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uHive is the name of the artificial planet that specializes in cloning and genetic manipulation. Being headquarters for the company of the same name, uHive specializes in constructing artifical members of various alien races and while expensive, are widely in demand. They were created as an outlet for unusual characters of various different alien species that couldn't fit cleanly into canon otherwise.


uHive is a massive company that could almost be considered a start-up. While they have never been able to turn a profit, their revolutionary cloning and genetics projects made them in high demand for people looking for highly skilled and disposable members of any species in their database. They remain illusive from authorities, being almost a black market of genetics.

uHive's origin is mostly unknown, however they seem to be relatively new. RIP's origin mentions that they utilize stray consciousness in the cosmos to bring their bodies to life, although it seems like their newer models don't need a pre-existing consciousness to breathe life into them.

uHive also seems to be able to create their own version of User Crystals known as uCrystals. These allow their customers to modify their purchases as well as control them to an limited extent. These are nowhere near as powerful as an actual User Crystal, and does not require a deity to use.


Trip to uHive

The story Trip to uHive is the first time uHive has been directly acknowledged outright in the canon, with their presence being a major part in the story as they create Citrine and Relena and Doomulus Saline need to travel there in order to pick up Citrine. uHive is explored as an economical concept in this story as well, as both Saline and Relena's jobs are potentially threatened in the forecoming future by the possibility of genetically modified clone assassins that are disposable being more affordable and thus less of a risk to depend on.


New Fantendoverse



  • uHive has influences from the planet Kamino from the Star Wars series and the Rick and Morty Couch Gag from the episode Mathlete's Feat from The Simpsons. It is also partially inspired by the advent of 3D printing technology.
  • While uHive has been able to replicate the bodies and designs of Beorns, they cannot copy their ability to Descend due to the vastly complicated genetic make up of that ability. Regardless, Beorns remain a popular choice for projects for uHive due to Unten Bluzen and other Beorns' impact on the universe.
  • uHive can work off very little genetic code- a skin sample is sometimes all that is needed.
  • uHive have robotic drones known as uBee that run a 24 hour, 7 days a week surveillance service across the artificial planet. They also scan and can produce genetic makeup of what they survey, meaning anyone that visits the planet is in the genetic database for uHive. Creepy!