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Tumult (full name: Rachel Turner) is a protagonist of the Blacklight series of video games, and a member of the Insurgence. Tumult is very vocal about her emotions, as she had kept them locked inside her until she had met Blacklight and the other Insurgents. She doesn't dwell upon past mistakes, and looks toward the future. She is also somewhat religious.


Warning: Tumult's backstory contains some material that may be sensitive to younger readers.

Prior to Schatten's takeover, Tumult lived with her wealthy (and religious) parents in a large mansion in Sky City. She was treated as if she was a princess, though was heavily neglected by her parents. She always tried to please them, and would even give up being wealthy if her parents were to notice her. When Schatten took over, he killed her parents and stole their money, and Tumult escaped before the Spitron Mechs could get her too. As she needed money, and poverty spread throughout the city, she sold her body to verious men who were willing to pay her high amounts of money. After her final "owner" tried to kill her after the deed was done, she fought back and killed him. Very few people found out about this murder, and when her next buyer, Blacklight, told her about wanting her on his team because of it, she was shocked.

Tumult, ashamed of her past life of selling her body to rich males, now covers as much of her body as she can, which is why she is often seen in a baggy hoodie and sweatpants. She is not afraid of using her past exploits to her advantage however, as she can charm most males to get information out of their lovestruck stupidity.


Blacklight series

Tumult is a secondary protagonist of the Blacklight video game series. Not much of her role within the series is currently known.

Relationships with other characters

James Wylde

Troy Browns

Jason Owens

Isabelle Goodway


  • In the Legend of Zelda series, Sea Zoras, from which Tumult's appearance is based upon, have fins protruding from their arms. Oddly, Tumult does not have these.
    • It is suggested that they are able to be cut off and regrown, which may have been done due to her previous job experiences.
  • Her codename was originally to be "Tiff". It is unknown why it was changed to Tumult.
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