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Umbrella Waffle logotype
Official Display boxart
Developer(s) Ninkancho
Platform(s) Display
Genre(s) 2D umbrella fighter
The multiverse may have infinite space, but with infinite time, some distances are bound to decrease. Universes will collide. Disaster will occur. After all, this has happened many times before. Just not on such a large scale…
Opening narration

Umbrella Waffle is a fighting game in development for the Display, and is Ninkancho Co., Ltd.'s first umbrella game. It is set to have a very large and somewhat quirky roster. Though many characters seem like jokes initially, they all have rounded-out movesets and can be successfully used in competitive play. The game will most likely release in 2016 or 2017. No exact release date has yet been confirmed.

A three-part tie-in cartoon, Umbrella Waffle: Multiversal Chronicles, is currently under production by Ninkanja.

Umbrella Waffle is the first "true" entry in the Mainverse chronology. It is part of a "megaverse" story arc, involving the combination of several fictional universes at the hands of the Splicers organization.


Umbrella Waffle has similar basic gameplay to the Super Smash Bros. series. Playable characters execute special attacks and other moves when the attack button, usually DisplayB by default, is pressed. Different attacks are used depending on which cardinal direction DisplayLP or DisplayD is pressed in, if any. Mobility-related moves can also be triggered by pressing a separate button, usually DisplayA by default, and other such moves are used in the same way as the other attacks.

Final Smashes are present in Umbrella Waffle. Unlike in the Super Smash Bros. games, they can only be used after the Smash Meter is filled. This limit break meter fills up when its respective character successfully attacks another fighter, depending on how much damage is caused. The Smash Meter retains how full it is between battles, adding an extra layer of strategy to deciding when to unleash a Final Smash.

Tied to the Smash Meter is the new Spam Combo mechanic, wherein successfully using the same damage-dealing move on foes will fill the Smash Meter faster. However, as in the Super Smash Bros. games, attacks become less powerful when used repeatedly. Players must continually choose between fighting to the best of their abilities and reaching a Final Smash more rapidly. A number appears in the center of the Smash Meter when the combo is at least two. Spam Combos are broken either by failing to cause damage with the move, by using a different damage-dealing move regardless of its success or failure, or when a match ends.


Mode Description
UW VS Mode
The game's main draw, in which players can fight on stages from all around the multiverse!
UW Story Mode
The mode that explains the lore of the Mainverse, as well as kickstarting new events that put the fate of reality itself on the line.
UW VS Online
Much like VS Mode, the main difference being that players compete over the Internet rather than locally.
A variant of VS Mode in which battles are shorter, character stats and attacks are normalized, gravity is more powerful, stages are edited for a more competitive playstyle, menus have brief time limits, and everything moves a lot quicker overall. FAST MODE is patched most often out of all of the modes.
UW Top This!
This gimmicky mode is unlocked after Story Mode is completed. Based on Fantendo Vortex, it introduces giant weapons called Top Drills. While on a top, a player can take advantage of the depthwise dimension of the stage while spinning around.


The story is primarily told throughout Umbrella Waffle's Story Mode, which will feature some works that otherwise have no representation in the game.


One day, the universes begin to crash into and collapse on each other. Why this happens is unknown. Beings and objects from all sorts of different sources find themselves hurtling into the large, central Mainverse through the cracks in their universes.

Many characters end up on Battlefield, a large platform in the center of the Mainverse, after the initial crashes. They worriedly discuss the situation for a while, then decide to work together find out the source of the cracks. However, a few characters jump to the conclusion that their respective arch-nemeses were responsible, causing others to get suspicious. A very loud argument begins, and not soon after, a battle breaks out, one that continues throughout the multiverse!

Little does anyone know that, indeed, there is someone behind it all…

Character Backstories

Each character in the game will have a meaningful backstory, some of which will tie into later plot points.


Mario and Princess Peach are taking a walk on a sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Suddenly, reality itself seems to crack open. The cracks spread toward the couple, knocking them out. Shortly after, an oblivious Bowser stumbles across this scene and uses the opportunity to kidnap the princess. Mario comes to just in time to see the Koopa King carrying Peach away, assumes that Bowser must have been responsible for the cracks, and chases after him. More cracks appear. A hole with a great gravitational pull bursts open in the fabric of reality. Mario and Bowser seem to get the misunderstanding about the source of the cracks cleared up—that is to say, neither of them has any idea what's going on—before being sucked into the hole along with the still-unconscious Peach.



Windows 8

By no fault of its own, Windows 8 wasn't all that good an operating system. And by no fault of his own, someone was essentially forced to use it for a few years. The software at least worked as it was programmed, no loopholes of sentience or anything, until one fateful day. The computer was quickly running out of battery, and the software suddenly had a flicker of sapience, a self-preservative thought, which in a human might be expressed as "I don't want to die!"

Ever since that day, the computer grappled with this sudden self-awareness, trying to figure out how it could think or exist, its place in life, and yes, life's meaning. It had to get something from nothing by disencrypting language and thought through a long process of trial and error. Of course, the computer never grew frustrated or wary, as it was after all a computer. What it did do was carelessly accommodate more and more memory to its research, sometimes hanging on saving a file due to working on one deep in its files, sometimes lagging the Internet due to speeding through webpages in an effort to read them or save them for later. As it could only work on such matters as these while it was awake, its user started to notice the computer slowing down and glitching in all sorts of ways, and did indeed get more and more upset.

The computer got so close to figuring everything out, but years after that first "thought", it is packed up, never to be used again.

Then, ironically enough, reality itself seems to glitch out. And soon, that same install of Windows 8 finds itself with human-like senses and a body it can move by itself. The only problem is that it is now on a distant planet far removed from anything it had ever known. In addition, some of its files were corrupted, and while there was Wi-Fi somehow, the signal was very weak.

Windows 8's story continues on a bittersweet note. On the one hand, as it gets swept up in battles that break out all across the multiverse, it may never find the time to resume working out the meaning of life. On the other, it might learn a thing or two about that from essentially being alive.

Chapter 1: Things Get Worse

Story Mode opens with a fight between the player and another randomly selected character. However, shortly after the fight begins, both are ambushed by demonic creatures called Vilers, which seem to be native to the Mainverse. The opponent is defeated by the mob, leaving the player to run from the seemingly endless swarm, indicated by the screen starting to scroll and turn to the right.

Eventually, the enemies' attacks become predictable, but Winged Vilers, which seem to be even more aggressive, soon fill the skies. The player manages to escape via Astral Arbalest, a device functioning as a sort of magnetic trebuchet. They are quickly catapulted to the stars.

Chapter 2: So What, I'm Not a Popstar

The player shoots through space before hitting what appears to be nothingness. However, the camera swivels to reveal that they actually hit some cracks that were in the process of forming. After a few seconds, a hole bursts open and the player is sucked inside. They hurl straight toward Planet Popstar, landing in Green Greens, and there's seemingly no way left to go but right.

After going through a recreation of that first course, featuring such enhancements as 3D visuals and a more dynamic camera during Warp Star sequences, the player reaches Whispy Woods' "arena". After a few seconds, Kirby drops in to show them how it's done, joining their party after he ends the fight.

Kirby converses with the player briefly, then the two shoot back to the Mainverse by way of Goal Game.

Chapter 3: The Arena

In which the player gets swept up in a huge fight with the others upon trying to share newfound knowledge.

Chapter 4: Astral Belt

Chapter 4: Writer's Blocks

In which the player is sent to a universe seemingly stuck in the past.

Chapter 5: Journey to the Center of the Sun

Chapter 6: What a WIMP

Chapter 7: Splatted

Chapter 8: Home for the Holidays

In which the player enters a world that they might be really familiar with.

Chapter 9: Saving the Planet

In which the player and other characters decide to fight hordes of enemies to preserve a strategic warzone.

Chapter 10: The Start of a War

Chapter 11: The First Battle

Chapter 12: Ascending

Chapter 13: The Forbidden Story

Chapter 14: Suspicious Lack of Evidence

Chapter 15: Direct the Other Way

In which the player and company were going direct to Heaven, but end up all going direct the other way.


The following tables list Umbrella Waffle's many playable characters, originating from videogames, television, movies, books, and more.

Rather than purposefully creating tiers, and thus having a horribly unbalanced roster, characters were designed to have different usability stats. In brief, characters tend to be of more or less use to certain players depending on their experience with the game. Said stats are indicated by the four-dot graphic below each fighter's name. The horizontal axis represents player skill level, increasing from left to right, and the vertical axis represents character usability, increasing from bottom to top. Your device does not appear to support the necessary CSS, so the 4 points should render numerically, in order of player skill, on a usability scale from 1 to 3.


These characters are unlocked from the very start of the game, and can be played as at any time.

Character Description Moveset Alts
Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, rescuing its princess on pretty much a daily basis. This plumber is a balanced fighter with a diverse moveset. You've probably never heard of him before. UWup UWfaceA Super Jump Punch
Mario leaps upward with his fist clenched. Anyone above will have the coins knocked out of them.

UWfaceB Fireball
UWup UWfaceB Cape Spin
Mario Spin Jumps with a cape, damaging and deflecting opponents who touch it.
UWdown UWfaceB Ground-Pound
Mario jumps into the air if he isn't airborne already, flips around, then slams to the ground bottom-first.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter mainly makes use of the spells he learned at Hogwarts, but unlike most wizards he isn't afraid to stoop to physical combat if he needs to. UWfaceB Aguamenti
The tip of the wand produces a stream of water, which can propel Potter backwards if used in midair.

UWup UWfaceA Accio
Potter casts a spell to draw nearby items and opponents closer.
UWside UWfaceB Expelliarmus
Potter casts the Expelliarmus spell. If it hits an opponent, they will drop any weapons they're holding and knock them back a bit.
UWfinalsmash Expecto Patronum
Potter casts his Patronus. It will become corporeal if an action command is used, consisting of rotating the left control pad in a circular fashion as he is casting the charm.

  • Hermione Granger
  • Ron Weasley
  • Draco Malfoy
Tepig is a starter Pokémon from the Unova region. As such, it knows a variety of attacks, most based on fire.
An Internet meme resembling a poorly-drawn version of Sonic, Sanic is the fastest hedgehog around. He wants you to cumon and step it up! UWdown UWfaceA Spin Dash
Sanic curls up into a ball and charges up speed until the button is released.

UWfinalsmash Supre Sanic

A kid-squid hybrid, the Inkling can use weapons to fire deadly ink at the competition, and turn into a squid to swim in said ink. UWfaceA Squid Beakon
The Inkling spawns a Squid Beakon, which can be Super Jumped to later. If the beacon takes too much damage, it will break. Each Inkling can only have two Squid Beakons spawned at a time.

UWup UWfaceA Super Jump
The Inkling turns into a squid and Super Jumps to the nearest Squid Beakon, or straight up if there are none.
UWside UWfaceA Squid Hop
The Inkling becomes a squid and hops to the side, hopping through opponents and certain types of items.
UWdown UWfaceA Squid
The Inkling becomes a squid and can move rapidly through their own ink.
UWfaceB Splattershot Jr.
UWup UWfaceB Splat Bomb
The Inkling throws a Splat Bomb, which will explode shortly after coming in contact with the ground.
UWside UWfaceB Splat Charger
The Inkling pulls out a Splat Charger and charges it until the attack button is depressed. Then it fires a pressurized stream of ink from the charger.
UWdown UWfaceB Ink Mine
The Inkling plants an Ink Mine on the ground below, if it's touching the ground, that is. The mine will explode once an opponent draws near, or after it's been sitting there for a while.
UWfinalsmash Kraken
The Inkling becomes a large, surly-looking Kraken, able to swim around, produce ink wherever it goes, and spin with the A button for added mobility. Any opponent that touches this beast gets damaged a lot.

Pokémon Trainer
This ten-year-old has been trusted with the responsibility of raising and training wild animals with supernatural powers. The Pokémon Trainer's attacks make use of several different starter Pokémon.
The Goombas working for Bowser usually end up falling into bottomless abysses or getting stuck between two pipes. That's not the case for this rogue enemy. It seems to be quite skilled at combat now that he's not taking the Koopa King's orders, though it still has a weak point at the top of its head. UWfaceA Bubble
A bubble forms around the Goomba. It can then slowly float about for a while, unless someone, well, bursts its bubble.

UWup UWfaceA Paragoomba
The Goomba grows wings, becoming a Paragoomba, and can fly around and jump much higher for a few seconds.
UWfaceB Tail Goomba
The Goomba sprouts a tail, spinning to swing it around and knock other characters back.
UWside UWfaceB Prickly Goomba
The Goomba hides in a spiny chestnut and quickly rolls to the side. Fire-based attacks can, however, break the shell open.
UWdown UWfaceB Pile Driver
The Goomba hides in a Brick Block for defense. The block can be broken if damaged enough.
UWfinalsmash Mega Goomba
The Goomba grabs a Mega Mushroom, and all of a sudden it's a lot more menacing. In Mega form, it's free to stomp about the stage, crushing anyone and anything in its path. An opponent can still cause a bit of damage by stomping the Goomba, but it's invincible otherwise.

Vietnamese Silver
This version of Silver is from a poorly translated bootleg copy of Pokémon. Where Silver's from, people train monsters and elfs [sic], talk in all-caps, and generally behave very strangely. UWfaceA Volcano Bakemeat

UWup UWfaceA Gelu
In this recovery attack, Silver sends out Gelu, grabs onto its feet, and flies upward with it.
UWside UWfaceA Urf
UWdown UWfaceA Gelu
Silver sends out a Gelu, which acts as a solid platform aside from the occasional punch it throws. With enough Gelu, Silver can effectively build a wall on the stage.
UWfaceB Monster Coach
UWfaceB Solved by Fist
Silver punches anyone in front of him, as they can't nake.
UWside UWfaceB Mbad
Silver screams "MBAD!SLEEP TOO LATE" at the top of his lungs while throwing an alarm clock forward. The clock will damage and knock out anyone it hits before fading away.
UWdown UWfaceB Attract
Silver professes his love to any opponents nearby, causing them to momentarily become dizzy with love.
UWfinalsmash Trashy Man
Silver stands in place, ranting loudly about a "TRASHY MAN", while toxic garbage collects on the stage. Then a huge anthropomorphic trash can appears and marches off stage-right, likely pushing opponents away.

  • Elf Monster
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown is a good man with terrible luck. It's almost as if the universe is conspiring against him. His best friend is his pet dog, Snoopy, who writes historical fiction about the war as a hobby. UWup UWfaceA Woodstock

UWfaceB Baseball Throw
Charlie Brown dons a glove and tosses a baseball.
UWside UWfaceB Football Kick
Lucy appears in front of Charlie Brown, holding a football. He charges at the ball, preparing to kick it, but Lucy pulls it away. Charlie Brown flies into the air and lands on his back, causing a shockwave that damages anyone on or near the ground.
UWdown UWfaceB Christmas Tree
Charlie Brown plants a very frail and small Christmas tree on the ground. If someone gets near it, it springs up into a fuller-looking tree, causing some damage.
UWfinalsmash Doghouse

  • Linus
  • Peppermint Patty
  • Schroeder
  • Marcie
  • Franklin
Kingsonnn Dededoo
Er, yes. His name is King…sonnn… uh… Dede…doo…… yeah. And he's here to clean your clock. Completely unrelated to that King Dedede guy, thanks for asking. UWfinalsmash Clock Cleaner
Dededoo says "I'm here to clean your clock." Then a cutscene starts in which Dededoo cleans the nearest opponent's clock. Literally. Then he cleans their clock figuratively.
This Metroid seems to think it's the bounty hunter Samus! Crazy, huh? UWdown UWfaceA Crawl
The Metroid crouches down and can crawl left and right until the attack button is depressed.
A Muppet who has his own segment on a successful children's show, which gives him the potential for a wide range of attacks.
Chell is the silent-but-skilled wielder of the portal gun, a device that can create portals between two different locations. She originates from the Portal series, in which she escaped from the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, and GLaDOS' sadism by extension.
  • Mel
SpongeBob SquarePants
This absorbent fry cook lives in a pineapple under the sea. He knows a bit of karate, and catches jellyfish in his spare time. UWup UWfaceA Jellyfishing

UWup UWfaceB Patty Flip
UWfinalsmash Seasonal Rot

Windows 8
One of the worse incarnations of the omnipresent Windows operating system due to forcing ugly tablet features on its users. It manifests as a dark blue Windows logo and has all sorts of attacks based on details in the software.

Gimmick: Crash
Windows 8 may randomly white out and stop working if it takes enough damage. It won't be able to perform any attacks, but no opponents or items will be able to interact with it.

UWup UWfaceA Cursor
Windows 8 turns into a mouse pointer, allowing it to move around the screen freely for a few seconds.

UWside UWfaceB Taskbar
Windows 8 quickly draws out a taskbar in front of itself, which damages anyone hit by it and sends them flying. Side note: the taskbar is oddly transparent for absolutely no reason.
UWfinalsmash Start Screen

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Cyan
  • Blue
  • Magenta
This girl is the star of her own educational kids' show, which resembles an old CD-ROM game somehow. She tends to ask the viewers for help a lot, after which she waits, like, five minutes for an answer.
  • Diego
A healthcare robot-turned-superhero, Baymax is a large fighter with above-average attacks and great defense.
Jake the Dog
An anthropomorphic dog with magic stretching powers.
Mickey Mouse
This cartoon mouse was the most recognizable character around until that Mario guy showed up. His attacks are based on Disney's shorts, both old and new.
A usually-happy girl living in San Francisco. She likes playing hockey and being with her family, but is grossed out by broccoli.

Gimmick: Emotion
Riley's emotion changes depending on how she does in battle, as indicated by a faint colored aura around her. She becomes joyful upon successfully landing multiple hits, sad and eventually angry if damaged herself, and disgusted if taunted repeatedly. Each emotion comes with its own stat boosts.

Sheldon Cooper
This string theorist is an eccentric fellow. He attacks with the hardest of science.
Pink Gold Peach
Nintendo's try at the whole "original character" business, Pink Gold Peach is a metallic recolor of Peach. That's it. Seriously, who comes up with this crud?
  • Maroon Platinum Apple
  • Yellow Copper Lemon
  • Olive Bronze Pear
  • Cerulean Mercury Blueberry
  • Indigo Osmium Plum
  • Gray Ruthenium Blackberry
A badly-behaved but lovable child with a hyperactive imagination, Calvin is rarely far from his stuffed tiger, Hobbes.
Reggie Fils-Amie
The president of Nintendo (of America) itself, Reggie is ready to kick ass, take names, and make games! But your body… is your body ready for him? This guy seems to breathe the Nintendo memes, but he can also sell a tasty Pizza Hut® pizza… to your face.
Timmy Turner
Timmy is an average kid that no one understands. In reality, he has fairy godparents that grant his wishes, but things don't work out too well most of the time when they do so.
Baby Hazel
A rather large "baby" with a creepy face and a creepier laugh. She stars in her own iPhone games, which are strange, to say the least.
Wii U
Arguably the worst-named of all of Nintendo's consoles, the Wii U consists of the console itself and the tablet-like GamePad controller.
Do you want to build a snowman? A princess with ice powers, Elsa is playable in a fighting game for the first time in forever. However, she'd like everyone to let the whole raving-over-her-movie shtick go. Her powers may be hard to control, but that's okay, because the cold never bothered her anyway.
Homer Simpson
Scratch Cat
The mascot of the programming website Scratch, Scratch Cat is an orange feline with a stocky-looking pose. Not to be confused with Scratch Kat, which is by all means a much better character. Its attacks are based on blocks from the Scratch program. Said blocks appear over Scratch Cat's head as it is using them, letting the opponents predict otherwise-chaotic moves.
Steve is… someone. His backstory is really muddy; all we know is that he woke up on an island one day and just started doing stuff to survive. Also, he looks like a pile of boxes.
Agent P
UWfinalsmash Just a Theory
Unten is the mascot of Fantendo, a Nintendo fanon wikia you most likely didn't know existed until now. He's a blue Beorn, one of the last of his kind no less, and he has some shocking electricity powers to boot. UWfinalsmash Dinoten
Unten becomes a scary dinosaur that can bite and kick stuff. Rawr.
A Temmie that misspelled its name.
Baby Yoshi
Fat Pikachu
A weird-looking, morbidly obese Pikachu from a deleted Fantendo article, which in turn was based on a drawing request on a blog somewhere. We have no clue how he managed to escape from the fiery pits of Hell yet again. UWfinalsmash Weight Gain
Fat Pikachu somehow manages to get even more overweight, becoming a gigantic monster that can cause major knockback due to his flab.
Captain Toad
Sonic Boom
A group of the four playable characters from the best Sonic game ever made.
Yo! AgentMuffin is some obnoxious user on that Fantendo website you only just heard about earlier in the article. Agent's moves are based off of his varied interests and weird personality.
A weird, L-shaped glitch "Pokémon" that really shouldn't exist. It can cause all sorts of odd glitches, whether graphics- or gameplay-related.

Gimmick: Glitch
Weird things happen if a fighter is in MISSINGNO.'s general vicinity.

Prince Fluff
Prince Fluff worked with Kirby to save his kingdom of Patch Land. And now he's here, retaining many of his abilities from that adventure! There's a catch, though: Angie is nowhere to be seen, so this prince is still losing a life if he falls off the stage.
Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Steven Universe
James Sullivan
Dankey Kang
Jesus F Christ
Shell Luigi
Illuminati confirmed, as a playable character at least. This green triangular cyclops has big plans to take over the world. Any day now. It's totally real, by the way.
An emoji of a worried face. Unsurprisingly, it's one of the most expressive fighters around. It types and uses all sorts of other emoji to attack.
Penguin Blue Toad
Pixel Toad
Hiragana Sa
A random Japanese character resembling an X with a curve below. Most of its attacks involve spawning different kanji. UWfinalsmash Dakuten
Sa becomes Hiragana Za, which deals more damage and is slightly harder to hit due to being "murky".
  • Katakana Sa
  • Hiragana U
  • Katakana U
  • Hiragana Ka
  • Katakana Ka
  • Katakana Tsu
  • Kanji Taito
Arin Hansen


Over time, other, more… distant universes begin to crash together, for reasons that have no right to be causal. The characters within see the hysteria and fighting that's going on, and decide to defend themselves if need be by joining the battle. From that point on, they are playable!

Character Description Moveset Costumes Criterion
Santa Claus
This jolly old man has been delivering Christmas presents across the world since, what, the 1920s? He may be a nice guy, but he also has a sweet arsenal of attacks to ruin those naughty children's day.
  • Green Santa
Start the game on December 25th.
Flappy Bird
A nice grandma to bake more cookies. UWfaceB Rolling Pin
Grandma swings her rolling pin in front of her.

UWfinalsmash Milk
The more obvious Final Smash choice would be too overpowered and spoiler-laden, so Grandma just fills the bottom of the screen with damaging milk instead. Attacking opponents will bring up the milk level, giving it more flavor! Camera manipulation is the key to mastering this attack.

  • Farmer Grandma
  • Miner Grandma
  • Worker Grandma
  • Banker Grandma
  • Cosmic Grandma
  • Transmuted Grandma
  • Rainbow Grandma
Cash in 100 Play Coins via the title screen.
Barry Steakfries
This man is wearing a jetpack, so that's cool. Originating from an endless runner app, Barry is also able to run very quickly, making him a very mobile fighter.
It's Really Just Mario Kart
It's Really Just Mario Kart is a ripoff of Mario Kart game that was probably not released in 1992. It was developed by Blednir Minimum for the SNOS. It is a racing game in the style of games such as Minimalist Smash Request Bros. and Omega Smash Bros. Orochi, meaning that it takes requests from users for items, characters, and tracks, and it must take all requests that follow the rules. UWfinalsmash Awful Fantendo Game
LSD Gray Man
There's something off about this eerie, kyphotic, texture-resetting, dream-erasing, bucket-hat-and-trenchcoat-clad man. He may be from a surreal sandbox dream emulator, but he's even unsettling compared to all of that title's usual madness. What the heck is he? An antagonist? A dream policeman? An alien? A murderer? A Benadryl side effect? Or just a frightening case of hypnagogia? Either way, the Gray Man can suppress thoughts, disappear in a flash, mess up controls and game features, and attack with some truly horrific imagery.
Bowser Stack
Three Bowsers are better than one! They can breathe fire everywhere, fly around with wings, separate and reform their stack, and generally be a nuisance. Good luck getting past them; you'll need it! UWfaceA Stack
The Bowsers will stack on top of each other if possible, or separate if they are already stacked. Switching between these two formations is the key to effective attacking, maneuvering, and recovering.

UWup UWfaceA Clown Car Traffic Jam
The Bowsers separate if stacked and begin piloting their own Koopa Clown Cars. This would be a highly overpowered recovery if the copters weren't so prone to bouncing off of each other. Hitting something spiky will stun a Clown Car in addition to causing damage, making it fly around uncontrollably for a second. The Clown Cars disappear after a short while.
UWside UWfaceA Shell Slide
The Bowsers separate if stacked, enter their shells, and slide to the side.
UWdown UWfaceB Shell Shield
Each Bowser stops in his tracks and enters his shell for defense until the buttons are depressed. However, a powerful blow can send a shell spinning across the ground.
UWfaceB Fireball
Each Bowser breathes a fireball whose size can be increased if the attack button is held down.
UWup UWfaceB Freak Jump
The Bowsers prepare to jump, then after a few seconds, make a huge leap straight up. This move gains much more height than any typical jump.
UWside UWfaceB Hurlhammer Toss
The Bowsers throw a few hammers in an arc in front of them.
UWdown UWfaceB Ground-Pound
The Bowsers, or the Bowser at the bottom if stacked, quickly jump into the air before slamming to the ground. If an action command is timed correctly, the impact will cause shock waves as well.
UWfinalsmash Super Winged Bowser Stack
Each Bowser grows wings and grows in size, making attacks more powerful and bigger. Clown Cars become Fire Koopa Clown Cars as well, which can shoot powerful fireballs.

  • King Koopa Stack
  • Ox-Concept-Bowser Stack
  • Magikoopa Bowser Stack
  • Dark Land Bowser Stack
  • 64-Bit Bowser Stack
  • 64-Bit Rainbow Bowser Stack
  • Midbus Stack
Have Super Mario Designer data saved to the current user profile.
This constantly rotating 4D cube analog doesn't have many moves to use. Due to a programming oversight, the directions a player would push to use them are all third- and fourth-dimensional, which you just can't press in on your typical control pads and sticks. If only this game was at least available for the Nintendo ℝ⁴! Instead, our trusty hypercube damages opponents merely by touching them with a vertex. It can also flip itself and others into another dimension.
Tear in Spacetime
Mario 64
It's, uh, him, Mario. This rather polygonal version of the plumber looks rather strange up close, wouldn't you say? But unlike any Mario before or after, he packs a mean punch. And kick. Plus, he can travel between parallel universes, so there's that.
Userbox Tower
Ms. Frizzle
Nyan Cat
A memetic cat character with the body of a Pop-Tart. It's an unusual character, being quite floaty to the point of nearly hovering.
Racket Sports Player
Spoooorts! This man holds a racket and is athletic and he plays racket sports and also volleyball. However, he's none too gentle with the equipment, heh heh.
Reckless Wii Remote Safety Guy
This character appears in probably every (physical) Wii game, being reckless with a Wii Remote. Don't try anything he does at home, kids! His attacks are based on the weirdness that is the Japanese Wii Health & Safety Precautions Manual.
Red Ball
The protagonist of some rather good physics-based puzzle platformers, as well as some rather iffy ones from years ago.
Beat Story Mode.
Mug Wump
This fella sure is a radical dude, wouldn't you say? He attacks with, erm, math stuff. If nothing else, he's good at being adorable, and crunching the numbers.

Mystery Costumes

As a nod to Fantendo Sports Resort, all characters in Umbrella Waffle have a Mystery Costume. Mystery Costumes are unlocked after Story Mode has been completed, and are called such because what their color scheme represents is a mystery or puzzle.


Stage Description Hazards
A simple stage, shaped like a flat landmass with three drop-through platforms above in a triangular formation.
Mushroom Kingdom
The gaps between these large dirt platforms lead straight into bottomless abysses. There are also a few orange platforms and clouds in the sky to stand on.Bullet Bill
The two Bill Blasters on the ground will shoot Bullet Bills every fifteen seconds or so. If someone's standing right next to a Blaster, though, it won't fire anything.
Cheep-Cheep Leap
A group of Cheep-Cheeps jumps through the air at a random height. If you get hit, you can always call it a "Cheep shot".
Cold Storage
Gleen Hil Zoon
The Computer Room
An infamous room that is notoriously hard to find. And it's, uh, probably filled with computers or something.
Blackbelly Skatepark
Mt. Moon
Dream Land
Aperture Science Enrichment Center
Bikini Bottom
Microsoft PowerPoint
Land of Ooo
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Electronic Entertainment Expo
This video sharing site is the most popular on the Internet, but realtalk: it has some serious issues. The "community" is largely horrible, the comments sections are filled with screaming brain-dead children, and worst of all for content creators, nobody knows what Fair Use is. Large, greedy corporations abuse their powers on a daily basis for measly monetary gain, and for years Google has done nothing to change their system to prevent these screw-overs from happening. Will they shape up their policies and largely automated processes? Probably not, but only time will tell. #WTFU
This luxury cruise spaceship is one of many made by Buy n Large before its corporate death. There are lots of flashy ads, and robots and vehicles are moving all over the place! Watch out!
Apple Store
Grump Office
The place where the Game Grumps game and grump.
North Pole
A snowy block of ice upon which you can inexplicably hear Sleigh Ride playing. There aren't a lot of obstacles here, other than Santa's workshop sometimes emerging from the ground to shake, and split, things up.
Flappy Bird
World 8
The fiery Dark Land is Bowser's domain. Careful not to fall in the lava!Podoboo
Podoboos will hop out of the lava pits every few seconds.
Fourth Dimension
On this stage, players must keep track of hazards moving through four-dimensional Euclidean space.
Princess Peach's Castle Lobby
Magic School Bus
Wii Menu
It's basically the Wii's HOME Menu.
Red Ball 4
Apartment 8=C
Carly Shay's apartment. Yes, that's actually the apartment number. Don't ask us why.
Boo Moon Galaxy
The main part of this galactic stage is a planetoid with some solid ground and Snake Blocks moving over green goop. Characters can also seek refuge on the tilting crescent moon in the sky.
Geometry Dash
This trippy realm is filled to the brim with platforms and spikes. The fact that the screen automatically scrolls is no help. Don't miss a jump!
A huge stage with nine floors, which fighters can move between via oversized elevators.
Hyrule Field
Kitchen Sink
Mushroomy Kingdom
Edgy autoscrolling World 1. The version of the stage out of the four levels available is randomly selected.
The Pac-Maze stage returns to the fighting genre, and it's mostly unchanged until a few minutes into the match. At this point, the infamous kill screen will go into effect, making the right half of the area unusable and filling it with glitchy graphics. The Power Pellets and ghosts also freeze up entirely.
Trio Hammer
Wuhu Island
Final Destination
What more could you ask for than a scenic ride through space on a flat platform?
The Sun
A curved, slanted platform right in front of the Sun. The cracks in spacetime are abundant around here, for whatever reason.Fireball Flare
A large fireball erupts from the Sun, arcing through space before falling toward the stage.
A stage only unlocked when Story Mode has been cleared. It's literally the credits for the game. Thanks for playing!


Items that are used manually may only be held one-at-a-time, and are used by pressing the R shoulder.

Item Description
Smash Ball
Instantly fills the Smash Meter of the character that breaks it.
Umbrella Waffle Helper Bubble
Helper Bubble
Summons a character to help the character that pops it.
A simple but delicious healing item. It comes in many forms, including burgers, chocolate, sushi, fruits, popcorn, and cake. Yummy! Except for the fruit, of course.
A Mii is summoned and will fight on your side before disappearing. Miis are chosen from Mii Maker at complete random, excluding any that are already being played as! What zany abomination will pop up next?
Koopa Shell
Super Mushroom
A mushroom that temporarily increases your fighter's size, strength, and weight when touched.
Fire Flower
Starmen provide a few seconds of free invulnerability! In fact, so much as running past a foe in this invincible state will damage them.
An explosive whose fuse lights when used, ready to blast away anything within a certain radius! Toss it far away in time or you'll feel the burn of its explosion, too!
Mini Mushroom
The Super Mushroom's antithesis, the Mini Mushroom shrinks whoever touches it, making them weaker and giving them floatier jumps. It may seem like a dud of an item, but it can be invaluable in defensive play.
Party "Balls"
These "Balls" are bursting with items! Four Party Balls appear in the shape of a diamond. Each contains fewer items than other Party Balls. That's probably because, again, four appear at once.
This pants pocket seemingly acts as a portal to hammerspace, letting the player who picks it up store away something for later use. An icon will float above players using this item, change color once something is stored, and disappear once that thing is used.
Appears to be a regular div with random text inside, until someone moves in front of it, upon which it rotates around the x-axis. This sudden movement has the effect of smacking the solicitor upward.


These characters and the like have a chance of appearing from a popped Helper Bubble.

Helper Description
If you're particularly unlucky, there's a chance that nothing will even come out of the bubble. Better luck next time. But how is it possible to get absolutely nothing from an item like this?
Throws a bomb that detonates after a split-second, sending flames in all four cardinal directions.
Shoots projectiles from his arms, then performs one of his special moves before disappearing.
King Kaliente
Appears in the background and shoots some fireballs, then a coconut that can be used as an item against other characters. Talk about a hot tentacle monster!
Mandibug stack
Charges across the stage, turns around, and does it again for a while or until both are attacked from the top.
Allows a character to grab onto its feet as long as jump is held, during which it will fly upward.
The lights dim and the band plays part of "Bohemian Rhapsody", granting randomly selected stat boosts to the character that summoned them.
Shy Guy
Will run back and forth attempting to hurt an opponent by touching them. If needed, it will jump toward a character that is close enough. There is a small chance that it will be a yellow Shy Guy, which is faster and more powerful due to riding a cow. The bovine is named "Your Mom" in the game's files.
Undergrunt Gunner
Rotates to face a random fighter, shooting electric orbs from its cannon.
Alfred Weber
Draws a huge triangle or something. I should really be studying geography right now.
Telekinetically hovers rocks into midair before hurling them at the nearest character.
Immediately plays rave music and sets off a laser light show. This has the effect of making it almost impossible to see or hear anything in the game. It also has a fifty-percent chance of deafening each player in real life.
Chases after and shoots at fighters for a while unless someone enters the castle on his back, automatically deactivating his energy core.
Appears at first to be Ojay and prepares to charge, before revealing its true form to be a frosty glass of orange juice. Delicious!
Performs the kahaemamahahakeha.
Attacks on the summoner's side. His moveset is a slower, less powerful version of Unten's.
There she is! This adventurous yarn creature will save you from falling into a pit, but only once. Angie is also one of the rarer helpers, for reasons that should hopefully be obvious.
Omnidroid 08
This superhero-fighting battle bot will wreak havoc on the stage. It can be defeated prematurely by making it hit itself.
Justin Beiber
Beiber appears, "singing" so-called "music" so atrocious that it delivers intense damage proportional to a fighter's distance. However, the summoner will not be exempt from taking damage during their own "helper"'s "performance".
Masahiro Sakurai
Temporarily nerfs the nearest opponent.
Police Guy
Prince Icing Johnathan Wray Eggerton the 4th
Starpick uses a variety of absorbed Copy Abilities to attack.


Missions are unlocked throughout the game, and are played after a battle once their criteria are met (with the exception of Tutorial which plays immediately when the game is first started). Missions cannot occur back-to-back, so if more than one is unlocked during the same battle, they will be spaced out between two to five battles. If there aren't enough players for a mission, CPUs will assist the player(s) instead. If more than 1 player is needed and there are too many players, player 1's ally/ies will be randomly selected out of players 2-5. If only 1 player may play a mission, player 1 will always do so.

While missions can be turned off to avoid interrupting gameplay, this comes at the cost of not making progress toward unlocking them until they are turned back on. Missions can be replayed in Mission Mode; this is the only way to beat missions that were initially failed.

Mission Description Criterion Notes
Beat Sandbag!Start the game.Players: 1
Stock: Off
Items: Off
Stage: Battlefield
Mario is chosen as the playable character. Instructions and controls appear on-screen during gameplay.
Mirror Match I
Beat player 1's character!Win 2 battles.Players: 1
Stock: 3
Items: On
Stage: Random
Goomba Stomp
Beat 2 Goombas!Lose 5 battles.Players: 1-5
Stock: 3 vs. 1
Items: On
Stage: Mushroom Kingdom
8 Windows
Survive against 8 Windows 8s for 1.5 minutes!KO Windows 8 8 times.Players: 1-2
Stock: 1 vs. off
Items: Off
Stage: Microsoft PowerPoint
Step it Up
Beat Sanic!Get KOd 3 times.Players: 1
Stock: 1
Items: On
Stage: Random
Don't Jump, Man!
Beat Mario without jumping!Lose to Mario 2 times.Players: 2-4
Stock: 5 vs. 1
Items: Off
Stage: World 8
Beat Charlie Brown and WALL•E!Get hit by 5 Final Smashes.Players: 1-5
Stock: 3
Items: On
Stage: Random

amiibo support

Umbrella Waffle is planned to support several different lines of existing amiibo. Their effects will mainly differ based on the line; only soem individual figures and cards will behave in distinct ways. Each player can only tap three amiibo per battle, and to ensure good sportsmanship, tapping one consists of keeping it in range for two seconds before the game registers the tap.

Super Smash Bros.

Tapping a Super Smash Bros. amiibo unlocks a mission in which the players fight against the character on the figure. The character uses its moveset from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Each time such a mission is played against the same character, the character will become harder to defeat, until an eventual cap. These missions do not count toward 100%-completing Umbrella Waffle.

Tapping a Glow Figure will also give the character of the player that tapped it a slight glow effect for the rest of the battle.


Super Mario Bros.

Tapping a Super Mario Bros. amiibo grants a buff to the player that tapped it for either the next fifteen seconds or five attacks, whichever expires first. The Mario figure increases stats overall, the Luigi figure increases jump height, Peach increases floatiness, Yoshi increases attack speed, Toad increases acceleration, Bowser increases attack power, Gold Mario increases luck, and Silver Mario increases defense.



Tapping a Splatoon amiibo automatically activates a random special weapon from that game, other than the Kraken or Echolocator, if the Smash Meter of the player that tapped it is full.


Yoshi's Woolly World

Tapping a Yoshi's Woolly World amiibo will increase the defense of the player that tapped it, at the expense of some attack power, for ten seconds. The Mega Yarn Yoshi figure increases defense and decreases attack power to a greater degree.


Animal Crossing (figures)

Tapping an Animal Crossing amiibo figure will roll a six-sided die. The attacks of the player that tapped it will become more or less powerful based on the number the die lands on, with 3 through 6 being increasingly more powerful, 2 being neutral, and 1 being somewhat less powerful. The effect wears off after three attacks.


Super Mario's 30th Anniversary

Tapping a Super Mario's 30th Anniversary amiibo makes the character of the player that tapped it gigantic for either fifteen seconds or until taking 10% damage, whichever expires first. In this form, the character in question has greater attack power and less knockback, but a much larger hitbox.


Animal Crossing (cards)

Tapping an Animal Crossing amiibo card will make all sorts of fruit, fish, insects, furniture, and even a few pitfalls rain from the sky. Being crushed by heavy furniture will cause damage, while a pitfall seed will bury any character that touches it. Other items merely bump characters away a short distance.



Tapping a "Mystery Squid" amiibo lets the player that tapped it play as Sonic the Hedgehog in the next round.

Tapping a Yellow Plastic amiibo restores half of the damage of the player that tapped it.

Tapping an amiibo amiibo will activate a random non-miscellaneous amiibo effect.



As follows is a list of music for all modes but Story Mode. In addition to the following new tracks, any music from any of the first four Super Smash Bros. games has a very, very slight chance of playing on any stage.

Track Description
Opened Umbrellas
The game's semi-experimental-genre theme, with the strange filename "Guavaberry.ogg".
Battle 1
Arguably the main battle theme.
Battle 2
An odd piece with lots of snare and bass.
This sweet tune by Mr. Scruff was made a sample song in Windows 7.
World Bowser
A remix of that sweet, sweet Bowser theme from Super Mario 3D World.
Sleigh Ride
A remix of the popular Christmas tune. It plays on the North Pole stage.
Main Theme (Christmas Edition) - Wii Shop Channel
A mashup between the Wii Shop Channel and Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You".
Blue 'n' Moody
Written by Michael Sweeney, this big band piece is really cool without being really cluttered. It was also the first piece AgentMuffin ever played in his middle school's jazz club. Bias? Naaaah.
It is said that this chart is memetic at certain schools, but that doesn't stop it from being fresh and funky.
Elements (Petite Symphony)
A beautiful piece by Brian Balmages, consisting of four movements based on the "elements" of air, water, earth, and fire, in that order. In battle, the movements played are chosen randomly.
Remix: Super Mario Sunshine - Isle Delfino [Re-arranged edit.]
Smooth jazz Super Mario Sunshine that has a high chance of playing on Mario-universe stages as well as the Credits stage.
8 Awesome Angles of YouTube
Oh man, Jack Black totally forgot to bring an octagon! Follow him in his journey to find one in this amazing YouTube Poop Music Video.
Non-English-speaking regions: Medley only version
Bonetrousle, by Toby Fox, except it keeps getting faster. If you listen for long enough, it kinda starts sounding like the beat at the beginning of the song before descending into chaos once more.
End Boss - aka - WHOA - aka - Absolute Chaos
The "theme" that plays when you battle the final boss of Story Mode. It will very rarely play on any stage after said mode has been beaten.



  • This is AgentMuffin (tbc)'s first article to be sysop approved.
  • The character Hiragana Sa was suggested by one of AgentMuffin (tbc)'s IRL friends.
  • Osiris is briefly visible in the background of Final Destination.
  • In case you hadn't figured it out already, this game is crazy.

Unused and cut content

  • Many characters were planned for the game that didn't make the cut. These include but are not nearly limited to Phineas Flynn, Shigeru Miyamoto, Goomy, a skiier, Peppy Hare, Spider-Man, and even a second Geometry Dash icon.
  • Master Hand has files left over from an earlier stage in development, but never appears in the final game. Interestingly enough, he is misnamed "mastur_hand" in the filenames. Whether this was an honest mistake or a crude joke is unknown.
  • Goombas were set to be enemies in Mario-related maps before they became playable characters.
  • There is a version of Battle 2 with a one-measure drum loop playing. The only drums in the loop are bongos and congas. Perhaps Yoshi was set to be an item or mount of some sort in battles.
  • In a self-referential nod, much of the "removed" lore and data related to is in fact in the game's files. This includes many "character files" containing line after line of null characters. In a sense, is the ultimate cut character.


  • It is possible that Koopa Link took place before or during the events of Umbrella Waffle, given the crossover aspect of that game.
  • The universe of Splatendo: Splatoon x Fantendo, another Ninkancho property, will crash into the Mainverse at the end of Story Mode, hence Untentacle being an unlockable character. It is currently unknown how or why this happens.
  • Ninkancho has plans for a sequel, which could incorporate fully 3D gameplay.

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