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AmericanBoxart2 USBIV
The American Boxart of this game.
Developer(s) Gssl

HAL Laboratory logo


Publisher(s) Gssl


Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) Fight, Action, Platform
Series Super Smash Bros. Series
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / 3DS
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan April 10, 2015

25px-Flag of USA April 11, 2015

25px-Flag of Europe April 13, 2015

25px-Flag of Australia April 14, 2015

Mode(s) Single Player


Online Play

Age Rating(s) Esrb-teen-logo-lrg60px-PEGI 12.svg50px Cero a svg converted
Media Included Wii U Optical Disk

Digital Download

Available Input Wii Remote (sideways)

Ultra Smash Bros. IV (or better said USBIV) is a 2.5D fighting game only for Wii U developed by GreenStar Studios, NintendoHAL Laboratory and Sora Ltd. and published by GreenStar Studios and Fantendo. This game has been earlier released in April 2015. It's a extended remake of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS and a fusion of all Super Smash Bros. series with brand-new characters and improved veterans from the low tier list (around 90 characters). You can play with a Nintendo 3DS Controler (to play with the 3DS, it must first download the Ultra Smash Bros. Controller on Nintendo eShop), also with the Nintendo GameCube Controller like the previous game. 

There's a brand-new controller also avaiable for this game called the Ultra Smash Nintendo 64 Controller. Expert gamers gave this a positive comment: "When you play with this controller, it's so nostalgic! It remembers me my childwood when I played Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64." The problems of the previous game are solved: Ice Climbers are now a playable returning veteran in this game including Wolf. Ultra Smash Bros. IV contains also returning bonus stages: Break the Target and Board the Platforms.



Returning Content


The loading screen with tips and trivia. Now with images.

Ultra Smash Bros. IV plays similar like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, Super Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. 64. There also changes an remakes for this game:

  • Character's movesets have completely improved (such as Zelda or Charizard)
  • Character's customization returned with more custom moves and powers.
  • 8-Player Smash returns. It can also play this mode online but requires strong WiFi connection (it will ask automaticly in this game if there's a LAN adapter active). 
  • Special Orders (Master Orders and Crazy Orders), Events, Classic Mode, All-Star Mode and Adventure Mode: Emissary Subspace II returns on Games & More. Also it includes Target Blast, and Trophy Rush.

New Content

Online Mode

You can also play online with 8 players with Anyone, around the world, Friends, only with your friends registred on your Wii U and Team Smash, Yellow Team has been added. There's a new mode called Tournament.


An example of Dr. Mario using the Ultra Gauge for his advantage.

There's a new feature that adds powers to the playable characters in this game called the Ultra Gauge. The Ultra 

Gauge is a circular shelp meter divided in 3 levels. These levels have specific gains of power to gain more power for each character's special move. To accumulate te gauge, players must perform combo's. But this gauge is temporary to use if you are quick, because it disappears depending which level you have reached (e.x. lvl. 3 lasts 3 seconds, lvl. 2, 4 sec. and lvl. 1, 5 sec.). It also effects the gauge when your opponent escaped the players combo performance of countered. 

More coming soon...


Smash Mode

Like the previous series of Smash Bros., the Smash Mode allows the players to play against computers (CPU's) or with friends on Free-for-All, Stock Battles, Coin Battles and Team Battles.

8-Player Smash

Similar to Wii U version, 8-Player Mode is avaiable again. Now you can also play Special Smash with 8 players.

Classic Mode

Like all the Smash Bros. games, Classic Mode allows you to challenge your difficulty (from 1.0 (Very Easy) to 10.0 (Master) (Master Difficulty is a new mode) and fighting against CPU's to gain rewards. Multi-Man Miis and Metal Battles are also avaiable during Classic Mode. In the final round, Master Hand and Crazy Hand (Crazy Hand only at 4.0 (Hard) to ...) will defy you at the end of the battle. And similar to the Wii U version, Master Fortress (only at 7.0 (Very Hard) will appear after defeating Crazy Hand. This area will be more difficult if you choose a hard difficulty. You can play up to 2 players with this mode.

Special Smash

Like in the 3 previous games, Special Smash allows you to play with extra fun and madness:

  • Stamina:
    • 300%: Play with this mode with 300% rage.
    • Stamina: Survive until you're defeated to 0 HP. 
  • Size:
    • Mega: Similar to the Super Mushroom, giant players give big damage and they are difficult to being smashed. In 8-Player Special, the size will be medium due to the size of the stage.
    • Mini: Similar to the Mini Mushroom, tiny players give less damage and they are easy to being smashed.
  • Head:
    • Flower: Similar to the Lip's Stick, players will have that on his head during the stage. It makes constantly damage to themselfs.
    • Bunny: Similar to the Bunny Head, players will jump very high and run very fast.
  • Body:
    • ​Metal: Similar to the Metal Box from SM64 (or Metal Mario), players are in metal. They are heavy into the air and they are difficult to be smashed.
    • Clear: Allow players be invisible during the stage.
    • Tail: Similar to the Super Leaf, players can hit opponents with their tails and float in the air for awhile.
    • Rocket Belt: Similar to that item (the name says himself), players can fly (or float) into the air for awhile.
    • Screw: Similar to the Screw Attack (Samus's Up-Special as an example), players can make powerful combos.
    • Back Shield: Protect players from projectiles, attacks and items on player's back, during the stage.
  • ​Status:
    • ​Curry: Allow players to spit fire during stage. It burn opponents constantly.
    • Reflect: Protect players from incoming projectiles.
    • Turbo: Players are able to cancel any successful attack, upon hit or shield, into any other action except the same attack, and all aerial attacks auto-cancel when landing, if they hit. Thanks to Project M.
  •  Gravity: 
    • ​Light: Players are light: they're easy to smash and they fall slower.
    • Heavy: Players are heavy: they're difficult to smash and they fall faster.
  • Speed:
    • ​Slow: During the battle, everything moves fast.
    • Fast: During the battle, everything moves slow.
  • Camera:
    • ​Fixed: The camera doesn't move for the whole stage.
    • Angled: The camera angle changes from side during the battle.
    • Upside-down: Players will play in the stage upside-down.
    • Zoom-in: The camera will only show your own character.
    • Zoom-out: The camera will be fixed and shows only the stage small.
  • Game:
    • ​Elimination: See below.
    • Tag: See below.
Elimination Smash

Elimination Smash is a brand-new Smash Mode similar to the normal smash with stocks, minutes or coins. If a player have less points, stocks or coins, when the time reached out, he will be eliminated during the battle. It's avaiable up to 8 players.

Tagging Smash

Tagging Smash (or Tag) is a brand-new Smash Mode similar to the child-game: Tag. The first who's being smashed, or, the player has less points, after the time reached out, he gets a Time-Bomb, flying on his head, with 20 seconds (players can change the time in the options). Pleyers can pass the Time-Bomb to each other. If the time of the bomb reached out, the player explodes himself and is being smashed bad (hard off the stage).

Games & More

Adventure Mode

Main Article: Adventure Mode (USBIV) In Brawl, you met the Subspace Emissary and in Melee, Adventure Mode with many universes such as Mushroom Kingdom, Binstar, etc.. Now in this game, it's a bit extended and fused each other. It brings TBA worlds.

Arena Mode

Main Article: Arena Mode (USBIV)

Arena Mode (previously known as: Stadium Mode) has different types of Classic Mode, different types of All-Star Mode, Trophy Rush and Smash Run now for Wii U, Smash Tour and Home-Run Contest, Multi-Man Smash with different types of enemies (Holograms from Melee, Polygons from 64, Alloys from B'rawl and the Fighting Mii Team from SSB4). Returning modes from Brawl and Melee are also here such as Target Smash!!! (or Break the Targets!!!), Race to the Finish!!! with different stages, Boss Rush and finally Board the Platforms!!!, as returning mode from SSB 64. New modes in this game are Smash Tower, Smash Rumble, Smash Zone and Sandbag Soccer.

Online Mode

Online Mode offered you two types of ways battle against friends or worldwide: For Fun and For Glory. Now in this game they added For Money which you can now battle with your own money. If you win, you recieve the third of the coins of your opponent to buy trophies or stickers, but if lose, it happens the same thing for him to, so you lose money. In this mode you can choose if you can play at normal stages or at Omega stages. There as For Glory, you cannot play with items on and it has a 1v1 mode for intense duels. 

Special Orders

Special Orders are returning to this game. Nothing changes here.


Playable Characters

See here the Ultra Smash Bros. IV/Tier List for competitive information.

Smash Roster Icons Starters




MarioIcon USBIVLuigi USBIVPeach USBIVBowser USBIVRosalinaLumaIcon USBIVDKIcon USBIV

DiddyKong USBIVYoshi USBIVLittleMac USBIV

LinkIcon USBIVZeldaIcon USBIVSheikIcon USBIVToonLinkIcon USBIVPitIcon USBIVPalutenaIcon USBIVSamusIcon USBIVZSuitSamus USBIVMarthIcon USBIVIkeIcon USBIVRobinIcon USBIVDuckHuntIcon USBIVKirbyIcon USBIVKingDededeIcon USBIVMetaKnightIcon USBIVPikachuIcon USBIVJigglypuffIcon USBIVCharizardIcon USBIVLucarioIcon USBIVGreninjaIcon USBIVFoxIcon USBIVNessIcon USBIVCaptainFalconIcon USBIVVillagerIcon USBIVOlimarIcon USBIVWiiFitTrainerIcon USBIVShulkIcon USBIVPac-ManIcon USBIVMegamanIcon USBIVSonicIcon USBIVMiiFightersIcon USBIV


CaptainToadIcon USBIV

Captain Toad is a adorable, motivating treasure hunter from the Mushroom Kingdom, alongside with Toadette (alternate costume) in the Mushroom Kingdom. Now he comes into battle with their beloved weapons! He's a fast character, but he's not good at jumping, but he has a good recovery, don't worry!

  • Neutral Special: Backpack: Picks an projectile from an another opponent.
  • Side Special: TBA
  • Down Special: 'Veggie: Similar to Peach, Toad can pick veggies off the ground and throw them against the opponents. Sometimes, he can pick up a Bob-omb for lucky moments.
  • Up Special: Propeler Block: In SM3DW (or SM3DL), Propeler Blocks are great recoveries to fly to an another side of the place.
  • Final Smash: TBA

NabbitIcon USBIV

Nabbit is a mysterious thief of Mushroom Kingdom, but also a hero in New Super Luigi U. He steals items from the Toad Houses in his bag and put it on his house for collection. Nabbit was an enemy in Super Smash Bros. Wii U in Mushroom Kingdom U, but now he ruins the party with his beloved heavy, painful bag!

  • Neutral: Pick Item: Nabbit picks up an item and saves in his bag. To use the item, he pick that out of his bag. Only 1 item can be picked up, no more.
  • Side: Item Launcher: Sends an item that you picked up fast away.
  • Down: Steal: Steals someone nearby to enchase him in the bag, but you must be very carefully because he can escape out of his bag.
  • Up: Rocket Hybrid: In SSB4, when Nabbit catches someone with his bag, he flies out of the stage too with his victim. Here's also the same case, execpt if he goes above out the stage.
  • Final Smash: Out of Bounderies: Nabbit enchase his opponents nearby with his bag (bigger as normal) and goes with his Rocket out of the stage.

PaperMarioIcon USBIV

  • Neutral: Pick Sticker
  • Side: Shell Toss
  • Down: Boomer
  • Up: Parakarry
  • FS: Star Spirits

KingKRool2 USBIV

KingHippo USBIV

Ghirahim USBIV


Medusa USBIV


WaddleDee USBIV

  • Neutral: Spear Toss
  • Side: Parasol:
  • Down: 
  • Up: Spearcopter
  • FS: Waddle Dee Tank

SceptileIcon2 USBIV

  • Neutral: Energy Ball
  • Side: Leaf Blade
  • Down: Absorb
  • Up: Leaf Storm
  • FS: Mega Sceptile

Krystal USBIV

ChibiRobo USBIV

  • Neutral: Chibi-Blaster
  • Side: Zip-lash!
  • Down: Pick Up:
  • Up: Chibi-Copter
  • FS: Mega-Robo

Marshal USBIV


Inkling USBIV

Rayman USBIV

  • Neutral: Fist Toss
  • Side: Rocket Ride
  • Down: Ground Slam
  • Up: Helicopter
  • FS: Rayman Legends!

MiiFightersII USBIV



VeteransBowserJr.Icon USBIVDrMarioIcon USBIVWarioIcon USBIVMrGame&Watch USBIVGanondorfIcon USBIVDarkPitIcon USBIVRoyIcon2 USBIVLucinaIcon USBIVIceClimbersIcon USBIVMewtwoIcon USBIVROBIcon USBIVFalcoIcon USBIVWolfIcon USBIVLucasIcon USBIV



ExcitebikeRider USBIV

DixieKong USBIV

BabyMarioLuigi USBIV










Dr. Luigi Artwork - Dr. Luigi

Dr. Luigi

Dr. Luigi appears in his game with the same name for Wii U. His puzzle game is similar to Dr. Mario: Luigi must defeat all the virus with his Multivitamins.

SSB Mario Series

  • Neutral: Megavitamin
  • Side: Electro Missile
  • Down: Tornado
  • Up: Electro Jump
  • Final Smash: Puzzle Mania

Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Dixie Kong

SSB Donkey Kong Series


Baby Mario & Luigi

The Baby Bros. appeared first in Yoshi's Island for SNES when Yoshi must save Baby Luigi against the claws of Baby Bowser and Kamek. Baby Mario joins Yoshi on adventure and when a little Star appears, Baby Mario will be invincible for awhile with his SMW cape. In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the babies join Mario & Luigi to save Mushroom Kingdom against Princess Shroob and her minions.

SSB Yoshi Series

  • Neutral: Fireball
  • Side: Shell Bash
  • Down: ​Chain-Chomp
  • Up: Super Jump and Cape
  • Final Smash: Incoming Chomp



SSB Wario Series

  • Neutral: Tennis Serve
  • Side: Swim
  • Down: Rage!
  • Up: Waluigi Twist
  • Final Smash:



SSB Excitebike SeriesB

  • Neutral: Moto Ride
  • Side: Accelerator
  • Down: Drift
  • Up: Romp
  • Final Smash: Excitebike

Hyrule Warriors Impa Longsword Artwork


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Toon Zelda USBIV

Toon Zelda

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Classic pit large

Classic Pit

SSB Kid Icarus Series

  • Neutral: Bow
  • Side: Mallet
  • Down: Reflect
  • Up: Magic Wings
  • Final Smash:​ Skyworld's Invasion

Galacta Knight-1- (1)

Galacta Knight

SSB Kirby Series

  • Neutral: Sword Slice
  • Side: Hawk Flight
  • Down: Tornado
  • Up: Final Slice
  • Final Smash: Galacta Final




  • Neutral: Techno Blast
  • Side: Hyper Beam
  • Down: Disc Change
  • Up: Extremespeed
  • Final Smash: Download Upgrade



SSB Golden Sun Series

  • Neutral: Growth
  • Side: Move
  • Down: Gaia
  • Up: Lift
  • Final Smash:



SSB Xenoblade Series



SSB Xenoblade Series

Bomberman Smashified


Bmbrmn Series

  • Neutral: Bomb
  • Side: Roller Skaters
  • Down: Mine
  • Up: Jetpack
  • Final Smash: Revenge

Black Mage FF

Black Mage

Final Fantasy symbol

  • Neutral: Time Stop
  • Side: Black Mage Combo
  • Down: Meteor
  • Up: Teleport
  • Final Smash: Random Encounter



Bust-A-Move Series

  • Neutral: Bubble
  • Side: Bubble Roll
  • Down: Arrow Settling Down
  • Up: Bubble Chain
  • Final Smash: Puzzle Bobble 


These characters are not free. For the double-pack costs £4,99. For those who signed up in Club Nintendo before April 18, 2015, they get them free.


Pichu USBIVSnake USBIVRyu USBIVCloudIcon USBIVCorrinIcon USBIVBayonettaIcon USBIV


WonderRedIcon USBIVDillonIcon USBIVBanjoKazooieIcon USBIVSoraIcon USBIVShantaeIcon USBIVShovelKnightIcon USBIV

Assist Characters



Trophy + Image: Debut: Description:
Spike - Super Mario 3D World


Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) Throws spiky balls on the stage in 2 different directions.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders Space Invaders game will be on screen like in TV Color Game 15 (Pong).





  • Kamek


All stages are now avaiable for 8 players.



BattlefieldVS SSB4UBigBattlefield FinalDestinationVS

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series


SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

Big Battlefield

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

Final Destination

This is a previsory picture.

MiiverseAnarchy Mushroom Kingdom U SSB4 MushroomyKingdomAnarchy

SSB Miiverse Symbol


SSB Mario Series

Mushroom Kingdom U

SSB Mario Series

Mushroomy Kingdom

MushroomKingdomII USBIV Peachcastlemelee

SSB Mario Series

Mushroom Kingdom II

SSB Mario Series

Peach's Castle 2

SSB Mario Series

Paper Mario

MarioBros.Anarchy JungleHijinxsAnarchy ProjectM RumbleFalls

SSB Mario Series

Mario Bros.

SSB Donkey Kong Series

Jungle Hijinxs

SSB Donkey Kong Series

Rumble Falls X

KongoJungleAnarchy JungleJapes-3DS-1 640px-SSB4U75m

SSB Donkey Kong Series

Kongo Jungle (Falls)

SSB Donkey Kong Series

Jungle Japes

SSB Donkey Kong Series


SSB4UWoollyWorld Yoshi's Island Melee YoshiIsland

SSB Yoshi Series

Woolly World

SSB Yoshi Series

Yoshi's Story (N64)

SSB Yoshi Series

Yoshi's Island

Boxing Ring - Punch Out - SSB4 PirateShipAnarchy SSBM Great Bay Spawn Points

SSB Punch-Out Series

Boxing Ring

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

The Pirate Ship

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Great Bay

SkyloftAnarchy 200px-HyruleCastleSSB PyrosphereAnarchy

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Hyrule Castle

SSB Metroid Series


NorfairAnarchy Brinstardepthsstage ResetBombForestAnarchy

SSB Metroid Series


SSB Metroid Series

Brinstar Depths

SSB Kid Icarus Series

Reset Bomb Forest

Palutena'sTempleAnarchy Skyworld1 Arenaferoxfit

SSB Kid Icarus Series

Palutena's Temple

SSB Kid Icarus Series


SSB Fire Emblem Series

Arena Ferox

300px-SSB4UColiseum Castlesiegessbn 640px-SSB4UDuckHuntStage

SSB Fire Emblem Series


SSB Fire Emblem Series

Castle Siege

SSB Duck Hunt Series

Duck Hunt

DreamLand SSB4 TheGreatCaveOffensiveAnarchy Green greens

SSB Kirby Series

Dreamland (GB)

SSB Kirby Series

The Great Cave Offensive

SSB Kirby Series

Green Greens

Prismtower8 KalosPokemonLeagueAnarchy SpearPillarAnarchy

SSB Pokémon Series

Prism Tower

SSB Pokémon Series

Kalos Pokémon League

SSB Pokémon Series

Spear Pillar

250px-PokeFloats PokemonStadium2Anarchy OrbitalGateAssaultAnarchy

SSB Pokémon Series


SSB Pokémon Series

Pokémon Stadium 2

SSB Star Fox Series

Orbital Gate Assault

Lylat Cruise SSB4 VenomSSBA Sectorz

SSB Star Fox Series

Lylat Cruise

SSB Star Fox Series


SSB Star Fox Series

Sector Z

MagicantAnarchy New Pork City1 Onett5

SSB EarthBound Series


SSB EarthBound Series

New Pork City

SSB EarthBound Series


FoursideMelee MuteCityAnarchy Port Town Aero Dive

SSB EarthBound Series


SSB F-Zero Series

Mute City (SNES)

SSB F-Zero Series

Port Town Aero Dive

BigBlueAnarchy Stagetortimer(1) 640px-Town and City 1

SSB F-Zero Series

Big Blue

SSB Animal Crossing Seriesmine

Tortimer Island

SSB Animal Crossing Seriesmine

Town and City

640px-Smashvillewiiu02 GardenofHopeAnarchy SSBB Distant Planet Stage

SSB Animal Crossing Seriesmine


SSB Pikmin Series

Garden of Hope

SSB Pikmin Series

Distant Planet

Wiifitstudio Gaur Plain SSB4 300px-SSB4 Pac-Maze

SSB Wii Fit Series

Wii Fit Studio

SSB Xenoblade Series

Gaur Plain

SSB Pac-Man Series


468px-Pitvillagerwilycastlew2tr2t2tdaily SSB4GreenHillZone 300px-Windy Hill press image

SSB Mega Man Series

Wily Castle

SSB Sonic Series

Green Hill Zone

SSB Sonic Series

Windy Hill Zone

640px-SSB4UGamer WarioWareSSB3DS 640px-SSB4UFlatZoneX

SSB Wario Series


SSB Wario Series

WarioWare Inc.

SSB Game & Watch Series

Flat Zone X

Icicle Mountain SSBB Hanenbow Stage WreckingCrewAnarchy

SSB Ice Climber Series

Icicle Mountain

SSB Elektroplankton Series


SSB Wrecking Crew Series

Wrecking Crew

PilotwingsAnarchy WuhuIslandAnarchy PictoChatAnarchy

SSB Pilotwings Series

Pilot Wings

SSB Wii Sports Series

Wuhu Island

SSB DS Series


Tomodachiapts ProjectLBalloonFight LivingRoomAnarchy

SSB Tomodachi Life Series

Tomodachi Collection

SSB Balloon Fight Series

Balloon Fight

SSB Nintendogs Series

Living Room

ShadowMosesIslandAnarchy 640px-SSB4WiiUSukazuCastle
SSB4U Super Mario Maker

SSB Metal Gear Series

Shadow Moses Island (DLC)

SSB Street Fighter Series

Suzaku Castle (DLC)

SSB Mario Series

Super Mario Maker​


Image + Stage: Description: Music (YouTube): Unlocking Method:

280px-World 1 - Super Mario 3D World

3D World

SSB Mario Series

This stage is a side-scrolling stage like in the 3DS 3D Land. The stages appears as Super Bell Hill, Double Cherry Pass, Plessie's Plunging Fall and Bowser's Highway Showdown. 


250px-SMG Cometobservatory2

Comet Observatory

SSB Mario Series

Rosalina's space observatory with many Luma around.

Play as Rosalina 20 times.


Rainbow Road Generations

SSB Mario Series N/A

LostMangroves USBIV

Lost Mangroves

SSB Donkey Kong Series

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze's first stage. After 1 min., the stage will snow and the ground will be slippery. But after 1 min. of snow, the stage will be normal again.


Gangplank Galleon - Overview - Donkey Kong Country

Gangplank Galleon

SSB Donkey Kong Series

Play with King K. Rool 20 times.

Beanstalk Walk

Bouncy Beanstalk

SSB Yoshi Series

A giant grown beanstalk with rotating platforms in Yoshi's New Island. When you use Ground-Pound (only with some characters who can do it like Sheik's down- air) on the leaf, you will bounce hard on the air.


BounceaboutWoods USBIV

Woolly World 2

SSB Yoshi Series

A second version of Woolly World in SSB4.

Unlock this stage if you play with Yoshi 20 times.

Valley of Seers

Valley of Seers

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

A valley where Bokoblins and Darknuts fight in Hyrule Warriors. After 3 mins., Manhandla comes to defeat all the players. His middle his his weakness so if a player attacks him, the beast will serve you until he's dead (like Ridley in SSB4).




SSB Metroid Series TBA TBA

SSBUUnderworldOverworld USBIV

Underworld and Overworld

SSB Kid Icarus Series

The underworld of the original NES game Kid Icarus. After 5 min. each, the stages will change from the Underworld to the Overworld and vice-versa. Enemies will appear too.

TBA Unlock Classic Pit. 


(a stage from Fire Emblem: Fates)

SSB Fire Emblem Series



BlueSkyPalace USBIV

Blue Sky Palace

SSB Kirby Series

Kirby's Rainbow Curse fourth world of Seventopia where rainbow platforms, clouds and look who's back: Whispy Woods... in Sky-High!



Royal Road

SSB Kirby Series

Kirby: Triple Deluxe final area.


250px-Wish Palace

Wish Park

SSB Pokémon Series

Wish Park from PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond. There, you will see many attractions.

Play with Pikachu 20 times.


Realgam Colosseum

SSB Pokémon Series

Realgam Tower Colosseum from Pokémon Colosseum.




SSB R.O.B. Series

Unlock R.O.B.
A stage of StarFox Zero (coming soon) StarFoxSymbol TBA TBA

DeathDesert USBIV

Death Desert

SSB EarthBound Series

Mother 3

TBA Unlock Lucas and play with 20 times.

Sandocean01 l

Sand Ocean

SSB F-Zero Series

F-Zero GX


Worldmap weyard


SSB Golden Sun Series TBA Unlock Isaac

Tolbi Springs

Lucky Medal Fountains

SSB Golden Sun Series TBA Play as Isaac 20 times.


Formidable Oak

SSB Pikmin Series TBA N/A
Desk Chibi-Robo Series N/A
A stage from Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash!! Chibi-Robo Series TBA N/A

Remix 4 Wii

Remix 4

SSB Rhythm Heaven Series TBA N/A

Remix 9 Wii

Remix 9

SSB Rhythm Heaven Series TBA Play with Marshal 20 times.


Prison Island

SSB Xenoblade Series TBA N/A

Splatoon battlefield

Splatoon Battlefield

SSB Splatoon SeriesB TBA N/A


Pac-Maze Championship Edition

SSB Pac-Man Symbol Play Pac-Man 20 times.

BombFactory USBIV

Bomb Factory

Bmbrmn Series Unlock Bomberman and play as him 20 times.


Chaos Shrine

Final Fantasy symbol TBA Unlock Black Mage and play as him 20 times.


Bubble Bobble

Bust-A-Move Series Unlock Bub.

320px-Rayman Desert of dijiridoos

Desert of Dirijidoos

SSB Rayman SeriesB TBA N/A

Waluigi Pinball

Waluigi Pinball

SSB Wario Series


Nintendo Land

SSB Nintendoland Series N/A


Wii Play

Play as one of the Mii types 20 times.


Endless Ocean

SSB Endless Ocean SeriesB N/A


Excitebike Arena

SSB Excitebike SeriesB Unlock Excitebike Rider and play has him 5 times.

AosameCastle USBIV

The Mysterious Murasame Castle

SSB The Mysterious Murasame Castle Series Play with Duck Hunt 20 times.

Austrian tetris-wallpaper


SSB Tetris Series Play with Bub 10 times.

Music (other)

Main Article: Ultra Smash Bros. IV/Music List of Returning Stages


Returning Items

All the items return from SSB4. For more info, see here. The Red Shell from SSB (64) returns, and has the same function.

New Items

Image + Name: Universe: Description:
Super Catbell Super Mario Like the Super Leaf, players can scratch opponents by using their claws, which itt makes more damage. They also can climb walls.
IceFlower LTL Super Mario Similar to the Fire Flower, the Ice Flower allows you to freeze your opponents instead of burning them.
Potted Piranha Plant Smash 5 Super Mario It bites opponents around him. You can grab it for awhile.
Ocarina The Legend of Zelda This instrument will you allow to slow the time for awhile. But to do that, you must press the correct buttons to make the correct melody.
Ultra Hand Nintendo Ultra Hand was a playtoy around the 60's for the kids, that you could pick thingson longer distances. With that item, you can grab an opponent and smash him by heavily approching him. It's also useful to grab cliffs off the stages.
SugimoriPokeBall Pokémon Pokéballs are in various Super Smash Bros. series for extra fun. In these balls, they contain a Pokémon who serves you by attacking your opponents. In this game, they're many types of Pokéballs for some extra effect.
Squirter USBIV
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo used this item to give water for the flower in Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol. Now you can't give water to the plants, but you can squirt opponents by pulling of the stage, similar t o the F.L.U.D.D..


  • Fox changed slightly from voice acting from SSB4, which is "better" than the previous game.
    • Also other characters have changed from voice acting, such as Yoshi. He also changed voices from Mario Kart Wii and Mario Party 9. But some of his previous voices (SSBWiiU/3DS) are in this game too.
  • Olimar's broken glitch is repaired in this game. See here for more information.
  • Duck Hunt is for the first time a starter.
  • Paper Mario is the only character who's been a little scratched like a paper, after 150% rage.
  • There's an anouncement that Ultra Smash Bros. IV releases a Fighter Ballot like SSB4 coming soon.
    • It also will release an new update version: Not only replays that you can send on YouTube are in (like SSB4) but also, you can send it to Twitch on livestream.
  • This is the only game that supports the Nintendo 64 Controller for the Wii U.
  • Toon Link's alternate costume is Young Link.
  • This game has the most clones than the previous games.



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  • Sceptile-drawing made by dburch01 on Deviantart.
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