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Tubba Blubba.

Tubba Blubba is a large, fat, light blue and orange Clubba who hates ghosts. He has a large white sewn-on patch where his heart was detached from him by Bowser.

Initially a coward, he was mocked and haunted by Boo and his friends. Eventually, he made a deal with Bowser: power and immortality for eternal servitude. He then developed a taste for Boos. However, Mario found Tubba Blubba's Heart, battled and managed to make it run to Tubba Blubba, making him feel invincible, but actually removing his invincibility. Mario then quickly defeated Tubba Blubba, and he then reveals that he is actually very sensitive.



Tubba Blubba has been confirmed to be part of the Chess Crew II in Neverworld The Second after the first Chess Crew was defeated in Neverworld the First. He becomes the "Black Rook".

YoshiEgg & Bloop: Shades of Purple

In this Purpleverse Day 2010 game, Tubba Blubba appears as a rideable character who can also wield a wrench. Also in the game, he was previously blackmailed and almost killed by Sunnyscythe. Sunnyscythe ordered him to kill Purple Guy, Blubba's friend and ally. Blubba had no choice, so he went to kill Purple Guy... Or so Sunnyscythe thought... Fortunately, Tubba Blubba teamed up with Purple Guy, YoshiEgg Nook, Bloop, and the others without Sunnyscythe even knowing.

Star Team Heroes

He's one of the survivors of Kirthar's Snap Finger



  • Strangely, he never held a staff with a spiked ball on the top like other Clubbas do.
  • He ate Stanley the boo.