Uliki is a character in the RedYoshi series. She is the ruler of Honey Beach in RedYoshi's Island, and is the best friend of RedBirdo. Although Uliki's has been in the series since the beginning, her roles in the games are minor.


Uliki is usually peaceful, but when she is enraged she may go on short rampages. She is very kind to RedBirdo but doesn't have a positive or negative attitude toward RedYoshi. Uliki likes to be fashionable and is always worried about her appearance.

Special Abilities

Every game she is in shows that she is very strong. In RedYoshi '64, she throws RedYoshi and RedBirdo all the way across her castle to save them from the attack from BlackYoshi. In the same game, Uliki was also shown to be a very skilled dancer.


Uliki has appeared in every game of the series. Her role as the beach's ruler wasn't introduced until RedYoshi '64. She also is a member of the RedYoshi Blueberries in Fantendo Baseball League. In the game she shares good chemistry with RedBirdo, and is worse at batting than one might think.


  • It is unknown how RedBirdo and Uliki met, and how they became friends.
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