An umbrella game is a type of author appeal game popular on Fantendo. The genre is conventionally considered difficult to explain. Umbrella games usually involve characters from various series crossing over in a single game, as if under a metaphorical umbrella of the creator's interests.

Many umbrella games are probably inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series, which pits Nintendo all-stars against each other in a fighting game setting. Accordingly, most (but not all) umbrella games are fighting games, and many also incorporate a theme to determine what content is used. However, there are few actual rules or guidelines to classify an umbrella game; being an author appeal project is a sole constant.

Umbrella games are not exempt from Fantendo's article standards.


The first umbrella game was Elite Fisticuffs, a crossover fighting game created by 1337doom (tbc) under the Star Crash Inc. company alias. The game was openly an author appeal project and included characters from Homestuck, Mother, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Pokémon Adventures, and various other sources. As with later games, characters were not the only content to cross over; the game also included lists of bosses and stages under the same umbrella premise.

Exotoro (tbc) initially gave the genre the name "baby waffles". This was probably chosen to reflect the nature of these games, as the content choices might seem random from an outside perspective. However, she later changed her mind, and proposed renaming it to the current "umbrella" designation, citing the meaninglessness of the old name.

In subsequent years, umbrella games have become a widespread choice of genre for many Fantendo users. They may involve a wild variety of characters, stages, items, and other features, depending on the genre and scope.

Umbrella games also mesh naturally with collaborations and free-to-edit articles. The latter allows anyone in the community to add content that they like. Games such as B.O.K.O, Godspeed, and Boss Battles have led to considerable overlap between these types of endeavors.

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