U Day

U Day! is the second story to feature Nebuel Tzunn Chadnezzar and Demented Dimension, following their return to the New Fantendoverse to play a second game with Unten Bluzen, shortly after the events of the World Tournament. The game this time around is a game of tag- Unten must find Nebuel across the Seattle city while people who touch him are introduced to his powers. Teaming up with the alien journalist and hero Sreel Srok to track down Nebuel and tag him back, Unten finds himself at conflict with the people who both have his powers and want them, as well as confronted on a moralistic level.

Meanwhile, Sarah Auvic begins her new job as a nanosurgeon while Rachel attempts to move on after the events of the World Tournament. The story was written by Exotoro (tbc), intending it to be the last story before 2019 ended.


Unten enters an elevator with Strafe and Sakeena. Unten nervously paces inside the elevator, Strafe and Sakeena obviously knowing something is up. They look to each other as to which one is going to ask first, silently pointing to each other before Sakeena decides to throw her arms up.

Sakeena: Hey, Unten, buddy, what's up?
Unten: Man… I dunno.
Sakeena: Oh, well, see anxiety over past things that aren't resolved tends to flare up when life is going pretty well…
Unten: No… no. It's not like, I dunno, I mean as in I dunno what exactly is going to happen when he comes.
Sakeena: Who is… he?
Unten: Damn it, Sakeena. Don't you remember? Nebuel came to my birthday 90 days ago. He said he was gonna come back in 90 days or "my money back". I didn't pay him or anything so…. he's probably gonna come back and do some kooky thing.
Sakeena: Aw, Unten…

Sakeena leans down and rubs his hair. Unten crosses his arms.

Sakeena: Listen, I know we deal with cosmic freaks all the time, but that doesn't mean Nebuel is gonna come back. He might have said that, but he's not here now so I wouldn't worry so much about it.

Unten sighs as he leans back into the wall of the elevator.

Strafe: I mean, it's good to worry about these things, but unless they happen, you can't really do anything about it.
Unten: Well, that's why I'm stressed. What am I gonna do? I doubt it's gonna be the same song and dance with this guy.

The elevator door opens and the three step out.

Strafe: Besides, we'll be here if anything goes down.

Unten rubs his fur uncomfortably.

We get a outside pan shot that shows that they are in the Seattle Space Needle. Strafe shows their passes as they enter the Atmos Café.

Unten: God, why are we even here?
Strafe: Publicity event. Do you not remember?
Unten: I mean, I do. But I don't want to be here. It feels like a million eyes judging me whenever I'm going to one of these.
Strafe: Well, you're the leader of the Fantendo Firehouse, so you kind of need to be here.
Unten: I guess…
Sakeena: Honestly it feels like everyone's doing their own thing today… Sarah's out at her first day at her new job, Rachel's hanging out with those people who live near her apartment, Nycho and Obena are doing their thing…
Unten: Oh, what's their thing this week?
Sakeena: Man, I don't know.
Unten: Kind of wanted to see their thing this week…
Strafe: Focus on this thing…

Unten, Strafe, and Sakeena walk their way through a publicity crowd and sit down at their assigned table, which has Unten's head symbol instead of a number.

Unten: What's even the occasion? I don't think I was actually told.
Sakeena: Oh, they just reopened this place up. They wanted to reopen it as more of a high class experience.
Unten: It already costs like 40 bucks to get on here. High class? Damn… no wonder we don't go here very often.
Sakeena: Exactly. Get mad. The aristocrats need to be chopped at the head with a guillotine. We're not the aristocrats. We're the vaccine.
Strafe: Alright, I think you need to hold back on that for a minute. Let's not completely tank our reputation here.
Unten: Besides… like, this is just a restaurant opening.

Sakeena folds her arms and sits back.

Sakeena: You guys never let me lead the charge on anything fun.

A blue eel approaches the table.

Blue Eel: Hey, you guys mind squeezing in for a minute? There was a… miscommunication apparently. I don't have a table but I gotta cover this dumb bullshit anyway,

Unten scoots in, his booth seat being the most free as Sakeena and Strafe are sitting on the opposite booth seat.

Blue Eel: Name's Sreel Srok. I take it you're the famed Unten?
Unten: Unten Bluzen, yeah, that's the name.
Sreel: Nice to meet you, Unten. This is gonna shock you a bit but I've heard of you but not a lot about you.
Unten: Well… that's refreshing.
Sreel: We were technically supposed to cover the World Tournament but that didn't get scheduled properly… thanks Frank...
Unten: Who's we…
Sreel: My news group, Ray-ly News. I mean, normally I cover crimes on my home planet, but you know how it goes these days. We gotta cover other stuff too between the big stories. Basically clickbait and the like. I have to admire your Channel 17 for managing to be the first to find out that cheating scandal.
Unten: Hahhh… they're not that great…
Sreel: Nonsense! Those guys know how to get a good scoop. I question the methods, but honestly, if they work, they work.

Sreel pulls out a camera-like device and takes a photo of the event before turning to take pictures of Unten, Sakeena, and Strafe.

Sreel: Anyway, we figured we'd go to this because it was in the area and doing a cover story of Earth ongoings could be just as interesting to the people of Protodon.
Unten: You're from another planet?
Sreel: Yup… Protodon.
Unten: I guess Earth is my home, technically speaking, but I come from Zeon.
Sreel: Oh… oh shit! Huh. I just thought Earth was full of weirdos.
Sakeena: I mean it kind of is…
Sreel: Right, but the disconnect was weird for me.
Unten: What do you mean…

A bell suddenly rings as everyone directs their attention to the front, where a red haired woman in a black dress takes the stand.

Woman: Hi, my name is Haru Tifft. I'd just like to give a small word as the founder of the company that funded this whole refurbishment tonight.

Haru swigs a glass of wine before sipping it all down.

Haru: I know the move to a higher class establishment model may be controversial, but with the profits it can raise with the higher price model, less of your tax dollars have to go to it's upkeep. I might be a vampire, but as we all know, the real vampire we all have to worry about is the goddamn government, am I right?

Haru laughs as she finishes her wine glass.

Haru: You folks have a good night.

Sakeena looks to Strafe.

Sakeena: Did she hear me? Do vampires have good hearing? Should I be concerned?
Strafe: I wouldn't worry about it….
Sakeena: Well, I am…
Unten: Man, Sakeena, take a chill pill.
Sreel: Yeah, take a chill pill.

Strafe's head turns to Sreel, pointing to him.

Strafe: You're not part of the group, you don't get to say that.

Strafe crosses his arms as Sreel sheepishly shrugs.

Sarah grunts as she stretches her arms, walking into a building with a strange green cross symbol. Mingyu Li is waiting for her.

Mingyu: Hey, ready to get started on your first day of work?
Sarah: Man… I dunno.

Sarah blinks her eyes, indicating she hasn't gotten much sleep.

Mingyu: Well, you made it on time, so good on you! That's the first step.
Sarah: Yeah, alright.

Sarah cranes her neck over at the front office. The place looks new.

Sarah: Yo… why does this place look so clean? It looks, like brand new and shit.
Mingyu: This is also my first day.

Sarah looks to him.

Sarah: But… you're the CEO.
Mingyu: Yeah! This is a new startup company. I needed people to get on board and it happens you were exactly the kind of person I was looking for. I got a couple interns but aside from that, we're starting small.
Sarah: Ah jeez… I dunno if I can deal with pressure if this fails.
Mingyu: I'm the fall guy. Worst that can happen to you is that you're fired and I look for a replacement. Or the company falls apart on my shoulders and I fire everyone.
Sarah: That's… not as reassuring as you think.
Mingyu: All I'm trying to say is that I'm not going to let you think it's entirely your fault if this venture fails.
Sarah: Little better, I guess.

Sarah walks through the building, noticing a blonde woman picking up files off the floor.

Sarah: Woah… who's the cutie?
Mingyu: That's Erin Coldwell. She's an intern here. Paid, of course. She fetches things like files and coffee. I found her out on a bus station, imagine that.
Sarah: Huh.

Erin walks up to the two, handing Mingyu a folder with the files she just picked up. Her and Sarah make eye contact for like, a second before breaking away.

Erin: Uh, you guys weren't talking about me, right?
Mingyu: 'fraid we were. Nothing bad.
Erin: Oh shit, are you Leah Needlenam?

Erin turns to Sarah.

Erin: I barely noticed you because of the…

Erin points to her ears, then to her hair bun, then to her hair in general, then to her pinkie. Sarah just laughs as Mingyu looks on nervously.

Mingyu: She tends to be a bit touchy-
Sarah: Hey, I don't mind! Although, I probably should clear the air.

Sarah looks directly at Erin.

Sarah: My name is Sarah Auvic. Nothing else. I'm trying to move on from that point in my life.
Erin: Oh, okay!

Erin nods up and down in a very enthusiastic way, her glasses slipping off. Sarah reflexively catches them.

Sarah: Here you go, Erin.

Erin smiles at Sarah before looking to Mingyu.

Erin: Anything I can fetch for you?
Mingyu: Just a cup of coffee. Me and Ms. Auvic will be on the upper level.

Erin nods and heads off. Mingyu holds Sarah by the shoulder as they walk, with Sarah pushing him off.

Mingyu: Wait, I thought you didn't mind touchy.
Sarah: Only if it's a cute girl, you dolt.

Mingyu and Sarah enter an elevator.

Rachel knocks on the door to her neighbors' apartment, with two women going to answer the door. One has blue and pink hair and is wearing a rather open dress and a white coat. Her name is Lucille Catherine. The other is wearing face paint that makes her look like her face is a skull with pink tipped black hair. Her name is Mia Skell.

Rachel: Hey, what's up?
Lucille: Well, howdy, neighbor!

Mia Skell pokes her head out.

Mia: You are the real Rachel Harel, right?
Rachel: Is there a fake one? I mean, I know Alpha-V is a thing, but…
Lucille: There's no real fake around here, I just wanted to verify.
Rachel: Listen, we've never met but I'm feeling pretty lonely so you know, wanted to reach out, maybe go get some steak at a nice little restaurant, get to know you two… it's on me.
Mia: We'd be happy to!
Rachel: You two aren't dating or anything like that, right? I'd hate to come across like a third wheel or something-
Lucille: Oh, me and Mia aren't dating, we're just… good friends.
Mia: Yeah. Heh.

Rachel nods.

Rachel: Right, I catch your drift. I've been in that before.
Mia: Good friends scenario?
Rachel: Mhmm… that was a period of my life I didn't know what I was doing…

Rachel laughs to herself- she has no idea what she's doing.

Mia: So, uh, when are we going?
Rachel: Oh, I guess about now!

Rachel shrugs as Mia and Lucille walk out of the room.

Rachel: Let's go eat!

Unten, Sakeena, Strafe, and Sreel are talking as the event continues.

Unten: Did you actually manage to catch any of the World Tournament coverage, actually?
Sreel: Mm… not too much. We were supposed to cover it but due to a miscommunication, flights didn't get booked and I was exhausted anyway. Passed out for like 6 hours and made my way over here after everything was said and done. I understood that you did particularly well though, Strafe?
Strafe: Eh, I could have won the whole thing if it didn't end up being so complicated.
Sakeena: He's being… not particularly modest here but honestly maybe.
Unten: There was… a lot going on behind the scenes. Assassins, rigged counting, alcohol addiction…
Sreel: My, my… assassins?
Strafe: We don't have time to unpack all that…

Strafe looks fiercely to Unten who shrugs. Sreel takes out his notebook.

Sakeena: When does this stupid thing end anyway? I'd rather be playing Sims or writing…
Sreel: Mm… got about two hours left.
Sakeena: God, this sucks.
Unten: I'm kind of in agreement, but you know, this is just how this stuff is…

A sudden implosion of energy happens in the center of the room. Unten feels his nerves immediately tense up as he realizes who's here- Nebuel Tzunn Chadnezzar and the rest of his gang known as the Demented Dimension.

Unten: It's Nebuel. Goddamn it.
Sakeena: He brought his friends too…
Nebuel: Yes! It is I!

Nebuel appears to have teleported next to Unten, putting his hands on the back of his chair.

Nebuel: Looks like you won't be getting your money back.

Unten brings out Imperium but Nebuel just laughs in the face of it as he brings out his own sword, Angel Sword Strafe.

Nebuel: I've turned your blue haired friend over there into a sword once and I ain't afraid to do it again. How about you put down the blade and let me explain the name of the game?
Sakeena: That rhymed, right?
Nebuel: I dunno, I'm not the Riddler.
Mr. Saqure: It did, but it's not like, his thing.
Sreel: Why are we getting into schematics? Is this a thing you guys do?
Unten: I dunno, this is the second time he's ever shown up.
Sakeena: Although, to be frank, I'm already tired of him and his games. Just reveal what the dumb game is so we can solve it. Or whatever.
Strafe: Yeah.
Nebuel: Oh, this is a game of tag this time. But you two are uninivited from it.
Strafe: Aw, why?
Nebuel: You guys are mean, and besides this is more of a Unten thing anyway.

Mr. Saquare seals them away into the second dimension before they can say anything further and holds them like they're cardboard cut-outs.

Unten: What the hell...
Nebuel: Anyway, the game for today is power tag!
Unten: Alright, how does that work? Do I gotta dress up like a clown again or something?
Nebuel: Nope, you just gotta tag me.
Sreel: Wait, hold on, are we just cool with the 2D square guy taking Strafe and Sakeena like that?
Unten: Look man, these guys are impossible, we have to play by their rules. Anyway, is there some dumb twist you've attached to this?
Nebuel: Ah, I see you have a keen eye on surprises! Yes, there is a twist, and the twist is that ANYONE who tags you gets your powers! And it spreads, halving it's power each time!

Unten looks at the rainy weather outside.

Sreel: Wait, what? Doesn't Unten just mostly deal with electrictiy?

Before either of them can even react, Chrysler reflects light through himself, hitting Unten, before reciting a enchantment that covers Unten in crystals, which immediately breaks. Sreel wordlessly is flabbergasted by all of this as Unten gets up, kneeling on the floor.

Unten: Nghh...

Sreel goes to help him up but remembers the rules.

Sreel: Ugh, damn it...
Unten: It's fine... alright, Nebuel. we're gonna find you, and then we're gonna raise hell.

Nebuel taps the edge of floor with Angel Sword Strafe.

Nebuel: We'll see about that!

Nebuel winks as he begins to recede into the fourth dimension.

Nebuel: Don't worry, I'll hide in the third dimension, but you won't see where I'm going until I stop counting from ten...

Nebuel fully recedes as the rest of Demented Dimension follows him inside.

Sreel: Did... did he have a giant T-Rex that looked just like you? What the hell was that about? Why didn't it do anything?
Unten: I dunno, he's weird like that. Come on, let's get out of there...

A bunch of people block the entrance.

Man: We heard the onion head Beorn... you ain't getting out of here until we get those powers.

Sreel rolls his eyes.

Sreel: Get the hell out of the way!

Sreel charges up an electrical pulse in his gauntlet as Unten looks taken aback.

Unten: Woah, Sreel, buddy... you don't need to be doing that...
Sreel: If you wanna get something done right, you gotta apply a little pressure and that's what I'm doing right now. Get out of the way or I'll fry you.

Most people move aside as Sreel and Unten rush out of the restaurant and run down the stairs.

Unten: Alright, let's get to the Fantendo Firehouse, let's see who can help.
Sreel: We don't have time for that. I saw a couple people touch you as we left, and in this weather, they're gonna fry themselves with your electrical powers in the rain.
Unten: Shit, yeah, that's an actual good concern.
Sreel: People are dumb, Unten. Especially your planet. I mean good lord, have you seen the statistics? We laugh about it in space but like, it's not good.
Unten: Alright, yeah, I get it.
Sreel: Like, holy cow, they're so dumb. It's astounding.
Unten: Sreel, we need to focus.
Sreel: Yeah. Alright.

Unten holds out his phone.

Unten: I'm gonna call Guadalupe and see who we can get to help us.

Guadalupe picks up her phone from the couch, laying back as she files her nails.

Guadalupe: Yo, what's good Unten?
Unten: Nebuel came back. You know, how he said he would come back in 30 days or my money back.
Guadalupe: Well, what the hell do you want me to do about it? Do you need some clown stuff?
Unten: Nah… it's a new game. I just gotta find him. In this weather.
Guadalupe: Aw man, are you going to make me look for him and radio you in when we do?
Unten: I mean, ideally…
Guadalupe: But today was so comfy… me and everyone else here was just chilling out, making hot chocolate…

Guadalupe picks up her hot chocolate from the side table next to the couch and blows on it before drinking it.

Mioda: Hey, who's on the phone?
Guadalupe: Unten. I guess he needs help with Nebuel or whatever?
Mioda: I thought we sent Strafe and Sakeena with him?
Guadalupe: Oh yeah. I thought we sent Strafe and Sakeena with you? Where are they?
Unten: They got sent to the second dimension pretty fast. I guess Nebuel wanted them out, for whatever reason? I…

Sreel looks to Unten.

Unten: Well, the way this game is set up, it doesn't really matter that they were with me.
Guadalupe: Well, I'll help look. I just got a cute raincoat that I can wear now.
Unten: What are Nycho and Obena up to?
Guadalupe: Oh, they're just napping.
Unten: Napping? What is this, preschool?
Guadalupe: It's lazy rainy day! It was, at least… I'm not waking them up.
Unten: I need you to wake them up so we can find Nebuel faster.
Guadalupe: But they look cute snuggled together!
Unten: Where's Sia? Where's that new recruit Nion? I'm aware Sarah's busy… I guess Rachel is too…

Unten scratches his head.

Unten: I earnestly don't wanna call Rachel given… what happened…
Guadalupe: What about your girfriend, Quartz?
Unten: She's busy too, what gives…

Unten hangs his head.

Unten: She said she was going into the Wasteland for whatever reason with Reten and Makara for something.
Guadalupe: Well, Sia and Nion are actually on a date, believe it or not.
Unten: On a double date or something?
Guadalupe: Who would they be double dating, Unten? They're on a date together.
Unten: Huh, weird. I would have thought she would have grown close to Strafe, all things considered.
Guadalupe: Well, Sia and Strafe were in the same room, so I guess Nion hung out with Sia and hit it off. What, do you want me to interrupt them real quick?
Unten: Give it a bit, I guess. I feel bad, Sia hasn't really had many moments to herself.
Guadalupe: Alright. So, I'm going to go with Mioda and Zerita in a minute here, we'll contact the others if we still can't find Nebuel.
Unten: Sounds like a plan!

Guadalupe immediately hangs up. Unten looks to Sreel and shrugs.

Sarah and Mingyu make it to the top floor.

Sarah: You need to work on the elevator, the speed on that is not great.
Mingyu: We'll work it out eventually. We need you to get familiar with the nanosuit.
Sarah: Right, job training.
Mingyu: This stuff is new and hasn't been tested a ton, but I mean, the important thing is that it has been, and we're going to keep improving the tech. Hopefully, anyway.
Sarah: Really extruding confidence, huh?
Mingyu: Thank you.

Sarah winces as he seems to have missed that it was sarcasm. He goes over to the white wall and presses a button on it that pops out a green suit with a device attached to it.

Mingyu: This is the Nanosuit. I designed it with the help of Chelsea Rench since she knows these kinds of things better than me. We managed to extract the particles that make my powers work and now we're able to clone those particles and have them run off the Ripplite Core on the back.
Sarah: Where did you get your hands on Ripplite?
Mingyu: I got it through some uh, dealings. Anyway, why don't you put it on real quick, and I'll walk you through how it works.

Sarah nods as she picks up the suit and heads into a room in the back.

Sarah: Might take a while. Just saying. I get the impression this thing is skin tight or something. Dunno, just the name… Nanosuit.

Mingyu nods and laughs.

Mingyu: Take your time.

Rachel pokes at her food, a steak, as she sits with Mia Skell and Lucille Catherine. The two women are having a rather lively conversation as they sit at the window in a nice restaurant.

Mia: So, I tell this Tifft skank to get lost, because she's hitting on the girl I want to get to know, and she just pushes me off because like, I guess she thought another half hour would impress this chick? And she comes roaring back.
Lucille: Uh huh.
Mia: So we get into an aggressive shove match, which she started by the way, and well, one thing led to another and both of us were kicked out of the club pretty shortly after that. I mean, I know the Tiffts are vampires and all, but she just slung straight to it.
Rachel: God…

Mia looks to her.

Mia: I know, right? Like… first off…

Rachel just sighs aggressively.

Rachel: No, not at the story. Like, I thought reaching out like this was gonna help me get over Bang, but it's not really helping at all.
Mia: Aw damn, is this the only reason why you reached out now?
Lucille: That is kind of a bummer.
Rachel: Well, I mean, it wasn't just that. I did kind of want to know you two more. But like… I dunno…

Lucille reaches over the table to put her hand on her shoulder.

Lucille: Well, we understand you're going through something. Not fully sure what, it was muted over the television.
Rachel: God, I don't think I've ever had a better thought than to ask them to put down the shield so we could talk.
Lucille: Well, whatever it was, you can help get over it with us.
Mia: That's right.
Rachel: Can I though? Ugh, I dunno. I dunno. Both of them were part of my life for quite a while and now both are just… gone.
Mia: Well, you can always continue with someone new… it sounds like things didn't work with Bang and NULL… well, NULL's at least safe, I think.
Rachel: I dunno, F.A.N.T was founded by Helen Rizzo, who is not exactly… the most level headed leader when it comes to dealing with paragons. I'm sure things are "different" now, but it still feels like that mindset reigns there.
Lucille: Well, we admire you a lot, Rachel!
Mia: Yeah!
Rachel: Why?
Lucille You're straightforward and kind of mature in a way I don't really see a lot of other people in this spotlight act, you know? You don't have any powers, which isn't something I can necessarily relate to, as does Mia, but I mean, you command a lot with very little.
Mia: Besides, you're pretty attractive too.
Lucille: Mia!
Mia: What, it's true…

Rachel smiles softly as she looks at them.

Rachel: Thank you. Maybe I needed to hear that.
Lucille: C'mon, let's finish up this meal and go somewhere fun where you can get your mind off that stuff that's keeping you down.
Mia: We could do an escape room, go to a spa, paintball… maybe a convention?
Lucille: Ooo! Ooo! Or we could go to Aiki, or Alice in Chains is playing tonight… if they're not sold out we could go…
Rachel: Hah… I'm not much of a metal fan, the screaming and stuff just isn't for me.

Lucille looks to Mia and then back to Rachel.

Lucille: You know metal isn't screamo, right?
Rachel: Uhh…
Lucille: Maybe we should go to that concert if the tickets are available…
Mia: There's also Soundgarden and Black Hole Sun…
Rachel: You know what, I probably go for a ferry ride. Go on a nice little boat trip.
Lucille: I dunno, if we're gonna take transportation, we would probably get a lot more out of the SLUT.
Rachel: Did… did I hear you right?
Lucille: How have you lived in Seattle for like five years now and have no idea what I'm talking about? South Lake Union Trolley. SLUT.
Rachel: OH! Oh.
Mia: She's making it out to be more exciting than it sounds.
Lucille: We could grab some drinks, go clotheshopping, see the sights, that kind of thing.
Rachel: Eh, I dunno what I'm really in the mood for, so that sounds good to me. Let's pay the waitress and get out of here.
Mia: Sounds good. I don't wanna be seen if that skank Rubelline comes in here.
Lucille: Cool it, Mia…

Rachel finishes off her steak and raises her hand to their waitress.

Vicky Victorious is talking to her news crew, shortly after Unten has left the venue after Nebuel showed up.

Vicky: So, what are we thinking of doing tonight? I think following Unten would probably be a good way to break news again, yeah?

Vicky looks at the camera man while Staci Stacks drinks a huge bottle of booze.

Vicky: Response, guys. Camera man, what's your name?
Camera Man: Oh me? I'm Cameron.
Vicky: Wait, what's your last name?
Cameron: Cameron Mann.
Vicky: Right. God, how did I forget you're literally Cameron Mann?
Cameron: You do say booze doesn't help you remember things.
Vicky: Well, tis a blessing and a curse. What do you say to that, Staci?
'Staci: Man, the booze here doesn't do shit for me.
Vicky: Yeah, it's bad booze. Let's go find out where Unten is and see where that goes, yeah?
Staci: Mm, alright. Suppose it can't go wrong.

Unten and Sreel make their way through the rain quickly as Unten tries to think of where Nebuel could be.

Unten: Hrmm… where could Nebuel be hiding…
Sreel: I dunno… maybe he fucked off into the woods or somewhere…
Unten: Nah, he's a pretty transparent guy, and I feel like if he was gonna leave a clue…

Unten claps his stubs together.

Unten: Ohhh, he probably went to the bank…
Sreel: The bank? What the hell makes you say that?
Unten: He said he'd come back in 90 days or my money back!
Sreel: That's the thing that makes you think it's a bank?
Unten: Well, we gotta try somewhere!

Unten and Sreel run across the streets for a couple blocks before rushing into the bank. Unten's hand pulses with electricity as he enters the bank, looking around to see a surprise crime scene in progress. A woman with firey orange hair, a black dress, and reddish crimson skin looks to him, grinning.

Woman: Well, well. If it isn't Unten Bluzen coming to interrupt the party. I imagined you taller.
Sreel: You're pretty massive for a human, so I don't think it's on him.
Unten: Who are you and why do you know my name? Actually, I retract that last question.
Woman: You want to know my name? I'm offended you don't already know…

The woman snaps her finger.

Woman: The name is Fuega Nitro!
Sreel: Did… did she just give her name? That seems like a bad thing to do while robbing a bank.
Fuega: I'm too hot to not be noticed anyway, what's the harm in giving a name to all of this?

Fuega hops onto the bank counter as she pulls out two guns. Unten puts up an aura barrier.

Unten: Great, now we gotta deal with this.
Sreel: You're the one who wanted to go to the bank…

Sreel puts up his gauntlet as Fuega starts firing wildly, causing Taki dust to explode everywhere.

Sreel: Wait, these aren't even bullets...

Sreel zips across the bank floor as Fuega fires towards his face, forcing him to shut his eyes. Unten fires electricity out of his arm, which Fuega dodges.

Fuega: Oh hell yeah, this is a real fight huh?
Sreel: This is not working, Unten…

A giant figure booms behind Fuega, his messed up face growling as he phases through her and becomes a giant meat shield for her, allowing her to take money from the tellers at the bank. She grips it all in a bag, smirking.

Fuega: It was nice seeing you boys, but now watch me get away!

Fuega jumps off the counter and becomes infused with adrenaline, making her way through the crowd. Unten attempts to fire electricity at her but misses as Fuega goes for a floor slide towards the bank door. Suddenly, she finds herself facing Mary Azkban and a ton of cop cars.

Mary: Freeze, Fuega Nitro.
Fuega: Aw, cute that you think you can stop me!

Fuega attempts to move but finds herself weighed down by Digitalism, five on each leg. Unten looks to Mary Azkaban as HELLYEAH bursts through the door, going to grab Fuega but Mary pulls out a strange set of cuffs, slapping one to her wrist and throwing the other one line a disc, which wraps around the neck of HELLYEAH. HELLYEAH writhes as the cuffs snap shut. Fuega blows out chili dust towards Mary Azkban, making her force her eyes shut.

Mary: Agh!
Fuega: I dunno what this dumb cuff thing is, but I ain't just HELLYEAH, you know…

Sreel goes to punch her in the stomach but she dodges it, burning Sreel's eyes with chili powder. Sreel grunts in pain as Unten strikes her in the back with an electrical punch. Fuega twitches as the Digitalisms whimper off her, grunting hard as she begins to pulse with electrical energy, gleefully looking at Unten Bluzen.

Unten: Ah shit, I forgot!
Sreel: Oh god…

Fuega blasts all three of them back with electricity, attempting to summon HELLYEAH back to her side as it continues to writhe in Mary's cuffs.

Fuega: What kind of magic is that?
Mary: It's called the Celestial Chains. I have someone at the lab who made them for me- it's a Ripple containment device…

Fuega thrusts lightning towards her, but is suddenly punched hard, flying towards a wall outside. Mary is shocked as a giant person enters the scene.

Person: Justice is here!

Fuega grunts as she falls from the wall, onto her knees.

Person: in the form of Justice SHIELD!

The man, his name being Justice Shield, slams into Fuega as she attempts to use Unten's aura to cast him back, but he just knocks her away, her guns flying out of her hands as he crushes them under his feet.

Fuega: NO! My Chili Powder Boomers….

Justice Shield picks up Fuega with his hand.

Justice Shield: Here you go, mam.
Mary: Thank you, Justice Shield, if that's your name.

Justice Shield looks behind him and grins.

Justice Shield: Anything to keep the streets free of crime!

Mary nods weakly as Digitalisms apprehend Fuega Nitro in a hard light prison box.

Mary: How did she gain your powers like that, Unten?
Unten: Nebuel's back with a second game. He came to my birthday, I'm not sure if FANT filled you in on that.
Mary: Yeah, I know about that incident. So, like, what's the game?
Unten: Tag. Touch me and get my powers. Those people can then spread it with halved power each time. There must be a dozen now who have differing rates of electrical and aura power.
Mary: Yeahhh, that's not good.
Sreel: And it's not about to get better. Drop the criminal off and help us find this onionhead.
Mary: I suppose… I got other things to do- even on a rainy day like this there's criminals to deal with. It feels like there's an accelerated rate of individuals with powers since you came…
Unten: Oh surely I can't be to blame…
Mary: You're not… but I can't help to think there might be a correlation.
Sreel: Interesting, but we don't have the time for it.
Justice Shield: This criminal must be apprehended… let me join you on this quest.

Sreel and Unten look to each other.

Sreel: I mean, can we really go wrong?
Unten: He has a lot of power… hrm. I say go for it...

Sreel looks to Justice Shield.

Sreel: Welcome to this scrappy little team, Justice Shield.

Justice Shield flexes as Sreel and Unten run through the rain.

Sarah finishes putting on the suit and walks out as Mingyu Li drinks his coffee with a sour face.

Sarah: Yeah, I don't exactly have the razor thin body I used to, but you don't need to be upset with me…
Mingyu: That's not it. This coffee just tastes terrible.
Sarah: Well, go get Erin then… honestly, that'd be good, she'd be able to tell me if I look good in this outfit or not.
Mingyu: You look fine.
Sarah: I don't care about your opinion…

Mingyu leans into a microphone as he hits a red button to activate the intercom.

Mingyu: Erin Coldwell, would you mind coming to the nano assembly office?

Mingyu redirects his attention to Sarah.

Mingyu: This is pretty costly, so don't fuck this suit up. If you can help it.
Sarah: Well, how does it work, doc?

Mingyu holds two discs. One has a green cross, and the other has a red minus.

Mingyu: These are the LiDiscs. I developed them with Chelsea Rench and they utilize my particles. The Ripplite rods on your back activate the particles and shrink you either with the green LiDisc, or grow you via the red LiDisc.
Sarah: Huh. I would have thought it would be the other way around.
Mingyu: Well, our work is being doing on a more… subatomic level.
Sarah: What do you mean by that? Actually, what the hell did I sign up for? I mean, I figured it would have to do with something with size, but your website kind of kept it vague with "subatomic medical architects".
Mingyu: Right, I should probably explain, huh… well, maybe it's best to show you. Pop one of those green discs into the slot next to the left of your neck.

Sarah does as he instructs as Erin stumbles into the room.

Mingyu: There you are. Can you redo this coffee while me and Sarah go subatomic?
Erin: Uh, sure thing, boss!

Erin grabs his coffee and runs out of the room as Mingyu looks to Sarah.

Mingyu: Alright, activate using the button on the right of your neck.
Sarah: Why did you make this suit so cumbersome to use?
Mingyu: It's a prototype. We wanted to keep the LiDiscs close to the Ripplite Engines.
Sarah: Alright then…
Mingyu: It's a lot, i know.
Sarah: Nah… just weird, I guess.

Sarah taps the button on her suit, shrinking down to a near invisible level as she gets small enough to see the bacteria flying through the air. Mingyu Li lands next to her.

Sarah: Oh jesus, where are we?
Mingyu Li: We're on the lab floor. You're gonna wanna use the thrusters to move around. Squeeze your hands together to fly upwards and tilt in the direction you wanna go.
Sarah: Huh. okay…

Sarah squeezes her hands together as she flies through the air, tilting her body forward.

Sarah: A bit awkward, but fine I suppose.
Mingyu: Make it over to that glass pylon, will ya?

Sarah nods as she lands atop a giant glass cylinder that has a holographic display that appears around her in a ring. Mingyu lands next to her, Sarah glancing at all the screens.

Sarah: Alright, what's all this?
Mingyu: It's the Bacteriophage Materializer.
Sarah: Bacteriophages? You mean viruses? What the hell are we doing here?
Mingyu: See, in the last couple of decades we've been creating antibiotics. These were great because it meant we were becoming immune to the things that previously cut our lifespans. This overuse of antibiotics has led the evolution to bacteria that have become immune to most, if not all antibiotics.
Sarah: Right… I'm following.
Mingyu: So, the solution to this screw up is to resort to a new ally in this field. Phages. Bacteriophages are specialized virus injectors that can take out specific bad bacteria. Bacteriophages are nasty buggers, but they can be created to take on specific bad bacteria. It's a completely new field of medicine we're tapping into.
Sarah: Right… but you're still injecting viruses into yourself.
Mingyu: Specialized viruses that kill specific bacteria. The thing about phages is that they inject themselves into bacteria and reproduce by filling out the corpse with it's infection that lays more into further bacteria. They're super effective, Not only that, but phages don't really work on humans like they do with bacteria- we're too different.
Sarah: Uh huh. Well, if bacteria built up a resistance to antibiotics, what's stopping them from just growing resistant to phages?
Mingyu: That's the other thing about phages. They evolve as well, and even if they can't fight a bacteria because of an increased resistance to phages, antibiotics will work against this bacteria again because a bacteria has not been able to grow a resistance to both as far as testing goes.
Sarah: So… this works? Are we working with hypotheticals?
Mingyu: There's been a bunch of tests. It's experimental and not approved yet.
Sarah: So… you're kind of taking a gamble on this whole field of new medicine that doesn't have a lot of clinical testing yet? How are we gonna market this thing?
Mingyu: With the facts, Sarah!
Sarah: I suppose it's worth a shot…

Sarah moves towards the ring of screens.

Sarah: Instruct me on how this thing works.

Rachel, Mia, and Lucille sit on the South Lake Union Line, chatting away.

Mia: So, do you like, wanna have kids? Because it seems like you kind of have a older kid in your care for a while before they leave or get taken away because of some bullshit.
Rachel: Yeah…
Lucille: So, like, what's stopping you from just getting pregnant and having one of your own?
Rachel: I don't want to be a single parent for an extended period of time, I guess. It's be nice to have someone at home in case I have to do hero work or something…
Mia: Rachel… you can't have both,
Lucille: Like, listen, I'm never having kids but your thing is a full time job.
Rachel: What? Come on, we have off-days too, you know, like this…
Lucille: Unten can call you up at any time for any dumb bullshit he wants you on for, right? Or whoever is in charge of him, like F.A.N.T…
Rachel: Mmm… well, F.A.N.T just lets operate pretty much however we want…
Lucille: Do they? NULL was taken away. What are they doing with her? Do you even fucking know?
Rachel: I don't, but I'm sure they have good reasons for doing that…
Mia: You basically enlisted yourself into a Paragon military service where they can draft you for whatever they want.
Rachel: I'm not even a Paragon, so I'm sure I'm low on their list…
Mia: F.A.N.T's part of the government and is funded from multiple countries. The agenda can sway under force.
Rachel: Right, but those interests are well intended and they have strong leadership. They've been good to us now, so… no reason to suspect that strong leadership would crumble fast.
Lucille: Rachel, you were literally talking about how you didn't trust the leadership because Helen Rizzo was kind of crazy.
Rachel: I understand those two mindsets are contradictory, but it's not like they'd ever go that far- they wouldn't just draft us or round up all the Paragons they know of and put them under watch, right?
Lucille: With the unrest of late? I dunno. Snaily Joe is kind of a schmuck in the presidential seat.
Mia: The talk with the Paragons- that's what they call us, people with powers, these days has not been good.
Rachel: Yeah, you don't need to tell me twice.
Mia: What are you guys doing? Everyone- the Fantendo Firehouse, Misfits, F.A.N.T., pretty much anyone with a voice need to combat that better. I'm just a vampire living a pretty decent life on her own but I'm targeted because I have abnormal abilities.
Lucille: I mean, the amount of shit I get for being a Satanist on top of a powered demon…
Rachel: We don't know what to do, to be honest.

Rachel holds her head in her hands.

Rachel: Sometimes… Unten's direction can be a little confusing to figure out. Allying constantly with former enemies isn't getting anyone anywhere and seeks to make the narrative very confusing for people looking in the outside in- or people who willingly misinterpret it. Not that I don't believe redemption isn't impossible, but it's getting… uh, kind of a little…
Mia: Do you believe Unten is a good leader?
Rachel: Well, yeah, but I don't get his reasoning sometimes. Liameno's out there and we barely do anything about him… Doomulus Grime seems like he's redeemed but like, he's also an out of control Doomulus that blew up his fucking planet… and The Threat. Like, there's reasons to what he does, but I feel like we could be in a better spot if he was willing to kill sometimes.
Lucille: How much longer can you realistically keep contributing? You're only human, Rachel. You have different ambitions that conflict with this.
Rachel: I'll cross that road when I get there. Just gotta find someone I actually trust to have a child with.
Mia: Well, that was heavy. Thank god we're at the Denny Triangle… good place to stop.
Rachel: Heh. Well, yeah, let's get off here.

Rachel, Mia, and Lucille hop off the South Lake Union Line to go shopping.

Unten, Sreel, and Justice Shield stand under the shelter of a coffee shop overhang.

Unten: Well, we're not having much luck finding this guy, huh?
Sreel: Pretty transparent guy, my ass.
Justice Shield: Hmm… I don't know much about our target in hiding, but I imagine he wouldn't be standing out in the rain. The underground is where scum tends to hide from the surface.
Unten: Hmmm… you could be on something, I suppose.
Justice Shield: The sewer.
Sreel: Whatever gets us out of the rain…

Unten eyes a manhole cover but Justice Shield grabs it with a bare hand and flings it away, denting a lamp post, which causes Unten to wince. Justice Shield squeezes his huge frame down the tiny hole as Unten and Sreel follow.

Unten: I get weird vibes from the guy.
Sreel: Yeah, he's a suspicious character for sure.

Nion Exothermia and Sia watch from the coffee shop as Unten and Sreel follow Justice Shield down the sewer grate.

Nion: So… do you guys go into the sewers pretty often or?
Sia: I mean, we never really have much of a reason to…
Nion: No reason? You can find cool stuff in the sewers, like rings or coins…
Sia: Have you been in the sewers?
Nion: Couple of times.
Sia: Huh.
Nion: Then again, you're a pretty tall girl, so I imagine the clearance required for it is not meeting up with you.
Sia: Heh… yeah, there's a lot of Earth stuff I can't do…

Sia looks to Nion.

Sia: How are you settling in, by the way?
Nion: Oh great! Debt got paid off so I don't have anyone on my back anymore, so I'm mostly just doing little bitcoin mining programs now that things have calmed down. Strafe said he was gonna train me, but I outclass his gun skills pretty handily so there was no need for that.
Sia: And you didn't shoot him during the World Tournament because of bad luck?
Nion: Sia, people lie all the time. Sometimes you gotta make a cover story because you wanna buy time for someone you respect that's your target.
Sia: Wait, so you knew about Strafe before all of this?
Nion: You guys are like, the premier paragon team, so of course.
Sia: You don't idolize us, right?
Nion: Aw, not really, no. Hah.

Nion glances at Sia.

Nion: This was a nice little date, you wanna head to the Firehouse and kick my ass in Smash and then make out?
Sia: That's an oddly specific series of events, but sure!

Sarah pulls herself away from the ring of screens as she looks at a constructed Bacteriophage with a purple head and two spikes at the top in her likeness.

Sarah: Beautiful son of a bitch. We allowed to name this thing?
Mingyu: I mean, you can if you want…
Sarah: I'm naming it Erinvirdae. It goes after klebsiella pneumoniae, because she's a breath of fresh air.
Mingyu: Heh. Oh, yeah, klebsiella pneumoniae is pneumonia inducing- yeah, okay, I get it now.
Sarah: Love it when people laugh at my jokes before they get them.

Sarah feels a little overexerted. Mingyu looks at her as Sarah sweats.

Mingyu: Oh shit, we need to get you back to normal size for a bit. These suits can currently only phase the particles for half an hour.
Sarah: No offense, but why are we even using the suits anyway? They're weird to control and use, and have a limited and insane cost attached to them.
Mingyu: The bacteriophages need to learn routes and train. Basically, they have to train off the routes they show you, otherwise they will just stand as empty husks. You won't have to do it for every phage but each variant needs to be taught.

Mingyu glances at the ring of computer screens as he hands Sarah a red minus LiDisc.

Mingyu: Also, I can do a lot more on a microscopic level with this budget. The materials and computers we can build at this scale are faster because they're even more compacted together. Computers are basically working at the speed of light already, they just need to be closer together to work even faster.
Sarah: Damn, when did you become a science bitch?
Mingyu: It's been a small passion of mine for a while…
Sarah: Well, it's just very interesting, that's all.

Erin comes into the room as she carries a new coffee cup. Mingyu takes it from her.

Mingyu: Thank you, Erin…

Mingyu drinks it, spitting out curds of coffee.

Mingyu: What the hell is this?
Erin: Y-your coffee…
Mingyu: If you can't even get a cup of coffee right, why am I keeping you around? You're fired.
Erin: Well, I don't know how to make coffee. If you had asked me to do something I was actually qualified to do, like I dunno, researching drugs and cutting people open-
Mingyu: We're not that kind of medical center! Besides, you don't actually have any proof of verification of that stuff anyway.
Erin: Where's Sarah's medical license, huh?

Sarah is taken aback by this energy, but is really digging it.

Mingyu: You're already fired. Leave the premises at once.
Erin: Fucking fine!

Erin throws her hands up as she leaves. Sarah obeserves as she leaves.

Mingyu: Next time I'll try not to hire the homeless for a venture like this… or at least look more into qualifications…
Sarah: Wait, she's homeless?
Mingyu: I told you, I found her at the bus station.
Sarah: Well, shit, I got a good home for her. Stay right there!

Mingyu stares out as Sarah leaves the building in a hurry.

Mingyu: Mm… well, her shift was about over anyway, it was just supposed to be kind of a short training day…

Sarah chases Erin down, who is leaning against the South Lake Union Streetcar station windscreen. Erin looks to Sarah, who's been running after her without her even realizing it.

Sarah: Hah… holy shit.

Sarah takes a minute to breathe as Erin stares at her quizzically.

Erin: Did Mingyu change his mind on me or something?
Sarah: No… hah…

Sarah approaches her slowly. Erin looks to her.

Sarah: Listen, Erin… I like you, in that kind of romantic sense. You've got an innocence to you I thought I would never see again in another person, but you don't take shit either.

Erin stares at her.

Sarah: Basically, I'm asking if you want to go out with me?
ErinHrm… I mean, we literally just met not too long ago…
Sarah: Right, but I don't know if I'm gonna get a chance to say it again! The big man already fired you… I guess sometimes he's the tiny man. You're homeless, like, what little do we have to lose by engaging into this kind of relationship?

Erin nods her head.

Erin: You're talking a lot of sense, Sarah Auvic.
Sarah: I sure hope I am!
Erin: I'm in.
Sarah: As in, the relationship?
Erin: Yes, that thing.

Sarah smiles as she holds her hands. Erin smiles too.

Sarah: Alright, wanna pin me against the windshield as the rain pelts against us as we make out?
Erin: Sounds tight.

They proceed to do that.

Rachel carries some shopping bags as they make their way to the station, noticing Sarah and Erin making out against the windshield.

Rachel: Huh, okay…
Mia: Damn, those two are going at it.

Lucille giggles as Rachel rubs the back of her own long hair as if she's unsure what to do.

Rachel: Yeah… I'll just… leave her be…

Rachel watches as the South Lake Union Streetcar stops in front of them, allowing them to get on. Rachel quickly finds a seat next to Mia and Lucille.

Rachel: I have a feeling this would be better if it wasn't done in the rain.
Lucille: Yeah, but I mean, you're the one who chose the activity.
Mia: Besides, we don't mind it. Do you?

Rachel glances at the two, not sure how to answer their question before rolling back into her seat.

Rachel: So wait, have you two always been fans of me?
Mia: I mean, shit, these apartments are expensive, of course! Haha… I used to write pretty cringy fanfiction. KamikazeBlaxe008 though, now she was a writer.
Lucille: I didn't write fanfictions but I did love your fashion line you did a while back.
Rachel: Heh… KamikazeBlaxe008, huh?
Mia: Oh my god, you know her?
Rachel: Yeah, something like that…
Mia: What's she like?
Rachel: Oh… sweet, mature, very much a collected person now. She's got two girlfriends, she deals with anxiety on a pretty regular basis but she's still writing, just her own original stuff now.
Mia: Damn… living the dream.
Lucille: Heh. She does sound like she has it pretty good.
Rachel: Yeah… I wish I had the stability she has sometimes… I think I'm back on my bullshit.
Mia: What would that bullshit be?
Rachel: I used to just… kind of sleep around a lot? I don't want to get too into but it started with a dude… uh, he's dead now, I guess it doesn't matter if I use his real name or not… his name was Oliver. I rebounded with him after my girlfriend moved to a different state and we didn't wanna do it long distance so we broke up. Oliver and me weren't as compatible as we thought so we kind of just… mutually agreed to see other people while remaining together.

Rachel takes a deep sigh.

Rachel: It was kind of one of those relationships where we never strayed too far from each other because we were the rocks sinking the other one down. There were girls, there were boys but like, none of them really clicked with me. I ran out of rent money and I was just exhausted with him so I hitched it out after breaking up, got a gas station job. Old friend named Serah rings me up after a bit of time after that, we work together at the gas station, and I guess… it never really stopped until I met Bang.

Rachel lets out a long breath.

Rachel: And now Bang's gone.

Mia puts a hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

Mia: I'm sure you'll find someone else. Plenty of uh, what do they call the things with fins?
Rachel: Fish?
Mia: Plenty of fish in the ocean.
Rachel: I guess so…

Rachel stares out the window as she watches rain pour down. The streetcar moves across a manhole cover.

Unten, Sreel, and Justice Shield investigate the sewers. Unten grunts as he uses the wall to see through the darkness.

Unten: When did they add this bulky pipe? I don't remember it the last time I was here.
Sreel: You've been down here before?
Justice Shield: Evil lurks everywhere, Sreel.
Sreel: Right, but what would Unten be doing in a sewer?
Unten: Mm… well, I used to think I was the last of my kind for a very long time… when I saw someone else… of my species, it seemed anyway, I had to follow them underground. Turns out they were fake Beorns created by the Fan and the Enemy… so, that's a fun revelation.
Sreel: Mm. I see why you're like how you are.
Unten: Do you?
Sreel: You see these gauntlets, Unten?
Unten: Ayup, what about em?
Sreel: Some guy named Ray was gonna mass-produce these. They're my father's, he wanted to reproduce and sell them. Sell em to big bidders. Where power is corrupted and it's corrupted often.
Unten: Oh, I see why you're helping me now.
Sreel: Your powers are being spread like a virus. There's no telling who they could land in the hands of.

Sreel and Unten look to Justice Shield, who fires electricity as a light in the sewer.

Sreel: (whispering) Okay, so we're both totally thinking it, right? He got your powers somehow?
Unten: (whispering) I mean, he did show up out of nowhere. What is he, some kind of body builder? What's with the stupid looking helmet? Why does it have fucking antlers?
Justice Shield: Aha! An opening!

Justice Shield sprints down as Sreel rolls across the ground while Unten runs. Sreel slickly moves across the water as Unten can barely catch up.

Justice Shield: It's some kind of odd alcove… Bee-Orn… Hall-Ow…
Unten: Beorn Hollow? That old place is still standing?
Sreel: Barely, by the looks of it.

Unten jumps down as Justice Shield follows, causing the ground to tremble. Unten takes in the old atmosphere, noticing signs of an altercation that has since happened here, with bullet cracks and worn in rings on the ground.

Unten: I wonder who would be down here… and who brought guns to this place.
Sreel: Is this where you followed the other Beorn you were talking about?
Unten: Yeah. It's a whole story, I don't have time to get into it. Maybe Nebuel's hiding here?

Sreel creates an electrical ball for light as Justice Shield uses blue aura as a searching tool. Unten pulls out Imperium, which emits a glowing blue mist. They search up and down and all around, but don't find the Herald they're looking for.

Unten: Well, we've looked, we haven't found anything.
Sreel: Hmm… well, we haven't found anything in what would feel like obvious places for Nebuel to hide, so… maybe we need to look in the last place he'd expect us to look on a rainy day in Seattle.
Justice Shield: Good thinking. Let's head back to the surface.

Unten and Sreel shrug as they let him take charge.

Vicky and Cameron head to the bank, which is sweeping up minor damage from the altercation earlier. Vicky is interviewing a teller.

Vicky: May I ask what happened?
Teller: Uhm… well, this crazy woman made of what appeared to be Takis jumped onto the desk and demanded money while pointing out guns. The normal scenario is to just give them the money so nobody gets hurt, but Unten and a strange looking eel came in and attempted to bust the criminal… but they didn't really seem to do a good job because it seems like Unten accidentally gave the criminal super powers on top of the ones she already had…
Vicky: The paragon threat is unionizing, basically. I got you.
Teller: That's not at all what I said-
Vicky: Tell me, where did Unten go after that?
Teller: He went into the sewers with a big burly man that punched the criminal away, although it did some minor damage to the bank…
Vicky: He went into the filthy sewers…
Teller: I feel like you're trying to do a narrative here, but I'm not sure if it's working.
Vicky: That'll be all!

Vicky swings around to look at Cameron Mann.

Vicky: Alright, sewers. Guess we gotta see if there's any good way to figure out which sewer they might come out of…

Nion and Sia get back to the Fantendo Firehouse, where they find Nycho and Obena sitting on the couch, watching Dragon Ball Z as they are usually doing.

Sia: Hey, you two, me and my date are gonna play Smash, so we need you to hop off the TV.
Obena: I mean, go ahead…
Nycho: Honestly, we're not really supposed to be here.
Nion: The hell does that mean? You guys are always here. When is there a scenario you two aren't here?
Nycho: I mean, if we have to have help the rest of the group with something…
Obena: We just kind of were in a nap already and we didn't feel like moving when we heard the rest of the news so…
Sia: Wait, what does the group need help with?
Nycho: Finding Nebuel in a game of hide and seek.
Nion: Isn't that the kind of thing you'd be on board with? I dunno, you two are very childish.
Obena: Childish? Bold words coming from someone that's still collecting toys.
Nion: They're called figures, Obena.
Nycho: Yeah. I mean, I collect em too, Obena. You don't have to come off that angry about it.
Obena: I'm not saying they're not cool, but I'm sick of being seen as like, a goofy kid or whatever it is you guys see me as, because like, I'm just very free going, I don't really like fighting… it's not really in my background, I mean for god's sake, I'm an ambassador for a planet that no longer exists.
Nion: Well, I didn't know that was how you were feeling…

Obena slumps into the couch.

Obena: I got discouraged to help anyway because like I was never able to generate something fast enough from my antenna to help or I wouldn't be able to use my sword in time… I dunno, I think I'm bad at fighting. I think I might be a bad addition to the group. Especially compared to Nion, I mean jeez, you got better gun skills than Strafe and can hack into stuff for us- the best I can do is translate occasionally.
Nycho: Obena, that's not true. You just need more practice.
Obena: When am I gonna get it though…

Obena sighs.

Nion: Well, there's no good reason for us to stay here, right?
Sia: I mean, I guess not.
Nion: We all need the experience- and to prove to ourselves at the very least- that we all belong here.

Obena looks to Nion.

Obena: Well, I suppose it can't hurt...

Nion claps her hands together.

Nion: Alright, let's look for this onion headed bastard!

TBA! This is a continuing story!



  • U-Day! originally began life as a idea for a story that would center around a rainy day and focus on various Fantendoverse characters doing their own thing. It would be combined with a second pitch for a second Nebuel story, which is the primary plot of this story.
  • U-Day! is loosely inspired off the Superman story that is featured in issue 407 Peril of the Pass-Along Powers.where Mr. Mxyzptlk makes Superman pass his powers along through touch, with each successive person getting half of the powers.
  • U-Day! features an exclamation mark in the title to signify it is a Nebuel focused story.


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