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Trip to uHive is the name of an OVA starring Doomulus Saline and Relena, two characters that work under Fenrir of the Flame. The plot involves the two characters picking up a clone of Quartz from uHive, a artificial planet created by an genetics corporation that specializes in cloning.


Fenrir of the Flame sits in his throne as he taps against the armrests of his chair. He yawns before sitting up as two women enter the room: one of Krexxon origin named Relena, and the other named Doomulus Saline, of Doomuli origin.

Fenrir: Hello!
Doomulus Saline: Cut the shit, Fenrir. What do you want us to do?
Relena: Is this about the lights again? I thought we got you a ton of backup generators.
Fenrir: No, it's not about the lights, although I did see that one on the left flicker yesterday. I got someone else to look at that… whatever, this is not what I called you in for.
Relena: Mm. What do you want us to do?
Fenrir: I ordered… something at these coordinates.

Fenrir shows them the coordinates and the planet- glancing at the two of them as they look at the planet.

Relena: That looks artificial. What is this?
Doomulus Saline: It's uHive. It's genetics for billionaires like Fenrir.
Relena: ...genetics?
Doomulus Saline: They construct clones of species from their databanks. It's incredibly expensive but the hope is to eventually create armies.
Relena: So, you're replacing the Krexxon?

Relena scowls.

Fenrir: No. No. Don't even worry about that. That's not feasible yet.
Relena: So you do plan to replace us?
Fenrir: I would not concern yourself about something like that.
Relena: Mm. Whatever. What are we picking up?
Fenrir: That's not important. You don't need to know. You need to go over there and pick it up for me.

Doomulus Saline growls.

Doomulus Saline: I think we ought to know if we are to do a good job.
Fenrir: Package No. 7766. That's all you have to know.
Relena: And why don't they just… deliver it here?
Fenrir: You know why you didn't know about uHive? They don't make deliveries. It's a secret known only among the elite like myself.

Doomulus Saline snorts, laughing quietly.

Doomulus Saline: You consider yourself "elite"?

Fenrir sighs.

Fenrir: How about you two ladies just get going and I don't send a firing squad to execute you? Is that agreeable?
Relena: Yes, that sounds quite good. Let's go.

Relena grabs Doomulus Saline by the hand as they leave.

Relena releases Doomulus Saline's hand as they enter the hangar bay. Doomulus Saline crosses her arms. Relena growls.

Relena: You could have gotten us killed.
Doomulus Saline: Don't tell me you have any respect for him!
Relena: I don't. I'm in this for the money and resources I need to survive. My whole tribe needs it.
Doomulus Saline: Yeah, and my organization needs his funding. What does it matter if I have any remarks about it?
Relena: You don't take his firing squad comment seriously?
Doomulus Saline: Why should I?
Relena: There's a very real possibility he feels he could replace you at any given time.
Doomulus Saline: And you think that matters to me? He may have a lot of money, but I have the backing of Doomulus Prime on me. I'm his collector. If I die, Doomulus Prime is going to reap him.

Relena rolls her eyes.

Relena: Well, not everyone is confident in their own mortality, so I suggest cooling your jets before you get me killed.
Doomulus Saline: Fine.

Relena walks over to a sleek space ship.

Relena: This is the Geryon.
Doomulus Saline: This is what we're taking to uHive?
Relena: Yes. Do you have any objections?
Doomulus Saline: Nah.

Doomulus Saline crawls across the surface and enters inside. Relena jumps in and closes the cockpit as they sit in the piloting module.

Doomulus Saline: Not a lot of space for me, I see.

Kiva glances outside the window of the Doomuli Resistance headquarters, a satellite in space. Kurafeza and Ainumego sit at a table as Kiva stares out into space, watching the Geryon take off into the vast emptiness of space. She smirks.

Kiva: Alright, the Doomuli just left Fenrir's ship. Let's see what they're up to…
Kurafeza: No offense Kiva, but we don't actively have to hunt the Doomuli for every little thing…
Kiva: How are we supposed to beat them if we're not on their tail constantly, Kurafeza?
Kurafeza: Kiva, maybe if we had more extendable resources our way- the organization is too small for us to act so reckless all the time.
Kiva: Maybe the risk is worth it, Kurafeza.
Ainumego: I mean, if we're sneaky about it, we could trail them without them really noticing.
Kiva: Exactly. Let's phantom these bitches!

Kurafeza sighs as she crosses her arms.

Kurafeza: Don't exactly have a choice, now do I…

Kiva's ship begins to track the Geryon from a distance.

Ainumego: We gotta stay hidden. We're a target if we get caught. Generally giving them about a half-mile of light should do it…

Kiva squints her eyes as she looks out the window.

Kiva: I wonder where they're going…
Ainumego: Well, Fenrir funds the Doomuli but he also has his own forces that he likes to enlist. If I had to guess, he was going to the Krexxon home planet.
Kurafeza: Mm… I'm not so sure about that.
Ainumego: What makes you think otherwise?
Kurafeza: The intel we got from Yazuka…

Kurafeza looks to her leader, Kiva.

Kurafeza: If her intel is correct, Fenrir would have placed an order for an u-Hive assassin with the dna of Quartz.
Kiva: The dna of Quartz, the former Top Ten member from the Threat?
Kurafeza: Exactly.
Kiva: If they have access to that kind of dna… that's bad. I dunno if they would be able to replicate the god gene, but Quartz is still a powerhouse.
Kurafeza: Well, it gets worse, because it always does. That's Relena's ship. If that's her ship, she's going and well, as one of Fenrir's generals, she's going to easily chew through us like she did prior if we interfere.
Kiva: Why were you so against us going? If you had access to this intel and knew what this likely was, why wouldn't you stop them?
Kurafeza: We're not a big organization, Kiva. If we die, the resistance loses a lot. It's leadership, it's ability to spark further change- the Doomuli will win if we mess up.

Kiva clenches her fists.

Kiva: We can't just let them get away with it…

Ainumego taps at the control panel of the ship.

Ainumego: Knowing where uHive is alone is vital intel we can do things with. We might have to lose here, but we'll gain an advantage later on. Look at it that way.

Kiva sits down on the chair defeated by her teammates' reasoning.

Kiva: Alright, let's phantom them for a bit. Let's see where this goes.

Doomulus Regime, the Beorn Doomuli, taps at a screen that brings up various Doomuli under his command. A large Doomuli approaches him from behind.

Doomulus Regime: Doomulus Destine, huh?
Doomulus Destine
At your service, sir.

Doomulus Destine salutes to him as Doomulus Regime nods his head.

Doomulus Regime: What did Prime bring you out for? I did not order you to come at my behest.
Doomulus Destine: My purpose for my intrusion is to give you some intel about a donor. Fenrir of the Flame has requested Doomulus Saline and one of his own milita to head over to uHive to pick up a produced assassin.
Doomulus Regime: Hmm. A produced assassin of what species?
Doomulus Destine: They have no species. The name uHive has given it is Hadran, but the dna is based off Quartz of the Threat's Top 10 fame.
Doomulus Regime: Well, what's the worry then?
Doomulus Destine: The worry is that Fenrir will begin constructing his own militia and no longer require the Doomuli for any services. As such, the cash flow may be cut off.
Doomulus Regime: And what does Prime want me to do about it?
Doomulus Destine: He wants you to talk to Fenrir in the meantime. He says you're the most levelheaded of the generals.
Doomulus Regime: Flattered. Pass that along to Prime- I'll get going immediately.

Doomulus Destine salutes off to Doomulus Regime as Doomulus Regime glances back at the control panel.

Doomulus Regime: Well, looks like we need to have a conference with a good friend…

Doomulus Regime glances through the list of Doomuli and smirks.

Doomulus Regime: Bringing back-up can't hurt…

Doomulus Saline and Relena land the Geryon on the docking hub of uHive, which unfolds as a tessellating pattern of hexagons. They get off the ship, hexagons appearing before them as a walkway to the main building.

Doomulus Saline: Fancy!
Relena: Mmm… I suppose. Seems awfully sterile to me.

Relena and Doomulus Saline make their way to the door, where a helpful blue and red Beorn greets them.

Beorn: Greetings! I'm Conjoy and I'll be your guide for your tour of uHive! I'm a designer Beorn myself.
Relena: Charmed… but I don't see the point of a tour. We're here for the recovery of a package and nothing else.
Doomulus Saline: You're too aggressive, Relena! There's no harm in taking in the view! We're not in a hurry.
Relena: Right, because you have no concerns about your department being replaced.

Doomulus Saline chuckles to herself.

Relena: Awfully proud of that, aren't you?
Doomulus Saline: Lighten up, your tentacles are agressively squirming.

Relena grabs her tentacles as she gives a death stare to Doomulus Saline.

Conjoy: Well, if you two are done, I'll be showing you though the facility. We'll have to be going through this way anyway to get your "package", so I doubt you'll be losing much time.
Relena: We're done if it means we get through this tour faster.

Relena and Doomulus Saline follow Conjoy to a lift surrounded by glass walls. The lift puts them on rails that go through a giant planet-sized ravine where mechanical arms across the miles of the walls around them sort vials.

Conjoy: This is the DNA sortation facility. uHive has over 170,000,000 samples of nearly 500 species so far, and we've barely scratched the surface of the planet for DNA storage!

Relena stares at the machines as they go through the deep trench, watching the arms whirr.

Conjoy: The DNA is processed, cloned, altered in various other facilities. The mechanical arms are responsible for gripping the vials and sending them across rails that sort them into the facilities where they are needed.
Relena: Is everything ran by a machine here?

Conjoy gestures to himself.

Conjoy: There are many creations here that serve roles here at uHive. I, myself, am one of them.
Relena: But you're not real.
Conjoy: I'm not… what?
Doomulus Saline: She said you're not real.
Conjoy: What does that mean?
Relena: Look at you! You look inorganic! I've seen a real Beorn in person- Unten Bluzen- and you look like an imitation!

Relena looks at Doomulus Saline.

Relena: And unlike her, even, who is pretty far from organic herself- she used to be something too. She has a history. She has a soul that's been converted into fluid in a cube. You're an abomination.
Conjoy: You're being quite rude.
Doomulus Saline: Well, rude isn't quite the right word. More like, incredibly xenophobic.
Relena: Look at him! He's a test tube product! He's no different than those drones flying past us!

Small yellow drones fly past them. Conjoy laughs.

Conjoy: Those are called uBees! They gather data and feed it to various facilities.
Relena: (to Doomulus Saline) He's probably been programmed not to take offense to whatever I say about his own mortal coil.
Doomulus Saline: I mean, he is right.
Relena: Right about what? Being rude? I'll be rude to a product that's being mass-produced by a facility that's designed to eventually sort me out of a job.
Doomulus Saline: Well, think of it this way- eventually, with all the robots and products from uHive, we won't have to do anything. The "real" people will rise above the false, who will serve them well in a utopia paradise.
Relena: That would be great if I was destined for it. I'm not.

Relena glances at the glass floor below them.

Relena: Besides- no utopia, even imagined ones, will imagine the people destined for the bottom.

Relena looks at Conjoy.

Relena: Maybe I see someone like myself in him- but even worse because he has no future or past to acknowledge. He's always going to be someone's obedient lapdog. It just encourages further cycles of the caste system- it's already bad enough with entire species trapped under it, but now an entire level of beings will exist knowing nothing more than servitude is a role they are destined for.
Conjoy: -and over here is the production line. Here, the bodies are assembled for use. We previously used to use consciousness that floated around the cosmos, looking for bodies to inhabit, but that was a finite resource so we faked it with something we call uSouls! uSouls allowed us to tweak personality traits.
Doomulus Saline: So… when did you make this switch?
Conjoy: Around 2016 on the Earth calendar, which I presume you are most familiar with?
Doomulus Saline: Mmm… no…
Conjoy: Oh, so 112 AB on the Fandarian calendar?
Doomulus Saline: So, about four years ago.
Conjoy: Correct.
Relena: When were you produced?
Conjoy: Confidential information, mam.
Relena: Right, figures.
Doomulus Saline: C'mon, he's sensitive about it.

Doomulus Saline gives a filthy grin to Relena, who just groans and turns away from her.

Doomulus Regime makes his way to Fenrir of the Flame, who sits in a room that has lights on the ceiling and floor, almost a blinding extent. Fenrir stands in the light as Doomulus Regime carries forward.

Fenrir: Doomulus Regime. How interesting it is to see you. Do you have any information on my delivery?
Doomulus Regime: I'm not involved with that particular mission and order you gave, no.
Fenrir: Then what are you doing here?
Doomulus Regime: Relax, Fenrir! No need to get so fired up.

Doomulus Regime smirks as Fenrir glances directly at him.

Fenrir: Not particularly in a playful mood. Not sure why you Doomuli are in such a jovial mood anyway, doesn't it particularly bother you that I may no longer require your services?

Doomulus Regime steps forward. Fenrir flinches and tilts back in the air, intimidated.

Doomulus Regime: That's the answer, Fenrir. I looked at the costs of uHive, and production of a genetic clone can run up from 10 million to 2.5 billion depending on the scarcity of a genetic pool and the kind of modifications made to the DNA. You blew a good portion of your budget on this project, didn't you?
Fenrir: It's up in the higher mark up, yes.
Doomulus Regime: I have no reason to be concerned, especially when they can't produce real members of my race, the Beorns.
Fenrir: They might get there…
Doomulus Regime': I doubt it.

Doomulus Regime's arms whirr excitedly.

Doomulus Regime: It'll take a long time before you even have the numbers to outpace the Doomuli, let alone the reach.
Fenrir: Then I'll pull my funding right now and get my Krexxon guards on your case. How about that?
Doomulus Regime: Right, the same Krexxon guards that are also anxious to be replaced?
Fenrir: And where did you get this intel from?
Doomulus Regime: I don't have to be told everything. Sometimes you can feel the anticipation of something from the facts presented in front of you.

Fenrir grunts as Doomulus Regime walks closer to him.

Doomulus Regime: I don't think I need to further intimidate you into continuing to fund us as is.

Fenrir nods as Doomulus Regime walks back, slamming his metal feet into the lit floor, destroying the lights inside. Fenrir gasps as he leaves darkness in his wake.

Kiva, Ainumego, and Kurafeza situate the ship close to uHive. Ainumego marvels at the planet.

Ainumego: Unbelievable- they've managed to turn this terrestrial planet into a functioning factory of a planet with an artificial atmosphere in a manner of a decade. Who's funding them, I wonder?
Kurafeza: That's a good point, I have been wondering that for a bit. Honestly, I thought we'd never see the damn thing given it's unmarked.
Ainumego: Deliberately so- I've tried marking the location but Wayfinder continues to block these coordinates because they're already occupied in the database by junk data.
Kiva: Just write them down, dummy.

Kiva glances out the window.

Kiva: God, just looking at this thing just makes me want to go down and explore it for myself, but Kurafeza says we gotta stay here…

Kiva mockingly sulks with her arms crossed.

Kurafeza: There's no reason to do that considering what we know about the situation. We will not survive an encounter by the two statistically.
Ainumego: I mean, there is a 43% chance we'll take at least one of them out, but 13% for both.
Kurafeza: Right, I'm not willing to run those risks if I can help it.
Ainumego: I am curious though, why do you not trust Kiva to lead? I mean, it is her kind of role, you're kind of overstepping on that.
Kurafeza: Last time she tried to take the Doomuli head-on, she nearly got herself killed, excuse me for being protective of that.
Ainumego: Right, but if she wants to be reckless, maybe she should and suffer the consequences of that-
Kurafeza: She already did, if she can't figure out that she shouldn't be putting herself in danger then-

Ainumego glances at where Kiva was moments before. She's not there anymore.

Kurafeza:-then, I don't know…
Ainumego: Well, think fast, because she's not here.

Kurafeza looks to her left and sees that Kiva is missing.

Kurafeza: Goddamn it…

Kurafeza looks out the window to see an escape pod leave the ship and head towards the planet.

Kurafeza: God fucking damn it!

Conjoy leads Doomulus Saline and Relena through the last part of the facility on their tour. The room is a long dark hallway filled with testing tubes that glow orange, being the only source of light in the room. It's become obvious why Fenrir didn't do this himself- he's afraid of the dark.

Conjoy: Alright, now this is the synthesizing room! This is where all the magic happens- everything from the DNA, the data sets, the uSoul, the body, and the crystallization process comes together. The ultimate culmination of everything.

an orange test tube is suddenly dumped with the body of a Missyntile. Rainbow specks appear in the tube and attach and worm their way into the body, which causes it to snap awake and pound on the inside of the tube.

Relena: Is… is that supposed to happen?
Conjoy: Rarely. Although, it can't break the glass, as it's the most reinforced stuff in the universe. The system will also knock it out by spewing toxins into the tank directly to knock it out, or in extreme cases, kill it.

Black inky jets spew at the bottom of the tank and hammering against the glass gets fainter before stopping entirely as the tank becomes completely black.

Conjoy: uHive likes to pride itself on the fact it sees every possibility going wrong with some kind of a back up plan and then a back up plan on top of that.
Relena: I see.
Conjoy: Well, hopefully you do!

Conjoy heads over to a bunch of floating black rectangles, which have a glass case over them showing various creatures comatose inside, looking more like corpses than anything alive. A yellow hexagonal crystal hangs at the top of the coffin-like package.

Conjoy: These are the shipping containers. You two will be attached to the package, which will float behind you weight-free.
Doomulus Saline: What's the yellow crystal at the top?
Conjoy: That's a uCrystal. Very handy for controlling your creation. It's basically an imitation of User Crystals with limited functionality. You can stop a uHive creation linked to it or even kill it if things go really south. You can also reset it's personality and even do a little bit of debugging with the uSoul to adjust personality and fighting techniques, although I do have to warn you that it's still in beta.
Relena: Hah! A beta for living beings. When are they gonna get patches, huh?

Relena laughs falsely, unnerving both Doomulus Saline and Conjoy.

Conjoy: Patches are usually issued when needed, although the developers tend to be working on new features all the time…

Relena grabs Conjoy by the shoulders, digging her barbs in as she shifts her arms into tentacles.

Conjoy: Mam, you're hurting me.
Relena: You're not real. Do you even make your own choices? Are you programmed to just tell us things about this facility and it's fucked up process?
Doomulus Saline: Easy there, Slither.
Relena: All I can think of is when I see you is how you're not a real person, a real person with a soul. You're patched from pieces of other lives in the galaxy, sent to replace the real with the artificial.

Conjoy chokes under her tentacles, gagging hard.

Doomulus Saline: RELENA!

Relena chokes him harder, sinking her barbs even deeper into his skin.


Conjoy falls dead to the floor as Relena cracks his neck, aggressively breathing.

Doomulus Saline: You fucking dumbass.
Relena: It's fine. We're at the place we need to be. Look for the Hadran.

Relena and Doomulus Saline overturn a bunch of the packages before finding the "Hadran", labeled "Citrine". Relena presses a blue button on the left side of the coffin-like package and chains emerge from the package and wrap around her hand.

Doomulus Saline: Let's get the hell out of here… you've no doubt upset uHive.
Relena: I don't give a shit.

Relena grunts loudly as she follows Doomulus Saline.

Doomulus Prime stands in front of a holographic screen in a conference with the Zezunians, Obena's race. A princess, queen, and prince are all gathered together on the holographic screen. He looks like he's locked in intense negotiations with them. Doomulus Regime enters the room.

Doomulus Prime: I bring your planet back to working order after your near collapse and you still doubt my power? Oh hey, Doomulus Regime.
Doomulus Regime: Hey.
Zezunian Princess: We do appreciate it, we're just not really sure why we should just hand command to you as is-
Doomulus Prime: Eh, it's not real command, I just have higher say over you! I'm not your boss- I don't like that word, I'm not that different from you, I just have your best interests in mind and that means keeping your society in check with itself.
Zezunian Queen: Right, but the demands are completely unreasonable- slowing the rate of invention? More Doomuli inductions? A complete control over the monarchy? A transfer of a Doomuli tax?
Doomulus Prime: I think those are perfectly reasonable demands.
Zezunian Prince: Well, of course you do, you're the one making them!
Doomulus Prime: Well, I think restoring your planet shows a certain amount of charity you can trust, yes? I can't just let you continue on your way, I mean, you guys almost blew yourselves up and that would have been a true tragedy…
Zezunian Princess: Did you ever manage to locate our ambassador Obena? She should be the one doing this…
Zezunian Queen: Sweetie, I told you, nobody knows where she went.
Doomulus Prime: I'll give you 72 hours to make a decision. And to show you I'm not bluffing-

Doomulus Prime disappears and instantly kills a Zezunian in the background. He readies his scythe and slices at the Zezunian Queen, who now has the number 72 marked on her back. He teleports back to the Doomuli base, killing a robot known as a Primebot.

Doomulus Prime: There we go! Handy as a stopwatch too. Anyway, time's ticking, so if you could get going on a real decision, that'd be great. 72 hours! Goodbye.

Doomulus Prime switches the holographic display off as he sighs and pokes his head a bit, shaking it before looking back at Doomulus Regime.

Doomulus Prime: You're still here?
Doomulus Regime: Well, yes, sir… I have to report that negotiations with Fenrir went well.
Doomulus Prime: Oh good! Good job on that. Great job, actually. Say, you see my new body?
Doomulus Regime: Kind of hard not to.
Doomulus Prime: It's a new era for the Doomuli! And as a general, I think you deserve a new body just like mine. See it on the wall over there?

Doomulus Regime looks around the circular domed room. He looks around confusingly before looking back to Doomulus Prime, who's carrying his new body.

Doomulus Prime: Here it is, you deserve it! If you have any trouble getting the DOOM system transferred over, a Primebot will take care of it.

Doomulus Prime jogs out of the room.

Doomulus Prime: Anyway, I gotta jet, we're having our fun run! Join us if you're feeling up to it!

Doomulus Regime holds his new body as he nods.

Kiva sneaks across the ravine of mechanical arms and uBees on uHive, holding her blade Kayser in her hands, looking at the eye which looks continually left before blinking.

Kiva: Man, what's considered treasure on this strip mine?

A uBee whizzes past her, followed by a set of ten more.

Kiva: Ooo, I wonder what they're all going towards.

Kiva dashes forward, trying her best to avoid various mechanical arms that whirr up and down as they pick vials of DNA.

Kiva: Hrgh…

Kiva makes her way to a railing, where she sees Doomulus Saline and Relena running from a swarm of uBees.

Relena: Kiva Gliave?

Doomulus Saline nearly stops in her tracks, but then is reminded that they're being chased. Relena grabs the holgraphic chain and then proceeds to fling Citrine's coffin-like package like a weapon towards the task force of uBees, destroying a bunch which fall into the ravine.

Relena: I've been meaning to get a piece of you since last time…

Relena slams the coffin-like package into Kiva, who falls into the ravine.

Doomulus Saline: Damn, someone's bloodthirsty today.
Relena: More like intensely exhausted after all the time we wasted. If we killed that tour guide earlier, we probably would have made it to Citrine much faster.
Doomulus Saline: Not one for tours, huh?

Relena just grunts. They continue running as Kiva emerges out of the ravine with her wings and a brown gust of aura.

Kiva: Hey you two, watch out!

Relena looks quickly over her shoulder and then back to Doomulus Saline.

Relena: Ignore her, she's just trying to make us lose focus.

A Beorn with two hooked blades lands on the ground, striking the ground and creating sparks that fly across the concrete.

Relena: Oh who the hell-

The Beorn just laughs as she maniacally tries to strike towards them with her hooked blades.

Killer Beorn: I'm Sherpa, if you really gotta know!

Sherpa connects her blades together for extended reach, spinning around rapidly. Relena and Doomulus Saline back away as Kiva blasts Sherpa with a gust of wind that sends her and her hook swords flying off the ravine.

Kiva: I told you to watch out…
Relena: Why did you even bother helping us? Isn't that just counterproductive?

Doomulus Saline just grins as she hardens her hair and sends Kiva flying with a headbutt, sending her back down the ravine.

Relena: This is a really dangerous area for a fight, huh…

Doomulus Saline and Relena keep running, making their way through a tunnel. Meanwhile, Kiva slams Kayser into the ravine wall, breaking metal with it until it stops as she sees Sherpa climbing with her hooked swords. Sherpa notices her and gives a sinister grin as she starts moving towards her.

Kiva: Hey, hey, no!

Kiva struggles to take the sword out of the wall, grunting as Sherpa gets closer and closer to her with her hooked swords.

Kiva: Oh boy… this is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better…

Kiva continues to try and shake her sword out of the wall as salt suddenly clings onto her, making her heavier. Kiva grunts as Sherpa gets really close, the salt coming from her, being her power to manipulate it.

Kiva: Oh man, if only I had someone strong and willing to carry me off this wall, that'd be great because this is getting heavier and heavier…

A hand grabs her by the head and pulls her out as Kayser finally slips out of the wall. Sherpa attempts to bite into her salt covered victim. Kiva coughs as salt drips onto the ground as a leg kicks down Sherpa further into the ravine, causing her to fall with her hooked swords. Kiva looks up to see that it's Kurafeza.

Kiva: Kurafeza!
Kurafeza: Yeah, it's me. I had to hurry because I knew your dumb ass would get into a fight you couldn't handle.

Kiva hugs Kurafeza closely as Kurafeza rubs her hair.

Kurafeza: We set out to find this place, that was the mission.
Kiva: What about Saline and Relena though? They're just getting away…
Ainumego: Well, that's something we'll have to stop another time when we have the numbers for a proper counterattack. Let's get back to the ship.
Kiva: Oh shit, you came too?
Ainumego: Well, yeah, I like to feel included.
Kiva: Noted!

Doomulus Saline and Relena return to Fenrir's outpost. They carry the package through Relena's chain.

Relena: Don't mention the murders, will ya?
Doomulus Saline: Oh, I would never. How else am I supposed to get good blackmail?

Relena groans as she opens the door to Fenrir's throne room. Fenrir has two Krexxon fan him as Relena unlinks the holographic chain and spins the floating package over to Fenrir.

Relena: There you go, there's your delivery. Too afraid of the dark to pick it up for yourself?
Fenrir: It's creepy over there… sorry if I wasn't willing to do it myself, but you two bonded and became stronger friends because of it, right?
Relena: What? No?
Doomulus Saline: Yeah, we're not friends at all. Was that the goal?
Fenrir: No, the goal was to pick up the package.

Fenrir picks off the uCrystal from the package and taps on it like a child. The glass shielding on the coffin-like package opens up and Citrine's body falls lifeless to the floor. Fenrir swipes at it, with Citrine awakening and letting off a burst of energy that sends the package flying through the throne room.

Relena: Oh shit!
Fenrir: Excellent display of power, Citrine.

Citrine blinks, looking around. She looks at her claws, her general state of being, and then looks back at Fenrir.

Citrine: So, this is it, huh? My grand purpose?
Fenrir: Well, your grand purpose to fight battles for me.

Fenrir grins as he looks to Relena and Doomulus Saline, who look at Citrine worriedly.

Fenrir: We'll see about your worth at doing that sooner or later.

Fenrir waves off Relena and Doomulus Saline.

Fenrir: You two, get out of here. You're done.

Relena rolls her eyes as Doomulus Saline takes her opposite path, wordlessly separating.

Doomulus Saline returns to the Doomulus Shrine, the base headquarters of the Doomuli and goes to the grand throne room that Doomulus Prime is often hanging out in. He's sitting on the throne on it's side, leaning against the armrest as his feet hang over the opposite armrest. Doomulus Saline is carrying Citrine's package via the chain.

Doomulus Saline: Well, I grabbed a souvenir from that little adventure that Fenrir requested me for.
Doomulus Prime: Great, put it in the museum like everything else.

Doomulus Prime sits up.

Doomulus Prime: You've been relentlessly loyal to me, so I wanted to reward you with something.'

Doomulus Prime pulls out her new body from behind the throne, appearing rather happy. The new body has a skeleton encased inside the glass-like body.

Doomulus Saline: Aw, you shouldn't have.
Doomulus Prime: I gotta! This is a new era for the Doomuli.
Doomulus Saline: A new era? But we've been doing things like we always have been… I'm not sure if I understand where this methodology of change is coming from.
Doomulus Prime: This new era begins with something that has been annoying me as an obstacle for a long time… Earth.

Doomulus Prime leaps out of the throne, frightening the shit out of Doomulus Saline.

Doomulus Prime: You see, the Earth mission was thought to be impossible due to the sheer amount of god activity around it. Now that it's definitely died around it, with three gods Descended and a Vagabond now searching in other places, that's not a concern.

Doomulus Prime walks towards Doomulus Saline.

Doomulus Prime: Doomulus Thai will conduct the mission as it's her home planet, although I suspect she may be hardwired against the idea. I want you to put some sense into her- not through violence but talking.

Doomulus Saline nods. Doomulus Rise runs into the throne room.

Doomulus Rise: Grime has been spotted in the Alpha Sector, shall I carry out a mission for his capture?
Doomulus Prime: Yeah, get on that right away! Let's capture the bastard, huh?

Doomulus Prime stretches out his arms.

Doomulus Prime: A new era for the Doomuli has begun!

Doomulus Saline claps via her claws as she carries her new body.

Kiva, Kurafeza, and Ainumego return to her ship.

Kiva: You were right- I shouldn't have gone out there recklessly like that.
Kurafeza: Well, how many times is this is gonna happen before you realize that this pattern, this motif, is something you gotta break?

Kurafeza kneels down to look at Kiva.

Kurafeza: I love you but I can't always be there to pull you out of danger.

Kiva looks at Kurafeza.

Kiva: I said you're right, what more do you want?
Kurafeza: For you to internalize it? To realize that your mistakes are of your own doing?

Kiva clenches her fists before letting go.

Kiva: I know you're just looking out for me, but-

Kiva sighs.

Ainumego: You went out on your own, dangerously, like that and I think we should be a little angry.
Kurafeza: Well, we're not mad at you, moreso just disappointed.

Kiva sits back as they get a hologram.

Kiva: Wait, who's that?
Ainumego: It's Yazuka.

Kiva and Kurafeza stand to attention as Ainumego lets the hologram go through.

Yazuka (hologram): Hey, so the Doomuli appear to be on the move again towards the Alpha Sector.
Kiva: Isn't there where Grime is?
Kurafeza: We better get moving…

Relena sits in her room on Fenrir's outpost, curling her arm tentacles tightly as she punches the wall.

Relena: Stupid Emid… why couldn't you have just gone in my stead?

Relena hisses through her tentacles.

Relena: Instead I'm forced into a life that soon will become very obsolete… unless…

Relena begins carving out a crude drawing of Citrine against the wall.

Relena: Unless… I kill her… not sure how but…

Relena curls her tentacles even tighter.

Relena: I have to figure out a way. There's nothing else for me…

Relena lays on her bed, simmering in her anger.

Relena: That's what I have to do…

Flashes of Relena killing Conjoy and attempting to kill Kiva flash through her mind. Citrine's coffin-like package opens in her mind as she imagines putting the corpse of Citrine back inside. She cracks the best attempt at a smile that a Krexxon can do.





  • This is the first OVA to not focus on any members of the Fantendo Firehouse. In fact, Unten (and to a lesser extent, Obena) is only mentioned a single time throughout the whole thing.
  • This story has been in production since June 2018, as the story was conceptualized in mind alongside Citrine's creation.
    • It was originally going to be pushed back even further but was decided to push to the front after story problems with U-Day! and to further develop the Doomuli as characters.