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Troopa Koopa is the eighth Koopaling and adoptive son of Bowser. He was adopted more recently than any of the other Koopalings, and doesn't really communicate with any of them except for Ludwig and Bowser Jr.


Little is known about Troopa's history; all that is known is that he had some sort of epic adventure before being adopted by Bowser.


Troopa is a Koopaling with with green spiked she'll and brown eyes. Troopa usually wears a black mask, and a spiked hat to prevent Mario from stomping.

Powers and abilites

Like most of the Koopalings, Troopa has a spiked shell that he can hide in and spin into oppenents. He has a wand like the rest of the Koopalings, but it's power is different from the others. Troopa's wand is able to shoot spinning Koopa shells at enemies, which can't be destroyed until Troopa is hit or is thrown into another shell. His spiked shell helmet prevents Mario and co. from jumping on his head.


  • The name "Troopa Koopa" being a backwards version of Koopa Troopa was actually a complete coincidence. When ColcoAnimation Studios created him, he didn't learn until later his last name would be Koopa, making his name Troopa Koopa.
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