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Ultionem's Appearance
GENDER Unspecified
SPECIES Robot/Cyborg
AGE ??

Ultionem is the robotic head of the Fanten Army, he was supposedly created well before the other Fantens and has a distinct different by being very slender in appearance with an extremely long scarf-like structure protruding from its neck. Ultionem is one of the few Robots in the army capable of complex dialogue and unlike others has a more feminine voice.

Ultionem is the primary force behind Unten's capture and sentence to life on the planet Luxmors. Ultionem is shown to possess extremely high intelligence to the point of being able to levitate and independently separate its own limbs and use them as ranged weapons.


Ultionem is a staggeringly tall robot, measuring at least 13ft tall. Its legs are known to have large hydraulic pistons within them that allow for the legs to shorten and extend. Ultionem also has long arms that can be detached at the wrist, elbow & shoulder joints and have machine guns concealed within each part, capable of independent movement.

The scarf-like structure is shown to actually be a gigantic wire capable of releasing large pulses of electricity upon contact. The structure can be detached from Ultionem and used as a Whip like weapon as well.


Ultionem's powers are mainly derived from its ability to detach its limbs and generate huge amounts of electricity as well as having concealed weapons within its limbs. It is also capable of levitation and telekinesis to a basic degree.

When over charged with electricity, Ultionem is able to create Time Bubbles, an time-stopped bubble that allows him to bring prisoners from any time or space to Luxmors.