Tropical Vacation
TV Series Fantendo - Gaiden
Season Number 1
Episode Number 011(Overall)


Writer(s) Sr.Wario
Airing Date(s)
November, 2015
Preceding Episode The Exam
Following Episode Assemble

Tropical Vacation is the eleventh episode of Fantendo - Gaiden, and the eleventh episode of Season 1. In this episode, the squad is sent to rescue squad 390, which crashed in the Bermuda Triangle, but things are much larger than just a single assignment. Reception has been (TBA).


The episode opens with a completely different, more cartoony artstyle. Unten, resembling the classic version, is running through a grassy expanse when he comes upon Doomulus Grime, who is spouting cliche one-liners. Unten defeats Grime easily, and the comic relief Mondo makes a joke as Unten and his friend Zerita celebrate. Suddenly, the entire expanse freezes and breaks apart, leaving a huge void in it's place.

After the celebration following the events of the last episode, Zabrent and Logia wake up with a terrible hangover on the couch while Sinn is in the kitchen drinking a ginger ale. At the same time, Carter and Skett wake up in the same bed. Despite being clothed, things are still awkward. Skett sneaks out as Carter takes a shower and gets dressed. While headed to the kitchen, Zabrent walks past Skett and says congratulations, causing Skett's cheeks to go red.

Sinn picks up and carries the hungover Logia and seats him at the table. After barfing, Logia is given strong black coffee to help the hangover by Sinn. Sinn tells Logia that Rizzo has an assignment for him solely. Logia wonders what it could be, as he drinks the black coffee. He complains it's too strong, causing Sinn to smack his head.

Sometime later the squad gets ready, with Logia heading out for his own assignment. They say goodbye, and Logia wonders what an assignment by himself will be like. As Logia heads inside the HQ, the squad recieve their next assignment from Rizzo. Rizzo tells them about Squad-390, who were sent over the Bermuda Triangle in their plane on an assignment and never came back. Zabrent says that's a bit cliche, but Rizzo responds that they have evidence there may actually be supernatural activities there.

Skett questions how smart it is to send a squad in there if one already disappeared. Rizzo responds that the 420 squad is the best squad they've got, and reminds them about defeating an alien scientist, a mind-controller, and and a genocidal clone. The others tell Skett they can do it, and he reluctantly agrees to come along. Carter gets the gadget from Blaze It that allows them to track other squads, and they head out.

While flying there, Skett talks to Zabrent in private. Skett tells Zabrent that he and Carter are dating(which Zabrent snarkily says he already knows) and that they are keeping it on the down low, and not to mention it. Before Zabrent can respond, the plane begins to shake and whirl around, knocking out Skett, Zabrent, and Carter. Sinn, in the pilot's room, finds the plane being drawn in by a magnetic ray. In vain, Sinn fires down missiles that hit the ray and cause it to fling the plane away.

Zabrent is woken up by Carter and Skett, who lead him to a small settling in the jungle they set up. Zabrent finds Sinn bleeding from shrapnel lodged in his abdomen. Zabrent cringes and looks away, with Skett telling Zabrent to man up. While Carter uses a small robot to remove the shrapnel, Skett stiches it up, and Zabrent cauterizes it with his electrokinesis. Through the process, Sinn is fine, with Zabrent questioning how he can take it. Sinn replies that he's felt worse.

While Skett caries Sinn who is injured and tired, Carter uses a gadget to map out the jungle and to find the squad. Zabrent hears a beeping noise, and follows it to a rock. Zabrent fires a bolt of lightning at it, destroying the rock and revealing the squad tracking gadget buried underneath it. They take the gadget, and follow it's tracking out of the jungle to a small hut.

At the small hut, Skett and Zabrent go in to find the dead bodies of squad 390. While Skett gives them a proper burial, Zabrent finds a bullet on the ground with an enscription that reveals the bullet is made by Lynxclaw Inc. Zabrent suddenly realizes that they are on their home turf this time.

Zabrent goes out to inform them, with Sinn swearing to take down Lynxclaw Inc. Sinn is stopped by Carter, who tells them that Sinn needs rest, and that he can't fight them like this. Skett tells the others to wait behind, but Zabrent insists on helping him take down Lynxclaw Inc. Skett agrees, and Carter stays to watch Sinn. Carter hears a noise, and heads off to investigate. In her absence, Sinn heads off behind Zabrent and Skett. Carter returns to say it was a coconut falling, and finds Sinn gone. Carter sighs and follows the three.

Zabrent tells Skett he completely respects Skett and Carter's relationship, and actually thinks they would be a good couple. He also adds that he doesn't plan to tell anyone without their permission. Skett tells Zabrent he's not good with words, but that he thanks Zabrent for it and respects him a bit more.

The two eventually reach an abandoned base. Although things seem fine at first, turrets come down from the walls and blast across the room. Skett quickly hides Zabrent in shadows, causing the turrets to disappear. Zabrent then short-circuits the turrets, and they look behind them to find Sinn and Carter who ended up there.

Suddenly, the base locks up and the turrets come up once more. They are then greeted by the CEO of Lynxclaw Inc, who says it's an honor to meet them at last. Sinn asks why he's not killing them, and the CEO informs Sinn that he has a new use for them. Zabrent tells the CEO to be a man and reveal himself. The CEO says that secrecy has no point anymore, and tells them that he is Unten.

The squad laughs at him and tell him that Unten is a hero, not a terrorist like him. The CEO tells the squad that he is Unten, but not the one they know as a hero. He explains that he lived a happy life as the Hero and Savior of Zeon, but everything was changed by the Shattering. He tells them that he learned he was simply an alternate Unten created by Unten's Catalyst powers without him knowing.

After the Shattering, the alternate Unten ended up in the Wasteland, in Beta Square, where he was deemed Beta Unten. The revelation that he was but a spare Unten thrown away by fate drove Beta Unten to madness. Beta Unten proceeded to become a dictator who conquered Lynxclaw Village, and founded Lynxclaw Inc., named after the first place he conquered. Beta Unten then set out to conquer the multiverse as revenge for his fate.

Beta Unten kidnapped various Wastelanders to use as soldiers and faculty, and developed a machine to travel from Earth and back, setting up various buildings to build tools of destruction that would allows Beta Unten to conquer it, namely the potions which give people superpowers. Beta Unten says that he targeted F.A.N.T because they are the greatest threat to this army, especially the 410 squad, being the best squad.

Beta Unten tells them that they will be his way into F.A.N.T to destroy the organization, but all of them refuse. Beta Unten then focuses a turret at Carter, and warns to kill her if they do not comply. Before they can answer, Zabrent short circuits the turret, and Skett breaks down an exit. The squad flee from Beta Unten, and quickly reach a machine where they are teleported away. The squad then find themselves in the Wasteland, with the Lynxclaw Inc. HQ in the background. As they head out, Carter tells Sinn that she and Skett are dating.

In the Stinger, Logia walks into Rizzo's room to learn about his assignment, and sees a bird, a Shy Guy, and an invisible woman. Rizzo tells Logia to meet his fellow Operatives.


So about our earlier conversation, I had no plans to tell anyone about you guys if you don't want me to. And for the record, I think that you two would be great together.
I'm not good with words...but uh...thanks. I respect you....a bit more for that.
More respect?! Wow Skett, she's changed you.
James Zabrent and Jake Skett

They called me Beta Unten. I was just a beta, a spare, a stepping stone, and I couldn't take it. So I took control of my meaningless existence. Conquered Lynxclaw Village, started Lynxclaw Inc. Now I'm coming for Earth, and the rest of this damn multiverse to get revenge for my fate.
Dude, you're crazy.
Beta Unten and James Zabrent


Reception has been very positive, especially towards Beta Unten.


  • Every previous agent is shown when Rizzo is showing the squad the 390 squad.
  • The temple from Bermuda Bermuda can be seen in the distance.
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