, if you scan a 3rd Party Amiibo, you'll get a background or some music instead. Uncle Amiibo also says something different every time you talk to him.

You can unlock backgrounds and music for the 1st party games as well. In order to do so, you'll need to beat the minigame or complete a challenge in order to unlock it. Then, you head on over to Dusty's Prize Stand and get your reward. There are also things you can buy with in-game currency you get from playing Minigames, like badges or other things.



Character Objective/Reward
UncleAmiibo Heyo. I'm the guy who owns this joint. I like to think of myself as easygoing, relaxed, and just a really fun guy all around. At leasy that's me depends on who ya really ask. That King Koopa guy has some nasty things to say about me. But hey, at least the plumber has the right idea 'bout me.
JOB: Scanning Amiibo's to unlock Minigames
Rustyboi This is Rusty, a retired baseball player who can hit more home runs then I somethin', i don't know. He's the guy over there sitting at the prize counter. Just play a minigame or complete a challenge to gain yerself a ticket, then head on over to him and claim the prize for yourself.
JOB: Managing the Prize Corner
Mystery Mushroom Arcade Bunny W.I.P
JOB: Managing the Minigames
MiniKangarooUniverse W.I.P
JOB: Telling you how to play.


Name Objective/Reward
C4195a1f7af6c460c45e37b7186efef4 This Minigame is simple: Play as Mario as you run through endless and randomized paths. You have to jump, roll, and throw fireballs at anything in your way. If you get hit twice, either from the enemies or getting caught at the end of the screen, it's game over and the Minigame ends there.
Amiibo: Mario (Any)


Logo W.I.P

In this minigame, you play a classic game of poker: both you and Luigi have cards, and you both need to get a bunch of the same card in one deck in order to score points. The cards are Dimond, Spade, Jewels, Joker, King, and so on. It ends when either you or Luigi win.
Amiibo: Luigi (Any)

Much like the classic game, DKBB is a rhythm game where you need to hit the bongo's to the rhythm of the beat.


Amiibo: Donkey Kong (Any)


  • If you scan a Skylander or Disney Infinity figure, Uncle Amiibo will scold you for using "Bootlegs".
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