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Ultra Scott Galaxy is a game made for the Nintendo Wii. It begins when Scott's sister is kidnapped by Dark Bowser. Scott is brought by Lumas to Rosalina's Gate, where Scott must capture five star bunnies. Then, a collisium with Rosalina on top appears. Scott goes to the collisium, and Rosalina gives Scott a golden-colored and blue-eyed Luma named Xeno gives Scott the ability to spin and triple jump. Then a blue Luma turns into a series of pull stars to a planet. After that, the player must travel to the end of the galaxy to reach Dark King Boo. After defeating him, the player will return the power to Rosalina's Comet Observatory. The player then must collect 10 Grand Stars and 140 Power Stars from various galaxies. After that, Rosalina will drive the player to the center of the universe to rescue Scott's sister from Dark Bowser. After the player defeats Dark Bowser, a portal will appear taking Scott and his sister to the beginning of the course, where a golden warp pipe is placed. They hop into the warp pipe and find themselves at the Comet Observatory, where Rosalina warns that a Grand Ztar is consuming the universe. The player will play 5 secret levels, with 10 Grand Stars each. After collecting the last Grand Star, they combine to form the Super Ultra Mega Grand Star, which will be sacraficed to defeat the Grand Ztar and fix the damage it has made. After that, Rosalina takes Scott's sister home, and offers Scott to stay. Scott seems suprised, and the end credits begin. Then at the files, the recently 100% completed file will have five Sparkling Platinum Power Stars.


1-Up Mushroom - Gives Scott an extra life.


List Of Power-Ups

Life Mushroom - Gives Scott a total health meter of 12.

Super Mushroom - Returns Scott to his normal form.

Bee Mushroom - Turns Scott into Bee Scott.

Boo Mushroom - Turns Scott into Boo Scott.

Fire Flower - Turns Scott into Fire Scott.

Ice Flower - Turns Scott into Ice Scott.

Rainbow Star - Turns Scott into Rainbow Scott.

Blue Star - Turns Scott into Blue Scott.

Spring Mushroom - Turns Scott into Spring Scott.

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