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Tyr Hymirson is a warrior serving under Odin. Years ago, he sacrificed his own arm to seal away the Power Harmonic-wielding Fenriswolf, and is now charged with guarding the creature's prison with his life to ensure that it doesn't get unleashed upon the universe. As an Aesir, Tyr possesses the ability to perform incredible miracles in exchange for some of his blood or flesh. Additionally, he can channel Fenriswolf's power to wield ice magic.


Tyr's Appearance

Tyr is a very large man, at least half a head taller than most humans and well-built. His hair is long and blonde, reaching down to his chin when he doesn't bother to tuck it behind his ears. He is also usually seen with a beard. He doesn't really have a specific "style" of clothing, and usually just wears whatever's available, but shows a preference for hooded cloaks and very large boots. He is missing his right forearm, and instead wears Fenriswolf in its place as a Chaotic Arm.

Fenriswolf's Appearance

Fenriswolf is an enormous, monstrous-looking wolf with cold blue skin and no fur. Portions of its body are coated with frost or completely frozen, and it glows a faint blue. "Veins" of Cyrium can be seen crisscrossing its body in several places.

As a Chaotic Arm, it is a large stone cylinder of gray stone the size of a human forearm ending in three claws. Complex runes are carved into the surface of the stone, and glow with the same blue light as Fenriswolf's normal form. It is nearly always seen in the place of Tyr's missing forearm.


Tyr's Personality

For the most part, Tyr is a serious, stern, and responsible man - the exact sort of person you would expect to give up their arm to stop the rampaging of an incredibly powerful monster, then spend centuries guarding said monster's prison. He is a person who values justice and fairness over all else, and can never turn a blind eye when it comes to imbalance or chaos. He is unrelenting both on the battlefield and in his own beliefs. Outside of combat, he is stony-faced yet polite, but can easily pushed into a chilling rage if one knows how to push his buttons. That being said... after separating himself from nearly all of civilization for hundreds of years and wandering aimlessly on the edge of the galaxy in order to safeguard a god-killing wolf inside of his arm, Tyr's social skills are more than just outdated. He's acutely aware of this, and tends to get uncertain and confused about how to proceed whenever fighting and saving the world isn't directly involved with how he interacts with others. He has a habit of asking questions about seemingly trivial things whenever he's stumped by something, and between his enormity and the politeness of his questioning, it's kind of funny to others some of the time. He's a bit paranoid and overcautious when it comes to others as well, and tends to be a bit TOO safe at times, as best demonstrated by his aforementioned retreat to the edge of the galaxy.

Since returning to civilization, Tyr has picked up a few odd hobbies. He shows a keen interest in politics, and follows the news on this front with a passion most people save for TV shows. Speaking of, Tyr actually doesn't care for most shows, and finds the ones filled with "historical inaccuracies" particularly hard to sit through. Though he can't play most video games due to only having one functioning arm, he manages to find occasional entertainment with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect, mostly due to the fact that not all of their games require two hands to play. He has a surprisingly balanced and healthy diet for a Norse warrior, but he does tend to shovel just as much meat onto his food as one would expect, regardless of what that food actually is. He never gets any jokes, ever. Even when they're explained to him, he'll just be completely bewildered. He is also somewhat nervous around canines, regardless of how small and adorable they are.

Fenriswolf's Personality

Fenriswolf sounds exactly what you would expect a god-killing, blood-lusting wolf monster to sound like. It's loud, almost constantly angry, brash beyond measure, and absolutely refuses to admit that it has lost. It writes off its defeats as temporary delays in its inevitable victory, and is certain that its time will come eventually. It's likely a result of knowing it will play the starring role in the death of the universe's divinity - that sort of knowledge tends to make one believe that they're immortal and all-powerful. The creature's thought process is straightforward and simple; its loyalty to The Threat was founded solely on the fact that sticking with her would lead Fenriswolf to as many opponents and victories as possible (as well as dog-like feelings of love), and its solution to most problems will usually involve tearing that problem to shreds with its claws.

Fenriswolf does not have any hobbies due to currently being a talking arm, and when asked about what it thinks its hobbies are, it would just list off multiple synonyms for waging war and committing manslaughter. The only thing that really comes close to an actual hobby for it is its tendency to irritate Tyr. For example, it gets an enormous kick out of any sort of joke, but only because of Tyr's sheer cluelessness and the delight it takes in annoying him with its loud guffawing. It likes getting its chin scratched.


Despite spending centuries without a sparring partner or access to modern sword techniques, Tyr is an incredibly dangerous martial fighter. Though he specializes in large bladed weapons like swords and axes, he can get used to weapons of all shapes and sizes, including modern firearms, with only a few test swings or practice shots.

Tyr's greatest strength is his Aesir's Blood, an ability granted to him and all Aesir by their Galvan Blood. By willingly sacrificing his blood or body parts, he is able to unleash a small amount of Power Chaotic and cast powerful spells. Compared to some other Aesir, he uses this power very sparingly, preferring to heavily wound himself in exchange for heavy power at the fight's climax rather than gradually wound himself throughout fights.

Centuries ago, Tyr sacrificed his right forearm to combine it and Fenriswolf with a powerful spell, creating a three-clawed magical prosthetic that acts as the beast's prison. Tyr nearly always wears it in the place where his old forearm used to be, allowing him to tap into a fraction of Fenriswolf's power and wield the monster's ice magic as if it were his own. He most frequently uses this to create melee weapons made out of ice. Since its claws don't actually move, the arm cannot be used for holding or interacting with most objects, and is basically useless outside of its magic powers. This forces Tyr to wield his weapons either one-handed or with a heavily modified style approximating two-handed.

Specific Abilities

Tyr's Abilities

  • Aesir's Blood - By willingly sacrificing his own flesh and blood, Tyr can cast spells that he would otherwise be incapable of wielding. The more he gives up, the stronger the spell he can cast.
  • Demonic Arm Fenriswolf - A Chaotic Arm that takes the shape of a stone arm, inside of which resides Fenriswolf. Just by wearing it, Tyr can wield a fraction of the beast's ice magic.
  • Weapons Expertise - Tyr has a natural talent for weapon-based combat, and can quickly adapt to any armament he can get his hands on after only a few warm-up swings or practice shots.

Fenriswolf's Abilities

  • Cryokinesis - Fenriswolf can call forth and manipulate large crystals of ice. The crystals will rapidly melt away into nothingness when not in direct contact with Fenriswolf, regardless of the current temperature. While wearing Fenriswolf, Tyr can use this power as if it were his own.
    • Ice Blade - Tyr's preferred method of using Fenriswolf's ice powers is to form weapons made entirely out of ice, which he then wields in combat. Though they're incredibly sharp, these weapons are a bit fragile and prone to breaking when overused. Also, they melt easily, unsurprisingly.
    • Ice Claw - Creating a weapon with Ice Blade takes time and focus. When Tyr urgently needs to rearm himself, he'll usually opt to rapidly generate ice around Fenriswolf itself. The end result of this is a large spike made of ice completely encasing Tyr's right forearm. It lacks the elegance or reach of his Ice Blades, but he can summon it nearly instantaneously, and it's durable enough to be used as a shield.
  • Power Harmonic - Fenriswolf possesses the natural ability to channel Power Harmonic, a magic created for the explicit purpose of killing gods, to empower its melee attacks or fire laser beams out of its mouth. As a Chaotic Arm, it is incapable of using this particular power.


Prior History

Most of Tyr and Fenriswolf's past is currently unknown. All that is known is that, centuries ago, the former stopped the rampage of the latter because, according to Odin, Fenriswolf would destroy Asgard if left unchecked. In order to stop the beast, Tyr used his Aesir's Blood and transformed Fenriswolf into a Chaotic Arm, sacrificing his own right forearm in the process. After that victory, Tyr took the Demonic Arm Fenriswolf with him to one of the farthest corners of the universe. He has guarded the beast there for centuries...


  • Odin: TBA!
    Fenriswolf thinks killing Odin would be very entertaining.
  • Freyja: TBA!
  • Hoenir: TBA!
  • Lurky Laufeydottir: TBA!
  • The Threat: Tyr has never met The Threat, but holds quite a grudge against her for creating a monster like Fenriswolf.
    Fenriswolf, on the other hand, has served The Threat. It used to love her with the kind of single-minded eagerness that only a dog is capable of. Of course, that was before it learned that she lost the war against The Fan and The Enemy, and got herself Descended. Such humiliation is utterly unacceptable, and so Fenriswolf has renounced its obedience to The Threat.
  • Zero: Tyr has never met Zero, and knows nothing about him.
    Fenriswolf, on the other hand, has fought both with and alongside Zero. It was added to the Top 10's rankings back when Zero was still One, and always felt the overwhelming urge to prove its superiority to the "scrawny-looking jackal." It never got its chance to challenge Zero, as it was transformed into the Demonic Arm before they could fight, but still hopes for the day when it will be able to finally prove that it was the superior fighter.

With characters outside of the New Fantendoverse

  • Mynis: Even if Mynis was the last warrior in the multiverse, Tyr is certain that he wouldn't willingly pick him to fight at the Aesir's side at the world's end. Still, even if the little guy doesn't have the talent or the disposition of a hero, he at least does a good job at mimicking the audacity of one and his heart's in the right place, which is respectable enough. On the exceedingly rare occasions where the two happen to be together, it isn't uncommon for them to go drinking together.
    Fenriswolf thinks Mynis looks delicious, much to Mynis's discomfort. (What is it with people from other universes and wanting to eat Beorns?! It's just so completely messed-up, man!!)


  • Tyr is based off of the Norse god of the same name.
  • Fenriswolf is, of course, inspired by the Norse monster Fenrir, as well as the boss Cerberus from Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.