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Let's sing by kit-kit-kit (cropped)
Full Name Ulala


Current Age 22
Date of Birth May 30th, 2477
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Chaotic Good
Current Status Alive
Class Space Channel 5 Reporter
Space Channel 5

The Knights of Order (Fanon)

Main Weapon(s) Ray Gun
Ability/ies Journalism, Dancing, Guitarist
Friends and Allies
Pudding, Pine, Hoorg, Jaguar
Enemies and Rivals
Evila, Purge, Chief Blank
Voice Actor(s)
Apollo Smile (English)

Mineko Okamura (Japanese)

First Appearance Space Channel 5 (1999)
Latest Appearance Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Canon),

Heart of the Hero (Fanon)

Series Space Channel 5

Ulala is the protagonist of the Space Channel 5 series of video games.

She is television reporter for Channel 5, and is the most popular amongst the galaxy audience. Ulala is a galaxy-class dancer, singer, and guitarist, and has saved the galaxy with these skills at least twice.


Ulala was born on the planet Earth late into the 25th century. When she was but 12 years of age, Ulala was in the midst of a space ship crash, there were few survivors, but she was hastily rescued by a dashing reporter from Space Channel 5.

Unfortunately, Ulala never got to meet the one who saved her life, but what she took out that experience was that she would one day become a reporter for Channel 5, a dream which came true eventually.

It took eight years to get to work for Space Channel 5, and another 2 to become a fully-fledged reporter. This was around the same time as the Morolian invasion of Earth.

Space Channel 5

Under orders by her commander in chief, Fuse, Ulala would go on to use her dancing ability to combat the Morolians forcing everybody onboard Space Channel 5 from dancing 'till they drop.