SPECIES Alien (unknown species)
AGE  ??
The Threat (commander, master) Unten (foe)
CLASS Villain
The Threat's Forces
Minor Deity

Energy Attacks


Two is the second ranking member of The Threat's Top 10 and has been in that spot for a while. He was formerly introduced in the Fantendo Now episode A Flash Beorn Our Eyes. He later reappeared in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.


Two is the oddest of The Threat's Top 10, at least from a glance. Two has a black elongated hexagon for a head that floats independent from it's body. Two "wires" wrap around each other, one yellow, one pink, just below the head. These "wires" are being held up by a peach-red body that is made of pure energy that never has a definite shape. Two separated arms of the same energy appear, also just as dynamic in shape.


Two is a complete mystery because he never speaks in anything that isn't some kind of garbled, unknowable grunt. He may perhaps be rather docile to The Threat's commands, as hinted at in Victory. Two also exhibits traits of self preservation and fear in A Flash Beorn Our Eyes during the battle with Unten and others. Two is not helpless, but prefers to not use some of it's stronger attacks until it feels vastly threatened.


A Flash Beorn Our Eyes

Two appears in A Flash Beorn Our Eyes as a major character, as the fight with Two at the start of the episode teleport Unten to it's "feeding planet", where Doomulus Grime is also coincidentally at. It isn't really seen again, as it was heading back to it's feeding planet but didn't make it in time to see Unten or Doomulus escape.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Two appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory as a major character, although will not be playable. He was confirmed as a boss on 5/14/17. More information to follow.

Powers and Abilities

Two is one of the strongest members of the Top 10 as it can withstand powerful attacks with relative ease. It has the sole weak point of it's black hexagon face, which it fires it's attacks out of as well, making it a tough target. It fires a variety of energy beams and blasts, although it can also blast people to teleport them to it's "feeding planet", where it exterminates and presumably eats it's victims in a more contained environment. Some organizations, like The Doomuli, maroon their members on this planet and escape is seen as a difficult task due to how barren this planet is.


The Threat

Two is docile to The Threat, not just because he cannot hurt her but follows all her directions with no excuses or hesitation.


Two is one of Unten's stranger foes, as he teleported Unten to his feeding planet during a battle. During this time, Unten was thought to be dead and a funeral was even held. As such, Two is seen as Unten's greater foes, as Two "killed" Unten.



  • Two is one of the more powerful of The Threat's Top 10, however he does not interfere with One as even he knows she is not worth messing with.
  • One's design was meant to be the most abstract of The Threat's Top 10 to represent just how powerful he was. His design inspirations were flowing energy, lightning, tornadoes, DNA strands, and the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    • His early design gave him a silly face resembling a ":O" that was later removed after the writing of A Flash Beorn Our Eyes, and had a green and blue color scheme. This was changed to make him more intimidating to look at.

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