Tyyrian Shim
Tyyrian Shim artwork
Tyyrian's official piece of character art.
CURRENT STATUS Lounging in his mansion on Ymirn.
AGE 132
ALIGNMENT Billionaire/business tycoon/member of the Tony family
Black Sun, Mistress Murder, Paulie Tony, Fausta Richards
OCCUPATION(S) Leading Shim Boots Inc., partying in mansion
Money, himself, the Tony's, misery of others
Black Sun, heroes, threats, poverty
WEAPONS Robotic arm/spiked cane
SERIES Black Sun
Black SunBlack Sun
Michael Rooker

Tyyrian Shim is a Cronok and business mogul/billionaire, inhabiting the the New Fantendoverse on the planet Ymirn. A well-known rich alien, Tyyrian is closely associated with his own company the infamous Tony family. While he has been repeatedly shown to be a monster of a person, he's gotten away with it all by either the ties he's formed or by bribing people he knows would come after him. In addition, his ties to the Tony family have gotten him a few 50+ years added to his life by surgery alone. His first and only main appearance was in the Black Sun movie, acting as the film's main antagonist.


Tyyrian was born into a place of emotional and financial stability. The Shim's were proud bootmakers and their business had earned them enough money at the time to support them to keep the family afloat. Born an only child, Tyyrian, despite having all of this money, had a harder time making friends. He grew up with very few...that is, until he met a certain young Creykon boy. Ever since the two met, they had been inseperable for nearly 30 years.

Tyyrian and Zephon shared their traditions and secrets with each other. You couldn't see one without the other, with them rarely getting into arguments. It was only in their early 20's when Zephon relatively poor family ran into financial problems and no job wanted to hire the two of them together. It was there and then that they decided to enter the criminal world of the mercenary, acting as an up-and-coming duo. The two didn't kill unless it was absolutely necessary, turning over a lot of cash in the process.

At the same time, unbeknownst to anyone, Tyyrian's family life had gotten entangled with the mafia known as the the Tony's, a large collection of aliens that were lead by Joseph Tony and his family. Tyyrian's dad, like Zephon's, had come down with a case of the Rot, a disease that was slowly killing him inside and out. The Tony's offered to remove the infected part of his dad in exchange for what money they had. Tyyrian's mom and dad agreed to the procedure and entered poverty at the cost of saving a life.

The day of the infamous murder of Zephon Koi came when Tyyrian felt like Zephon was holding him back mentally and physically. In a state of insanity, Tyyrian opened the airlock in the ship and sent Zephon flying into the empty void of space. Taking off shortly after, it was here that Tyyrian's motives changed. With no Zephon "holding him back", he was free to do whatever he wanted and whenever he wanted to. If he was gonna get him and his family back to their spot on the economic food chain, he was gonna have to take drastic measures to do so.

Tyyrian went on to become a ruthless killer, killing whoever he was assigned to kill. In addition, he sold his boot business to people higher than him and got large amounts of money seemingly overnight. Eventually, Tyyrian hired others to do the job for him as he started to developing a sense of ego, thinking he was better than anyone else in the galaxy. This spread to his view on alien races, seeing them as below his standards and hinderances to his goals. He eventually joined the Tony mafia, now lead by Joseph's son Paulie, where he spent his money on gaining replacement limbs as he grew older.

Tyyrian settled down on the ice planet Ymirn where he decided to build both his new mansion and more outposts for his boot company. In order to save money on hiring new employees, Tyyrain enslaved most of the natives on the planet and forced them to work for him. In addition, he payed big governments and law enforcers to ignore his illegal practices and stay off of his back, making some of those who thought those people were better than that even more angry at the manipulative Tyyrian. Ever since Black Sun had come back from the grave, Tyyrian had paid a few mercenaries (or eighty plus) to help finish his biggest goal: to kill Zephon Koi once and for all.


Tyyrian is 132 years old and, as such, his physical appearance represents that. While looking humanoid, he has clear characteristics of a Cronok, such as the sharp teeth, small spikes adorning his bald head, and of course, bright orange skin. He has pointy elf-like ears surrounded by black and gray sideburns, going along with a small and thin black mustache. Tyyrian is blind and wears gold-laced sunglasses and has a gold tooth to go along with it. He's 6,7 and is towering to...mostly everyone.

His clothing consists of a light-blue winter jacket complete with his initials embroided in gold and fur around certain corners. He wears black pants, black snow boots, and holds a gray walking cane with a spike at the end. Arguably his most defining feature, however, is his red mechanical arm. The arm is made of different kinds of alien steel, signified by the colors. The hand resembles a claw more than a hand, consisting of three pointed pink fingers and a red apparatus connecting them to the rest of the arm.


Tyyrian is a manipulative person, trusting very little people except for a select few. His ego makes him view nearly everyone that isn't him as inferior and deserving of little respect. The only time respect is usually ever shown to anyone is either when he genuinely means it or if he's trying to manipulate you into doing something for him. TBCA

Powers / Items

Cronoks have no natural powers to speak of, and Tyyrian is no different. However, that doesn't mean that he's completely defenseless. Despite being completely blind, Tyyrian has experience is different kinds of fighting techniques. This allows for him to attack opponents physically in many different ways, with some even confusing his opponents due to his extremely old age. In addition, the cane Tyyrian carries around doubles as a weapon for stabbing and impalement purpose, allowing for surprise attacks against any foe that dares to challenge Tyyrian in combat.

Tyyrian's most defining feature, his robotic arm, is used to great effect when fighting. The arm itself is durable, allowing for it to take multiple hits easily. While the arm is able to be ripped out if enough force is applied to it's connection, it'll be a hard task to do when Tyyrian grabs you with his triple-prong "hand" and smashes you into the ground. The arm has a hard time being broken as it detects when a "bone" or two is dislocated and proceeds to fix it in just a few seconds. Overall, the arm is one of Tyyrian's most versatile weapons and is a deadly item to have on your side.

Despite of all this, Tyyrian is not invincible. Cronoks, having no special abilities, are just as vulnerable to punches, kicks, poison, stabs, etc. from any threat they face, and Tyyrian is no exception. In addition, while it is hard to fully break his robotic arm, when it IS broken, it gets easier and easier to fully destroy it. Finally, his old age leaves him susceptible to cramps, pains, and other forms of wear and tear on his body. When he leaves an opening, it's likely someone will go that opening and take full advantage of it.


  • Black Sun: Tyyrian despises Zephon and sees him not destroying his corpse as his biggest regret. He wants nothing more than to kill Black Sun himself just so he can return and take back his title as best mercenary in the galaxy once more. Despite this, the two had a friendship stronger than steel at one point, shattered by the greed of Shim.
  • Captain Nebulava: As someone who knows Tyyrian is associated with the Tony's, Nebulava was disappointed at the UFC when they accepted Tyyrian's bribe for them to get off of his back. She seeks to bring him to justice and end the corruption he brings to the galaxy, whereas Tyyrian would rather be left alone and lounge around with the knowledge that he'll forever be a free man.
  • Mistress Murder: Like nearly everyone else he's interacted with, Tyyrian has swindled and stolen from Mistress Murder, seeing her as lower than him. Murder has been seeking for a way to get revenge on Tyyrian for what he did, which Tyyrian secretly fears, setting up traps and the like out of paranoia.
  • Paulie Tony: Tyyrian is almost like a brother to Paulie, being given the rank of "Uncle" among the family tree. The two trust each other immensely and have formed a stronger bond than Tyyrian and Zephon had as kids. After all, it WAS Paulie who helped bring Tyyrian's business to where it is today.

Appearances in Media

Black Sun

Tyyrian Shim is the film's main villain, coming back into Zephon's life after nearly 100 years of absence. As a villain, he's more of a personal threat to Zephon while still being threatening enough for the main characters to see him as a much bigger threat due to his connection with the Tony's. He's a key plot point for everyone involved in the story, each of them having some times to him.



  • Some people have pointed out Tyyrian's physical resemblance to that of Walt Disney. However, the similarity was a coincidence and not meant to resemble Walt at all.
  • The idea of making Tyyrian's company based around boots came from his life on Ymirn and how traversing it would need high-quality snow shoes.
  • Tyyrian's official theme is The Bidding - Tally Hall.
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