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The Twirlip, a budding foe.
Species Origin Flower
Rarity Rare
Alignment Bad
Koopa Troop

A Twirlip is an enemy that appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They appear in a number of galaxies, the most notable being the Spin-Dig Galaxy. They take the form of a bud, but they can turn into pink flowers with yellow centers that spin around.


In their flower form, Twirlips are only able to be damaged by stomping on their heads. In their bud form, Mario or Luigi can use any attack method to defeat them as they are weak to damage in general. Yoshi can also eat a Twirlip but only while it is in bud form. They appear in a few galaxies, and are also fought on some Bonus Planets.

Interestingly, in their flower form, Twirlips can actually defeat another Twirlip. When one Twirlip is unfolded in a flower form and then is stopped by a Co-Star Luma, another Twirlip will become active. If close enough and the two Twirlips collide, they will defeat each other at the same time.




  • Super Mario Exploit - Listed on the navigation template but not the page proper, suggesting they might have been in the game at one point but were removed.
  • Koopa Kart: Double Dash!! - Listed on the series page as being in this game and this game only, but doesn't show up in the game proper.
  • Lets-a-go, Mario - Was in a older version of the game and even had a sprite, but does not appear to be in the final game.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラミー
From the English word "flower".
German Wirbelknospe Eddy bud
Italian Bocciolo Danzerino Dancing Bud