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An Ukiki from Super Mario World Wii.
An Ukiki
Mushroom Kingdom
Tall, Tall Mountain
Donkey Kong

Ukikis (also known as Monkeys or Ukkikis) are monkey-like enemies that appear in the Mario series as well as the Yoshi series. They usually spit seeds or throw bombs at enemies, but some are relatively harmless and will try to run away. Some Ukikis also seem to have an affiliation to Donkey Kong.

Game Appearances

Monkey on Ice

Ukikis are playable in the EEA Inc. game, Super Mario MHL.

Knitty Knotty Naughty Monkeys

In Yoshi's Woolly World 2, they can be found as Seedy Sallies (which through Pokey Poms, since Needlenoses are absent), and Short Fuses. But there are also new variants:

  • Twirlin' Tarsier: These ones pirouette around a certain area with a cheeky grin on their faces.
  • Gong Gibbon: These stand next to an acient gong, and strike it when Yoshi is near, causing a group of Shy Guys to appear to it's aid.
  • In addition to the one that spit Watermelon seeds, there are ones that chew on the fire and ice variants, breathing it in a huge jet that shoots them backwards. The fire simply hurts you, and the ice freezes you too.